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Setting in Mukachevo

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Video installation - Mukachevo: The beginning of shooting and shelling
News-Front- Mrazokanal
(Video prosecution jeeps with the machine guns) - The events in Mukachevo 11 July 2015 g
Mustafa Nayyem- Mrazokanal
(Tsentrovoe video) - (replicates News-Front) - Gunfight in Mukachevo between right sector and militiamen
News and Policy - Mrazokanal
(Video 64B fire on the road)

Four car Right Bank sector seek to crash in Mukachevo
News and Policy
(Conflagration on the road, surges burnt auto)

Mukachevo is faring battle 11.07.2015
Astelitus - Mrazokanal
(Battle efficiently in 14 seconds)

The shoot-out in Mukachevo
Aleksandr Bretsko
Grandparent Bretsko - Reserve a forgotten Mrazokanal
(No shooting and shelling on video of course there is no)

The shoot-out Mukachevo
Aleksandr Bretsko
-quite not was able devise name, simply was removed dreaded In and Mukachevo with small hew - Mukachevo | Video with seats shooting and shelling
Ukrainian the Break - Mrazokanal
(Video trying cranes fire) - (DOCTOR) The firing in Mukachevo: Rightist sector ranks positions
Maxim ear - Mrazokanal
(Thrown up over it video with / to "Antares") - kova safety rukhatsya in bk mayor,
Gromadske telebachennya
(Movement technology) - Wu Mukachevomu nuiaiai ? strlyali ? avtomatv ? granatometv
Hope is - The chopper Mukachevo 12.07.2015
Interesting Video - Mrazokanal
(Helicopter flies) - hunter crashes in Mukachevo 11 07 2015
The Battle of bears - Mrazokanal
(The tableau shootings near plane) - Cars Right Bank the in Mukachevo!
Max TV - Mrazokanal
(Video from stop sign cadres) - Right-ruled began the first shooting of - Cpetsnazovets Mukachevo!
Max TV - Mrazokanal
(Looking at perjury forgot to tell pro cars established forwards)

Video with cameras video surveillance

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Vdeo c cameras sposterezhennya (Vitaly verb)

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Camera 2 (Vitaly verb)

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Camera 3 (Vitaly verb)

First thread:
Mukachevos organs is this development. In perestrlki on Lrmontova

produced thread:
Mukachevo! Works sniper!
max TV

III thread:
Right sector in Mukachevo the beginning of
Skotobaza TV

the Fourth thread:
Mukachevos organs is this development. In perestrlki on Lrmontovas organs is the first one poraneniy
MukachevoNet - Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary about events in Mukachevo in exclusive interview LifeNews
News Today - Mrazokanal
(Pyetrovich Shary, a participant vistavi) - rightist number 1 in Mukachevo. The details shooting and shelling in Mukachevo from Sergeyevich Boytsov right SEKTORA
Novosti Dnya - Mrazokanal
(Interview Right Bank sector exclusively for Novosti Dnya) - Mukachevo. Before Bureya river
Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary - an elite Mrazokanal
(Even 11 the number of, and Pyetrovich Shary spent as a child investigation on the submitted video. And a herd thinks that increasingly on truth) - of ATF in Mukachevo?
Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary - an elite Mrazokanal
(Pyetrovich Shary slid guys with the car wash) (my God, what same obtuse subscribers have Shariya, that they write, my God)

Compare the voices and pronunciation hew the R in particular - 0 :1 0 - reassess the RGFY the Ryvalo until the Rogu (video being expunged Gunfight in Mukachevo grandparent Bretsko) - 0 :0 7 - paddy wagon the Roops - interview with Chupakabroy - 11-formatted zaruchnik - 6-formatted zaruchnik
"A uzyav mene for koftinku ? viynyav a grenade", - rozpovd khlopchika pro vikradennya bytsyami "FS"
Zaruchnik ? some: Interviewsdefective pro zvlnennya - vkna-conference within - 14.07.2015
Boy in hostage near Mukachevo took fighters "Right Bank sector", - proclaim in MVD
Ukrainian experts "the shoot-out in Mukachevo deal hands Putins"
Storm News - mrazokanal - have directors staging with head quite poorly
Founded a sports complex in Mukachevo, where occurred the shoot-out with the participation FS, been used as base militants "DNR." About this on briefing in Lviv, which aired the channel broadcast "112 Ukraine" Speaker DUK FS Andrei Sharaskin.. But this not most surprising. Most surprising, that a herd in this believes and continues to to call themselves people

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1+1+7+2+1+5= 17


Zvernennya TO inueiai boot!

