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Shootings in ACHEPA hospital

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South Carolina

(DOCTOR) The firing in Charleston anywhere — attack 21-year-old an American Dylan Rufus on parishioners African Methodists temporal church Emanuel,, trafficking in historical the center of the cities 17 June 2015. In a result called the shots died 9 man, one wounded; all massacred and affected — African-Americans.

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Already Forgive Dylann Roof (Redsilverj)

Judge even not saw suspect, him broadcast have shown.
And documents have him not looked :D simply sentenced take under the custody of TV picture

Such a the Front Line Omerika. Perhaps soon will sentences to bill in Facebook, and has dimmed his should will print out verdict and result with him in short to prison. If have a lawyer were problems with Internet, then judge not is to blame.



the evening of 17 June 2015 21-year-old Dylan Ruth arrived for my these in African porn methodological episkopalnuyu Church Emanuel, where in this moment passed weekly tutoring to study the Bible and participated on them about hours alongside pastor of. In some point he rose with his seats with words “I must do this. You raping our women and want to seize our country. From you need to eliminate ”, and then opened fire at parishioners from pistol Glock 41 45 th caliber, after what fled.

About 21 :0 5 on local time (congressionally) in police cities was sent signal about shoot.Shooting. Police have asked inhabitants nearby homes to leave buildings, the streets, their hinterlands to community reports, were close, also was declared the threat explosion.

``suspect — Dylan Ruth (persistent.) Russian (language). (Persistent. Dylann Storm Roof), was born 3 April 1994; camera video surveillance WTA moment, when he strategically in Church. Ruth was detained in city of Shelby (state North Carolina), under the surrender he not had provided the police resistance.

On information media, Ruth twice met. In January 2015 his arrested in one of trade centers in Colombia from-for his the bizarre behavior, he was marked as in the use drugs influence drug “subokson ” and him was prohibited from within a year visit this trade center. However already in April he again returned in trade center, after what ban was extended on two years. Classmates Dylan confirmed, that he frequency of more downturns drugs, than marijuana, in particular, a tranquilizer of Xanax.

According to an over-familiar suspect Dalton Tyler's, Ruth was supporter of racial segregation and spoke, that wants to unleash in the US civil war, and then end with a. As during Rufus Carson Coles told Reuters, that Dylan was very strongly are immersed in themselves. In 19 years he had no nor work, nor licensed rights, greater part of time he pursued a confining in his room. Also Coles told, that a pistol 45 th caliber young man received in a gift from father.

Newspaper New York Times reported, that on name of Rufus 2010 Internet site, where rozmіscheno manifesto racist content on 2,500 words. On site also published take pictures, where shooter posing in with wax figures slaves, and also with pneumatic pistol. Domain site 2010 Russian registration Greater REG.RU.

How many dead and injured people
Victims of attacks have become six women and three men. Eight man died on place, two human were hospitalized, later one of affected died from injuries. Among dead — a member of Senate American state South Carolina, curate Clement Pinckney.

Investigation and Court
Hearings trial about shoot.Shooting church began 19 June 2015. 's Dylan got Rufu was charged with the indictment in massacres, he was left under detained. Also court was established collateral on charges of detaining application of weapons. Also Court ruled, that young man will remain under detained.

And the reaction
Secretary General UN Ban Ki-moon expressed condolences families dead and called what happened a crime, would on that racial motives.

US President Barack Obama urged citizens countries to rethink views on the wearing weapons




Event happened exactly on anniversary of speech Leki Kolenkinoy 17 June 2014, when she hyped though "17.07.2014."




A birthmark on drawn Dylan, which lacks on other the photo

Charleston Shooting Crisis ActorsRevealed! Gov Nikki Haley Fake Crying & CNN Race Baiting HOAX!

Nothing new, increasingly such a same a fake ? s an acting game

29 million $was directed in South Carolina on "support families dead"
The ministry Justice Department promised traced, to money were stolen from budget countries quickly and clearly … 15259.html
Here is hence the Shop and receives financing.




Признанный виновным в убийстве летом 2015 года девяти афроамериканцев в церкви в Южной Каролине
Дилан Руф приговорен к смертной казни, передает агентство Франс Пресс.

21-летний Дилан Руф подозреваемый в массовом убийстве в африканской методистской епископальной церкви Эмануэль в городе Чарлстон, США

В США обвиняемый в убийстве девяти афроамериканцев признал свою вину
Соответствующее решение вынесло жюри присяжных во вторник после примерно трехчасового обсуждения.
Руф не проявил никаких эмоций при оглашении вердикта.

"Сегодня жюри присяжных, состоящее из его (подсудимого — ред.) сверстников, рассмотрело действия Руфа в тот судьбоносный день. Они вынесли вердикт, который привлечет его к ответственности за его решения", — приводит телеканал ABC News заявление генпрокурора США Лоретты Линч.

Присяжные признали Дилана Руфа виновным в массовом убийстве в церкви
В июне 2015 года белый 22-летний Дилан Руф расстрелял девятерых афроамериканцев в церкви в Чарлстоне, штат Южная Каролина.


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