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Climate. Floods, hurricanes, earthquake, tsunami, dirt, sand

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Revised downward together video, where tsunami? In the news again shell raspikhannye on channels, with obligatory the clause, that the threat goes on Sakhalin. Was evacuated 1 ml. Man, and pokazyaayut not Partzuf that. The scale of evacuation imagine and people treatin as this should look.
What the amateur video with airport, all be going, get spooked by, camera leaps once. Usual deal for earthquakes with floods, and gotten the in the news as "mainland for the mainland the load powerful wave of tsunami, Next Sakhalin."

Here is why they reptiles this make, have people in my already limit soon will come from continuous tension expectations of the late around the.





"Here is – increasingly, that is left of Chilean the port town Coquimbo. Live here, mostly, the fishers.. The number of victims in Chile increased until 11 people. About 200 homes destroyed fully, more 600 were either severely damaged. About 90 thousands of man remain without electricity and 9 thousands of – without access to clean water. " … le-tsunami



In at Camping on coast occurred failure undercoat almost with the football field.

# There is a tremendous tornado in Australia

27.09.2015, 12 :5 5

A huge tornado, we have core at the beach Camping in Australia, “swallowed ” machine and tourist van.
The English site RT reports, that from-for the emergence of hoppers with the beach Rainbow Beach in at Queensland were evacuated order 140 tourists

Judging by Guglyad first video again that the on YouTube, through hour news on the certain, still through hour on RT, a little bit of a on later on TV Zvezda, MK.
Here is so news extend.



Measures have two earthquake that occurred simultaneously:
1 - Afghanistan (region borders Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Pakistan, closer to a recent) Monday October 26 2015, 09 :09: 32 UTC, about 7.8
2 - Afghanistan (region borders Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Pakistan, closer to a recent) Monday October 26 2015, 09 :09: 32 UTC, about 7.5



That most interesting, living there people (in mind in Asia), especially in rural communities, potentially are suicide bombings, so as homes are built without Accounting seismicity territory, from brick. Hence and victims.
And after all earthquake, about 7.5 not is damaging. Yes, can hurt Wall, give nice man-fissures, bounce nezakreplennuyu furniture or things with wardrobes, but raze not destroy homes, built adjusted for seysmiki. Ah, on a pinch,, play Ship's Mast someone on class phonebook with being shelved or weirdo what decides Triple lindy with’with windows high altitude homes, yes heap heart attacks and raising arterial blood pressure.
So, have us in so-distant 1971 happened earthquake such same forces, but in homes were observed only fissures, no obrusheniy not was. And in the same Japan itself, where quite often occur catastrophic earthquake, at home so not crumbling.
However, such a same the situation and in the US, when after waterspout remain piles of dowels at instead homes.
That this: The complete lack of brain have builders or a calculated slow relative to poor population,, used the outside cities?


27 …
Mudslide in Novokuznetskoy area.
But there same KriA?



#p48668,Валькирия wrote:

but there same KriA?

There are slope, on him and is moving. Some sort halting and uplotnennaya variety sat across. The press:

is indeed an eerie. Balance arise a rockslide, across semblance, became out of kilter “Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Oblast. ” Huge moving masses land sweeping away on his path trees and transmission lines, napolzali on a path and banned its. In a result breakdown several anchor of transmission line without electricity remained several villages. Fortunately, no one not suffered.
According to scientists, this type of a rockslide is consequence of displacement melkozernistykh breeds – contained sand, clay, silt, saturated water and objects moving under tilt. Under this behind a rockslide remains chasheobraznaya mm and.
Unlike selya earthflow is moving much more slowly. He is shaped, typically, in the upper parts of slope, where failing a large number of dirt, which undergoes vyvetrivaniyu, and after strong of prolonged rains perenasyschaetsya moisture. On achieving critical mass can dig is beginning to slide as down.




#p42023,Zasada wrote:

What does this: The complete lack of brain have builders or a calculated slow relative to poor population,, used the outside cities?

Can the absence of funds on building block, greed,, poverty, warm climate. Although for America this as something strange, could would build homes a little stronger. Have us need to preserve warmly, this a one-time need, have them - Russian military law of averages there Perhaps.



#p48668,Валькирия wrote:

mudslide in Novokuznetskoy area.

Such area not case :mad:



Weather all napryagaets. Subject prokachival a few days-overhauled together stuff climate-concluded that in Eurasia to be getting warmer, and action freezes. Food commodities global. And this not simply slightly slightly, and all very and very seriously. An abnormal the coldness in states and European fever on Russia in War with abnormal loss of water all Russian rivers, and the melting glaciers for infections loop. Perhaps that and the entire the action around from for change, states screech like crazy -- they freeze. There is a sense of that sezzhat folks prepared (more who was in courses-already long moved out. Lead battlefield for gas pipes and they depopulate east from muslimov, perhaps for moreover to then take for or Ukrainian languages otzhatye territory. Can wrong in interpretation dvizhukh, but that climate is changing, and with this bears climate balance forces on the planet-fact.

