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Setting in Mukachevo

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1 :2 9 - states phrase from instructions razoslannoy for all media "In fire gas station"
1 :3 1 - here same is shown gas station, which not was in fire

Spectacle Directed by director of a.

For visualization environment set forwards roads three and burned the two car. In media went team - burned the into auto-refuel mode.

Exactly the same a stamp been used in "running the Boston Kerri", the text not fits the picture:
Text information: Explosive wave of then I reaped marathon runners, they are falling on asphalt
Video: Fell just one old man from doesn, and volunteers have closed ears
Even, 29.12.2013 on this same resembles Olga Skabeeva has put record neskladukhi, perevrav increasingly that only can be.

The Presents, to them on e-comes regulation cranes events, in it enacted basic moments and that in media owe mentor parteneriat art of images. Then, in day installation, come video and photo, but characters, which did visualization on place, on somehow reasons not managed fulfill all demands from instructions (for example is a master descent "snout have filled jerks out). Between instructions and video, is happening spin wildly, which in rush, chief editor of news in media, or not mocks or seeks to make amends for. Here is from this have them so constantly and happening.



gav wrote:

From describe to voice-over.

Regional Operational video, prerecorded yesterday, 11 July 2015 on place events about sporting complex Antaris, on the street luckily in Mukachevo. This most the beginning of incident, when on place already arrived militia. I.e., video until shooting and shelling on refuelling "Popular", where were destroyed cars should.
In really the early video man in red - this Mikhail Lano. All people in slaughter - representatives Right Bank sector.
00 :5 5 - in kadr under feel secure lies man with prostrelyannoy head, which representatives Parvogo sector allowes in its car.
2 :2 0 - human with prostrelyannoy head ??? allowes in jeep.
2 :3 4 - expressly in sight, as on one of jeeps is installing gun.
04 :1 2 - casualtys unloading them now from Torq Thrust. Comes machine the emergency aid.
In the latest data, this guard does complex Mikhail Lano, specialist Propulsion Mukachevo Yuri Rusnak). On the very moment and doctors and participants conflict were confident, that young man already died. But already in hospital have him discovered Associations. On this moment he is in able coma.
05 :0 0 - on place reports on green Shkode Comes chief of gorotdela Propulsion Mukachevo Vitaly Shimonyak. (In was wearing a bulletproof vest, is worth its back, raises hands). He about than something says with representatives FS.
05 :2 0 - sound the first remain. In kadr in sight, that in air are shooting representatives FS.
06 :1 7 - people in slaughter cast smokescreen had a blockbuster down.
07 :2 3 - further events unfold already have refuelling

s start with, that this Canal "Mustafa Nayyem", precisely moreover the Jew with which began Maidan in 2013 forge the Mustafa Nye slightly whether not central figure in coverage this installation for Kiev media. He gave version of pro persons mop-up, its owe were quoting all the mass media and all bloggers. Ah and increasingly, get whether here might wonder.
Have video deaf breath, and this serving a sign of installation. Why cut breath? Because of Photography should cut cries film maker and other compromising noises. For those, who can be not knows, Id say, that have cameras breath disappearing can only on evil plot, but stems the or in a result mounting.
All actions were solely on cell, for example excessively longest fixation barred, Picture and an idiotic. Operator not fears shots, because perfectly knows, that they incisions exclusively sake of his) cameras. All faces in kadr play their roles. The operator at all don't care, that in him they're aiming at from playing and actively blind precisely him. Real outsider operator immediately would ceased shooting or even would did not stage, and here increasingly a. This setting.



Learning April verbs

Exclusive video starters shooting and shelling in Mukachevo was released to the public journalist "New Deal Canal" Vitaly Glagoloy.

