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The film, maximally transparently and available giving a about psychology and exemplified mechanism manipulation institutional clear conscience on example "dreams." In detail the plot to describe not d lest not expense pleasure those, who wants to watch.

In major roles:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ellen Page
Is Hardy
Ken Vatanabe
Killian Murphy
Also the Marion Cotillard
Dilip Rao
Is Berenger
Michaels selection

Cobb talented the thief, the best from best in a dangerous the arts drawing the: He steals valuable secrets from the depths subconscious during sleep, when human mind the most vulnerable. Rare ability to Cobb have made his valuable player in represents to this betrayal world industrial espionage, but they same have turned his in of shortage a fugitive and emptied all, that he ever liked.

And here is have Cobb emerges chance correct mistakes. His the last deal can regain all ago, but for this him need to commit impossible was an lnitiate. Instead ideal theft Cobb and his team the techs take a must will pull off the opposite. Now their task not steal idea, and introduce its. If they have tickles, this and will become ideal a crime.

But no amount planning or prowess not can prepare team to meeting with dangerous adversary, which, seems, has every their move. Enemy, see which could would only Cobb.

Rating movie 8.786 (314 880)
IMDb: 8.80 (1 032 230)
Expectation: 88% (42 670)
Top250: 8

Cobb about entrenching ideas in the mind victims.

The Beginning (persistent. Thrown to the) scientifically-it worked fantastically well thriller Christopher cautions, based on the idea these operations dreaming. Professionals industrial espionage, use special techniques for drawing the strategically important information route invasion in Slumbers other people, master a new kind of technique implementing (apparently, more precise read more original name movie, in Russian dubbing (filmmaking) heroes movie use the word implementing there, where in original version sounds thrown to the) ideas in consciousness human through his dream state. Some big role in movie plays technology, permitting the several people diving in one and the same dream.In Adventures respect The Beginning reminds traditional the film-robbery , with the backyards, that aim is not the abduction facility, and implementing ideas in consciousness victims.

The film uses its system terms and concepts, computation process submersion in othersSlumbers.

the Architect(likely, this reference to freemason the Great time)(persistent. The architect) specialist, asking illusionary the world for maneuver sleep. an architect under extracting design dream so, to ompressor could not distinguish his from reality, and create for sleeping maximally complex Labyrinth sleep, from which victim could not would easily extricate.

Simulator (persistent. The forger) specialist on perevoploscheniyu. In dream capable explore in image any rights. Usually simulator is used for manipulating object.

Embedding software(persistent. Thrown to the) process extinguish ideas, exposure its in interlocutor subconscious. It was thought impossible, so as human brain tears away privnesyonnye izvlekatelyami ideas as to resist.In fact name movie on Russian should sound although would as Embedding software , because precisely such read more this termconsumed in movie. In one of trailers there is the phrase This is is called s beaches were among The Beginning , clicking precisely to communicate the ideas introduction.

Toxic(persistent. Kick) process, allowing zapertomu in another dream izvlekatelyu of Tehran to leave dream. Is undertaken through overturning sleeping human, violations his equilibrium: Vestibular apparatus sleeping should to inform brain about the dangers and force his awaken. However, during tiered sleep emit can be implement only for those who is on one dream deeper. For dreams within other dreams is used speed system emissions. To warn extractor about the upcoming report is used the Non, be ne regrette rien.

are a himself read more songs, amount for he of reason human with carbon from sleep:

, /Non, je ne regrette rien

No! Nor about than,
There is no, I not regret nor about fix
Nor about get, which me have done,
Nor about evil, me would still

No! Nor about than!
There is no, I not regret nor about than
All paid for, vymeteno, forgotten,
Me not caring on past

Of my of memories
I ignited a bonfire.
My sadness, my pleasure
Me more not need.

Vymeteny past amorous history
With their anxiety.
Vymeteny forever,
I'm with zero.

No! Nor about than,
There is no, I not regret nor about fix
Nor about get, which me have done,
Nor about evil, me would still

No! Nor about than,
There is no, I not regret nor about fix!
Because my life and my joy
Today begin with you.

In other words, after s carbon from sleep before former snovidtsem standing absolutely a new world reality, which essentially absolutely not look like on the that he saw in dream and portraying moderation as reality. His easier forget and start anew.

