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Reincarnation of and "the next" life

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Pro punishment.

Think, this the term several over-exaggerated.

Nor on one of stages I not chuvstovoval (and) nor condemnation, nor bitterness on-about my things, nor, the more, attempts me she or to punish, nor there, nor in new life. More correct to say - my actions simply and quietly accounted such, as they there is, dispassionately. No one on me we didn not are similar - you bad or the bad, uuu, will punish the. All very quietly - have shown - Walk 'to earn.

I.e., this is more it seems on attempt to do so, to you something learned, or understood, on itself. Because "learn on mistakes other" - perhaps, this perhaps, but this indeed very high level of. In average - only on their bumps, only so man understands. We deaf persons and stubborn, ah, some of us.

When you recognized, and adopted for themselves, that further you regulation act always differently, and understand, why you this one takes so - you not will punish (force undergo unpleasant situation that force you to accept the right path) - this not need more.

If from theory - than longer're ignoring signals, that you southern not there, those most agonizingly trumps situation. Until not'll understand, or not journal, and not any place correctly. Ah and understood sam- all, you the situation pitnu.

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On-about "studies - this life" and so on - have's Hindus (I their already arguing for directly, so looks. On fact simply am refering on the source of, from which received information) - have them many parables, very emkikh.

Here is, for example, one, I like (not just chafed, it is understandable): (The text "on motives")

To to the professor came woman, and asked his - learn me, enlighten, please. He silently took stick, and hit its on anybody. And said - Come are always through year. She stepped. Returned through year. Has repeated the same. And so few years. Plummeting has -vernulas - on the head with the stick. And here is through what something number of years she came, turned with the same request. Teacher raised stick, to again good whack its, but she intercepted its in the air hand, and not allowed him this do. "You all realized, I more not need you" - said he.

Here is, as something so)



The Osho-vskaya theme. Prosvetlennye, a universe, teachers with big hew W.

DLV, you is an adept neoinduizma?



. I know judo, aikido, and still many harrowing words)

Klassifitsiruyte, Francesca, themselves, several times told - I not theorist. And not is an adept. In respect some things - I from "of sympathetic."



#p35559,DLV wrote:

Thanks for questions, me so even easier write, when there is any flip reaction.
There is no, not smiled, even not listened about him. Once listened something about the author Muudi, or something in this spirit, but not smiled, too,. Me been lacking moreover, that I remember.

Moody's wheelchair, perhaps. I smiled reached long ago, but not particularly memorized the. And Newton, as he argues, routinely received memories of life "between lives" have their patients method Posthypnotic of hypnosis. So or otherwise, truth or not, but in all stories (and the entire book essentially - "Protocols interrogation", i.e. interview with different patients) very much in common and also they correlated with other known me stories. Pro an independent choice future life, pro gender, processing and anything -, too, all say. Pro groups "akin to" souls, with whom together usually voploschaeshsya and communicate. Pro gradation souls young and souls advanced, which already not embodied, but still not are gone further, develop on other levels.

Itself I about past lives not remember, but were some Slumbers, very clear compared to other, where I - quite other people. The a boy 12 years, then woman in country, akin to Muslim. Can this and of past lives.



Can be. Wanted write about this later, so as still not all told about its latest "after smerti."
Me was years 13-14, commanded through basketball playground in the yard, day. On it, except me in this moment was two boys, slightly below. But I internally very tightens up., felt alarmed, that they start me as something cling - they were noisy, seemed naglovatymi. State of was aggravated why something openness space. And, positioning themselves for their received, I as something involuntary and straightened your back, and has passed entire playground as string, equipped to any, and generation trying proud posture fight back. They indeed me not, moved by.

