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Bystanders, Lzhesvideteli, Grabovtsy

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-Petia, 'm gonna go to jail the fuck
:D :D :D :D :D
As they such kosyaki yen)? :D



Dutch Reporter Takes interview recently collapse boinga,



Максим wrote:

Dutch Reporter Takes interview recently collapse boinga,

Postanovochnost grant votes for shot. Lunatic looking a stamp, as instead background music 8-) location one a stamp - asked establishment gesturing hands. Ah and quite, it's idiotic, ostensibly 10 months, can knows remained essentially silent.

This the guy as and Zakharchenko and many who even, ostensibly closely watched in the sky. Ask itself simple question: As often you are watching by airplanes, which fly on perform well 10 thousands of, in the time when on 2-4-'s 114,000 are hanging clouds? I think about 10 minutes in year, even if over you passes track (have us over Bogorodsky as times passes, loop in sight well, and plane poorly). This OK need to so "enter" that precisely in this moment he was on the street and watched in binoculars-a monocle :flirt:

- A plane fell tail forward- and the guy dumb and who him said that need will,, too, obtuse.
- “I don’t had to dodge and from the wreckage of the, to on anybody not obtain- a man got lost in space, although is worth on the street and perfectly his feels. Showed hands in side and "in side only", and over the wreckage fell him on its head.

- Upalo here under these the most, laminat from frontline I so understood, this very, I showed then children sho fell. On a kitchen fell knives, a cup of, that even, smells spirits, smells spirits type;.
Knows can :D

- I neponimai this were pulyi or missiles?
- That this not can you say, bang-bakh- -bakh, here is this I heard








Their would threesome!

Bah, Kaboom and Zakharchenko.
Zakharchenko declared that personally saw as brought down Malaysia air Boeng



Hmm, black plane could overshoot 300 kilometers and not have chance for this time set signals SOS
:canthearyou: o.O :canthearyou: o.O :canthearyou:

Folk appeals got stuck with not the the text :rofl: :crazyfun: :rofl:




Commander Grabowski militias Volodya, during fire on Estate # 2 was without weapons.
3 :2 4 -

Later, Volodya fotomodelil with weapons on Estate # 1 for many video and photo and drove hand.

Weapons can is only in two places, or in room for storage weapons, or under itself. Transfer of weapons Different slap, is prohibited. During Fighting environment, weapons always should is with well known from. In case of loss of weapons, fighter bears criminalize responsibility. I personally was in able Fighting environment with January on Czechoslovak November 92 th, under this weapons was perched constantly with me and nor never not exclusivity was Different slap. In any moment on outpost could ???? or a gang of ??????????? or a gang of Shevardnadze, or any other a gang of.
That we see in volodinom case? Only that happened PE, crashed plane. Officially, Ukrainian army is in 10 kilometers from only, and means she can in any minute to hightail on PE. And that same makes commander Grabowski militias? He withdraws from only on 550 meters on road on Rassypnoe and under this not harks back with a personal weapons. As so? Such wasn can be? There is no of course. Means this setting, and Volodya only that helped to scatter the latest props. Later him for fotosessi on left reduce leverage be some shotgun, and he not was able length belt adjust, so and walking.



Double # 1
Cadavers fell in court yard homes during collapse we worth roughly $
3 :0 3 -

Double # 2
SHOCKING Ukraine Grabovo residents shocked by MH17 rain of death GRAPHIC
0 :4 0 -

In both takes actress says roughly, too, most, equally "husband slightly not turned white".
On both video in sight one and tighter same window frame, two 2007 actress represented a in two different places court.
Both 2007 removed on one and tighter cell, this assumption, but it close to truth on 99%.

And here is so "First Canal" and "England Today" show one thing and, too,, to more seemed, but again same, filmed this on one and tighter cell, simply rozdano on different television networks.

Can be suggest, that within higher risk with falling bands - not, on Rassypnoe could bounce until 500 kg oshmyotkov with big Heights, however this discarded, because accurately in yard so talk enter - cannot be. Here lies on center sidewalk cafe, and on the street another on center roads. Therefore, this simply film crew gathering spaces that offer universal 3 "it comes."
Together "corpses" allies blamed on chessboard of # 2 near roads. Gathering spaces that offer universal # 1 near only and court # 3 near rassypnogo, corpses "not received."

Рассыпное +



New bystanders Iudovy)
A boy far goes.)


And was shot down South Korean jet)

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Mystery absence of the wreckage of the be revealed)
Dima, now you not regulation sketch pictures of the with question - From / To fields increasingly the hell ever happened to)



Esquire Drink Database increasingly have spread on art.) Voice of and the manner to repeat words very am familiar.



Alone scientists were, pills, booklets)

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And Marina, if am not mistaken, intrvyuruet here is this kagrtavyy "aktero-fighter" Dmitri Milchakov - (t on positions with my leader DShRG Rusich Alexei Milchakovym Ideologiya and worldview



gav wrote:

New bystanders Iudovy)
A boy far goes.)

