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"Signs and symbols rule the world, not word and law" (Confucius was - "CA-FUTsIY").

The term Halacha (Traditioanl Jewish law) is happening from Jewish verb (halakh), “walk ”, and denoting“ path actions ”, “behavior ”,“ leadership. ” T. E. Hebrew "Halacha" = Arab "Allah himself."

"And why you wig? You have and so the entire life has passed in makeup. Is it so difficult to capture human that leads a double life. All of lying. All's lying.. No amount good deal not can be accompanied by as lies and tricking.. . And there done by a Court, acted as a used as scapegoats. Yes on what such a the basis? On conscience speaking, all of this stupidity and crime. "- Maxim Podberezovikov, interrogator, the film" Look out! Look out car. "

"There is no such a fair affairs, about which cannot be was would say people." (W. : “. The film "'s Guys' conversation").

"I truth will talk about them such a, that worse any sign lies." (William Shakespeare. "Romeo and Julia")

"Truth - god free-rights. Lies - religion slaves and hosts "(quote from Soviet movie" Seven babysitters ")

Phrase David Ben-Gurion: “relationships such, that say the goyim, it is important – that make Jews ”



"To like know, CRT slts enthroned PAD YOU, JUST verify, who do MUMBAI NOT allowed to criticize." (Voltaire).

"The most big enemy truth - this not nasty lies, and neural and repressed myth" London F. Kennedy once said, “The greatest enemy of the truth is not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth –persistent, pervasive, and unrealistic.”

"If you can 'grew beat your enemy, Podcast. madefrom" - "If not can defeat enemy - expand to him"! But pro themselves - POMNI!

French politician E. -Adolphe Drumont argued: "Until people, focus on social sciences, not will become study Jewry, until they not'll boil nothing, except cat's of stew."



    Существует одна история про императора Тиберия. Он издал закон, карающий смертью за некое преступление, но только если преступник не был девственником. Однажды перед судом предстала девственница, и император не знал, как быть. Но советник предложил ему отличное решение: «Давайте сперва её обесчестим, а затем убьем».
Есть люди..., которые сперва заполучат вас..., а потом обесчестят. А после ничто уже не помешает им вас уничтожить.
Но меня они не обесчестят.

Томас Мор (Тюдоры)


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Different "quite different" » Relaxing