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Signs and Symbols in "our" movies

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the city dweller, A colors - she have of workshop one on all recent times.

Ecstasy and synthetic spaysy and a mixture and etc. Substitutes for sugar.

In India pilled color ants! Do amazing ants can themselves choose itself color. Have them transparent abdomen, which in dependence from eaten food, changes color. : Acid activities.

Man there is - the that he eats. And reenacting



Detalization photographs in her, apparently, allows view every product on this tryokhmetrovoy picture and look on it endlessly long.

There and entertainment

In late 1970s Canadian researcher Bruce K. Alexander Graham concluded, that rats lacks entertainment (at all something appears a sense of, that to this conclusion came all scientists from our contributions and rats here utterly nor under than). Dr. Alexander Graham not was too original: He decided examine the formation entering dependence. Canadian scholar volunteered prove, that sustainable the addiction rat to on drugs, which prove numerous malchika, caused those, that test subjects animals were are locked in close cages and them not remained nothing another, except as entertained; themselves ridicule. For affirming its theory Dr. Alexander Graham built cosmogonies some rat cleanest entertainment a spacious living home, in which were tunnels, squirrel's wheels, balls for game, cosy nests right and mountains food. There staff were friendly 20 raznopolykh rat. Control same group tesnilas in classic cages. And those and other were mooted two drinkers, in one of which was simple water, and in the other podslaschennyy care solution morphine (rats slasteny and initially refuse to drink narcotics beehive with neither care solution from-for his bitterness). In end theory Alexander's fully has been vindicated. Inhabitants cells very quickly podsazhivalis on there, and here is happy inhabitants of ???? completely ignored batches of the drug. Truth, some of layouts rat tried water with `receptor several times, as if wanting to make sure in received effect (typically, this were females), but none of them not has shown signs of regular dependence. As and been paved purveyor, Dr. Alexander Graham could not deny itself in SPA treatments play the fates their respective Syrian clients and on awoke stage reversed the jobs some layouts and cell-based rat. Well is logical, that rodents, Transition and inexplicably some in straitened housing conditions, immediately are addicted to morphine at all. And here is those who was moved in cleanest from cells, proved more hit rymi. They continued cannabis batches of the drug, only less regularly exactly in the extent, to maintain euphoria, but be in able fulfill--even their basic social functions.

-- Seven experimentation December 6th, 17 :2 0 Psychological experiments on animals

D. Absentis

Christianity and ergot fungus

. I missed one moment in medieval processes over of other cultures, which can seem strange. Many the Witches themselves confess in committed crimes EuroLine flights on a broomstick, copulation charge with the devil and camping on D. . But the problem is, that among burned building -hunts been many nuns in it. And them by the rules black bread was not ended, as they could ergot be poisonous? Can in direct sense "of Henbane obelis" or indeed "Those hex ointment" existed? On first glance it is unclear. I simply forgot about this, I now stumbled on book Boris Alfereva "The prisoner of myth", where he, to wipe yourself off (book an art and at all, seems, about fascists), gives cursory and clear response to this question:
"Pregnant nuns ???? precisely sporynyu and that them still was to do?"
In general the this indeed on the surface all was a, still have the Austrian classic Kramer was in" skotnitse and batrake ":

And if you podzaletish -
You prepare sporynyu.

But me liked you sacrifice your own life rationale, this most "and that them still was to do?" Indeed, another means and not knew, the main and the only genuine the medicine, which is applied from centuries. Truth with known (us now, but not them then) collateral effects :-)

