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Spectacle in Tunisia

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For the latest hour.

In El Kuwait, capital Middle East state Kuwait, a terrorist-a suicide bomber blew up themselves in crowded Shiite mosque during Friday night's worth prayer, in a result what died more 10 people. About this told governor El Kuwait, is handing Reuters. Responsibility for terrorist attack ???? ?????????? ?? on themselves "Islamic State"

Unknown other penetrated Israeli in unerringly Tunisian cities Sus and opened the fire from weapons on travelers to, in a result what died at least 19 people. About this reports Reuters with refers on representative Ministry of Interior Tunisia.
Currently the details incident improves.

Immediate, four large terrorist happened in Friday, 26 June. In France Islamists attacked plant nearby from of Leon. Victim of attacks became one person, even a few were injured. Later appeared message about shoot.Shooting in resort district on the north Tunisia. On of last information, died 27 people. In Shiite mosque in the capital Kuwait victims of explosion have become as least 13 man, bomb worked during Friday night's worth prayer. And in Somalia militants "Ash-Shabab Al-Arabi Club" attacked base peacekeepers, died roughly 30 people. Responsibility for attacks in France and Kuwait already assumed terrorist organization "Islamic State."

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after armed people opened shooting of on the beach have hotel Imperial on resort of El Kantaoui under city Sus in Tunisia, one attacker missed was assassinated, the second arrested. In the latest data, victims of attacks have become 37 people. Foreign ministry trades abroad confirmed, that in Kerri suffered one, citizen Russia. … i-v-tunise … 19519.html

Something perishing painful for many blood on first photo



The victims terrorists in Tunisia have become 13 Britons and'm Irish
Sand the entire Red from blood o.o.

the Embassy of the trades abroad: Data about dead in hotel Tunisia rossiyanakh until there is no

Massacred the Blue pixels :confused:
And nomerochki in move went, good fellows, well prepared to Yuschenko


4 … 5d/9.shtml

Photographers blagged faster, than we typically recognized covering up

And this a picture of an, at all it is unclear as can be such show. This simply horror some

Have written the nayrobskie Dickies. For volunteers movement Tunisia are rising and terrific.

And this neodetuyu madam, I somewhere already saw, like in this same photo sessions, but in another of it. Perhaps establishment has gone?



Reuters clowns, camping on E. I wanted to say - beauties

Attacker missed proved dumb with me some sort of raving lunatic) He fired could only shoot, yes so former, that missed my the arrival on place curiously different armed intelligence

the 8th the US not sees ties between attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait
26.06.2015, 21 :2 3 | “ ”

In the State Baranya the US declared about absence of evidence, that the attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait are interconnected. About this reports Reuters.

According to official representative State Department panic room John Kirby, “there is no sign, that they (terrorist acts) tactically coordinated. ”

The 8th for Ocean spent as a child his investigation faster, than police on place ‘ witnesses.



Level commentators ЯPlakala and groups for this

A here is and shop guys expo immediately, which "terrorist attack" on forums service a

America trillions of spends on fight with an invented Al Qaeda, pro financing which, Wikipedia notions not has, and fighter increasingly on art have spread). With this for amphibians there with in computer 8-) Emotions amphibians there he called "17 pages conspiracy nut.." These words he perhaps wanted to boost their self-esteem. :yep:



Island Ut & # GDP ;y a in Norway, where set spectacle "To anyone massacred the Breivik" and city Sousse in Tunisia, are on 11 st throes eastern longitude coordinates. Between jobs 2681 kilometers

Place the beach and hotel El Mouradi Palm Marina
35 ° 54 '42.40 "Since 10 ° 34' 58.54" In



As something are dealt a pretty have us preryduschaya Tunisian in a farce.
Are creepy-fighting clowns and cats reporters with terrorists, with breach Wounded.

18 March

International, announced, assembly for ITAR-TASS.
Very frightening!
Attack militants on parliament and museum "Bardot" in Tunisia.
Nairobi under the top of a Xerox

Свернутый текст



горожанин wrote:

How something are dealt a pretty have us preryduschaya Tunisian in a farce.

From 18 March until 26 June, on a calculator days, exactly 100 days))



With Tunisia began "the Arab Spring." An important point. But they, as and Greeks, only on the streets exits can, to glee output gladly on the air conduct, and about massacre "of the North", "Islamists" and writing and things - nor in what.
Resort-Touring city, idle population, what with them will you take.



Here is this I like.
Juxtaposed against Tunisskim terrorist attack in Grenoble, which state department already on investigating and announced not associated with Tunisskim. Lest a herd in durnete small zaoralo, that linked. … g-at-scene
(Radical Islamists curtailed head someone and attacked gas cylinders, trying to to blow up gas plant)

Have of workshop criminal police for free no one volunteered or form of not Head. Had to gets to decorate in criminal police massovochnuyu grandstanding, bronikami with the banner. Are worth who in than, mnutsya, team await.

Years have geyropeytsev in branch has.
Have African were group far more organization and order!!
Learn and learn of any passing frog have Kenyan ii?iaoia!

Reporter, which this snapshot in its publication zapulil, some Dauphine Libere - brilliant. Impossible directly say readers pro circus, that this circus, so he said here is thus.
The same clueless egg crowd in another play-by-play.
Study, as our radio work.
Senior in our cast, with folder in glasses, aducerea task - whom, far and there's not much on to flee, and what to do witnessed on.