Duration movie (2 hours 28 minutes) the reference on song Edith Piaf Non, be ne regrette rien , the first studio record which lasted for 2 minutes 28 seconds. The often sounds in movie and helps leadership jump out from sleep.

limbo(persistent. Limbo) deep level of subconscious, where time flows to endlessly long. urge the in Limbo already not can wake up natural way. Izvlekateli very fear house Limba: Is considered, that "in offense is destroying the mind.limbo can be compare with condition coma. Himself the term is happening from religious notions limbo.

Projections of(persistent. Projection) image, created by sub consciousness stakeholder sleep blockbuster. Personality projections this not more than reflex psychics the most stakeholder. Until man not is beginning to suspect that sleeping, his projection of obey logic sleep. However, when dream becomes unconscious, projection of react to vtorgnuvshegosya in dream izvlekatelya, styagivayas to inorodnomu the object and trying to destroy his. Members team extractor deter their projection of, to not bring their in dream, themselves same pretend to be proektsiyami facility.

the dreamer(persistent. The deep) is a master dreaming, man, in whose dream in the current moment are izvlekateli. Sam the dreamer, too, present in his dream, but diving in more deep Slumbers not can.(camping on E. Diving in subconscious victims can only izvlekateli-vnedriteli, himself man lives at the top levels)

Totem(persistent. Is one) subject, allowing determine reality underway, i.e. not is whether his is a master in whose-either dream. No one, except owner, should not touch to totemu, because only is a master the totem should accurately know his characteristics and properties. Otherwise architect can create a copy of the totem in dream, and man not can determine: Sleeping he or not.

Token is PASIV(persistent. Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenuous Device, letters. portable automatic device intravenous injection entry somnatsina ) device, makes possible immersion in othersSlumbers. (debilizator)It developed military in as a much machine for soldiers.Token is is placed in queues, sleeper in vein hands facto aneasthetic the drip). With the help devices in blood sleeping facto imaginary the medicine somnatsin. The very device in movie not has name, and principle his work not explains; information about arrangements comes from viral site, established cinema company Warner Bros. Within advertising movie. (%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BC,_2010)

- In interview Entertainment The Weekly Christopher Nolan declared, that basic characters movie in one way or another extent repeat profession people, people employed in filmmaking were: Cobb the director; Arthur producer; Ariadne an artist-of Photography; Eames the actor; Sajto the the head of the Studios are; Fischer the viewer.

- Leonardo DiCaprio was the first and the only candidate on role Cobb.

Leo-lion, Di Caprio-reference to asshole... '.... Lev - famous typical Masonic symbol, Asshole-The Devil Wears. Was born 11.11.1974 (7) + two times on 11. Not so whether (in including) Leo already many years on the most the pinnacle of and serves best orders on global lavage brain drain.

With one hand it is illogical that such the film (explaining the mechanism manipulation) emerged, qualitatively magnifying and even rebuffed Oskar for special effects, with other hand-nothing the bizarre no: This another level of training of reason victims to global manipulation-to tell and show it as this will do, and conclusions do bad. Such same mechanism uses and the hero Cobb in execution Leonardo imagined Caprio-tells certain victim that he came protect its from izvlekatelya secrets and encourages trust and to tell these secrets him.

- Which the most resilient parasite? Bacterium? The virus? Intestinal shit bender? Idea. She zhivucha and extremely is contagious. Is worth the idea of regain the brain, escape it already virtually impossible. I mean in mind an idea, fully understood, that sticks. Poselivshuyusya in anybody.

- Now I oak idea in your head. I you say: "Not think about elephants." About fix you now think?
- Oh elephants.
- Yes. But this not your thought, because you know, that this I you its imposed. The mind facility always can traced the ascent ideas. True inspiration impossible rig.

- But after all Slumbers seem real, when we in them. Only when, we understand, that something was not quite unusual. Answer it me on such question. We never particularly not remember the beginning of sleep, after all so? We always we find ourselves surrounded directly within moreover, that happening. (the so and work media - there is no nor starters, nor of the late, nor sense in their with a and videonarezkakh)

- They come here sleep?
- No. They come, to their have.

- Bankers can offer to cause a company father, to wrong-footing old man.
- No, positive emotions always overshadow negative. We all crave reconciliation, catharsis.

- She could not free themselves. And I decided to find this truth. I other penetrated Israeli in secluded corner its of reason and has found this secret place. I fit in him and placed there idea. Simple minor thought, which could change increasingly. That its the world wasn't real.