So that is why, if this all stories, besnovatost was is rife precisely for greater parts of in Genital monasteries, and? you whether, Dr. anson, not know? Isterichnost, gender dissatisfactions Marcus has stopped for and cared about ears. you're wrong my friend, colleague! Lizerginovaya acid! Ergot fungus! I personally pursued a a series of: Have women lizerginovaya acid causes precisely those symptoms, that and described in documentary sources about besnovatosti, coincides until little things! Only wasn on a broomstick they not fly, but here there is another the zest of the: Began I to notice, that their Brad is spreading on entire cell, and accepts character mass! So that Yes why same, Dr. anson, was together with nuns mass to accept sporynyu?! Ah, variables poisoning, I understand Heard I already, that epidemic Sorcery in Germany caused by mass contagion bread ergot, only this same clear is nonsense! Yes? Yes. Learnt what you are taught, Kuester? And ergotamin? Pregnant nuns ???? precisely sporynyu and that them still was to do? Miscarriage on any term this same clear! As would nor themselves mother-their Superior them this and counseled (Boris ALFEREV "The prisoner of myth")

27.04.2013 W. M. Smirnov and A. W. Feichtinger took part
Orthodox dance in-style Pussy Riot.

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The film "the Leviathan."

Number 101 have car, on which purpose bring a lawyer, centre. The from Moscow in small town and opposed local Mayor of.

A lawyer make warning (are shooting near heads) on backdrop of peculiar doctoral.

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"Shit hell" - an international typical Masonic slogan. Ankara 10.10

Pizda partially of-how you know we tourist from trip on touring activities gives the deputy "super's" (see Bulgakov and frankomasonstvo) souvenir "trait from snuff boxes adorned" in this the symbolism dirty bomb - Israels, Kaaba there, Egypts.
Compete territory

the city dweller
Turkey - because she made for the their and razdraya. Country interface "west-the east", two cultures, traditions, matrixes. Plus potential religious razdraya - country "basis" Christian shrines and Islam.

Fig. 8. Layout model assembly the first Soviet of the hydrogen bomb, salmonella mainstream BC Klintsovym, Arzamas-16 , 1953

in Minsredmashe (Ministry, prinimavshem work scientists Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast-16 and of Chelyabinsk-70) sat niei?u anti-Semites, which just humored Chelyabinsku-70, lovingly labeling his Egypt , and Arzamas-16 gnobili, calling Israel.

Much detail Mukhin about dirty bomb:

Now "nasty bomb" this man-made the attacks. For comparisons in scientifically-it worked fantastically well the film horrors of film maker Ridley Scott thus the hell'd from snuff boxes adorned redounded corpse pilot-to be an alien, dead in his got, with torn from within of cell. Onboard computer (mother or the brain, collective - The Oracle) that partly, I have deciphered the mysterious signal, (deliberately blokiruemyy the Earth camping on E. The managers of) found out, that this is not request about aid, and warning about the dangers.

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In room Robertson's-Mr.-Hey in movie "Marri Poppins" on the wall hangs curious a poster. This poster Franco-Italian-German movie from series of "movies not for all" "Invitation in voyage", issued inin 1982, for year before "Meri Poppins." In short the plot governmentalist positions. The hero uneasy its favourite old sister-twin, she had been in a result hapless case in the vat milk from strike current, in futlyar for kontrabasa. Then futlyar with the sister, loading on auto and, putts around with it the entire the film on strange jobs, drinking some laid up particular milk and gradually turning it in it.
Poster this is demonstrated us only one times - and precisely during enforcement veseloi songs "33 cows" kinds regime is intensifying "the glass pair milk." "After all the milk diet blagotvorna for poets."




in the vat milk from strike current, in futlyar for kontrabasa. Then futlyar with the sister, loading on auto and, putts around with it the entire the film on strange jobs, drinking some laid up particular milk and gradually turning it in it.
Poster this is demonstrated us only one times - and precisely during enforcement veseloi songs "33 cows" pro "the glass pair milk." "After all the milk diet blagotvorna for poets."

Crossing with "wind-up an orange" S. Kubrick. A Clockwork orange - see "1980s."

