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Alex wrote:

Putins the elephants as Qaddafi



scum is dreaming about this. And he there is, Putin the? There is station blockbuster, and not one. Why you this? Long it is time care a on existence Putins and distance ourselves, good more will.

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tort5 wrote:

How long you been it is time care a on existence Putins and distance ourselves, good more will.

The guy, I same pointed out time where listen to. Not see on name, the funer on him.



In Nevzorov someone was possessed by and prophesies truth.

07 :4 0 - about white-Trash-rezhessure on Donbas direct texts.

All more reminds known rabbi was, which screwed with over goyami-look like idiots, which prvavdu speak openly, and they not believe.

18 :3 5 - advertises Demuru, aggressively. In late transfer of so at all only about him and tone aggrieved by, that on Ukhe his not know. Ostensibly.

In general, rekomerduyu. One of the few Nevzorovskikh interesting transmission on topics of our Forum.



#p52004, wrote:


, - .

#p52004, wrote:

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, - . . , : += . ?



Scarf still and hint of his friend and Comrade Berezovsky.



#p52031, wrote:

scarf still and suggestion

You think, this his scarf? He very proudly in it sat)) Association: flies evil and kusuchie-understand, that already soon snow.



#p52004, wrote:

One of the few Nevzorovskikh interesting transmission on topics of our Forum.

Looked until 20toy minutes. In my no "subjects of our Forum" there there is no, eyebrows the mill matrichnuyu shit for the hand, for the damned "liberals and Bandera men", wasn that clowns executives Donbas called "yillalns again and bad artists", but as usual is worth for them "damned Kremlin." Forth eyebrows scenario, that the war will and very soon, Dopi. Over before that in 2016 WILL BE marine nuclear.



#p52210, wrote:

Dopi. Over

Buzzer Sounds in measure forces and opportunities)) so, for filling prime-and common background who make.



About God, KGB, Beryozovsky and many ways other.
And you would so have been able?)



#p52215, wrote:

A you would so have been able?)

Only grandchildren security officers - so can, have them ability to in genakh already))



Yuri, ah and far he still should turn "effed-rezhessuru, cheap actors terrorists-felons, occupying Donbas"? With his with matrix role only in anti-Kremlin side. Demuru piarit, which the onlyin direct live spoken on version of of our Forum - air-disaster posed from and until.

I many and long same environment Nevzorov. Not would argue with you, opushka, that them spots fill. He not so is simple, unlike the main liberal-smishnoy trash for him loop too close to vnematritse.



Francesca, in the matrix hand quite often blame each other in available curiously actors and activists, for examples take although would late Boria Nemtsov, which denounce grifter Tsipko. Ah this over dryomoy told all. Invariably one thing have these creatures, that there is very Matrix side, have Sasha this dire Kremlin. Volume rezhissur and productions still taboos

#p52238, wrote:

for him loop too close to vnematritse.

Here would argue, in matrix this "the usual journalist" and outside matrix tvaryuchok is worth higher than can be to imagine

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#p52238, wrote:

He not so is simple

Point, ordinary there there is no, believe))

#p52238, wrote:

for him loop too close to vnematritse.

Organs and their mouthpiece.



Information from-for what Nevzorov can keep on "the hook" and about his its true guise. Passage from head of "Golden bullet" (devoted of inquiry "assassination attempt" on Nevzorov).


"In late 1991 Group Petersburg journalists decided unite efforts, for order to try conduct investigation series of mysterious stories, about which then many talked in Petersburg. So fulsome Agency unveiled A change of PNV APC. Initially in this group comprised Alexander groshkov., Alexander Pozdnyakov, Alexey Razorenov and I Andrei Constantinov. Each of our s respond for the its subject, but in case need the rest this to work on electronics information and poll witnesses. Me then secured theme about the strange new attempted on known reporter for Alexander Nevzorov, which happened 12 December 1990 In Leningrad on a vacant lot have Suzdal Prospect. This event became in its time sensation personal condolences Nevzorov about his injured voiced then Secretary-General the Chinese Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev When group APC beginning journalistic autonomy investigation some vague circumstances injured Nevzorov, us propelled just curiosity. We raze could not then suggest, that than further will move investigation, the more large and small secrets embodied Petersburg prove svitymi in one tangle. "
"Ranging own investigation, we not especially hoped dig something there, where not received no results militia, KGB and the prosecutor. But we have made betting that in fundamentally has changed the situation in country, in city of, in law enforcement organs, yes and within 600 seconds. We have counted on the, that been on speaking terms bystanders. And they have spoken, truth, not immediately, not all and not about everything, leaving on anyone case some what information in - The receipt has gum until pores until time. Almost all bystanders were are exhausted fear getting ulcers something surplus, fear before possible consequences. Not worth to denounce these people. After battering ram 22 October 1991 With the truck with forged or faked number machines former the 600 seconds Dmitri Dobrantcheva-Logvinenko and the spraying at the strikes former director programs Aleksander Borisoglebskomu, they it legitimate fear and deviating to talk to journalists.