- I know truth.
- What truth?
- What idea to question s reality Japanese Army initially regarded from me.

. And camping on D.

A notable: Explaining, why he believes, that compulsion ideas impossible, Arthur says not think, think about elephants , to on fact force Sajto the think about them, and, thus, introduce him idea. This phrase this the reference on book about cognitive semantics George W. Lakoffa Dont think, think about imminently. In book goes speech about conceptual be loaded into frames on, these structures, define our vision world. Use frames in the form of certain phrases allows imperceptibly inculcate into man the right ideas.



And name symbolically significant :)
Interestingly, this about the early something proclaim / warn (in Russian the diversion)?

As such thrown to the already everywhere actively is used info-forserami for introduction / legalization what-either

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I and other (Sobolv) 1971

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's mas Khev



Unerringly Rwanda
Rating movie IMDb: 8.20 (234 040 man)
About events can be revere here
Russian criminal codex

Story movie is based on real events the mid-90s past century, when people Hutus, sostavlyavshee in Rwanda ethnic most, engaged in country bloody massacre, destroying more million) man, one people Tutsis.

The hero movie named Paul the governor of the prestigious hotel in the capital Rwanda, in which from murderers Ark several hundred people. Paul makes all from him a function, to their save. The situation is exacerbated by the fact, that wife Paul also belongs people Tutsis. Have Paul big ties, he not is sick of nor bribery of, nor blackmail; he threatens, enters, flatters And tantalizing from demise it's going people.

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Here is same
Download … -licenzija

Suggests on bad thought little movie. Although as the film he so itself. On one one more time.



Mir on the wire (osuschestvlennoe, 1973) for 30 years until of the Matrix , Thirteenth building and camping on P.

the Apocalypse (the US, 2006) neskryvaemaya power monarch in Central / South America until arrival there Europeans.



Man with Earth

Action movie is happening in one place for the evening and night, during which several known are discussing an unexpected statement one of them about how, that he, not as I'm getting older, lives on Earth already 14 thousands of years.

The hero John, tells their friends about its immortal life and their memoirs of: Where he was born, where and whom was, as ever survived such a fate in extreme conditions, what religion met on his path, as he was and Jew called Jesus and learner from Buddha.
Think, path will this the film in this the Frost.



Aliens among us
Once simple worker-builder Neyda, which not very got in life, finds weird solar lens. Two were their, he receives opportunity see the world thus, what he there is.

Reality scares! It turns out, government and media has been bombarded with people hidden messages, monsters on level subconscious: Sleep! , Dont let us will of imagination , Podchinyaytes authorities.

And that still frequency, Neyda saw true guise many politicians and important members society! They and not people at all, and an ugly and evil aliens with planet Andromeda. Their mission on Earth pursue mass campaign to record of earthmen their will and keep people in dark

Neyda should find people, which, as and he, know about its true position things (who still could produce a these miraculous lens, and to join their movement resistance, to fight!

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Robert Zemeckis in "for"will remind us, as looked the Twin Towers.
Not simple in khollivude man, can what cabinet and'll be blackballed by based.
Have scheming Hierarchy obsosali his "ago in the future"in narrative of to 9-11.
Waiting for-with.



Indian the film PiKey.

Eva is examines Earth and raze not can deal in all religions and gods people. Saw stomping around the back in search of God stavshego from-for this in different book covers. Very vividly shown (I would told by) irrationality of religious cult of, a strange belief people in those, about whom they nothing not know.



World bankers with the help money (printing press and ssudnogo percent) have seized almost all world resources. Directly or indirectly subordinated itself governments all countries and with the help media manage peoples world. The main goal hosts money - full global dominance over people. This for them perhaps only creating a global to concentration camps.
Recommend popular the film, where, me seems, priotkryvayutsya goal world government:



Pyatiseriynyy television artistic the film "Stemming."
Perceived primarily category: Lenfilm films. 1985 year.

This not simply riveting detective, in movie amply shown as man becomes as sweet, shown methods nourishing and training facilities mrazokomand. Interesting since also comments to based on site Kinopoisk, where people nothing not vivid about zatvarennykh orkakh, enough accurately their describe.

individual mentioning deserve and booking chief negative hero. Such abhorrent the creature, Id say I you, more nowhere and never saw. Precisely in Protivostoyanii us show such the brink human nature, when man would cease be man, becomes feral, dangerous animals, nothing except disgust, has and aversion to which energize impossible.

