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clear cutting FALSEHOOD ON NTV
Journalists NTV glazed a bit umischem.
It turns out all of this time European experts could not arrive on place, because Ukrainian army perepakhivala artillery place collapse.
Words there is no, alone emotions :canthearyou: turns Ukrainian army has carried under only the most powerful gunner (artillery) operation for entire history war. It turns out only bombed perhaps the same Su-25, which bombed Lugansk. Goal bombardment of was - destruction evidence, camping on E. The wreckage of the we and missiles "air-air." How THAT can be show on our televisions on the entire country? o.O
It turns out cabin still remained whole, because Su-25 attacked obey.)
Maximal the speed Su-25 such a same what and have we cruise, but this did not prevent "drying" ambush it and catch up with "sacrifice." Not though, that Su-25 on air goals work not keeps managing, but on perform well 7,000 can be only ballistic balvankoy, "experts" NTV have proven (they have made THAT), that attacked precisely Su-25.
There was stiII and German expert Peter Khaysenko) He argues, that Boeings zaherachili with barred with hand cabin, and journalists NTV even in head not time come, that need choose something one thing, or missile 5 kg or large spring :D What sobstn the difference, front his the shitbags who popped or obey :) importantly the shitbags who popped
Nightmare. :canthearyou: Skyfall box the percentage of now this exceeds 90%. True it seems was only information about how, that Brazilians 1 :7 play Settlers.

In transfer adopted participation hero Russia Anatoly Knyshov, which ekspertil together with "CP" in November a fake "-Boeings-737. " In this time he sat not's drunk in studio contrary monitor, but on backdrop of plane type Ilyushin Il-18. Operator was photographing his sowing on the ass on asphalt. Even in minutia point out that are look like idiots.

Child workers garden in Zukovsky. This valenku gave in hands newer model Malaysian we and he a fountain pen wanted to show as deal was.
"Expert" however, need to trust "experts" :)

Expert NTV Anatoly Knyshov told on television show as deal was and as pilots Kazan, Russia made a mistake
It's sabotage in Kazan
Expert CP Anatoly Knyshev told far not there watched pilots

In late TV programs, zhurnashlyukh said, that local people certainly know who ordered it on destruction we. In role local population gave artist in mask and with automation manager, stood on place collapse, under this he constantly've been cagey from Ukrainian missile.



"A downed" Boeings already gives results.



Video, before not saw.
German popyortyy with work journalist, asking uncomfortable questions as keeps managing.
Wants language; yell on colleagues journalists, but not can, because nurture not allows.
Interestingly listening to, not despite his misunderstanding position affairs with corpses, the rubble of the and circumstances their the emergence of.


Video NTV would delete


5 :0 3-
Sergei Banetov, former employee MAC, currently "Ikspert NTV." Idiot where-it was able see "enough large the fragment cabin".

8 :4 0 -
A brazen the excerpts NTV "No from whom not causes doubts that Boeings was shot down."
9 :0 0-
A brazen the excerpts NTV, II trades abroad, about presence of "Battle" near we and iksperta Peter Khaysenko, about how that Boeings was shot down "-headed storm trooper doesn. " They idiots. For Boeing worth roughly $can to contest only "The Exterminator", and for "-headed storm trooper doesn "can to contest and himself Boeings. Ceiling Heights and maximal the speed Battle Su-25 not leaves him no chance to participation.

9 :2 0-
Ikspert Peter Khaysenko on fragment, which made on Landfill, makes conclusion, that Boeings shot down-headed storm trooper doesn. Even child adapt must be is understandable the elementary logic, that, severely maimed the fragment proves only the, that this the fragment someone guy, he slashes, meanwhile and more nothing.



Dmitry" wrote:
Video NTV would delete

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Following flight NTV

Urraaa, has found. :)) 3 :1 5 - dvukhsekundnyy frame "25,2t props", near roads avtorkanom unloading them now part of tail.

0 :2 5 - correspondent Fedotov says that this cabin, showing camera the back part of fuselage B worth roughly $.
1 :3 0 - NTV claims pro cabin pilots , which has fallen "on the end of the" field) show the same the stern.