Alex the hero, teenager, embodiment of teenage aggression and rebellion awakening. Alex is the leader of the youth gangs, which together with other similar him just been mooning around on a streets,. Fights with other gangs, is assaulting on defenseless passers-by, combat people, 's robbing go. Huge pleasure receives Alex from beatings and rape. He stimulates its aggression drug and the audition music Beethoven. Alex're incorrigible, his laugh attempts surrounding and state do his a law-abiding and manageable .

How this cats make, for example, with Kuklachyovym. Or the Kremlin with A. Zyuganov.

A suit or a spacesuit astronaut NASA programs Apollo.

So looks Mochesbornik on man, futlyar for kontrabasa.

A gang of

the Massachusetts General hero over 15 years teenager Alex (from his faces is fought events novel.) and his friends Dim, Georgie-boy and Pete use the milk in a bar "Cow", think as conduct evening.

Rammstein - Amerika we, for which group banned entry in the US! Masonic Long. Symbol of logically-mnemonicheskogo the fractal and of the rainbow. Egyptian astalnoe the deity and sperm Leeuwenhoek, in which he saw clothed-sperm will penetrate, living their lives.

Now other songs and masks of comedians. Soon the reaping.

VC # 1: That to do? (Director ' s cut) and plyashuschie helminths-agree on scene in masks, Guy Fox. In splash screen "Cultural revolution" plyashuschie agree. Apparently sperm access is encrypted in stelyuschikh on gender albinosakh-Furiyakh.

. Is hard not to recall parashyutistki-testes Aceae Aa?oiaa.

Dzia visuals. A catcher utterance, or Doctor Frankenstein

But Stalin gave Vertovu chance recognize mistake. In ties with pyatnadtsatiletiem Soviet movies in January 1935 th he decorated American film maker with Red Stars, obviously giving understand, that all is not lost. Visuals understood this in its own way.

He addressed long-time design movie about Woman and presented Diary of Dreams leadership scenario Songs about young girl (then ghost two worlds ). Scenario was, charitably, strange. Mother-turkmenka sang its being a lullaby to a, in which an, as in odinnadtsatiletnem age girl molested the angry an old man. Then the author intended show, as the world capital pushes woman on the path prostitution, and, respectively, demonstrate, as well woman in the USSR. In scenarios not was men this was exclusively feminine the world, the world mothers and daughters. Studio leadership rejected one option scenario for other, visuals stubbornly overwrite. In the long version theme prostitution plummeting has, and in feminine world emerged religious.

The resulted in end the film Lullaby (1937) and today afflicts purity of it metaphors. Crowds women, through thick and all sorts of obstacles deserts, snow-capped passes, rivers, forests and buoyed by together ways of movement on foot, running, swim, on a ship, on a tractor, on riding camels, on biking, by train, flock from across the country in Moscow, to to meet with wisest from wise and spravedliveyshim from fair , father all peoples great mate Stalin. Some gets the even touch before him. These touch women to leader are mounted with carbon parachutists-sperm will penetrate. About how, that this is not simply image, evidence suggests prevents erection seams with television, in which happy wort had, as on assembly-line work, endure each for friend of newborns.
Likely, visuals increasingly same not wanted to such metaphors-on. In reality meeting women with Stalin onvention on national Exhibition of female conference, where aside from-was restricted and other party leaders. However for time work over picture most of them have become enemies people, so from movie their had to cut.

Kolybelnuyu issued on screen was set up, but wash their hands with allow through five days. Chief of the Chief governance industry Boris Shumyatsky soon was happy-, and Aa?oiaa in fact removed from work.

Scene-the parthenogenesis when orgy masks Kubrick from movie "Since widely closed eyes."

Y. Amihud why this scene me so scares?

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J.Y. Amihud A year ago
Yes I himself such. But this scene me scares. Can from-for genius fo'c'sle

Oleg Roque A year ago
+J.Y. AmihudZnachit because, that looked on itself such with hand.

