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Films ensure

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- Maybe, shmalnem?
We won't!



New auction. Soon on site

As let us to saw of money?



Do amazing version of Andrei Karaulova.
Respected viewers, only you have a unique opportunity to with them will familiarize.

A downed boying - our the Truth 28.07.2014

As died Boeing’s. The film Andrei Karaulova. 25 November

Lim boying our the Truth 31 December



Nobody inquirybival
Creativity REN-. Program talks the is the andarias, fruit Mr.Stati for the Donetsk airport



Australian Newsweek about MH17, part of 1 (Russians subtitles)
, Australian experts-correspondents over on top and murderers and gave answers relatives.
In European parliament will be admitted accepts participation Arseny Special.

4 :3 9 - in a frame

the Dutch and, Australian policemen, failed to
Enter the place collapse from-for heated Mr.Stati

Under this kenguryatniki show any winter called the shots

Basis for investigations Vital research British geolokatorov, they discovered Number on board "Neversmile", which Keukenhof without's for Jamaican. Played role glorious orientation lestertsa Higgins in Russians social networks))

8 :2 0 - a picture of an low-profile approach under aid computer technologies and saw, that Russians not only nothing not know pro brezentomaskirovki, but and not are at correctly Quick numbers.

10 :4 0 - separatists found circus cell, however accommodating have left people in record not only with this cameras, but and from all rest cameras, on which they raised their bloc-post and faces terrorists. :cool: A then nemeknuli, that on laws military time, Australian spies must were you shoot. Here is such a she, the price for truth.: '(And after all could kill or even frequency, anything steal

Part of 2 -

6 :1 6 - here is it, this field, with which was “satellite rocket. Completely burned out traces of start-up of had been erased covered in white and lead :D

Correspondent not guessed show traces arrival mnogotonnoy installations on the field (she would there's being scrambled by all factories nor chemical industry), and so same nor word not say a word to me, that she not can accurately to shoot without the support complex.

Here is so, have repeatedly risking lives, Australians confirmed version of Higgins from Lester's.

8 :4 6 - correspondents failed to answer question, "whom time come in head sack on video this a truck in Luhansk precisely thus)
.. Moreover they failed to find place have advertising shield, and chose only slightly appropriate. Lies II trades abroad as would not was destroyed)



MH17. Year silence - - NTV. The quality of 240 pixels
MH17. Year silence - - NTV. The quality of 240 pixels
Many copies of on Mrazokanalakh YouTube, all in as a 240 pixels.

How you think, whose this the film, NTV? … t24279565/
and here is and not 4,000,000,
This the film England Today
Stop sign frame RT roughly 12 :3 5, where drunkie... tells about shadow of we, laid as "100 meters from working"

Note on forgery NTV. Dimensions of video are circumcised.
Only this, already attests to easily described.
Why England Today not sets an in Court on this doing a lousy the network? Yes because RT so same, to this based nor through nor poo face.



#p63214,Petransel wrote:

and was whether Dr.-Ing.?
Not has found here such the big info (can poorly sought).
Very an interesting and an instructive ``debriefing fake video Russian Neversmile:

Not on our written.
Yes Sunday? Already, of course not so detail.
The entire ``debriefing can be limit one abzatsem:
Complex "Dr.-Ing." consists of 5 units technology. He not can be transported on display. His carry only at night, only under friggin 'tent under, only with an impressive guards. Besides, that he is worth huge money, his can to withdraw from by building ordinary sniper, so prescribed measures to secrecy, disguise, safeguard. The that shown in Ukrainian movie - full fluff piece. In creating this weak shit has taken participation of Ministry of Defence of trades abroad, which provided 19 props for shootings movie.



"Theory conspiracy: Who shot down MH17" (Rus the remaining, the not "angst")

As and all previous, the film nor about fix.
For ostensibly to be tried those, directives are stock revolution assertions.
New cadres with sites vistavi give understand, that have them even many unpublished cadres with different foreshortenings.
Invented new characters, with designed by technicality the names, for example the artist Oleg Vitulkin
Vitulkin as and other bystanders, gave very valuable testimony, for example the, that he in during 5 days could not to accept food.

And this Esquire Drink Database not was able churchgoers after as has found a child toy on chessboard of # 1. He wanted to find suitcase, but has found "more than wanted to"



Прошлогодний! фильм, а вроде мы не видели. Много нового видеоряда.

Ещё разные репортажи русской ББС.

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эта же бодяга без субтитров

MH17 Crash - English Spoken

Понравилась работа актёров и оператора начиная с 7:33
Кадр на 7:46 просто шедевр мировой кинематографии
Чем красивше снято, тем больше зритель должен верить в потоковую ложь фильма.




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