A boy and so far went.
This one of the most and fertile play actors the entire Ukrainian installation, Honoured the actor Federal State of Novorussiya E?eaie nn. The younger prodigy throughout emki looks to the left, by demonstrating cell right part of faces, and only couple of times on second tide is turning full-length one.
Enough. Then and becomes visible unique rolled-nose.
Line fall the tip of the nose relatively cavity betrays actor.


Grabovsky knows Anatoly -

Militia, dedicated with prisoners and their files.
The prsioners Ukrainian army - fascists - 0 :1 2

Empty Donetsk Music was destroyed popadaniyami, let. Smoothbore in Ukrainian. Army. With words local inhabitants. -

Knowing, damn what seek, easily find and major a mark of on his forehead - scar. Phenolic this not ordinarily, as and nose.

Свернутый текст


1 :4 7 - Anatoly -
36 :5 2 - Mariupol 9 on May 2014 massacred, injured people Mariupol Royalist to Cromwell and Dolphins and their -
19 :5 9 - Odessa, Kulikovo Field, 01 05 2014, antimaydan, 2 -
1 :5 5 - Ilovaisk. New Russia (region). Militias bear down Kiev worth -



gav wrote:

The Mystery absence of the wreckage of the be revealed) Dima, now you not regulation sketch pictures of the with question - From / To fields increasingly the hell ever happened to)

"Ox, as I am angry!" :mad:
(In short, I instead Dima, but not pro pictures of the)

What are illiterate idiots work on TV! "uncleanon hand" - is written no gaps!
And these are illiterate even tryndyat about the "crashes", in school their, teach Russian language, not broadcast with "smart" guise of pro "theft." :tired:

Something nowhere in networks not already, that someone tried to sack the money with card dead, and perishing about such a necessarily would some who on the whole world. Yes and how could seize these cards villagers?! In short, drugs now. Yet another.



Любовь А.К. wrote:

You pityorka pa russkam language = 5



57 drones, says, flied as / or annoying flies. I, says, woman an educated, know all Mark drones.

Every looking at perjury again and again proves, that this was setting. Perishing such twat of texts them refold throughout the give, that modicum wait modicum... .hit.
Need to incidentally a separate subject to do on lzhesvidetelyam, their number of increasingly growing and growing, likely every news agency gained journalistic autonomy task "to do their witnesses."

Reminds me this absurd show Wrestle a bit in fucking America, more nowhere such a idiocy of today there is no, and it turns out there is. In a cartoon South cleanest 13 season 10 a series of "United Kingdom’s Independent Federation Reslinga", this vysmeyano, children in have seemed frozen from adults, which in this believe. In only are currently running such same show, in which account as times on people level rural inhabitants Colorado.



Dmitry" wrote: drones, says, flied as / or annoying flies. I, says, woman an educated, know all Mark drones.
Every looking at perjury again and again proves, that this was setting. Perishing such twat of texts them refold throughout the give, that modicum wait modicum... .hit.

This at all some Furnace, I.M.H.O.,
Marina bears simply on stilts
- Marina, that predshevstvovalo events?
- Nu, we sat on boutique, and then have diverged. :hobo:
. Ah and then jumped out aunt Nina.
Brad same))

On 1 :3 3 and later see woman (in blue-and-a white of advisers) with child in the hands of and look near
Here is only this not child and doll, and the stroller - this child the stroller for the Muppets))

"New newspaper" under involvement kartavogo "journalist" simply increasing shit get, which even not makes sense view I.M.H.O.,.



Commander Grabowski militias Volodya, not only saw and testified about the "the falling market 747 flying", but and adopted participation in photo sessions, photos with which, were distributed between all within a jurisdiction which media (camping on E. On all media).

Here is on this photos we see conflagration, who was ostensibly on the evening 17 July after 17 :3 0. Conflagration no one and not thinks to, all government employment machines styanutsya on a small playground # 2 "Navvies only-Rassypnoe." Volodya looks in the hole there "impeller designs" and in it there is no fire.

But on ekslyuzive station's "Zvezda" in hole this same impeller designs, is ablaze "eternal the fire." As same so, then is ablaze, then not is ablaze?
And increasingly simply, conflagration for free and "news", fueled several times, quite possibly that this even different days, for example 14 and 16 July.




some openings for taggers
video eyewitnesses ruin plane 17 07 14

In district officially go fighting, drone strikes fly, airplanes firebomb, your family in deadly dangers, and you on a tractor rocks kuchkuete. As you such likes?
Such video to lift impossible, if you the accordionist, you work and you spat that there in the sky happening.
On video we not see no incarcerated, nor combat nor passenger, there is no on video and the wreckage of the, which UODC actor for shot. There is no on video and second of smoke from the second “shovel, which burned.
That there is on video? Operator perfectly knew far need to channel cell, knew when precisely soloists are gonna get caught playground. In picture they incorporated idiotic reduced in right atop street corner, such lunatic looking being welcomed used on wearing catastrophe 9 / 11 and on tayvanskuyu though.
Let's note that neither one the accordionist in World, for several minutes not can be guessing where about how, that need throw work, to flee to point access Internet and dump its video on Mrazokanal on videos, right?.
Obviously that this work and practice.


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