.. The full the excerpts and artifice NTV, in every episode, in every proposal, in every word.



The first Canal "With my own eyes"
With steeply vzmuzdono) music emotions
Truth increasingly mixed up on a map terrain, increasinglys first ten years on and its inverted, brains audience as powdered terminally. :canthearyou:

2 :3 8 - scored cleared up the remnants of any with entitled "Those cadres of breadth first time"
Cadres "uniquely-exclusive collecting", as much as 34 of seconds of smoke, the sky and horror.

5 :0 8 - militia am confident, that have we-worth roughly $jet engines are obey as on Ilyushin Il-62
5 :4 0 - used. With this side is village, "which literally a tall tale hit the"

7 :2 5 - a terrorist with operator bypass podkhvostovuyu part of fuselage loop, after what finger at show on tail (who a cock takelazhili in movies NTV). This tail can be show and with roads, there five meters all, but nevertheless, these clowns decided show his izpodnad another sliver of with distances. A terrorist I mean, he called slice of tail "wing of the from a tail parts of."

7 :3 4 - narrations, create expert says, that militias and local people not untouched fragments plane, they hope, that through 2.5 month will visit experts. How same so?In the first same day have shown derzhitsya on site NTV, on them in sight, as local people quickly jumped strip alyumishki and tried to to keep the door. Akermans meanwhile knot, which local people close junk were volume and, on other fotootchyotakh us in focus have shown square napilennye neanodirovannye sheets we, which carted the place away on bloc-between ministries,. And "First Canal" says - not untouched. :confused:

14 :3 7 - a terrorist has found several turret until-, dismal from the shelling howitzers, which ostensibly prove, shelling of Ukrainian army, seats fall of we.
As usual, need take in hand several pieces with the banner "Zroblino in Kran", but unfortunately prorossiyski-teenage not diary this do.
15 :0 4 - Borodai, too, gladly destabilized in movies (him more nothing with which to address as and Girkinu in its time), he assures the, that Ukrainians went on tipping and qualified change terrain terrain. Militia "Peter Horvath" assures the, that in only militias there is no, so Ukrainians only bombed from-for the wreckage of the we. ( krepchal).

17 :1 8 - in movie clips beautiful (in their view) cadres, when of fire minibus airshed from-for sliver of. These same cadres were shown on the Malaysian they discuss it, in strictly on mid-interview with terrorists Vladimirom 0 :4 0 -

astro AWANI

17 :2 3 - actress in red passes past And photographer And VIDEOPERATORA.
Increasingly, the world photo video star
Video and photo:

21 :3 5 - I'm the storyteller Borodai, tells scientifically-futuristic fairy tale about how group from 12-and Malaysian experts on the privateers, and perekladnykh evangelism on road Kharkiv-, Donetsk, and Ukrainian army these machines constantly was serving you clarifying instructions Su-25 and from sets "Grad." (Him ash very funny :D.

As would you it is difficult was decide, to go the wildman in unknown, where to the same even are shooting and kill, where you notions not auctioning the that there with nutrition and Pomorski, and how many is worth taxi for 200-400 kilometers? (Imagine on just a second, no this, urgently to go in-speaking country, about which in the news only negative, suppose you Polish schoolchild learns are rolling in Somalia, doubting person without vaccinations are rolling in savage Muslim part of Indonesia, or malayziets are rolling in any primitive and-speaking Ukraine in which war.

On 25 :1 5 have shown Royal. There like voyager1970 pro 88 pianos something wrote, need to would have a cutie here him.

Video being expunged, here is replicates
, Donetsk, Torez. A downed Boeing-worth roughly $, their eyes.
Autumn 2014 Ukraine news today


3 :4 8 - cartoons under music
They idiots.
They have shown as with big Heights engines and chassis (under his) flew of in thank hand.
But why something Victor body landed yesterday and those and other on one playground near only on distance 7 meters each from mates.

Rhineland part of fuselage - back part of fuselage
. And cabin between them o.o. o.o. o.o.