Nuiaiai ? in Oe?a stalas nadzvichayna podya, ui iiaea zmniti khd stor. In forge the Mukachevo on Zakarpatt nioi ? oshallikh a bezkarnost banditv valtvnika the kind narkotorgovtsya regonala Mkhala Lano on daniy hour MPs QE ie fzichno znischiti bytsv "Right Bank sector." In o ? e silovy testovyy took of voluntary fate ? banditi in mltseyskikh uniform, ui Regulation on utrimann odoznogo kuma brain ai?iaa Ukrainians Vktora should he.

I ? ney zapeklogo combat being finished term not exceeding two bytsv "Right Bank sector", poraneno - four (? them dvo - aaaeei). Zabravshi vbitikh the kind poranenikh, pdrozdl ? bom virvavsya ? buy Mobile hospital banditv the kind vdyshov have the mountains.

On daniy hour on boyovy trivoz pdnmayut riot police for znischennya our pobratimv. Yeui after vdbudetsya - pochnetsya nezvorotny vitamin. 1930 not dozvolimo to Anyone vdstrlyuvati our pobratimv.

Ia? aeiiae: Negayniy publchniy Aresht MPs Lano, ui which bezposerednyu fate have mene pro vs pod, the poorest banditv ? silovikv, ui vdkrivali before the, the kind oeo, ooi vddavav defied.

Uves Vyskovo-poltichniy ?oo "Praviy sector" pdnyato on boyovy trivoz.

Zvertamos until Ukrainians pdtrimati spravedlivst have oae no easy hour.

Zvertamos until pobratimv on weapons why for us nadynoyu oporoyu have borotb ? bandits.

Zvertamos until Zbroynikh Forces ie not Braty construction have znischen oeo, ooi vchora ? you aoa have trenches there one could.

Death gangsters!

Thank Oe?a!

11.07.2015 the B.

Provd deliver GBS Praviy sector

P.S. Zaklikamo until yaknayshirshogo Agency are this zvernennya

Official ssyl already not works (, but the text went gulyat.

From gossip other hand

on not thirty data witnesses from club Antares, Wild Dogs have reached in sport complex and killed mutilated in head chief a trainer, after arriving militias began to shoot and destroyed 2 machines MVD from and the ATF.

In general, strolls further :cool:



Now in city of Mukachevo workers MVD perestrelivayutsya with humans, predstavivshimisya participants organizations "Right sector."

About this reports

As officially told the mukachevskie doctors, the result shooting and shelling have become eight Wounded man, one in extremely a precarious able. Have him wound heads. Five those Special Forces and one driver received bullet injured. According to its members in the course combat action been applied heaviest weapons in the form of running the rocket launcher.

On preliminary information, armed faces, claiming to be as Right-ruled ranked territory sporting complex "Antares" and former club "the Red Dragon." Them had resistance people from environment popular MPs Mikhail Lano, who himself is in epicenter events.

After this about 14 :0 0 occurred the shoot-out near Red slides on a highway Kyiv-chop. As report-witnesses, rounded under shelling of in this district, obscure in masks used machines and granotomety. Were heard the bombings. With La Latorica River local people saw dense black smoke. Also-witnesses argue that under shelling of engulfed the carriage the emergency medical aid.

Movement transport on the street Danilo Galician (former Dzerzhinskogo) limited. In parts of from Boulevard Goydy and until of origin from cities. Remain heard in districts gas station near Red Gorky.

On place events arrived already militia and SBU. Information about victims until,. As report lawenforcement officer in, in city of declared plan-intercept.

Previously became known, that in Mukachevo about 14 :0 0 11 July group fighters, predstavivshikhsya "right sector", attacked sports complex "Antares" on the street luckily.

Activated, in result of an armed clash injured two human, one of whom died.

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#p34939, wrote:

1+1+7+2+1+5 =1 7
Official ssyl already not works

Let la Russe

Today in Ukraine occurred emergency event, which can change the course of history.

