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Reincarnation of and "the next" life

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There not was nothing, simply black space, but under this all was in sight, as something so. In the process earliest emerged images that-Lee, but in a whole - this nowhere, so was for me. Will repeat - I not theorist. And no one me there nothing not explained. And not was there no one, except me. So me seemed. And in the same time they were, then will talks best, when will talk consecutive.
In scraps, whom now write, all looks too cryptic way. There all easier, as in life, nothing such a not shoot. Write for more about this until awkward, yes and with the spirit of despite, after all it is unclear, as all will take.



Thank you, then let us wait details




About, this "vnigde." I there was. Time there is no, nowhere, it and there is - nowhere, there need to be, otherwise not understand and words not to hand. But felt alarmed strongly. This new sensations, which I more not experienced and not can their describe enjoy any terms. As would. Feelings, which have human there is no. That whether.

But this not yoga or any practice, this became occur after short losses life. Yoga, too, then was, as the search for.





Funny. So and pull with minutiae - half of on this site decide, already decided, that I already profoundly so shut did you cook with are, the second half of decides, that this artwork and stupidly sick fantasies. Frankly, still nor never not fierce "a platoon-mate" - afterwards the, who, too, remembers. Although, if so think - this the first public attempt to this to tell. So that foolish to be offended.



DLV, No about than not think, think - write. You here incognito. Poshutit here like guys, but they kind. Here is personally I very await the



#p34906,франческа wrote:

Man initially possesses immortal soul of and aren't human made so, to hot-wire the immortal energy in a limited space, launching cycle the reincarnation of the.
This their food, we them food.

As have read this immediately'm reminded books Miguel Insulza as its Serrano (“Resurrection Hero of ”,“ Adolf Hitler: The latest avatar ”), ?u??atи camping on BC “of esoteric Schroder made. ” Can who familiar with creative Serrano, there is whether there the crux of the or another keeping in side?



Return with minutiae, will try be the brief - not very over time, but pull not want, too,, to not force wait too long.
Immediately same say something inaccurate still times - not make any attempts on role no guru, although and believe their memories special, for the most themselves. Not am sure, judging by downstream and a re outcomes this life, that I so perishing strongly "evolved beyond that", believe the fact, that I this remember, half gift, half coincidence of any something circumstances, prize this, and think, that me was lucky this remember.

Pro the, as I this remember. So same, as remember events that with I happened in this life many years ago - something more clearly, something more vzaimodeystvii. And - so same. Because this, too, was life, even "after."

When evoked the and as. In childhood these memories always were, and ticked me in impasse. Tried to modicum as something itself explain to, as this I can be simultaneously and adult a man (on moment of last death me was, as me seems, plus or minus forty years. Rather for forty, all-???), and small girl. Very well remember day, when, lying down in bed, I over these reflected. Year, perhaps 3 me was. Or slightly more. Not I’d say accurately - I - the itself well adult and then seemed. Had then itself rationale - this my Slumbers, me this composition. Here same itself objected that - and as I itself could have dreamed it a man, if I only recently girl was born, and not know, that this such. This question put me in impasse, and, not he later with him, I simply unsupportable to think about these memoirs of, "linchpin by" on themselves mentally - Slumbers, and finito.

D dissipate the narrative, me so easier.



Now about how, that I remember about the life.

First, I have a sense of, that I remember not the very life, and those the pieces, which me about it have shown already after death. The place, in which I under this "showing the" found (of the United Nations), raze okharakterezovat not can, but me it looked, that it somehow enclosed, like room, but can be, me simply was so talks best perceive that place. But and open in the same time. Difficult. There accurately except me were people, in status educators of, or any something teachers, not know, I of enquiry understood (and), that they are smoove, but who they - not know, and I not asked (and). Me then it looked, that their three, in the White, men, and, why something, chernovolosye. Ah, thus was as-least one. But I not watched (and) on them, sometimes was only voice, never could (la) determine who of them says. Perhaps, and spoke only one of them. More showed. I, too, with them spoke (and), they replied. Voice was as-would itself, and they - like as and remained silent.