I think, many in our time is worth watch this the film and, perhaps, recognize, that today they cross through other in small, and tomorrow for routing bodies, are and will lose the right called people. And punishment will come. Path later, than need to was, but necessarily will come.

Until this receives more superficial treatment enough often Soviet movies shown to detectives, in which to rob, cheated and killed. However until Protivostoyaniya still not was such a sophisticated, the pitiless, Israeli-trained, and an astute enemy as Krotov. Enemy, from which cannot be hide nor in the present, nor in the future, nor in past. Enemy, which can take From not only s life, yours body, but and all memories of you. Enemy, which keeps managing infuriating behind under conventional citizen. Enemy, which always ready for scramble.



"the firmament-1"(1977 Propulsion)

Story movie recycles one of the main versions of conspiracy theories theory about rigging American s programs: Doubts leadership programs in the success dispatch in flight ship without crew advertizing photo- and vdeomateralv expeditions on and we in intimacy the subsequent global forgery materials. However the authors not cite lunar program directly in movie Space expedition begins to Mars, and its crew, unlike carriages Apollo asteroids , ostensibly 2003 under return.

, , :

In movie shown real cadres start and bombers s American missiles Saturn-5. In a ship, in which antistatic astronauts in the early movie, and in instsenirovochnykh and we also it is not difficult to guess afternoon Apollo project.
Under land a astronauts to the surface shooting have reportedly slowed their, as if would astronauts jump off the under a lesser strength of gravity. But the authors tried too hard slowdown broke a too strong, as if they not on Mars, but as times on the moon.
In the early movie Vice President mentions, that on program the firmament spent 24 billion dollars. Precisely so much was in reality spent on program Apollo project.
Under start been-11 , so same as and in movie, was missing President (Nixon), citing in the latest moment on urgent public affairs. In its time this triggered mass of humiliated.
System life support Capricorn , according to chief, worked close over would three weeks. System life support real been also able on three weeks.



Was quite popular, in the early 90-'s, it worked fantastically well the film:
Millennium / Millennium (1989)

Of course, as fiction, now he looks quite naive.

But valuable he, those that this is one of, very the few films, where is viewed concept existence manipulation with plane crashes..
In particular, what all "victims" plane, in advance, replaced by on timer bodies (in movie, on not survivors clones, real people).

Perhaps even, this slightly whether not the first the film, where present, that like.

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Film Ministry "Resorts" 1 part of, pro entertainment creatures. The creators of forgotten to sign, that the film is based on real events. Can argue, that such exists in world on 100%. If there is demand (and for such entertainment people paid money), then will work entire syndicates to ensure needy in "material", under the cover of power structures, respectively. Second part of look not became, I think there the plot not strongly differs, and WongBar these not lover of

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Films: "Bear on the piranha's a rescue" and "Turistas Go Home",, too,, on subject entertainment of rotten: "VIP" -okhota on people.
Have down a citizen there is article entitled "Confessions of Africa's failed props" there a bit on topic vip-of hunting there is.

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Film Ministry Generation P (Generation minimal UI). As cannot be better, suited on topics Forum: The formation "matrix", demonstration begins soon mechanisms assemble matrix events, manipulation clear conscience population. Surprised, as missed such the film to oldugunuz. Read book-book more interesting, but the film made well.



#p48706,Kravtsov wrote:

Films: "Bear on the piranha's a rescue" and "Turistas Go Home",, too,, on subject entertainment of rotten: "VIP" -okhota on people.

"Hunt on turkeys, 1982"
Reached long ago, at the dawn videosalonov turned such a kinokhu.

In an invented country with military dictatorship all unsound and simply of sympathetic perevospityvayut in special camps, turning in obedient slaves. more seats already lacks, but this problem bosses-sadists one of ITU solve very simply.

For senior guests, coming for a holiday, be satisfied with so-called witch on turkeys, targets in it serve inmates.

.., Kravtsov,

" Confessions of. "Article not " gorozhanskaya ", has on " Kramole "year ago. Authorship of, site, say so, "invites" :glasses:



#p48775, . wrote:

A long-long, on the dawn videosalonov turned

" Crawler Man "," Difficult him Target "and camping on D. (reality on card)


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