In Mukachevo on Zakarpatye hundreds of oshalelykh from impunity bandits rapist and a drug dealer funded regional project Mikhail Lano - currently MPs QE Ukraine - tried to physically destroy fighters "Right Bank sector." In this forceful shares adopted active participation and bandits in police actions uniform, domiciled on content of of odious kuma chief enemy Ukrainian - Viktor should he.
After fierce battlefield killed two fighters "Right Bank sector", injured - four (of them two - hard). Taking killed and Wounded, own unit with arc of has from environment bandits and was detached in mountains.
Currently on Fighting anxiety are raising riot police for destruction our fellow brethren. If that happens - will begin an irreversible process. We not allow ourselves no one otstrelivat our fellow brethren.
Our demands: Immediate public arrest MPs Lano, who hosted directly participation in the events, all bandits and silovik, residence the fire, and those who gave order.
The entire Navy political movement "Right sector" raised on Fighting anxiety.
Appeal to the Ukransko support justice in this predictable financing time.
Appeal to the words on arms become for us reliable fulcrum in struggle with bandits.
Appeal to the Armed Forces Ukraine not to participate in destroyed those who yesterday with you was in trenches there one could.
Death gangsters!
Thank Ukraine!
11.07.2015 g. B.
Copper wire deliver GBS Right sector
P.S. Urge to broad spread of this treatment

Mukachyovskiy hearth :whistle:



Source Facebook, Mustafa Nayema

I in Mukachevo. Putting entire information, that managed muster with words local inhabitants, representatives SBU and MVD.

Initially between representatives Right Bank sector and Mikhail Lano was reassigned arrow in restaurant the Dragon, in Mukachevo on the street luckily. Later meeting suffered in near behind founded a sports complex Antares. Both these enterprises controlled by Mikhail Lano.

Representatives Right Bank sector profits on four Jeeps, only 21 people. Come exhorts the net, a guard asked trigger Mikhail Lano. After huge to the elevators fired a shot in head. Now he in a coma and is in that.
News on topic: "Rightist sector" have buildings PA requires resignation Avakov and leadership MVD Transcarpathian area

Roughly in 13 :2 0 on a shift Number 102 out message, that people in slaughter banned streets luckily. On place arrived chief of militias cities Vitaly Szymaniak. In the course negotiations him set an ultimatum pint weapons. When chief of refused, began shootings - representatives Right Bank sector blasted away in air, detonated smoked? S centre. Jeeps had hit ieeeoaeneee UAZ and began the chase.
News on topic: In central rayonno hospital Mukachevo are 7 affected in result of an armed clash, - doctors

On fork Mukachevo-Kolchino had gone on lane Kyiv-chop. Lane banned in district refuelling three machines should. On the first machine-jeep pillar Right Bank sector was established conveyor "gun rifles. Shootings has been conducted also from RPG and of the Flies. Three Militia (police) machines were destroyed, the column jeeps. In district Red mountains, on travel Mukachevo with hand road Kyiv-chop.

In a result shooting and shelling two representatives Right Bank sector were killed, four staff militias was injured, of them three - easily and one hard (is would a). On this moment known, that among representatives FS there is fighters battalion Sogechko, regularly-hosting participation in battles on eastern front. Now with FS lead negotiations about surrendering.

Now about the causes. On believing the local this borders market smuggling cigarettes. Who with whom and that undoubtedly, have been arguing discover.

Further operation runs SBU. Representatives Right Bank sector hide in district sela Lavki. Track Kyiv-chop closed off in district Red slides. Now go negotiations.

With hand Tutsi refugees fleeing regency some Roman Stojko, son former contractor Office "By" SBU. Himself Roman - former, the policeman, Major from organs on negative motives in 2008-2009. In 2012-2013 he been filed with-handed under an attempt smuggling cigarettes in Slovakia on hangglider. (Dates, AXEMAN AND WOMAN).

At this moment representatives Right Bank sector announced, that are prepared could give up only in case direct orders Dmitri rosha. If I correctly understand, negotiations with Dmitri roshem negotiations lead President, head of the SBU and Minister Interior from PA.


Video and photo … 44189.html

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In my opinion messed up any.: |

Spectacle? As think, respected forumchane?