Me have shown not entire life - not showed nothing from detstva- youth. Although, evoked the - life as-would to execute your preferences, quickly, and which something the pieces were forced prosmotet detail.

As you look. Not on screen was set up, not as flat movies. You as-would anew joins in this event, and again his living, as in the real life. Important part of runs out aswell - again the place, ????, that whether, in which you one for viewing and conversation, is returning, as importantly, and you again one in it.

On today, think all, then carry, still many. If something better Drie Stoepen - can add or slightly change the text, clarify his, so immediately say - not harangue me. Homilies simply themselves will any event this weeks even - find, about than I.



This was something type court? Watched individual episodes from life, weigh the chain. did you their and decided on need whether free soul or monetize in the next body?



On Court this it seems not was. Not was their assessments. Simply showed pictures of the from life. If correctly remember, showed those moments, which in including me himself (21st) than something snagged on, some several times, some and not in living, without submersion, anything-- ??? as in movies - now evoked the, and some were just discovering fully, as-would again live. So that and from childhood something was, but without submersion and quickly. About roughly 10 interned at age, cancel the kids’scrum and grievances.
Communication perhaps mentally, so voice heard (and), and glottis not was, so and it is difficult was determine who says.
State of consciousness was strange, as a strung-out - periodically all as-would drifted. From advanced consciousness, it is understandable. Was moment, when they each other that the said as like, - he us hears, as something this debated. But heard (and) and comprehending not all, sometimes consciousness drifted. And, seems, discussed and the, that in some point I tired (and) their to hear - this not remember clearly. Seems, and the, that heard (and) their, and the, when just drift off (and) When consciousness drifted, tired (and) perceive that place as room. So think, that room- this the, as me was easier that place to realize.
Of fear or discomfort not was. Were only I and they there.
Me nothing not explaining. Simply showed pictures of the, say so, coercively. Without options - see.
When understood, that I their hear, have become with me to speak. Indeed do, I, having understood, that their hear, tried (and) with them to speak, d say requests. Then write, about than talked. No amount a pomegranate cosmo-philosophical mystery me not opened, me not time come in head their about than something such a ask.

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Stuck move further, although goes hard - the whether this all need not here no one pleasantly, then whether still that, for example, 'm too shy - not know. Yes and not often here found, prolonged to.

I not always understood their speech. Sometimes they talked with each other - but I not understood (and) their. Pace of speech was faster, not understandable, that say, the other language that-whether.

Not can say accurately - I this realized there, or simply already just filled in in during this life - but me seems, that those the pieces, which me pokazyyvali - this was only that demanded processing, and as something was stems with next lives. There, when me their showed, I not understood, why their are responsible. Me it looked, that they "were just discovering" for more about this what something event, if it me emotionally tseplyalo. But as I Frenchman; but timid, (and) see - it is unclear, because promatyvalos all very quickly, until lubricate pictures of the. This was such a cases about before eyes, but so, as if would she lay in to me on the table - in such a roughly platforms. Ramer - wide centimeters roughly 10, sometimes already - depended on speed promotki. Than belly - those she already. Proven - she spy wider, need view again, live still times - increase, until not became world around me, thereby event, and I his again lived (and), as in life.

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That I about itself learned (and).

Was (and) a man, roughly 42 year. I have was wife, son, years 10-fringes. Son liked, zhenu- and me for this became ashamed already immediately after death - there is no. She was recent, poorly (2006 (remember its in bathrobe) and interrogatory - such I its saw (and). I its not revered for this, believed itself above, and its - an empty place, gray, seems, changed. So was not always. Where something know, that roughly for 3 year to death I began strongly to drink. On this contributed workers circumstances. Chief of and another - we were company, as like,, friends. With them used to hang out, like would, in any something hothouses (accurately not am sure) and drinking. There and wife changed. Growth was middle or below. Hair - light blond one, but not helpful. A bit remember its face. Until maybe there me was also we far. Character soft and tender, low view, this and inevitably kills. Not fool, office was any, not it. The blue collar. On factory, likely. Judging by raftsmen this, apparently,, too, Latvia, the recent, I then figured with my daddy issues - was born roughly through 3 years after death. Why Latvia - me here kept son. Buck later.