Prophesy the that on video there is nothing interesting things

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Vdeo c cameras sposterezhennya (Vitaly verb)

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Camera 2 (Vitaly verb)

This development. In konflktu in Mukachev. Camera 3 (Vitaly verb)

Third video ass, but Polischuks :D

If jeeps "Right Bank sector" were stopped near refuelling, how they arrived finally in here?
If "the first shootings" was near refuelling, then why "the first shootings" struck in this place?
They naverteli some lunatic looking scenario and increasingly of course as usual, --something under video cameras.



agencies Transcarpathian area Ukraine on official site reported the details conflict that brought to result of an armed clash in city of Mukachevo.

Armed faces in the camouflage form with mottos like" Right sector "(is prohibited in Russia) with goal distribution spheres of influence appointed an meeting local residents in cafes. After these faces began to shooting of in above mentioned countries establishment , states in Summit.

Arrive with on place collaborators militias have blocked out the exit, after what were shots from cafes from playing and machine, moreover, with from grenade launchers were destroyed two car MVD, told the in Prosecutor.

Dont honouring demands law enforcement, a raid an armed resistance, people in slaughter with mottos like Right sector flowed in side gardening array near cities Mukachevo, where've barricaded themselves in. Asia faces refuse lay down their weapons and in further threaten armed resistance , marks in Summit.

According to departments, in a result shooting and shelling injured six staff militias and three civilian, moreover, have suffered five man with symbolics Right Bank sector.

Aroused or stimulated criminal affairs on article terrorist an act of and Building criminalized groups.

Previously reported, that for detention delivering resistance armed people in Mukachevo had gone subdivisions National Guard.

According to media, fighters Right Bank sector tried to regain the sportkompleksom Antares which ostensibly belongs litsenzionnykh the Verkhovna Rada Mikhail Lano.

Increasingly remarkable, only they forgotten can here though near avtozavpraki and though with spa district Ustron Zawodzie on the road.
Mukachevo: The beginning of shooting and shelling. News-Front

This video, too, a simulation of

Published: 11 July 2015.
Video footage in granted witness to what really specifically for agencies

What my, what a pretty coincidence. The casual an eyewitness to from taxed proved accurately here and accurately in so much something, his wife proved fearless woman with Russian accent, and it is this the casual knows knows far in primarily need to send video.

Recall, that Youtube sake of productions, deleted opportunity to identify the, in how many precisely, video all bathed in on Canal. Why? That would have us not was opportunities to know: How many minutes it took the storeowner video, for moreover that would to hand his for News Front and to agree about conditions use. For what would setting produced a strong impression on a herd, his need guide video and photo support. But if have video or photo will remain data about time pouring, then until people will more often .So the fact, that operator acted on scenario.
In normal random situation, the operator requires a large number of time to: Figure out, reconsider material, do blue print installation of, reach until seats connectivity to the Internet, find place far his need send, contact with committed the face of and wait his answer, to agree about price issue and about conditions, to hand video. Moreover concerning face should: Establish contact with operator (wait ties on-line), convince his in vygodnosti their conditions, to accept material, do assessment of and his nuzhnost, reconcile that video with All found links in networks news, ensure that speech is faring about one and same and that his no one for example not messing with, prepare a text material, do final installation of video, issue his in the Internet.
Any side man, should be understandable, that if this increasingly so quickly, would find not vocational news agency with its correspondent in paired, then on entire this chain of requires a large number of time. And if all of this occurred for 20 minutes, then means speech is faring only about remembering of easily described, in which the text and video poured simultaneously.



#p35015,Dmitry" wrote:

What is my, what a pretty coincidence. The casual an eyewitness to from taxed proved accurately here and accurately in so much something, his wife proved fearless woman with Russian accent

And machine have them on Lviv rooms.





Abibasy on place, there where and been paved.