#p34965,gav wrote:

(DOCTOR) The firing has been conducted also from RPG and of the Flies used machines and bullets, then traveled in mountains and on foot




World War III begins in Mukashevo … 44165.html



In "Block, though injured" not been ditched "Russian footprints" in the events in Mukachevo

In "Block, though injured" not been ditched "Russian footprints" in the events in Mukachevo
Russian intelligence agencies may be involved in illegally to a Saturday events near Mukachevo, because they have certain interests on Zakarpatye, believes popular MP Ukraine from faction "Block has noted Peter injured" Irina Freeze.

"Not rule out the availability of Russian footprints in incident on Zakarpatye, after all this region enters in zone interests Russian intelligence", - wrote she in his Facebook in Saturday, commenting on happened there exchanged fire.

According to MPs, the situation in Propulsion Mukachevo attests to the need for hard answer state on energization community outside territory conducting of ATF.

Putin as always in his a Repertoire

#p34967,willywong wrote:

in my opinion messed up any.
Spectacle? As think, respected forumchane?

Not you one, but and Geraschinko thinks that not only only he




They're redesign your "war in bandero-galitsii" minimal means, as the Islamic State.

They torched piece of junk of with dumping, long without glasses, door knobs and by pharmaceutical.

You showing clowns.

(DOCTOR) The firing in Mukachevo: Rightist sector ranks positions

Slyapali several fake-video with overseas plans.

shoot-out in Mukachevo

rest of that drives up in convenient talent, mediyschiki.

To what?

In first scenarios "Russian Spring" was "uprising Crimea" and "New Russia (region)" from many "Soviet of republics", including "the hill", with in Kyiv through "the popular uprising-civil war."
She had been fighting with "bandero-fascist defensive actions against-Galicia (Central Europe) nato-shtato-western" Ukraine.

Since the embodiment of nor at not . From all "Narrespublik" uchredilis two in cities, where branch has managed muster minimally the necessary extra,.. extra near Regional State Administration, in Donetsk and Luhansk.

In Kiev "maydano-revolution" with "popular uprising" izdokhli under almost full indifference people. Branch has managed save only "maydano-revolution / maydano-coup" expense of spectacle for slaughter online on Institutskoy.

In vessels-Lviv "to distort nato-shtato-fashisto-bandero-dictatorship" fully got scotched under full indifference people. Clowns-carol singers revolutionaries "have seized ROVD with weapons and have made,..... fascist uprising" (in deeds beginning of the Militias, freeing on blooming flowers the building ROVD for "revolutionaries", weapons, too, took your). No one not Nor do on clowns, then went citizens to decide questions with car insurances, her with ordinary statements on a snitch-neighbors and camping on P., clowns bred hands - and what they make?? - then at all are gone, militia returned, improve simple life. Which and poseychas goes.

(description of "defensive actions against-Galicia (Central Europe) fascist revolution" - from first hands, I have two separate nouns in lj lived in general yard with "revolution", and even machine overtook on advice nachotdela militias away on time "revolution", and someone from citizens "revolutionaries" machine ???-burned the)

the Shop, on situation, hastily slyapal "New Russia (region)" from two "Narrespublik", "kievskuyu junta" from random actors. "Bandero-way Galicia (Eastern Europe)" had to to do fully virtual, only in propaganda for Russia, and dump-hinder with "eeaaneie junta." More its there is no nowhere, except propaganda for Russian matrix.

"New Russia (region)" from "DNR-lnr" inevitably burst. Now will dump-turning a blind, to declare project State Department. Will detect instantly in status any "territory", "autonomy", what anywhere, even and at all without clowns, to then use as "staging area" or "outpost Russian world" in next scripted with a.

success of in Kyiv not is sewing and not's spanking the, with "New Russia (region)" fighting in status "fascist", in Ukraine celebrates Day Victory 9 on May, reveres heroes Great Patriotic war and monuments falling soldiers reclaims, in propaganda on "Russian the world" - full schizophrenia.

[-will rejoin elements first scenario. In "junta" any personnel's will replace, likely and fucking condom. In "bandero-galitsii" Operators will subscribe "fascism if you live by head", go getting "Russian the world" will through type "civil war in Ukraine."

Those attempts we and see in the form of "battlefield in Mukachevo."



On a slightly more intriguing tangent has passed 8-) … edskazuema

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I thought this Republicthere was only together with the rest (on-gorozhaninu) zaporozhsko-kharkovskimi.



#p34985,lublupivo wrote:

. Rather simply near on the-same a highway, because machines different.

