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Intergenerational accounts

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This zhivotrepeschuschaya theme not leaves in alone – my consciousness and flesh.
1. Not see in it nothing bad. If man closet - intergenerational accounts will make this more clear. Him same will worse.
2. If organism weak he'll kick the bucket before, regardless of ingested number of.
3. The only a substance, allows to live with these govyonym existence.
4. I have causes exclusively pozitiv and love to farm. Without him increasingly grey and people making dumb-ass))
5. When he is missing in diet, so well, that want drinks, that-would was even better))



Yes okay you, not hesitate to. Deficiency little people. Open thee desire



Yesterday 18 :32: 56. Not quite drink simultaneously one starts)



Who the and from spisa, salts, a crocodile etc nothing bad not sees, than they differ from you, well not d move on personality, from winos?



анебожитель wrote:

4. I have causes exclusively pozitiv and love to farm.

As I you understand, colleague)

Not for good reason I drink wine on slope days,
Earned his deaf power;
Wine me removes in depth of me,
There, far me the movement not enter.
(With) I. Hubermann



Alex wrote:

Who the and from spisa, salts, a crocodile etc nothing bad not sees, than they differ from you, well not d move on personality, from winos?

Timurovets? Will come in useful.)

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Количество преступлений, совершенных в состоянии алкогольного опьянения, снизилось

в 2015, утверждает Центр разработки национальной алкогольной политики, "россияне стали меньше употреблять алкоголя" и "уровень заболеваемости алкоголизмом в РФ за 25 лет снизился", и вообще (ниразу не реклама) "хорошее сухое красное вино помогает держать оборону против вирусов", мало того - "умеренное употребление алкоголя значительно уменьшает риск возникновения сердечной недостаточности", "алкоголь позволяет повысить активность иммунитета" (а вот пиво вредное), говорят аналитики.
Text or: On expense measures, type "to drink need in measure", and measure - unit volume of, equal 26,24 liter. So, how many not drinks, all will until measures.

1) himself intergenerational accounts (alcohol) not bad, with some alcohol there the flanges use, rosin are dissolve, before with a jab use,. And here are some results use of can be are unpalatable. Something type such a:


Tom's on his way Ilya Muromets on the forest. Sees — sits Solovey — the Bandit bruised, the entire in bruising and Snake skin-- ow, have which 3 heads in knot collaborations were established. Ilya in of shock drives up to them:
— unfond of men, that happened, who a swipe?
— Ilyusha, all normal, keep going all the way.
— Lads, you very polished, yes I for you any till'll break. Say, who a swipe?
— Ilyusha, all normal, keep going all the way.
— Nu get with you.
Left Ilya, and Snake skin-- ow Solovyu says:
— Look at this-pay, Ilya when his clear-sighted - what polite. But as drunk,: "You very polished so low you fly, Hi,, and you no so loudly whistle, then?!"

3) lovers "toke up" here not will agree, they still can statistics lead, that intergenerational accounts in ten times more dangerous for society, than some weed-shirki.
4) individuality organism and variation adopted doses of.



анебожитель wrote:

4. I have causes exclusively pozitiv and love to farm. Without him increasingly grey and people making dumb-ass))

Mm, that's lovely music plays
But sounds only canard my glad.
Have roses gentle flavor,
But thirst he not quenches.
And accessible by an only the eye
Heaven bright shelf.
Wine all please at once -
Stomach, ear, nose, the eye,
With wine I indispensable ready
Without the sky, music, flowers.

Father Goranflo.


'is burning his mission opokhmelki
All the rest feelings as he! "

:hobo: ............. :P



As something so.



lublupivo wrote:

How something so.

And so)



Initially I good.
Slightly stimulant - very good.
Still - emerges easy wear souls.
Still slightly-slightly - wear souls gets naked.
Still - he Tomkin's is.
Still Dry - manifests itself set a bad character.
Still - with inclinations.
Late at night - evils.
To dawn - perversions.
On the morning - severe dream.
Day - tacit head.
On the evening - again good.
Slightly Dry - very good.

A normal man in our country v on their surrounding only one - he sipping. So a non-drinker all-??? ‘ Some Harley Street quack. M. Zhvanetzky.