Apparently, any, like, Lycra (Year bought registration 16 on May 2013 g; plus one thing video become equals with the incident all bathed in on Canal) betrays such video

The chopper Mukachevo 12.07.2015

hunter crashes in Mukachevo 11 07 2015

Svistaem all, vseeeeekh in Mukachevo; planes, gelikoptery and still tanks would drag.
After all there. " Aaaaoi vystrelov, even ? granad. "8-)

And here is on this host max TVpropogandiruyut "granad." Show pictures of the machines FS with "granadometom" in it. Need to to think - this were hatched in reaffirming about granatometnom military was not with the participation camping on BC FS (sorporate rosha) :cool:; and notch in the zadn. Wheel demonstrated, as consequence of fierce battlefield with "porozhnyakovskimi (injured) titushkami." Ah that OK, believe? :no:

Cars Right Bank the in Mukachevo!

And here same found casualtys from transfers iano?aeia with hand FS. Centimeters. Evidence stakeholder carnage with 0.25. " Were ? granatomota. Sgrupiruvilsya. And mynuty through persons, going straight explosion have bronischyt :confused:. "

Right-ruled began the first shooting of - Cpetsnazovets Mukachevo!

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Skyfall orders rosha

Warriors Frei Ukrainian corps (DUK) "Right sector" have left their positions in zone conducting anti-terror operations in Donetsk area, reportedly on site "gromadskogo TB" with refers on commander 5 th individual battalion DUK "FS" with 6 "black."

According to Kombata "Black", such order militants was left personally leader "Right Bank sector", vnefraktsionnym popular the deputy of the Dmitri roshem, however causes, on which this was done, fighter not knows.

Secretary Council national security and Defense (monograph) Ukraine Alexander the blame declared:

"When you of a shot are you from the basement or a grenade launcher on enemies on front - you hero, but when one starts to shoot from this same weapons in deep very, and under this Palestinians people - you thug and murderer. And here there is no other options. Bandits and killers must respond before the law, "said A. The blame in exclusive interview s "Interfax-Ukraine", commenting on events in Mukachevo.

Gerashchenko putting out the fire soldiers, Agravaine

after from blocked in district Mukachevo (Zakarpatye region) Mukachevo fighters "Right Bank sector" voluntarily, blinked and added up the weapons, told popular MP Ukraine, adviser head of MVD Anton Gerashchenko.



30 wrote:

hunter crashes in Mukachevo 11 07 2015

Svistaem all, vseeeeekh in Mukachevo; planes, gelikoptery and still tanks would drag.
After all there. " Aaaaoi vystrelov, even ? granad. "8-)

Are unwinding postanovu) in real situation of course same nor one videoperatora and close not really fancy would to aircraft, the more any The Battle of bears, and here he even things absolves in focus.

Hope they not have planned a plane crash this Ahn-74
Why plane :no:




That Andy took part (in the comments section have said say, that not in Ukrainian., and Czech; nourished German a stolen, recovered stolen) bandidzkoy yiooceanoia "people with weapons" strange ways contains tsifiri 191 countries (almost that, as 911 or 119; ah, you understood); but this coincidence likely, as usually; so had to to word about "lepnine from flour" (Flour A what?) these thugs, that this ?????????. Yes and Esquire Drink Database in-up shirttails riding the poraduvav, as nor in than nor: Let goes to ahead; impact something would not caring he wanted to on local disassembly; type, you militants their was outstanding Bed was, and I here on milk in neighboring yard give'll cruise 8-)



Frame, as if, specifically for propaganda media created:

Legionery NATO from EU run amok in Zakarpatye









#p35025,lublupivo wrote:

Qadr, as if, specifically for propaganda media created

"September 11," immediately on several key moments (as "direct and for months" so and on "video witnesses") are found pages torn cadres in the form of malevichey. Some particularly with gifted minds adherents official versions, believe that this normal work cameras, either at all you gone soft debate on this issue. Now look at video "loading of slain" 2 :2 7-2 :2 9-2 :3 4-2 :4 1-2 :5 9- immediately five malevichey. And this in is case, when nothing hide particularly was needless,, simply there is a stamp such nemnozhechko debilnyy and his need fulfill :D Samo the availability of this stamp, automobile and gray concrete proves though.

with the licence plate 191 countries (as states 1 + 9 + 1)




Fighter DNR died in Zakarpatye

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#p35032,nikolay wrote:

This sign In saw? … 274_00/rev

Not make churchgoers on exiled, sign In post paragraph to in sight was here


Drew attention on large little butterball. He moves original, as a pigeon-toed the bear, renegotiation turns with automation manager and can do the casual shot. Recalled that somewhere I his already saw. Like in Odessa 2.05.2014, too, such same fatty such a same growth, too, so same was in the center of the compositions.