MH-17: The Untold Story. RT on Russian




Zachuditelnyy the film.
The first same photo with piece Ukrainian "plane" on backdrop of aboard with letters "RO", but on Ukraine "fell" bee "RD." So pro ANY increasingly same board speech?
Intent of? Not too whether many somewhat, whatever the in tragedy, claimed the 298 lives?!

Over the wreckage no one not need, their no one not ran out of and pulling not intends to. But zakordonnaya "review Commission" promises an independent investigation. Even one thing the, that over the wreckage until now there, where were, assures the personally me, that increasingly resisted and is faring on scenario. As least already have made the, that wanted - sanctions against Russia, else - the future will show for what increasingly envisage.
Sequence of new events will take that for you Boeings in fugue state, and no one will become cave in and seek the guilty.




MH-17: The Untold Story. RT on Russian

Simply the reference on video here don't need, need your although would minimal comment with the indication minutes.

Here is the reference on my previous ``debriefing: oq Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine. II third party
Now look:
First Canal "With my own eyes"
RT. MH-17: The Untold Story
Two movie made in one studio, only cadres jobs rearranged and on ways represented.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

MH-17: The Untold Story. RT on Russian

In this movie, as and in all such Russians, accents on what no one dare not speak now touch over the wreckage, because this sin and because morally-ethical so say grabovtsy and militias not dare this to do. (Most the beginning of video.
However the most easiest analysis suggests, that this lies.
ViceNEWS 3 :1 1 - demonstrate real compact not gorevshuyu knot, near sunflower field
AstroAWANI 0 :1 9 - Lithuanian, Malay channel broadcast, display cleaning wheat. Such a cleaning could not come if not to clear field from the wreckage of the and bodies. The cleanup not have shown on Russian channels.
ViceNEWS 1 :3 0 - the same compact Plato debris, near sunflower field, that Vaysnyus get gibbled least in three their rollers. Stupidly bombards in body capacious anyone so garbage. Why? - to sell yet soba "we this most, 's cool, though not been touched."

1 :0 0 - assertion, that things passengers and over the wreckage fuselage are scattered on Tiananmen in 30 square Kilometers - FALSEHOOD.
Three of a bunch of - court "1 and # 2 gorevshie and near podsolnetsnogo field compact negorevshaya LC-3, increasingly else chickens on laughable.

2 :0 0 - rambling, utterly non-specific, pages torn, slit words "witnesses", say only about how, that in the sky before them played out the show. One plane from-for cloud scattered triviality any, the second plane spin you around and had fled. Dimensions of falling in the sky details, determine very difficult, the more those who this never saw. No one not asking issues pro time, pro Until pro After, outsiders people and anything.

2 :4 0 - show video, which evidence suggests nor about fix, ostensibly within plane, ostensibly's in network video. Not shown most importantly video with numerous cameras airport Schiphol, video about how as passengers pass control and on landing. Video, which should be shown in primarily, if hide nothing to acquire. If video have hemmed in, then option only two 1) People recorded at all there is no 2) There are that hide. With need not the shit, which have shown from Boston in 2001, and specifically, facecontrol watches the situation, Polischuks and quality, all passengers without exceptions must be on offense.



5 :5 6 - the film "England Today D"
4 :1 1 - the film "First Canal"

Model ostensibly their unique exclusive collecting zapotentovannye cartoons

And want see that difference?
:D :D :D :D
Rhineland part of fuselage - back part of fuselage. And cabin between them. The difference? :D :D :D :D

Commander one of brigades militias Oleg Vtulkin. In both films he "Shakhter" center knows.
One and the same radio announcer, rightful ownership narrations, create voice with different intonation and on ways rearranges words.
Only few cadres coincide identical, in both films are used different cadres.
Ah this messed up, Messrs..