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Michaels organs is Sv, hard grasping sense in your post. Cannot be as something edit, to framework reflections emerged? If share because of on several individual parts, not associated with each other, then understanding of more, than from whole office. Like material gave decently, but not stems he and much not understandable those who at all not understands about than these pictures of the. :stupor:



#p41092,Michael_Sv wrote:

A scene-the parthenogenesis when orgy masks Kubrick from movie "Since widely closed eyes."

Like a metaphorical display empowerment "chromosome. God" in literally - in temples, in metaphorical - in cults and religions at all.

Simulated events such as arrangements - and '07, where was present all people, with real sex with piece gene (urozhdennymi tvarnymi), in appropriate for perception environment (camping on E. A temple ``The, where many genodryani, and she pro-active, with lights and accessories, in statkonturakh. - all prescriptions he had here). Priurochivalos to the most mass holidays like crop (cropped vernal equinox) and frequently a (a new year; the current "New year" brought forward in antithetical part of calendar, on the most dark in year clock), and all forms of ritual "sedaniya God." Existed institution temple prostitutes - Asajj love (this described by - in "antiquity", which was only in literature, in elites and peredneaziatskikh cults - this was in, IRL), mass of coitus with "polubozhestvennym" carries gene - this been ditched from traditions and literature (indeed do, rocky peninsulla, in covert form this became, for example, "right the first night / her suzerain"). Privetstvovalis, 've been practicing any conceiving, importantly, to they were in a proper place, proper environment.

Tradition Lives until Woodstock (viewers festival fed genodryan in huge doses, after festivals population was born roughly 200 thousands of extramarital children), until cult of "stone broads" have Siberian peoples ("sire from God", "receive force gods", touching the and making manipulation with izvayaniyami, in casting which present genodryan - for example cult Khurtuyakh Kozybayev. Increasingly to one in these traditions.

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The logo grassroots.)

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#p42380,gav wrote:

Logo design grassroots.)


Listen to this moment:

. We, of course, to blame, that learn not want, but not so, because we not know from whom learn - therepeople, which have we would could learn. There areo.o., of course, very mature people; they and in the Soviet Union were - -ovikami were called.



Your fingers smell kurivom. tram of-in-in.



#p41095, wrote:

like a metaphorical display empowerment "chromosome. God" in literally - in temples, in metaphorical - in cults and religions at all.

You not closely the film watched, a respected!
There increasingly razyasnyalos in the process actions, and Vasha again openuh "theory", in is movie - ah nor somehow through.
There saavsem other koldunstva shown.

P. S.
And where you such a an impudent believed, that around alone losers, either gathered, and can be them "rub it in" and "rub it in"?

'll interject
Not, not d until

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Material on the table and assessment of.

"the Leviathan".
Recent minutes movie (2.13.28).
In world of course full of the the doppelgangers. Are looking themselves. (Included avtopley)

Known systemic mozgopromyvschik:
A. Illarionov
On tell Abe actor determined "sheptalka" -sufler, grimiruetsya and forward:
. "Illarionov" some not even a real.%-)

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#p51174, . wrote:

Otherwise known systemic mozgopromyvschik:
A. Illarionov

Finding many run, but I're real Leviathan not watched, everlasting alkonavta Cerebryakova not stand the



Paznye pictures of the with sense.

In butyrki with Trotskim
PsevdoPatriot Sergei Badyuk (a exactly about what patriotism can go speech. Man wears kitayskie. Tattoo)
Some scholar on for your brain Saveliev, attribute to its.
Star in on their
Anti-Russian sentiment and simit?
Such same 60ml as have Israel.

Adventures captain vrungel (or Liar a gay man? He or '' are unaware '' what the slabovatenkaya. Adventures captain Xristofora Bonifatevicha?
Almost Christopher Columbus? Reading of: Christopher Columbus (a "sentinel"). Nourished German. Shutl. Male gender body. Schuplov, 54.)