Here is, concocted mere autotrening)






That I have themselves has found! 2005 year, with friend event over drinks, stuff here.
Orphans as being sober can put.)

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In 2005, in the process joint raspivaniya of port, arose thought get our memories and of knowledge in this, in and literary form of.

Client from a passer-by or passer-by as sommelier-practices.

And THAT is what. Directly to trial.

Still a gigolo and burning comrade Marx Karl, opravdyvayas in his hmm-hmm, nemarksistskom, that whether, behavior in household cleansers, spoke: "Nothing human me not mindedness." With early life I, eager become present Marxist, inevitably behaved to the same obschechelovecheskomu. Marx was smoking cigars. But have Marx, an astute Jew, was the rich boyfriend was from bundesa - Friedrich Engels, which their capital until old age Marx was paying him cigars, wife-children, maidservants-children and other stationery and raskhodniki to write the latest train with "Group." However, as known, the wily Karl exit moved of knights are and Friedrich had to ??? finish the work on her and himself "Capital." Yes, THAT is what about than this I? Javadxan, about your cigars., Marx's time and a common human in us with him. Smoke cigar first I smoked first time in the fifth classroom (on 1r.20kop., the Cuban, in an aluminum mundshtuke, which itself then one who measured up for build a one missiles on was-tselluloidnom engine). Was smoking I its on the occasion and brief.
(Case was in light fingered say one of Indians of our court, steal, like, have eldest sister 5 rubles from get it on DR school go and the relatives money even before art sestroyu periodic audits and oprikhodovaniya on ticket office) For on of negligence kurilas a cigar vzatyazhku and literally with second circle Indians of our court have become mass otpadat from this cigars World. As one of guardians of our tribe, I could not withdraw with footbridge in including first and me with mate had to on several minutes later brutally already overburdened for this, rockets on land, class... Eating before these on lunch in thoughtful House deficit language under white sauce with puree.
Obviously, so the sad cigar experience to stay ????? my personal empirical enotechnye of knowledge, for I until the end of the schools not saws even beer, that was utterly otstoyneyshim on those times spectacle. Nevertheless, included felt in institution, where all, what not finished teaching you yet in school, had to their.
And THAT is what, exactly sabzh.



Part of Company

Guided by the rule about neponizhenii degrees, start with lung drinks.

"So-"," sUkhenkoe. " In our circle called "greyte-remain." From-for acid demanded snacks, although this was and funny - take a snack this compote. Special popularity not used. Bralos along with other "bread crumbs", if in our student society it was supposed to be Westerners or intellectuals. Exactly, - money on wind.

An analogous "so-", only usually has visited China's Import, Bulgarian. Hence even more Misguided throwing good money (the price was more 2 Br Tsenilsya among girls from Belarus had with let, inyaza as a sign of 2372-mannered student-historian with large taste to literature. Money on wind, the more sabzh presupposed lasting noble from or sit-round gathering in room under svidetelnitsakh. Almost always "pint" or in the upstream Internet upside. Could meet and in such version of,

However Import seemed so less presentable than, although outcome was similar.

Unconditional a sign of became. Kislyuchiy "so-." Existence on Earth could be excused only "piratoobraznoy" bottle in plastic pletenke. Was only bought by adults precisely from-for it one times virtually every family. In psychological treatment - ``better out in the upstream were stored all sorts of relaxing and adjust our household production. Have mothers afftara, esstestvenno, until now such a there is. Years thirty, think already.

With granted are hereby "aperetivom" afftaru personally not appeared contact. Is placed exclusively for thin connoisseurs of. Information on labels said they did, I.M.H.O.,, but more / to zachotna. As states the price / the quality of tend to in side prices. Particularly welcome the availability of the brief instructions on application of. One senses, that commanded the struggle for our with you, comrades, culture.