2 :1 0 -
6 :2 0 -
Appreciate as on ways says one and the same narrations, create voice and the that in most content are used increasingly same different cadres

Oleg Vtulkin - prototype of an one Georgia Colonel. Why me this is so and makes laugh. Deal in is, that after 08.08.08 released a small Georgian the film, where here is so same with together group traveled Georgian general on jobs battles and, mentioned as Georgian army the electronic against Russian and that they sooner or later zakrasyat representing the writing on the fence (comrades Georgians, learn to look more military trial present way, came - will check. That movie made in this same manner, this a flat journalistic a stamp. This a stamp means - FALSEHOOD.



Location fall of'on a Boeing God bless, or central their souls 18 +

Tsentrovoe video with shovel # 2. Expectancy video 12 minutes.

Option 1 Location fall of we God bless, central their souls 18 +
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

0 :4 5 - for shot sounds voice hero Maidan Syomy Pegova. Have him wondrous ability to be delivered everywhere where need and even on "of strangers" video, or. This scum absolves planned and staged the tableau broadcasts in all hot spots YuV, their number of already they got into for a hundred. In seven moves from seats, where snipers they executed dope-fiends on Institutskoy; in donetskom airport, where mrazyuki are shooting on an empty buildings; in places landing missiles Dot-Wu; near wrecked "Hail Storm" peaceful homes; on Bus station with kvadrokopterom near biggest hoppers; there where the legendary Motorola shoots in hollowness; in place the fall of the foreign incarcerated; everywhere Jewy guy from L! FENEWS the first absolves for first on news.

The Holocaust on Grabowski. Burned and pochischennaya gathering spaces that offer universal, in middle shovel triggered a skeleton from crematorium, peremeshav his with dirt. Laws physics on peak of its power, vaporized the body, as if it not consisted of water.

According to butaforschikov, clean white trousers, must to paint half a man.
Cardboard, which by law Newton, ostensibly should fall there same, far fell chairs and its feet.

From black performance suddenly naive hose for fueling rubber boats. According to butaforov this, too, people. Pink package, in which was up wrapped custom theatrical props. White wires, which neatly fell on trousers.

Picturesque compact Plato, she has avoided fire. What luck. Here not simply there is no soot, on things there is no nor specks of dust. And that this for things? Roller for painting walls, piped water pipes, packaging for new clothes, paralon, cardboard, cellophane with wrap, word increasingly the, that usually the Dutch is being driven plane in Asia.

Collection mannequins birds, about dozen. Why she need characters vistavi?

Film crew gathering spaces that offer universal # 2 public entirely in one frame. She small, just couple caravan capacious, nevertheless mrazyuki in media declared, that here glorified sandwich half of'on a Boeing not more not less.
"There simply tin", as declared mrazyuk Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary, "I not d to publish some photo."

Favorite attractive opportunity butaforschikov under dramatization airline crashes, putting seam with a number attached. And why same on playground # 2 not fell other seam, without inscriptions, without numbers, without flowers airlines?
398 - this need for moreover, to tone literate idiots, under aid pictures with these the rubble of the, managed prove the rest of the idiots, that fell it is this board.

Human would a, srezannaya as razor-sharp. Razor equally effectively has cut off and bone and flesh.
The severed leftist would a - this signifiers of the ritual killings, in Ukrainian plays directed saw such a picture already not times.
If this not from old corpse, then where blood?

Gathering spaces that offer universal # 2 with other hand roads, and here the other props. Blue arrow - part of tail rudderless, in movie NTV "following flight" there is 2 of seconds cadres, as this tail would unload them avtokranom under neubrannoy wheat. On this Tail slightly later sat neariyskie wystawienniczym Georg and Angela Druzhinski. Red arrow - podkhvostovaya part of fuselage, its neatly the ones who dropped with ? directly have roads and nowhere more not police reportedly used.

Operator quietly absolves 1912, unlikely cell under its feet, and here lies almost rubber doll. Have the Muppets there is no "legs", blood must be? And its again there is no.

Another doll in got. Instead heads the Long neck, for of deranged and so gonna get away with this.
Blood, too, of course there is no.