Covetskiy TV series film maker David he won, magnifying on motives Lorenzo lead Andrei Nekrasov. Cartoon created on studio national Cinematheque of Ukraine with use of wide expecting exchange and a cartoon multiplication.
Cartoon awash impressions-met exhorts many known Soviet and foreign tuned (see The partition s beaches were among"articles about book). Consists of 13series. In 1976 were created the first three series of, 4 6 series of in 1977 year, 7 9 series of in 1978, 10-13 series of in 1979. Premier took place on Central television during 2014 Winter school holidaysin January 1980 year.

Met me this the (as the ah very reminds zhenskii forms, thumping, gender body in which a cigar-a smoking gender a member of-ambivalent patron)


The results on AppleStore (themselves you can all test):


Books, in some zastavkakh, their the less, then more.
Already 4 books, not clear that for dynamo
In left street corner star
Constellation on Management System)
Name ship '' the trouble ''
What the star, in it Fleur-de foxes.
Still star
It seems on Tfilin (chef Wears a)
The symbolism minory?
The writing Leon, and records written as the
Krokodil (they will there often) Owl
Star what tp on top
3 times hero throws away map 6


On deck, too, 6 often


Are gay different striped jersey
Cafe Bar
Through time in kadr the bottom, already the snake obkruchivaet the glass (the writing not can spell out)
What the buildings? The symbolism twins? After chief hand TV will crush
Chief looks TV (economy)
We should points to our televisions
Paul, skull
Category: Apollo asteroids what, hint of gretsiyu?
The fleur-de foxes
The main heroes bald and bandits
Number 13
7+4 =1 1
2+7+4 =1 3
Than the reminds an octopus
43,43,43 (777)
In this moment words, 999 thousands of Pumpkin
Chief shoots on klouny, a prostitute and camping on D.
Egypt (8 + 3 =1 1)
Advertisements Ariston, Maggi, Huile Lesieu
Neptune, a trident
Xristofor Bonifatevich in Heptuna has changed clothes
Makes Kotov.
Paznye stars figures and camping on Afghan
Resembled boat bandits 66
The snake
Than the similar on Pebe
Ship pirates, if turn the writing '' there is no in life happiness' '
In bath with beer, advertisements
Stove again-fireplace "Favoryt, advertisements
Ukus pchely beach, press, biceps, the bare tits
1+8 =9
Look like on the rebbe
And so there is no
Clock khoroshavina have sketched
The bare its feet, short skirts
Peklama Shell.
Pebe in hat
Ticket Number 13
Jet 11
Chief, eats all tasty, and sipping, have him castles and camping on D. He same organized a regatta, he same wanted to its win, he same wanted to sculpture Benery obtain
Thug cries from moreover that he will have '' to live honestly ''
Peklama of spumante yet
This pyramid like, and bird.

Himself up mult former commissioned public Committee the USSR on television and broadcasting

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Film Ministry "Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession." Arms on the throne in the form of goals any something reptiles. Although, on latest portray the (as would, images of the original throne Ivan IV) nothing such a on podlokotnikakh there is no.

?, O-U, Why something not can insert image of the with phones, only with hosting.



#p54774,Kravtsov wrote:

Film Ministry "Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession."

Indeed there
Either us chair the other offer
Either even better clear who did the film
Either and the and another



#p54774,Kravtsov wrote:

Why something not can insert image of the with phones, only with hosting.

Because have Forum there is no and be not can their own fotokhostinga, and even because you 9 point rules not read



1984 Our guest from future (2 a series of. 10 :2 0)
Now Kohl ??? as from breakup parcel will appear space pirates.
In podala Decoupling the spaceport are boxes with "eye"


Knows crimes in got Adidas (5 a series of 32 :4 0)



Met me this the (as the ah very reminds zhenskii forms, thumping, gender body in which a cigar-a smoking gender a member of-ambivalent patron)

In my this Jean-Paul Belmondo

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