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Grabovskie wystawienniczym

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1 - Donetsk doctor, yelling - Gorlovskaya, the text "center cities 19’s the number of (a stamp dates)", people stood waited team bus - Grabovskaya activist with 3 :2 3 yelling
Voice identical, confidence in the text, eating before, emotions with improving, in all three cases identical
Likely grabovskaya activist and Poplavskaya, this one thing and, too, face
Donetsk activist, insulin, fascism, genocide.



Woman, tolknuvshaya speech pro "cultural Europe" in only, resembles on the conductor 17 th trolley car right from of Donetsk.



Knows Grabowski we, figuriruyuschiy on many video "Russian news", very look like on the fireman, is-lyubitelya from of unsettled seats.

A man with a bucket putting out the fire specificallyon cell,, in the real life - to there nothing and not requires.
Likely teenage starred even somewhere, familiar booking.

Okay. Was anyone injured, massacred Slavyansk,, Donetsk, Lugansk, Vengriya

In describing is specified source of, a remote mrazokanal.
The quality of - ass, although written AShDI. Bad the quality of - staunch a sign of fairy, because now, literally all completely based with very a decent quality.
The commercial sentence until minutes and cut up at all on nasty way to - staunch a sign of fairy installation.
Not referred even name sela - staunch a sign of fairy.



Need to same what meeting!
Goggle-eyed little grabovskaya actress, in somebody yard "a passengers", now "is withdrawing from of falling bombs" with children in Donetsk.

Video … &t=180

Time and name on scans.

For acceptance Canal have made shooting otvratitelneyshego quality, traits faces almost not are visible. But a mimic, proportion, pace of movements, voice - its.



горожанин" wrote:

Grabovskomu some evidence Bezukhov - 1 :1 1 -

These minometnym fire, it seems, and the second tell Abe undercut - 2 :5 7 -



militia Vladimir

Chief of Grabowski militias tertiary, gives interview all consecutive and is participating in photosessions. Quite near Ukrainian hunter, which ostensibly shoots the hell out place the fall of the plane. Why Vladimir not fears shine its face, if there is the threat, that fascists will breach in only and on tradition'll be hanged this communist in the center of the sela?

Володя ополченец, гастролирующая фотомодель

Privychnoe movement hand?No. This a suit and a mrazotnogo photographer. Always they make actor hand to drive, no matter where, importantly -pokazyvat. On conflagration in towers-the twins or on what another place.
- Won-??? ?? ? ?, are looking are looking, this not fire put out, see or not, you, too, not in sight, I hand'll show.
(Volodya is checking the quality of work put)

That commander Grabowski militias Volodya, he gladly posing in, offered not fears, that in 10 kilometers hence are Ukrainian punitive detachment that can modicum tomorrow cram down Volodya in the center of the villages. And why he not fears? Yes because this teenage, which simply plays role commander-aviaeksperta for media.
The that he teenage, it is understandable not only by the, that every come with him lots in all controlled media (i.e. in all media), but and on his pozirovaniyu. If he shows hand, then means he teenage, this `falshivoe pokazyvanie` there is in all plays directed.

Poor Volodya, labor more intent not an easy one, he on all the photo somewhere shows. Mrazopostanovka those and different from reality, that consists of fotoshtampov.
This come, too, pasted in gifku, perhaps there is even so much same, simply not even tripped until.



Chet Duzhinski, go on chessboard of # 1, routing on playground # 2 bums, the cause very tail'on a Boeing rudderless reverberates (have of Indonesian why something he not seperated). Angel shows hand, not knows far hands to do with my, nothing terrible, editors otsortiruyut.
If we will input Google-the search for on the picture "Dyczynski", then get hundreds of foreshortenings. If all pictures of the sort your and each attributed to the despatch-agency, on address photos, then tickles, that during their walk, efore them has been going ass forward, hundreds of photographers. Did and carried has been going hundreds of? There is no of course. Resisted two-three, worldwide hundreds of photo, dispatched their in Center, and already made there derzhitsya have diverged on all media, of course, have diverged they without standarnogo understanding of about remunerating and about that right. Published they were on team, instructions, orders.
False fop thing before camera - a defining characteristic of installation.