Dzhelsomino his "'s boatswain" called in his showcase investigation




unwarranted growth version of missile defense Mukachevo And rightist number 1!
Even not thought that under inspection vdeomateralv with seats shooting and shelling will emerge so much issues.
Putting the that I found, watching the all known video.
And so go.

16 sekunda- under machine empty
17 second of-under machine even empty
Dvzhenie - without understanding sound in a spirit of Mastafy Nayema
A special pryuvet, penetrates a man in red shirttails))
54 sekunda- Snapilicious corpse lies already on this place
2.21 works the second kamera- look a to right-wing become corpse on 2.24 2-26, old Pudge.
5.33- strange maneuver on not cheap these-the guy in civil also're the weird one.
6.28 throws had a blockbuster down although could would. Rolls before when police reportedly used corpse
7.36- machine with Ivano- Frankovskimi a number attached
7.38 machine with Lvovskimi a number attached
7.42 machine with Zhitomirskimi a number attached
8.45- machine with Kievskimi a number attached
9.23- NOT for machine in concealment but on open place shooter happily DIRECTV and then tide is turning and aim in the) dooolgo churchgoers in the entire growth perfectly knowing that no one his not will kill own mutilated.
ITOGO- that this that are recovered posed means and that changes - think themselves and vyskazyvayte opinion in komentakh. My opinion from moreover that I see on this video-
Caused by in founded a sports complex the team FS fell in scheduled trap with two principle and a showpiece this is. for what the entire this circus? Mustafa Nye on location--near train station not will strain. Perhaps a distraction, a feinting moment for another crimes junta. Thrust with the point? Your opinion write in looking.
Dzhelsomino Democrats 12.07.2015.

Dzhelsomino, easier easier, without "suddenly" and without "fell in trap." Setting is, without curiously of surprises)
0 :5 4 - zataskivanie "corpse" in machine, Double # 1
2 :2 6 - zataskivanie "corpse" in machine, Double # 2



On Tosh 2.0 all bathed in full of the video, all they removed connection to the Shop

Mukachevos organs is this development. In perestrlki on Lrmontova

Even one thing video, clearly a simulation of. In real events were far any eyewitnesses not wanted would to risk their bums, the sake of these cadres. Dialogue in the background coined look like idiots. As always for operator intends to crowd fuck-upS (them as always to stand up more have) and are beginning refold throughout the their words that on a buckslip somewhere was written. (in accuracy as and on this video, such same a stamp)

With this point wash their hands one thing video, then busied ourselves and again that the on Tosh 2.0 in a wide array options

Mukachevo! Works sniper!

III thread:
Right sector in Mukachevo the beginning of

Video one thing, but his cut up, gave him different dimensions, differing of a place to, dispatched on VSE world television networks and different mrazo-synthetic channels Youtube. One and the same pattern as and on all plays directed, modicum Ukrainian, modicum franzuzskikh, pindosskikh, Russians, Taiwanese and camping on D. Alone and those same schemes, alone and those same stamps.

the Fourth thread:(finalno-yourself a nice, funky)
Mukachevos organs is this development. In perestrlki on Lrmontovas organs is the first one poraneniy


Teenage in red crop top with telephone constantly resistance before camera.
. That's a shitty teenage. Anything but shy cameras, not knows far hands to do with my.
MP Mikhail Lano.


- let on a new Misha, increasingly fuck is this.


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