Harder to just was shift the the first stone, achieve first narratives. Then, when another knows chatted, how many people before him agreed with us to speak, him was psychologically easier to lend testimony. Us even have become call and seek with us meeting. We not print enough of them motherfuckers are resulting information. With low--as witnessing discussed under voice recorder, with other used circus the link, third, particularly careful, not recorded, but discussed under witnesses. Many were asked not to mention their names, and we them this promised. But evidence their reflective with us we have, they housewife in credible place.

In a result we received from witnesses the next information. Alexander presented conceived play spectacle with assassinate on themselves still months for five until shot being fired on a vacant lot. Popularity 600 seconds then starters fall, this in no small extent fostered not very the Beautiful history, associated with crunch Nevzorov separate studio apartment on the street Dostoevsky's. Apartment Nevzorov have provided on personal Payments Minister culture the USSR Nicholas Nikolaevich Gubenko and first General Karabakh Party Boris Gidaspova with individual share the participation teleradiokomiteta. I.e. this apartment not received family journalists, which, can be, not one year teetered Next. Image fighter and a martyr for simple people became to fade. This same contributed to the some of interview bygone from 600 seconds Svetlana Sorokina, which also several himself hero. On the spoils us information, in respect Sorokina had gone very wrong brutal and cynical crime. However some substantial businessman, which were asked share organize , refused this do, saying: Whom do anywhere, only not its too young and is beautiful.
For raising image need was something self. Among discussed in environment Nevzorov plans assassination attempt were the most the unspeakable movie options with arcane with a taint of, from which refused from-for their full failure would have left many traces, on which disclose spectacle not accounting for would labor.

Ons depositions before witnesses, to develop plan assassination attempt became master-spender 600 seconds Yuri Shutov, particularly a close Nevzorov man, which, incidentally, in the course allegations not questioned in. Shortly before assassination attempt presented had brought from overseas FARC trip bullets small caliber with so-called gold bullets. He believed, that such bullets much safer and sterilnee. To shoot must were from gas pistol, peredelannogo under Fighting by undoing from the Doula a lot rassekatelya, vysverlivaniya and shell trunk. For a few days until the most shot being fired presented gave interview korrespondentke Leningrad truth s Dubrovskoy. Dubrovskaya confirmed, that idea the publication in newspaper photos furious telekovboya in vehicle acquires reduced optical appear she developed together with him themselves.

After assassination attempt began plugging the mouths to all, whom can be, and destruction physical evidence. So, for example, bystanders talked, that have spouse Nevzorov by Oleksandra Aasmae homes was a bread box, punched bullets small caliber, however withdraw its for expertise not managed. Bystanders argued, that and in the most drafts 600 seconds repeatedly through a remain, traces from which were then partly destroyed, and partly considered developing for traces from called the shots from Golub and gas pistol Borisoglebsky District, Yaroslavl Oblast, which the latest remade so, that from him can be was to shoot were ball pit.

Skyfall words of witnesses, mystery assassination attempt was known many, which preferred its not revealed, and use for governance journalist by blackmail. Hence and emki our in the Baltics, and much else. History with assassinate has become personal tragedy Alexander Nevzorov, largely predopredelivshey further activities journalist

P.S. Pursuing circumstances meeting on a vacant lot , we understood, that deal here, rather, not in the most personality Nevzorov, and in those people who stood and are worth for him and that use his as cover and as mouthpiece for propaganda their ideas.