That even times the same actress in red plumages.(often in tuft gathered, type not learns no one)

Cadres published 16 November RT, in the same the number of they agree CP in the worst as a, and even it turns out this that’s exclusive "Rossii24."
Who them their were sold a and for how many UAH? :D - RT - Rossiya24

1) Video more low-quality, image of the's crushing and dvoit.
2) fuckers received instead 2 :0 5 just 41 second video.
3) It clipped on 70% on perform well.
Idiots? - there is no, they his received on allocation of. - and even 1Kanal
Witness as exclusively decide on the right the :D - Russian News
Those same eggs for 1Kanala, and here is want not such, and under dance music.

Illy likely is happening so: Are selected 10-20 media big and + "type alternative" (, like, Lycra). Them is mailed video with instructions "iskazite this video and give them a push as whether something its. These rukozhopy lyapayut who in that're a big talker, and have herd eyes run off. - and this TV few (not joke) :flag:
Nakrivozhopili stabilization - 5-yKanal SPb, followed all further, but picture all steep

Two fotosessi made likely in one day.
Madam in red women, threw this on on themselves sweater off, red trousers and went on second photo session, and even it provided child for the other.

Note, in first two photosessions fire being asked, the artist quietly creep between like burnt heavy objects, and during the third photo sessions, when the artist forced red with teddybear walk there-here, conflagration ostensibly was.

The bottom two photography, where woman is faring with teddybear. Photos made in different places (focus on a wooden post covered), moreover there is video, where she is faring those same route. Far it has agreed? Did to chessboard of # 2?
Its photographed and was photographing one mrazotnik and forced walk several times, either she is faring along lines from photographers and videooperatorov, THAT In LYuBOM EVENT photo, and where photo, there and setting.

At all interesting the situation, surges fires on the most a large place the fall of the'on a Boeing, chessboard of # 1. Why corpses, like, fall out not here? There is no, here, too,, like, fall out, after all us have shown many bags with corpses, which imposed ??? ?? ? ? near those posts. Means now until is ablaze, lie tens of (can until 1.5 hundred) corpses, lie such stink, stink surges, baby mama hangs out around yes about, then harks back child and went type take a walk care to take a whiff, descend (go) on playground # 2, there corpses's a charm. So goes?


That even German has found.
Kid increasingly so same nedoumyonno looks at clowns with photo cameras. Nor fires nor corpses his not zainteresovali.

Red shorts, pink women, pink trousers two times rich.
Madam was changing on every photo session. Did she not pointed out to me the director, that outside observers this t notice?

Even surprisingly, `kakim way grabovtsy without sites, managed champion the from ceasefire this raskidannoe hay? (Video 1Kanal) o.o.
And surprise, if understand, that conflagration in that point, was strictly supervise "snimavshimisya in episodes."



Dmitry" wrote:

Kid increasingly so same nedoumyonno looks at clowns with photo cameras. Nor fires nor corpses his not zainteresovali.

Conflagration alive put out lit cigarettes)



Double # 1
Cadavers fell in court yard homes during collapse we worth roughly $
3 :0 3 -

Double # 2
SHOCKING Ukraine Grabovo residents shocked by MH17 rain of death GRAPHIC
0 :4 0 -

In both takes actress says roughly the same, equally "husband slightly not turned white".
On both video in sight one and the same same window frame, two 2007 actress represented a in two different places court.
Both 2007 removed on one and the same cell, this assumption, but it close to truth on 99%.

And here is so "First Canal" and "England Today" show one thing and the same, to more seemed, but again same, filmed this on one and the same cell, simply rozdano on different television networks.

Can be suggest, that within higher risk with falling bands - not, on Rassypnoe could bounce until 500 kg oshmyotkov with big Heights, however this discarded, because accurately in yard so talk enter - cannot be. Here lies on center sidewalk cafe, and on the street another on center roads. Therefore, this simply film crew gathering spaces that offer universal 3 "it comes."
Together "corpses" allies blamed on chessboard of # 2 near roads. Gathering spaces that offer universal # 1 near only and court # 3 near rassypnogo, corpses "not received."

Рассыпное +


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