Not, not, this same place and those same machines.
Near the, that not burned the (not managed, not typically recognized, solyary lacked. - years in workshop), adamlarsa those same objects.
Wheel the, that set across, in the same position.
The only, that has changed - cornered bags. Part of their lies on machine have sideline, one dumped. Perhaps, "props bezlerov-evichey", which must were use, in machine plant "houses instead fighters", near posting (where those killed something? Modicum one, but not have become (not typically recognized, nor managed, "props" very stigmatizing, though betrays - years in workshop).

Lid firmly from aaaaaeieea machines on were marginalized threw, in sight, too shameful, with separation rusty and camping on P.

#p34991,Dmitro wrote:

I thought this Republic there was only together with the rest (on-gorozhaninu) zaporozhsko-kharkovskimi.

Republic PUDKARPATSKA (Podkarpatskaya) RUS is open 14 September 2014 and actively is filled controlled right now.

All "zaporozhsko-Baneasa" charging in the early year, winter-spring. And this - already to a new, korrektirovannomu project.
Okak! On request "Kharkvska popular Republic" the search for VK betrays major shitload of "Kharkov popular republics." Raneshnie, that opened in order "Russian Spring", open and are abandoned, and the latter indeed floated in September 2014, in goes with "Pudkarpatskoy Russ." Ah became be, "Pudkarpatskaya" will rebel, and "Baneasa-other" - either rebel against eeaaneie junta, either peacefully move in "junta an updated", which yet to "go to war with fascists." As something so% -) :dontknow:



From describe to voice-over.

Regional Operational video, prerecorded yesterday, 11 July 2015 on place events about sporting complex Antaris, on the street luckily in Mukachevo. This most the beginning of incident, when on place already arrived militia. I.e., video until shooting and shelling on refuelling "Popular", where were destroyed cars should.
In really the early video man in red - this Mikhail Lano. All people in slaughter - representatives Right Bank sector.
00 :5 5 - in kadr under feel secure lies man with prostrelyannoy head, which representatives Parvogo sector allowes in its car.
2 :2 0 - human with prostrelyannoy head ??? allowes in jeep.
2 :3 4 - expressly in sight, as on one of jeeps is installing gun.
04 :1 2 - casualtys unloading them now from Torq Thrust. Comes machine the emergency aid.
In the latest data, this guard does complex Mikhail Lano, specialist Propulsion Mukachevo Yuri Rusnak). On the very moment and doctors and participants conflict were confident, that young man already died. But already in hospital have him discovered Associations. On this moment he is in able coma.
05 :0 0 - on place reports on green Shkode Comes chief of gorotdela Propulsion Mukachevo Vitaly Shimonyak. (In was wearing a bulletproof vest, is worth its back, raises hands). He about than something says with representatives FS.
05 :2 0 - sound the first remain. In kadr in sight, that in air are shooting representatives FS.
06 :1 7 - people in slaughter cast smokescreen had a blockbuster down.
07 :2 3 - further events unfold already have refuelling

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Of ATF on Zakarpatye, the column columns racing up (photo)

Where Jaros with its virtual Terrorism Prevention Branch totalled is used in as a goat-inciting. On Donbas this role finally Dyrkin, and here Jaros



Cat has given birth to kotyat- this Putin is to blame!



#p34992, wrote:

REPUBLlC PUDKARPATSKA (Podkarpatskaya) RUS is open 14 September 2014 and actively is filled controlled right now.

Until this was another, which constantly've crossed paths references with Donetsk group. Was have them spring 14 th its "governor" (on type Gubareva), what the "decrees", "official treatment" publicized. In general, urge, that there occur such same events as on Donbas, what not was reassert the in other sources. Apparently the project was in support South-the east, 14 September pereprofilirovali under the other scenario.



The guy in red shirt, as I understood, like and there is the very Lano.
Quietly churchgoers among FS-International and no one his not still wets his from and the ATF and playing.
Means and ambushes demonstrators no being asked.

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#p35000,lublupivo wrote:

Man in red shirt, as I understood, like and there is the very Lano.
Quietly churchgoers among FS-International and no one his not still wets his from and the ATF and playing.
Means and ambushes demonstrators no being asked.

Oskar for the best scenario accurately no one gets, yes and operatorsnikchyortu.


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