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Very big personal memories, not despite Hull for entire life consumption. Note on savage, almost "vodochnuyu" dorogoviznu! Well, that modicum degree not readings are correct. Although, generally something, readings are correct. In nastupavshem the new 1982 I on reason stingy liqueur remained with future wife without "Looney Tunes playground and rhythms overseas pop stars", from-for games exactly, the Front Line Soviet youth of the time have watch until 3-4 hours night "gays have some." In the time, as have experienced sibaritstvuyuschego student, I have in room in's a dorm room. Already stood with "allow" color the telly, brewing love and to this reason not had sense on evening to go from Vinnitsa home. Evening met in dvuparnom composition. Of spumante yet undoubtedly like then not managed, vodka to drink was neestetichno in the indicated scenario and we with mate took, what was, - the above liqueur. Of course, were and "maslo" and "portfelchik." Liqueur was potreblen from enamelled mugs under the chime orally active, relapsing in a mixture with the rest sale of alcohol entitled "cocktail." Soon, roughly 00-30 minutes 1982 was taken decision a little bit of a sleep. Decision was even rather not adopted, and simply overdue. Generally, the alarm under "bright and rhythms overseas pop stars" no one not he heard, and least until 2 January from depth souls ran out of steam the ugly flavor of chicory and burned barley.

Generally something, this, as and Pushkin - our increasingly. Repeat, in no way case not try substitute for popular Czech liqueur "Mud." "Shampoo", "out the champagne." The only dopuskaemoe exception from rules "neponizheniya degrees", purely "polirnutsya." In student years afftara "attending a saloon-keeper" + "polirnutsya shampusikom" = "Seeing Paris and die."

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"Lida." He same "Konyak student." Known under the second entitled many generations students in all countries CIS. Memories are pleasant, as and aftertaste. Higher category, than nezabvennoe "the Sun in glass", which, apparently can be was call "Student brandy." I applies to "Lydia" warmly and with genuine respect. Other of views not met. "Lida" was Good under all, - from kabachkovoy first until fried potatoes. Not-up with Academy potreblyaemym beer, is compatible with the ensuing vodka. The availability of "Lydia" on student table were about seriousness of, a patrimonial aristokratizme, loyalty and tolerance companies. Not the heaviest no excesses on backdrop of consumption "Lydia."
In category "student konyakov" was part and an immortal "Izabella." Perhaps even grant ", Lidziya", but was, on my taste of, slightly entailing.

Here is we and have reached until the most mass consumed students categories - until ports. They same "portfolios", "portyashki." The most sensible investment-scarce student funds. "Portfolios" were are good under "kilku in toast" on 33 kop., under lard with black bread, under candy "Kara-Qom" combined 1 the glass: 1 candy. Afftaru had to once become stakeholder party on three figures with 11 bottles at "of Pal even" ("Butler Pivdennobuzkiy) under 20 pies with liverom and the peas and on 4 kop. For magnet. Beads can your attention "Butler white" bracketed narodnodostupnym conditional "portveynam." On Ukraine, for example, his were ashamed etiketirovat word "Butler" and were selling under uncertain entitled "Bila mіtsne", 's static. In people "ATCvet code QS01AA02." On Ukraine existed product entitled "Butler 72." In people was written "72 st gasoline" and "bomb." I, as BICh (future intellectual man) with data product personally sign not was. And THAT is what, "portfolios", I.M.H.O.,, were, there is and remain best. But, not all. For the next number goes:



This "portfolio" in its time slightly not spawned have afftara committed rusofobiyu, that all same after long while I reversed the on xenophobia relative to "Caucasus." Deal was in 1981, when I committed for company tour with friend, duck in army, on route "farewell" Vinnitsa hotel-Moscow-Leningrad. We were exclusively rich, - comrade under even on factory received more 200 rubles and 1 / 6 part of around the world was have our legs. As only from windows car swam away provozhavshaya Lyokhu step-mother did, the remaining on the platform, have us "haters." This was famous train "Chisinau-Moscow" without car-restaurant, so have us was "all" with a. Of course same then in that airlock for over on his smoke break struck up kontrfors with similar two passengers, evolved in friendship, unity, hidden tables and the resulting “hence public, as this always: Let in trains since the none of his emperor Nicholas І Palkina. One and ? new chaps are drove camping on OK. Until Peter in transit untangle / ? Moscow, and the second in the capital with us said goodbye to Mr.. Prevent what she called was [on reason "yesterday" habe in "today" under couple of bottles purchased in Moscow of port "Caucasus." To at goodbyes on which was zavlechen u a Muscovite, huh - assiriets-the cleaner shoes with station. Miss further, I’d say, that my awakening was unexpected: In 12 night in a train, podezzhavshem to Kolpino. There (in St. Petersburg) nightlife impose on rail train in combination with "walking" in Peterhof to Lyokhinoy grandmother, slice of sleep on gender, morning rise, the availability of have grandmothers Lyokhinogo brother with family, the morning drinking on the occasion arrival. Of port "Caucasus." On evening setting "in Visitors" to brother in Kolpino. For the arrival. Port wine "Caucasus." Since then "Caucasus" hate, not despite have gained a loud and Messiah--as glory him, surrounding Margulis from "Machines time."