Operator makes ZOOM on black Lennox the Muppets in one bryuchine. Perhaps he wants establish reason death the Muppets? And here is and not 4,000,000,, he simply wants to to consider grass on the tank top, he very a very gifted operator. Broadcast is replete with and welded skleykami and inserts, us show increasingly that anywhere, only not seats break parts of from dolls. Perhaps whether suggest, that operators all as to request proved look like idiots? There is no. So filmed specifically, in advance known, that idiots for of emotions, these cadres well enough.
Blood here of course, too, there is no.

frequent and uncontrollable bowel hustle back
Through every frame with corpses dolls, operator absolves technique on the road, erected tents, outsiders actors from extra,.. extra. Perhaps his so are taught in school operator art. Exhibition a fire technology, why she here need a? More strong bonfires were eager and a day to and at night on chessboard of # 1, and here that to? Conflagration, who was on chessboard of # 2 can be was of pouring and frontal water.

On 1 :0 2 this group flowed to the there, on 5 :1 0 she headed back. There-back, there-back, so and trek, portray many people on place the fall of the. These same guys play miners, which in their helmets, will "seek" leftovers from the corpses in wheat,, too, will walk there-here.

Another very wily cameraman stunts. He absolves cars who traveled on aid the understudy, then unlikely cell slightly below and here lies is not fresh meal. Likely was robbed via Overcard, far were being thrown reject pile mannequins. The reason death the Muppets not established. For herd this type man, but, too, without blood.

Leafy with number
Operator absolves leaf with number. Zoom, and we see, that in shattered windows 200 meters, there more nothing not upalo`. This netyazhyolyy cube, there dragged on the hands of.

Operator constantly unlikely cell from shootings extra,.. extra to on dolls and back, here is and this doll dismantled efficiently in 1 second. Why so quickly? To we could not establish reason death)
Doll not has nipples on breast. Even if this doll men, then breast is must be, and here their there is no. Are visible pleats rubber in district including underarms. Illusion rezannykh wounds of which must was seeped out blood, but blood again there is no.

Law has its feet, sticks out from under jackets. Blood there is no.

Actors from extra,.. extra were executed by not only people, but and the entire art items. KAMAZ and Shishiga toured here on 5 :4 0, to Four Uns head on and leave back on 7 :0 0. Under aid these nekhitrykh manipulation, create democracies illusion, that 17-18 July here was many outsiders witnesses.

In this kadr exactly the entire comedy entirely, for shot only hustle back from actors and vehicles.
Naked doll so unconvincing, that operator not risks its to lift near. Leftist blue arrow - gathering spaces that offer universal # 2, "monstrous kind of apocalypse",. Gathering spaces that offer universal can heat up in any moment, so such a huge number of firefighters machines remain on safeguards.
That here happened, if rely only on this frame? What Boeings, where this mostly by China? Where these 250 tons vzlyotnogo weight?

Operator again demonstrates its skill enjoy zoomom, blyastyaschsche. There lies a dead man, but why he again not a fresh? Wounds there is, and where blood from wounds?

Things passengers
Things no one not touched, they all themselves here fell. Chose dopomogoyu utoptannuyu playground near roads and neatly fell. All things clean, the unzipped, the entire accounting in an open the form of, can be approach the and revere.

Hustle back so and churchgoers there-here, there-here) Sozdayotsya illusion baalshooy get things moving.

Gidravlika controls
Part of tail without controls, behind in wheat. How you just drive, must stipulated the in movement? - Gidravlika. Hydraulics - this complex system from gidronasosov, filters, system cooling, pipes, crushing, govdevsi, manometrov, fastening, gidroraspredeliteley, elektroklapanov, flexible hoses high pressure and all of this in have order should be duplicated.
Here in sight, that tube and hoses from crushing not uprooted, and otkrucheny, otherwise something should remain hang out or taken completely out in place fastening. With hand controls there is no nor hoses, nor scenes from, nor govdevsi, all of this they're fake, that here peretakelazhili avtokranom.
There is no govdevsi, no thirty, no mechanisms, - increasingly stripped now. Drive cars reverberates cesspits, not ripped off ancient times built along force. If would his threw up from strike, then he would LEZhAL NEARBY.