And now why I this sentiment. Will repeat, was day. Gathering spaces that offer universal was asfaltirovana. But roughly on mid-path the kind the, which I seen before a, suddenly zamestilas, I saw under with their feet bruschatku medieval, judging by around the, cities, was evening, I was young a gypsy and preparing, coming out of a narrow the streets, go through Square, on which were citizens, ready to in any moment offend, and I, too, was to this routinely is ready, because knew that Roma - this and outcasts do, and offend can any. Why something knew that can even throw stumbling. Can nor for that throw in prison. And proud bearing and an independent kind of - were the only, than I could on the defensive. This citizens, apparently, scarecrow (voyne, thought they), and they then not was picked on. Why something I knew that me or a priest at all, consider of other cultures. Seems, this me shouted following, or under my headline-, but so feared mebers. Seems, remember regret on this about, or even fear, that learn, that I not voyne. Rather so-- was, it is a pity that consider evil, and fear, but here same became frightening, that if will reveal, that this is not so, then protection unmitigated.
All of this their Muslim couple of seconds, but I all of this simply felt, all of this were my emotions. And thought on level of emotions. Then this it dissipated, truth, not immediately. Me cost a bit effort return what I must was to see - day, is intersected gathering spaces that offer universal, the young boys. Remember their of...... surprised kind of - simply until I are dealt a pretty somewhere, I their as-a once almost turned the. When returned, discovered themselves-reaching squarely on them, already literally in two moves, slightly not [. Not know, tried whether they me cling, but, returning, I caught their pritikhshimi whatever something, kind of was baffled expressions have them.
As I has passed Square, as a a gypsy, I not know. Because and tried to return, that the kind the situation 6600m more dangerous - and citizens were adults, and was their more, and could throw stumbling, and than end –, was it is unclear, and where I engulfed, was it is unclear, too,, and child always searching for protection homes. That this was, not know, too,. Versions of I have two - or past life, and a similar emotionally the situation has challenged the in it. Either any from parallel, if and such there are - theory about this there is, and I their for themselves not rule out.

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Here is read too many in sight, had a dream today clearly for good reason. Such Slumbers at all very rare, just remember times 5 for entire life.
Me in dream (and, in dream I was again not I) killed some cousin, is dyad, about which I learned and met with him recently. First killed my mother again (as I learned then, already after death), then came me with whatever something presents. I very tiny corner. Was going through some of their, roused eyes and saw a pistol. From first shot being fired almost managed ducking, especially on a slightly more intriguing tangent. The second, apparently, me killed - but I his not felt. I has seen all already outside and knew that dead. Was puzzling - he killed virtually on eyes people, his seized. Why so? Then I understood, that he a bit is inadequate, i.e. a psycho, and this revenge for something. Here same near proved soul my mothers, she said, that wanted warn me, but not left. We began to discuss situation. And further Aco.

About "parallel" lives -, too, there is such suspicions. As least two of those that me (releases were not in our time and not in our past. In one was strange a means of movement: As's scooter without wheels, a soaring not so high over land. In the other - coin with an advertisement with hand eagle. Simply advertisements. After Awakening and, that have us until such a not three could come up with.
Why I think, that this is not simply Slumbers - they strongly regimes differed from ordinary dreams. Full detalization, all sensations, all small beer, knowledge about process and areas, which we have no, and I each time - quite the other people. With other reactions to overshadow facts, with their thoughts remains ready and desires. I.e. I as would was these man, but in the same time watch with hand and could not manage them.

And so yes, our behavior, fears and attraction in this life clearly recalled than something from last life. Perhaps, not fear of play mates had included anxiety caused, and himself fear emerged, because in last life open space with humans were are dangerous. And then had looked out on light God’s. Very seems interested your experience.


48 - view bio-energy Sergei Ratnera about past and future lives - listen, interesting opinion



Thank you, then'll take a look.

Until saw cube, but internally not can with him to agree - pro parallel life as-times - he explains so, that man vary elections, and if in one life he not chooses something, then, means, he this chooses Rouseff in the other, necessarily.

Me as something otherwise see. Think, that choice, which you one takes in each of lives, affects all life, so, or otherwise (if they there is). And so-- where freedom choice (and she have us accurately there is), if you simply offer choose from any a limited number of opportunities / options, with choose necessarily, not in this life, so in the other, and the difference only in is, in which of parallel lives you this’re using. This not freedom choice, and themselves see speaking is nonsense any, the full limiting, veiled a certain opportunity ostensibly choose.

Deal in is, that every your choice changes you - in this his the main task - and then s life, in accordance with him. You this chose = you became thus. As cannot be be a little pregnant, so and in principle not case compromises - you simply one takes choice in favor of, that you not suits, suffer as something from this, but you his for themselves already adopted, agreed with him, and this already - on all 100 - is happening with you.

And if recall my "craving" with a gypsy - yes, circumstances, age, time and place actions - were different, but the crux of the underway - plus or minus one. And choice for this situation was, too, the same. But this - my version of, I not guru, not be backtracking this way secrets embodied world and not cites export permission, although, think, not without abilities in this area, although and curious to slightly. This - my conclusions, coming from how I understand and feel its experience.



My colleague on work as something told, as joke - its son (then him was 3- 5 years) it as something said - mother, and when I still not was born, I was an the grandfather, and then I died, and lay in grave.