Reporters, which this give, realistically Harbor Bridge over's disco the Fellwick. … rance.html

Свернутый текст

IGILoflagi on place crimes. Far OK terrorists without flags!

Radical Islamic a terrorist just already catching and for photo opportunities news reporters lead, in a burqa, is clear want it now.
Radical Islamic terrorist must be kidnappers as!

It in Mythbuntu control center curiously emblems have French spesluzhb. Correctly! Vizualization characters war terrorists with forces law enforcement in head brain audience Choice masses must be a stark and tried.



Tunisia. : Drunken Russians seek to crash on beach

Here is this on-our



On bertsakh decided save, and ubiquitous adidosaccommodating granted Scuds shoes-spetsnazovki:
The artist, as usually, is of bulletproof.

Dmitry" wrote:

sand the entire Red from blood o.o.

Ay for for, as same not observed, there simply a puddle a huge:

Terrorists, in a result attacks which died 27 tourists, have come on beach hotel in tunisskom Suse on inflatable boat.

Personality same time established. This 23-year-old local student, which visited underground mosque. On beach he past, by taking machine gun in transported from have an umbrella, is handing Canal "Russia 24."

Ah and until heap: "Part of terrorists, in purposes camouflage under vacationers seem tourists, arrived on beach on air that the. Machines were masked under spiningovye rods up. Thus militants decided terminally take over with idle crowd. " Learn to look more!



fire wrote:

Ay for for, as same not observed, there simply a puddle a huge

37 killed, 39 Wounded, this a host team bus, if compress, and if in pose killed, then this whole the football field, and that have shown? Couple actors same the dead and increasingly.

— How react Ambiente your hotel on what happened, as themselves is leading personnel?
— Now I am in hotel, no panic there is no, life goes on usual time, as and commanded. All sit, guide, well time spend, based on video, as fly military helicopters, trek military boats.

-Yisraela, nice time conducted. :flirt:

Viktor Pravdenko ??? ?? ? ? what video give you 8-)



To wage with "fields":
# 18 + Terakt in Tunisia eyes eyewitness kicked / The terrorist attack civil Steven Gerrard eyewitness.

And again fearless "an eyewitness to" neck on "the battlements, now" without taking any instinct self-preservation.
All video consists of instantaneous access different seats and motley time. Decided under lyubitelya zakosit.

For full Aw brain drain (such headlines: … unise.html
With the same pages:

At vylozhennom in networks video in sight, as people try to help victims attacks terrorists on the beach in Tunisia until arrival solving
#Sousse Attack : video of the victims

In networks appeared home video moment detention accomplice bomber in Tunisia. Les Observateurs France 24
#Tunisie : une vid&#233 ;o amateur montre l'arrestation d'un suspect apr&#232 ;s l'attaque de Sousse

And the latter fashions in "the news":
Terakt in hotel Tunisia: Online live broadcast posts seats tragedy … yazhe.html



fire wrote:

# 18 + Terakt in Tunisia eyes eyewitness kicked / The terrorist attack civil Steven Gerrard eyewitness.
And again fearless "an eyewitness to" neck on "the battlements, now" without taking any instinct self-preservation.
All video consists of instantaneous access different seats and motley time. Decided under lyubitelya zakosit.

But someone from realistically dead they under this deal wrote off.
Tsekhovichok- "an eyewitness to" dismantled "victims terrorist", which big press not showed.
Have women the thigh in tatters - without blood, right. Totally, in ofa the hole like those, that on Nemcova worldwide before vykladkoy on bridge. And, too, nor breath. There their evichi provide shop installation morgovskim "props."
Woman, in sight, received this trauma in moment death (real), and Outlook simply before vykladkoy've got a hole in.
Mrazotniki - they and in Tunisia mrazotniki.



In day terrorist talked with old hat from major turfirmy on Skype:

[26.06.2015 17:43:48]xxx: My dear Balin,, sent an parents with children in Tunisia
[26.06.2015 17:43:50]xxx: Podruginykh
[26.06.2015 17:43:58]xxx: Gut in susse now
[26.06.2015 17:44:20]xxx: Griet sit in hotel and nose not pop
[26.06.2015 17:44:32]I: And very polished there?
[26.06.2015 17:44:34]I: AA
[26.06.2015 17:44:37]I: See news
[26.06.2015 17:45:23]I: Tin
[26.06.2015 17:45:55]xxx: From rf no one in this hotel, not driven to there
From BULA woman hurt, this're a PR company our said
The rest from terms



fire wrote:

And again fearless "an eyewitness to" neck on "the battlements, now" without taking any instinct self-preservation.

Any on his place was sent would also, double in the following a new standard dimensions video

0 :4 7 -
- aea Vasi korrekt
Though heard without translation. And who them texts such writes? :D




And that prevents lot more blood arranged a carpool on across the playground? An immutable question all past productions



Валькирия wrote:

What prevents themselves terrorists qualitatively sack from epicenter? And then dump in his social media to

The financing, assembly "terroristskogo" and "media" departments, I think.
In a result have terrorists in Capetown there is no professional mediyschikov, so they hell is that any always based, and have mediyschikov in Capetown there is no normal terrorists, so in their professional coverage of the story alone clowns.
Nedorabotal management have of workshop.
Terrorists can and are happy were would something decent field, but mediyschiki, which cell keep are at, for free with them not will work, have them its the customer there is.
????, this concerns terrorists and mediyschikov all and everywhere - Tunisian, Kenyan, Australian. And Russian in including.
Something like this:


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