Another doll in got. Heads - there is no, seats fastening heads to neck - there is no. Place mounts hands - there is no, and themselves hands, too, - there is no. Blood there is no and at all, themselves dopirayte that this such.

silicate things
Frame when Poland, that after, as fire put out playground # 2, on it even times nakidali Mock-up. Things that must were consume, quietly lie across Tiananmen gorevshey shovel.

't walking around naked woman, lies on bed of ashes, however why the fire consumed everything except its camp? - Because its here triggered already after 64B fire.

Something should be it seems on corpse, to which operator so and not In approach the, so it, don't seem on corpse.

According to the, this the highest stakes completing 12-minute movie. This frame should trigger emotions or something prove? He nothing not proves, moreover, that operator idiot. For 12 minutes he so and not was able to imagine modicum one evidence, that here fell a giant Boeings.
Greater part of operator showed job as an extra on the road. Video consists of but clear don, no willfully they're parochial, to show ostensibly neprofessianalizm the, ostensibly this the casual knows. Mrazotnik Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary, posted this video have themselves host at, ostensibly this was photographing he. Propiaril in Facebook its trip in only, but so and not was able provide modicum one evidence that he there was.

This video, contrary proves, that this was posed the crash. Garbage brought on trucks, and allies blamed have roads, caught up with extra,.. extra from its mraziynogo of workshop, for illusions large number witnesses.



Dmitry" wrote:

Severed leftist would a - this signifiers of the ritual killings, in Ukrainian plays directed saw such a picture already not times.
If this not from old corpse, then where blood?

Correct moreover.
Scum his here and did, ritual, of squalor the old corpse, for success subsequent action with a fake catastrophe. This 15s the number of (the road wet, rain begins). Blot under foot - from corpse, mezhkletochnaya and polostnaya liquid, his in this place and was boned just. Corpse with big likely feminine (its fatty the breakdown of the under skin). In ritual this - message the, whom this woman operate as the. Not simple woman. In matrix can be a missing on the eve apparatchitsey, mershey, polpredshey and camping on P.



The film NTV "following flight" name need reverse: "NTV, lies in every word." frame 3 :1 4.

1 :0 3 - is shown LC-1, states, that here fell wings with fuel tanks, so land here fully is faded. Lies. Nor one fragment any wing here no one not meanwhile, and day and nightly kostyorchiki could not be the result combustion hundreds of tons fuels. If would was process combustion giant plane, then were would and appropriate video.

1 :0 6 - states, that bodies passengers found in shattered windows 40 kilometers. Lies. Even if would plane indeed was shot down, and has broken up just in the air, then bodies would found maximum in shattered windows couples kilometers, not more. And if suggest, that plane while, planned and periodically was throwing away my passengers for 40 kilometers, then have pilots , crew, passengers and automatic systems, was would all time to hand signals SOS, however pro these signals no one spoke, means their and being asked.

1 :3 2 - states: - cabin pilotsdiscovered on other end field, racks chassis fell on territory neighboring sela. Lies. Cabin pilotsus so no one and not showed. "Support of rural-urban divide" sounds absurdly, whether something would this is even one thing additional place in plus moreover far fell wings with fuel.

2 :1 0 - states: - plane was shot down in 19 :0 0 on Moscow time. Lies. Official time losses ties airline 17 :1 5 minutes Moscow Time, on flaytradaru 17 :2 1 Moscow Daylight Time, in 17 :2 5 plane already should was fly over Russia. NTV pripisalo him even 2 hours life, while SBU already hour as turned audiopostanovku "negotiations terrorists."

3 :1 4 - Film Ministry built on conventional zombiruyuschey scheme, flashing cadres + clear cutting lies creator.
Just 1.5 of seconds have shown, as suitable used crane stacks part of tail. What would version of in as a justify led would NTV? Can be they drew the a cock, to watch that there from below?, well,, it's idiotic outrageous error that awarded France, but then:
1) why this important venue was fromom efficiently just 1 second?
2) why the hell would raising so highly?
And additional:
3) Why the wheelman hydraulics all workshops and is missing? (Look other video and photo)
4) From / To fields gone away aft you just drive,?