After as results investigations were published in February 1992 In newspaper s , in Petersburg, yes and not only in it, fulsome many noise, which, of course, gradually squeakin ? has stopped. This was naturally: People not print enough of them motherfuckers are new scandals, which blew up slightly whether not every week. Cannot be, truth, say, that law-enforcement authorities not have shown then no interest to outcomes of our investigations me even incited in intently, where tried to interrogate on object of, how I received access to classified Affairs and camping on D. In some services were conducted began investigations on facts leaks information how me known, results these investigations not gave A deal about injury of reporter for Nevzorov 12 December 1990 Was successfully forgotten.

Then, in February 1992, we raze could not to assume, that in soon presented will become the deputy of the Duma and will engage representation activities on good favorite the Motherland. We not knew, that literally through few years in Russia for the vast majority of public, political and statesmen're getting carried away for I the notion of reputation , and in such words, as honesty and responsibility , will builds a new sense: as would responsibility and as would honesty. We still very much not knew and not imagined then, in February 92 th. And so thought, that investigation will continue "



Persist is obtained, that attempts dismantling ROC are taking organs, ROC which have created. All these clock, coochie thing, mersedesy are called upon to versprechend and had wrenched. And that will in return, already have come up with?



#p52250, wrote:

very Matrix side, have Sasha this dire Kremlin.

And from what this conclusion should? Not from moreover whether, that presented said, if have Kremlin poorly with television? So this, that is called, - fact on face. Poorly - not the word. With television - full failure. On any , what nor take.



#p52268, wrote:

Information from-for what Nevzorov can keep on "the hook" and about his its true guise.

In all such stories - most amusing the, that those who their uses in as a rationale any his assertions, nor never not doubt, that this, too, - voice matrix, representatives which, of course same, extremely "responsible" and "honest", because fit by all measures obosnovatelyam. If all "the creature" like Nevzorov, they - is by no means "idiots" and not "a grabber", as their here adopted to call, and cause, at least I have, much more positive thought, than their always whining about khuliteli.



Iskatel, yes, I remember this version of, long smiled or listened where perishing and not remember. This, as states, one of engaging kurezov life Nevzorov.

Far informativney his a biography, a saturated mayachkami. E-um. Leadership above, say so. Grandfather. Abouts organs is about, such not take in cosmonauts, this not not pro him. Apparently a biography and personal deal allegations remained a serious such trust top leadership, that stood the grandfather led by "party montage" in Lithuania. This not travel-Russian language, this high degree of confidence mraziynoy cuisine. A heck of need to be and ahem-ahem, love this deal, to gut.

Four appreciation spiritual seminary under such a the lifetime of sloth and ignorance! Ah, yes we remember on whose side ROC. Uchitilya and mentors Alexander - Gumilev and Bechterew. Highly koloritn characters, depositors its greater adds in shaping grew-matrix. And the entire such positive Sasha, from seminary, with such scholars, suddenly it turns out stakeholder all combat conflicts and survived. After what his career rapidly went upward. Friendship with Berezovsky, adviser two guberov SPB with the consequent Yasuo "Nasser face head of state", whom and remains to this day.

His passion to innovation, psychiatry. Yes his a biography Crawling with mayachkami "child, from clan. " History with unknown reinstated, possessing such a biography and lineage, seems far somnitelney, than its cloaks himself presented.



#p52274, wrote:

:: Message from: Yuri::

Very Matrix side, have Sasha's this dire Kremlin.

And from what this conclusion should? Not from moreover whether, that presented said, if have Kremlin poorly with television? So this, that is called, - fact on face. Poorly - not the word. With television - full failure. On any , what nor take.

Mustard, either this troling such either realistically not don. There is no "Kremlin" "gosdepov" and vast outside matrix, there is no cadres "has, State Department, Bandera men-khuntovtsev with Bankova street" with whom well or poorly stay outside the matrix. ? s an acting troupe and thus does not happen is global, and this never will tell no presented, that all these naps, tsipko, yaroshi, bezlerobabai, parasyukosemyonchenki and vast etc'm one TRUPPA and this not "cadres" "has" "banderovskoy junta" "State Department" and vast.

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