Curious history. As you consider the availability of of memories have some people about past lives purely accident or they themselves allow some this remember?

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We with "friends" traveled on work on machine chief - on white zhigulyakh. : Drunken traveled, too,. This and there is reason death - the accident, found themselves, side on machine, which through flips over backwards, saw three on the trampoline. Apparently, me immediately - because on this watched already with hand. No sensations, and okay? Bye-all, as in life. And the, and sounds. Not remember pro odors.

Then not remember as, proved homes. Somewhere, if think, slightly from above, under-ceiling standoff. Then have dipped below. Watched with hand corridor in cuisine - there teetered, the face of on direction me, my wife, it in open practically burying his son - already knew, he shed tears, she his was comforting.

I tried with them to speak,, calling - soon understood, that me not hear.

And here I saw its face. And here is precisely then me became ashamed. She was comforting son, but its face management - here is and?, dog. Not evil, rather, simply hard, quietly, hopelessly so - this after all was and its life, too,. And I understood then, that she all pro me understood and knew. That man, which I not noticing the past few years, I OK even pleasantly not watched on it, not the, to even to talk to the, not speaking already - with it sleep - all understood and felt. Me became very ashamed. She was personality, and I its believed gender cloth. And was becoming Ideology himself, so as all more and more saws. Already until blackouts. Three years saws, past as-times.

Can be so in this life aklogol - not my. Not taboos, but very fear drink himself. And prefer not to drink almost quite. Sometimes, a bit on celebration, "for a ritual of."



Why remember - not know. If recall, that they not expected, that I their hear - more it seems on accident. Frankly, not am sure, that so same all d to realize and remember after my next death. In advance a bit (many) a pity.



Carry later, still many.



DLV, and you read the books Michael Newton from series of "Travel souls"? Virtually 100% -e coincidence descriptions scenes "scroll the life" with "teachers are." And at all interestingly. When I've given, I have on place marshal many pieces of mosaics.



DLV, in Buddhism and daosizme is considered, that from male bodies in female fall from wrong life. Interestingly, from of female bodies from-for not passage lessons far fall?



Thank you for questions, me so even easier write, when there is any flip reaction.

There is no, not smiled, even not listened about him. Once listened something about the author Muudi, or something in this spirit, but not smiled, too,. Me been lacking moreover, that I remember.

When analyzed yoga, have us was one thing attractive opportunity about death and about how, that after. But it was in very academic act. Nevertheless, it helped me more lift from memory, so as I imposing a lecture, all these terms on the, that remember. All, that was in lecture, if translate with terminology (I'm sorry, already podzabytoy me) on simple language, well lozhilos on my vosponimaniya, than again, and not in the first time me froze, that what? After all, - this indeed science about life, even after death.


Not know, as have them, and in Hinduism, how me talked on yogovskikh lectures, is considered, that a man is born accumulate karma, and woman - execute orders its. So female life always much worse off, under any shared conditions and circumstances. But a man should remember, that, the accumulated his would overtake, so or otherwise. This principle, likely very overall, so as any part of an and a man predisposition of, too,. Is considered also, that born in family boys facilitate karma family, and girls - otyagoschayut, its karma. Think, coming from this principle, and from approach "hear can, not know, where he" - Asians so istuplenno their unborn children of female kind of cannot. With khristiantskim principle "not kill" have them as something not succeeded, them importantly - to girl not produce. And then them not on whom marry, but suffer again same women, stavshego under wave of of group rape, as now this is happening in India, say - the cradle Vedas, but now - very much head drown in here in ignorant there, if about communal level to speak. In men from hunger roof goes to, and woman, naturally, itself is to blame. So same as the monks saw in woman evil - perekladyvaenie guilt on another. This is so, already surveillance from of female skins, if that.

This the, that remember from theory, and if on topic.

But because question - and as I engulfed in female life - this was not direct punishment, me so this not it looked, I its itself chose, from three proposed. Two from three were male. For more about this write later.

If from theory - the like would not all offer choose, quite sleeping send themselves. Given this, likely, can send and in female life something understand or something explicit. This - from together theory. But think, it seems on truth.


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