Clear cutting lies, on each minute movie. "following flight" lies NTV on each minute movie. Frame 3 :1 4. - 0 :4 2 News "NTV." Such a same history, frame efficiently just 1 second.
I shall remind, that wheat was removed combines in late July, and part of tail lay in after cleaning, respectively suitable used crane give a flying part of tail TO 17 systems which.


17 - photo, with too the obvious. Complex "Dr.-Ing." is being driven without awnings, and such a not can be by definition. Complex "Dr.-Ing." can be decimated--thanks ordinary a sniper, so seats their stationing must hard be protected. Under transportation "Neversmile", of course, must respected secrecy, and all units of complex necessarily must be kept hidden friggin 'tent under. And us here doofus thrust.

If the author makes emphasized collection important positional notation rollers, which pegs to cards Google, then should was point to in describing street address these video. If addresses not, the this means, that virtually all video removed one operator. Tajikistan each year has been, only to its wash their hands on cell.

15 :1 0 - frame polluting his smile. Complex "Dr.-Ing." is being driven simultaneously for two roads. Shootings as on parade. Obviously, that this fop thing. The author claims that that place coming, this is untrue, because next of platform with "Ralf Buck" already I gave you place coming and Goes to protivokhod strings.
15 :3 4 - smile can be not stop crapping, machines simply stupidly drive around the circle. Commentator stubbornly calls this KrAZ "Hail Storm", although likely this travel Vympel.

Photograph posed, made specifically for "Ukrainian investigations." This and the entire material, tied to cards Google, that not can not smiling. Why terrorists have separately weighed unit from complex, in an open the form of, in one copy,) in city of? The answer only one: This setting, with for not tone smart.

31 :4 0 - ah this at all for children. Wystawienniczym extremely poorly play, ostensibly phone pattern sliced simply on of idiot, can you. I not understand, why ordinary people not can determine on inflections, noises, vibrations and anything, than differs real from block actors' performances game.
Roughly such a same karsy provided Georgians on phone negotiations Russian military 8.08.08. Level of qualifications directors staging is on really low from all possible. Have such even there is no chance hold out for couples minutes on entrance exams in Russian State Institute of Cinematography
41 :0 0 - II trades abroad works in combination with director of a. No one no "Bukov" terrorists, of course not transferred, their swung under cameras for and practice.



Dmitry" wrote:

photo, with too the obvious. Complex "Dr.-Ing." is being driven without awnings, and such a not can be by definition. Complex "Dr.-Ing." can be decimated--thanks ordinary a sniper, so seats their stationing must hard be protected. Under transportation "Neversmile", of course, must respected secrecy, and all units of complex necessarily must be kept hidden friggin 'tent under. And us here doofus thrust.

"organizing a a disguise, commander should point to order lighting or of illuminating fabric roads under committing March in conditions limited semblance, order and timeline carry basic ?????? on disguise, forces and means, ???? for their implement, order control for observance camouflage discipline in the course March. In interest camouflage commander, if allow conditions environment, should ordained maximum use from timeand other conditions limited semblance for committing March and stance exercise protective and deformiruyuschuyu charged machines.
Trails movement must chosen on ukrytym from surveillance adversary sites terrain, provide a discreet the deployment and displacement troops with use of lay masking properties terrain and natural shelters.
advance provides is installing order use in the course March funds optical, these and approach camouflage, but on has attracted visitors over possible meeting with adversary and smoke funds. Before the onset of the March needs test state of camouflage units and parts of and until exit columns on a primary frontier eliminate demaskiruyuschie signs of. "

Over such a negligence tribunal.

Why cannot be was as something so? -
Yes because, that mrazyukam rosiyskim need to was line with, mrazyukam Ukraines and the rest of the.



"Smezhniki" not sit without affairs. Someone here drama idea to lift the film. Here is they his wind and removed. Erich Hartmann calls this proof:

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point anniversary of the soon, can want doing so event "be noted" in his a Repertoire

Operationally a movie stuff here. :cool:


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