One of offenders positions 1-3. Add nothing not can, moreover, that from-for its futility (neefektivnost vstavlyaniya) among us was called "" Mudogorskim. "

Legend and enchanting landmark Soviet intellectuals. Along with "Murfutlyarom." Wildly and whatever costly, more 3 rubles. Students to this reason not of Holy, wasn as osuzhdaemaya then a fad. Of Holy students on of strangers Umstanden weddings and in circle family on vacations for conspiracy.

A bit below class, than previous stance. Uvazhalos students Vinnitsa med school, students moreover Institute the ancient times "Bycha padnee." On inertia many years was attended on desks after the end of the universities.

Kheresy. Separate category, but from this same class. Among us inducement partners dialogovym option: "Dick I'm gonna crush it, Sir, cross dick know, Sir?" As rule, "Sir" respond: "The kind not, better consider portfelchik." Have afftara to kheresu persistent negative with Spring 1981, after consumption sherry stick a pooper scooper in half with beer in view haste and protection in such a able first in life "kursaka."
And, but more / to, this five. In memoriz,

"You remember, as all began
All was first time and again
As built boats and boats go
"Belief", "Nadiya", "Love"
As small cut into pieces according ropes
As 1912 was leaving land
And waves of us sang, and every fifth,
Typically, was the helm.
I drink until trawling
For those who in Sea
For those, whom likes wave of
For those, whom lucky. "

Simply there is no words. Words gratitude unknown tvortsyam whole subcultures, whole era. To talk about democratic nature this of divine estimated, about, I not know, this simply were. And I I’d say honestly, without shame. I LOVED middle Fall. Here is THAT is what! I liked its not immediately. And you the know, that such love even stronger and present.

"Zabytuyu peZabytuyu song bears breeze
In of quietly thoughtful herbs zvenya
But remember that there is on earth corner
Where joy loved mensnyu bears breeze
In of quietly thoughtful herbs zvenya
But remember that there is on earth corner
Where joy loved me
My God as long this was
Remembers only muddy rivers water
Time when joy me loved
More not return nor for that neither when. "

My God, as long this was: On weekdays, for souls 2 "Cinderella" and 1 "so-" on three figures, game until midnight in she" Monopoly again "; Friday prayers, Saturdays and Sundays + vial vodovki (to bolder withdraw on" Diskach. " There is no, I not rights, saying, that "I liked" Golden autumn "." I LOVE middle Fall. For as fall out of love own middle autumn in really itself?
Text or, The latter times suddenly in Propulsion Chmelnik in year m kiddin 93 st saw "Cinderella", ruthlessly izgnannuyu villain of a fellow it is Gorby's with counters in category: Perestroika years. Warmly, with a tear bought the the entire supply / residue bottles in 10. Razdaril friends as a symbol of. Called for not to drink, secure. Unfathomable, poltergeytskim way from home disappeared my personal a bottle of. And how many she now would cost on auction?

Completing first part of, I brings an for far not full helpfully present have word attention drinks nizkogradusnoy categories. But not was able find to everything illustration. And, moreover, hope, that this labor will become collective.

The second same part of about the highest degree of categories will written tomorrow on reason pozdnoty time and of nostalgic softening point souls afftara from written in the first parts of.


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