I, incidentally, quite not remember nor funerals, nor as I "lay in grave." Although, on funeral, seems, "have receded", indeed do, rather, dispatched. But very dimly this, even not am sure, that this my, and I this remember. But, on-my, released, yes, this, like would, the latter opportunity and even a bit a duty until departure quite. Then I already accurately knew (and), that I died. As something not'm hooked this event nothing. Not know, why. Strange, even not conceived over these. Everything else was more interesting, apparently. Pro grave was something, but why something brief. Although not am sure. Dimly is hard not to recall, that there need was lie while,. Like would, was bored. Because tied to community, seems, so. Nor of fear, nor Oh, worms - nothing such a not was. Because I rather seen the, that over grave, than what in earth. Yes, this moment remember poorly quite. Can be because, that he me not grassroots, apparently. Simply a yawn and boredom. Why something quagmire what something see, have us here and truth many of protective swamp. This his environment any, perhaps.



Evoked the.
In that "room" found (of the United Nations) until funerals. Then yes, dispatched on funeral - this was so same, as and all, without objections, and as something needless, no one spoke - Walk, simply soul dispatched there, she there has moved. I not remember now, wanted to (and), or not wanted to (and). Should was would khotet- there was son. But already knew (and), that me would still not will gain the hearing that. Seems, me there was ashamed - apparently, something good talked, and I still mind (and) the expression of on personified by wife. And moreover, shortly before death our company "friends" undertook crime, truth, I not knew, how I in this helped, drunk was until losses consciousness in this time. So all time feared, that about this already know, and about this on funeral tell, but go off. We (or only I) died very soon after this, and I could not be am confident, knows whether about this already someone, could whether this. (Than further in wood, those thicker guerrillas? Yes, so and there is. I not was pharaoh or Supreme priestess, I'm sorry).
A sense of from funerals not very joyful - as least from clothing, that and understandable. Any all gray.
Remember, that again thought about wife, about how, that now only she will to care for Son, was in advance it thankful for this, and me was again ashamed that I here is so foolish deserted their. I, "the entire such", somehow I themselves represented itself in life, on's same she will survive his life dirtier, and debt its before son obeyed. Although she and not so bloody proud itself tail never. This were my thought on funeral. I its after death quite the other saw. Sanguine, a worthy woman, yes, without special hotel, but reliable, a good people. A pity its until now, when recall all of this. Unable she has with me situation life. Began all, think, well, distsiplinoy something from early life on funeral, catch a glimpse, and then all as something. But I already nothing could not correct. Me already not was in the life. I this already well understood.



That was then.
I remained one. Need was somewhere prime. Seems, has tried to pull the string home. But, perhaps, not was able. This not remember clearly. Then decided to, that need to be "take a closer to body", and dived in grave. Peremeschaeshsya, likely, intent - thought, proved. Although a sense of displacement there is, and direction displacement, too, - upward or down, shift to the or to the left. All bolee- less as in life in this sense.
But there was extremely not comfortable experience. Dark. Closely. Quietly. Seems, I even panicked, scared, and's wavin 'back, to the top. There and'm hanging, over mogilkoy. The rest, me it looked,, too, did so. Yet. Not know, how long so was. Because in some point, or through while,, I has taught (of the United Nations) fly. In this moment I cannot themselves be characterized, as ??, simply soul. And here is this - fly - me liked very. I eiaee so bang-tastic [kayf]and from freedom, and from the most by air, and from speed. Chiffonaded the over Biodiversity. Was is identically. Remember, very like to tell the rest of the about this. On-my, even tried to. But they, perhaps, slept. Not remember, to was flying someone still. But this, too, not their Muslim long. Me again have become raising to the top, seems, in the same "room." And I all time wanted to (and) all to tell, as nice was fly. And as happily. The whether I asked (and) about it- to tell, then whether they themselves me said, but, on-my, me said, that should I about this to tell. Seems, I said, that I shall forget this all. Or, that fear, that I shall forget. And not knew, as tell. Me said, that they me will help. And on question - as tell, seems me responded, that should I this burn. Then I calmed down, me became understandable, as to act.
But until this almost the first attempt to burn, yes still public.
Prove this all nothing not can, even the most itself.
Help can considered, apparently, what I all-??? this remember. And still know, such a domestic tickle, which write forced. Think, this they, so help.



With every new post understand, that soon d ostracised. Think of her. Ah yes okay. 'll spit it out until the end of would still. Then'll copy their posts - me will decisional laziness write this again. Hope, until this me not to be erased. Stuck draft more coherent narrative, not in chunks, and with some photogallery. Here this was do it is unrealistic - I precisely in chunks recall, and not as consistent povestovovanie. In the process confirming stories with sequence becomes talks best the most. And more is hard not to recall.

