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Stories nyuyorkskogo subway.

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About trains and passengers



An underground hero on 9/11: subway operator evacuated passengers and manuevered train to safety after system locked down
September 9, 2011 | 6 :5 5am
Not all heroism on 9-11 happened
A quick-thinking motorman miraculously managed to evacuate over 800 people from the subway system, closing emergency brakes by hand and deftly maneuvering the train to safety after the system locked down.
His amazing tale barely registered at the time of the tragedy, but veteran subway operator Kevin Harringtons grateful passengers have never forgotten his bravery.
Two weeks ago I was at the Botanical Gardens and an Indian woman came up and gave me a hug, Harrington told the Post.
She said I was on your train on 9-11!
On that tragic day, Harrington navigated his jam-packed subway into the Fulton Street station around ten a.m.
Hed heard there was a plane that had hit the World Trade Center when he left Brooklyn at the start of his trip, but like many New Yorkers assumed it was an accident.
By the time he got to the station about a block away from the site of the attacks a second plane had hit the World Trade Center.
Tower two was moments from falling.

It turns out, during the famous events miracles heroism enfranchised American drivers subway.
They cleverly manevrirovali between falling towers, razrushivshimi lines subway.

Am asking forgiveness for my bad English, but driver trains heard noise breakdown one towers, on his words of, then the second.
This how many same time goes to the usual train under Manhattan - did a host hour?
And where were other trains and passengers? Was whether stopped movement and when?

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PATH station World Trade Center (PATH_station)
The station is open in 1903 year. In 1971 for 3 year until discoveries the World Trade Center is a a temporary the station on period construction the World Trade Center. In 2003 opened temporary station after destruction. On 17 December 2015 planned opening the after big reconstruction.

On one of video pro September 11, (record welcomes applications), staffer FEMA (Ministry of Emergency Situations) said, that they profits on exercises on the evening 10 September, respectively, on the morning September 11,, the station was closed "on exercises." On legend teachings FEMA, in the World Trade Center he crashed plane with terrorists.

Official articles not willingly concern fate passengers, which as would there were. Perhaps not until the end ofs that precisely lie to.
Was whether the station and line subway directly under towers? Officially as would yes, that as would attests to grandeur American engineers. But ensure in this on 100% something not is obtained. Here is on this photos visible hiking tunnel that leads supposedly with station in one of towers the World Trade Center

7 July 2005 in London in subway, too, were are scheduled exercises Ministry of Emergency Situations, and need to same what my, what a pretty coincidence, in reality terrorist attack By precisely in this day, precisely on this station and coincided with legend exercises. Off. 52 dead, 700 Wounded. Terrorist attack of course be on Arab terrorists from an invented "Al offshoot"
And then even and this have:

21 July 2005 in London occurred attempt to terrorist act, also in subway and in bus ride. Bomb were set in action, the blasting fuses worked, but none of four bombs not detonated, and fifth one of terrorists deserted, so and not leading its in action. Victims not was.



Like about crushed trains not reported?
However, then in them certainly found would passports "Arab terrorists."


Named Cortland then, too, like was destroyed and only couple of years ago restored.

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#p34788,l2 wrote:

Sort of about crushed trains not reported?

Trains not the flood of go and with large massacres at regular intervals, so, if would the station indeed worked, then the likelihood crashed trains was would very small.

Officially on Wikipedia:

In 8 :5 5 came train from Narka took away passengers
In 9 :0 0 came train from New Jersey, took away passengers and went to ago a backdoor way.
In 9 :1 0 arrived empty train, to take From in contrary direction 10 staff station and one homeless person.

I shall remind, ostensibly airplanes took in 8 :4 6 and in 9 :0 2, towers were undone in 10 :2 8 and in 9 :5 6 (in contrary order).
Suppose you owner line subway. Suppose you in 8 :2 3 somehow learned (though this not your deal), that in one of skyscrapers began conflagration (no incarcerated you no one not confirmed). Attention question: You can bypass whether you imagine, pitch empty trains on station and on what basis you this infer?

I of course not know, that said inoperators subway on case accident incarcerated, but on-my they nonsense any have come up with, especially with the homeless. Evacuate staff station being asked no reason, because they will remain on place in any case. Somewhere there at the top house is ablaze, ah and that. This same not reason hurl station. And they have come up with that so and should be :hobo:

/ / / the reference Wikipedia here is such a: Schwaneberg, will (September 19, 2001). "Quick-Acting P.A. Steered 5,000 Commuters to Safety". The Star-Ledger (Newark).


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