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Merely in Today at night in voronezhskoy region Are dealt a pretty yellow dust, well visible on auto. Until this has not devoted special attention, now became interestingly, that this? Here is still "Rostovchane complained about“ blast take ” city “most“ ” dust. "I so understood, not can couples with official version of the, then whether pollen plants, clay with Ukraine, sand with deserts, emissions khimpredpriyatiya. Here is was previously First Canal

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For miroponimaniya, recommend watch conversation with L. A. Pokhmelnykh "Run climate engineering." (
Video is a long, but watch necessary. Looks on times-two. Pro permanent were - miraculously!



Merely in stumbled out on very amusing interview aunt's Hillary (a catfish as well or not not tested)

So, on question correspondent about the future countries, Hillary Clinton suddenly answered, that the United States not can ignore a significant deterioration in geophysical environment in district Yellow Stone national ???? and fault San Andreas, kill the catastrophic consequences for North America and Washington under threat the very its existence.
According to Mrs. Clinton, time remained very little, to preserve independence and further prosperity the US, and therefore needs more decisively and consistently view question about the migration American statehood on European territory. The main option such a settlement should be regarded territory Ukraine, climate conditions which the most conducive for American citizens, however in force combination of some circumstances, decision this issue is under threat breakdown.

Immediately as something I remember Casey with his 44-are presidents.



sott- a theme Canal on youtube, there is raising on months



"Землетрясение магнитудой 4,9 произошло в Мариуполе. Об этом в воскресенье, 7 августа, сообщает главное управление Госслужбы по чрезвычайным ситуациям (ГСЧС) в Донецкой области.
По его информации, в результате никто не пострадал.
Как передает Геологическая служба США, эпицентр подземных толчков находился в двух километрах к северо-востоку от Мариуполя. Очаг залегал на глубине 10 километров.
«Интерфакс» со ссылкой на представителей ГСЧС сообщает, что в последний раз подземные толчки в регионе фиксировались 30 лет назад.
Землетрясение ощутили, в частности, жители Донецка, Запорожья, Бердянска, Днепра. Сообщения о подземных толчках поступили и из российских Ростова-на-Дону и Таганрога, пишет агентство."


На востоке Украины впервые за 30 лет произошло землетрясение

"...По данным Европейского Средиземноморского сейсмологического центра, землетрясение магнитудой 4,6 зафиксировано в 78 км к югу от Донецка. В ГСЧС Украины сообщили о толчках магнитудой 4,9 в Мариуполе

Землетрясение магнитудой 4,6 произошло на юге Донецкой области, свидетельствуют данные Европейско​го Средиземноморского сейсмологического центра (EMSC). … ?id=522461

По его информации, эпицентр землетрясения находился на глубине 10 км в 78 км к югу от Донецка и в 21 км к северу от населенного пункта Старый Крым..."

Подробнее на РБК: … b0df36422f


"...Информация о сейсмической активности продолжает поступать.
"Сегодня, в районе 11:15, в Мариуполе была зафиксирована сейсмическая активность. Три волны амплитудой 4.7-4.9 по шкале Рихтера. Также толчки были в Волновахе и окрестностях города. По информации гидрометеообсерватории, эпицентр активности находится не в Мариуполе. На данный момент повреждений среди жилого массива в городе не выявлено. Информация о эпицентре землетрясения уточняется",- отмечается на сайте Мариупольского городского совета.

По сообщению главного центра специального контроля государственного космического агентства Украины, в Мариуполе зафиксированы подземные толчки магнитудой 4,9 балла», — говорится в сообщении. ..."

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Что там за х в Мариуполе, кто знает?
Куда бежать? ;)
Свидетельства из РнД о землетрясе многочисленны.
И я, и кот, и родственники не почувствовали ничего, этаж высокий что ли.

Сегодня около 13:00 поступила официальная информация Южного регионального центра, согласно которой в 11:15 в районе Мариуполя на глубине 10 километров произошел подземный толчок. Его причины сейчас устанавливаются.

Сегодня, 7 августа, примерно в 11:10 ростовчане ощутили непонятные толчки, напоминающие землетрясение. Так, некоторые горожане рассказали, что от таких колебаний по домам двигалась мебель, открывались и закрывались двери. Толчки перепугали даже животных, которые, как известно, подобные явления ощущают гораздо сильнее, чем люди.  «Я очень сильно перепугалась, ведь из-за непонятных толчков у меня мебель буквально гуляла по комнатам. Кошка забилась под кровать. Что это было?»

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Я лежала в расслабленном состоянии-почувствовала, остальные сидели на стульях-ничего.



#p75427,калинка wrote:

Я лежала в расслабленном состоянии-почувствовала, остальные сидели на стульях-ничего.

где лежала в Ростове или Мариуполе ?



Я в Таганроге сидя в кресле почувствовал вибрацию в течении пяти секунд.


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