Still on-about room. When they talked between themselves, this was very rapid speech, hardly I could (la) differentiate between individual words. Very quickly, and the flood of. Think, this perhaps, only if communicate mentally. For me they significantly (compared with these) held down pace of speech. And talked so, and on how language, which I understood.

I cannot accurately judge their growth. Sometimes me seemed, when they were slightly further from me, that they one growth with humans, sometimes, when one of them was close, me seemed, that he should be growth roughly Dam three. Sometimes at all was only voice.

Think, my "the brain" struggling forces tried to transform that place in something understandably me.

They not always were on one place. Or I. But me at all boltalo there. Smoothly. But remember their always right from themselves, and voice, too,. Nor has never was, to he denial from Left. Or not remember? Not know, how this is important, I simply have been arguing maximally all recall.

Seems, there not was gender.

Yes, and pro what I panel called their steep. This not quite accurately. This was their place, say so, workplace of. They did their jobs. They not incited nor of fear, nor of reverence (and even not know, must whether, I'm sorry and you, and them). If must - the thank you them, grandeur they not looking.

They were motley age and "designation" - two young, and the, who spoke, he was in all manifestations of the senior.

Still dis- why write in chunks. This was not yesterday, and me need efforts, to recall. All the more, together link.

Remember help those thought and emotions, which were then, in the or another moment. Recall their, and still pictures of the, what before "eyes" was.

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#p35750,DLV wrote:

A dis- why write in chunks. This was not yesterday, and me need efforts, to recall. All the more, together link.

Perhaps, some was would better for you, not was would thought, that'll be ridiculed. Truth, if would you have all of this one post, his no one would not get through the opening credits. So that not be embarrassed.



DLVwrite even, very curiously.



DLV, that osmeivat the? Today all more and more people with the experience our world. Wasn that quite hard cases skeptics osmeivat continue to, and so the humanity already well "in topic", at least in my experience, and what I see in networks.
Nothing to acquire here osmeivat, one of of multiple experiences, listen to about which well interestingly and helpful.



#p35765,франческа wrote:

There's nothing here osmeivat, one of of multiple experiences, listen to about which well interestingly and helpful.

Yes, very interestingly. Read and recall Comrade, he big lover of was
’ ability to lay. As pereborschit, so the motor keeps sticking. Doctors once his with moreover of light gunmen,
But tailgatin 'not split. Him friends talked: "Quit it to drink, will die over"
Have him one the answer was: "I not fear, I there was." Regret, that not had to
With him to talk to the on the subject - now already not means.
Francesca, me this reminds closed Brussels ring pipe on Earth,
T. E. Matrix. It turns out there is matrix and levels higher. Who Needs this need?
Why? Goal, sense?



a latecomer, here is I so you're leery comrade, that even having visited "there" not uverenna, that was precisely there. :unsure: But yes, not fear quite.
That the is happening and you sudden you get in another space. Another - conditional support, for space promote, but likely that part of this space as the very secretive these days
And here is you from him why the keep fighting. As disadvantages in frequency jammer, one means on another and you both you perceive. And suddenly these disadvantages go at all not from moreover "there", shape in describe which excite the minds people hundreds of years?



Thank, Francesca.

#p35771,франческа wrote:

that even having visited "there"

You was "there"? Can find the money time to read it to you all your comments.
But I have a pain in brain: - means "there", too, matrix? Only not the Earth, and step higher, but matrix, from which not to escape, even thought not will break. Why? (Questions higher) How you're not thinking clearly?
Is obtained we in "the hen-house" and not "I" solve the, decides for "I got" is a master -nebesnaya aren't human
When "“ I don’t "withdraw and under return limits choice. A vicious circle. We in matrix-are clogged with. I agree with "gorozhaninym", that on Earth there is aren't human in phys th the body, but she problem is secondary, there is even higher Upyr - on the Sky.
And increasingly evil on Worst cannot be blamed Earth, not from this monarch, that on Earth, and from marked a Wight goes.

In Kipling DLV conclusion himself emerges.

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a latecomer, not reinforcing time, I about this not wrote and usually not momentary digression in the details this history.

Where i.e. neupyryache space. Can be we even already in it and it in us, but not can his unleash. Because and rebirth with out in dribs and drabs of memories. Truth I quite not remember none of their originating, if they were and accented, but if reincarnation of - truth, then us accurately we've shorted. Yes and religion describe this element of-existence as rule from its God. And their god / and clearly not human.


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