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Incidents on iron road

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Accident of on moving Petropavlovsk - Kondratovka Yuzhno-Uralskaya Railway

men... but passengers walked away with easy plea down.
Before A Clash passenger trains in sight, as the second a truck incapable on Ice.
The traditional kazakhskoe razgildyaystvo. On this moving previously, simply by definition repeatedly emerged such situations, all perfectly know as walk here wind and as quickly reprisal polished concrete ice, but measures accepted could not be.
Not know, for how many meters until relocation begins responsibility Without. Now will about on each other responsibility.
Guy died, land him duvet. He could even not know, that machine not will stop, it even could simply pulled - I gotta kick.



Accident of subway

In subway New York City occurred the most severe the accident in history
In Tuesday, 3 February, about 6.30 p.m. in the suburb New York City, city of Oh. Valhalla, crowded people train North line subway (Metro-North Railroad), passing through station Vetchester, on crossroads rail pathways faced with athletic the s.U.V. Jeep Cherokee. From-for this occurred explosion, on place died 7 man, still 10 received trauma varying degrees of gravity. About 400 passengers had to evacuate through the back part of trains. This accidents already called the most deadly in history American iron roads.


Have become known some the details a creepy accident in subway New York City

Specialists FBI successfully loaded up data with dash cam, after primitive accidents in subway New York City, which occurred on the evening 3 February. As declared a member of rule the National Council the US on security on vehicles Robert Samvolt (will Sumwalt), now before those investigators is worth task – understand, how SUV proved on ways of either, and with what speed has been moving train.

Specialists FBI successfully loaded up data with dash cam. o.O o.O o.O
And and where? Where LIFENEWS?



FRANCE 20 February

In a train, which..... from capital France Paris in baccalaureat "exam, occurred conflagration. In a result about 600 man proved deadlocked with within the composition, reports channel broadcast TF1 in Friday, 20 February.
Until happened about 18 :3 0 (20 :3 0 on Moscow time), in this time train rode into a commune When-Milieu in Baranya Isere. The fire emerged in mid-trains, in amid, where contains the Yushukan motor trolley. “Terminal commuters, which were in neighboring carriages, were evacuated in other parts of the composition. Until cope with quite strong fire not managed ”, — commemorated in a fire service.



In Mexico team bus faced with by train. Died 20 people

In northern parts of Mexico, in town Anakhuak (Anahuac), which is not far from borders with staff Texas, civilian team bus faced with Risk by train. Died 20 people, still so much same received trauma varying degrees of gravity, report local power.
According to official signed to authorities state Farm Leon (state of Nuevo Leon), 16 man died on place accident – their bodies were extracted from transport means. Still four human died in hospital neighboring Tamaulipas (Tamaulipas).

:confused: media everyone kept quiet about this. Mexican Goi. This not Messrs. from Charly Ebdo.

For anything aftermarket meksika-team bus:

Riga-for leisure: Tourists all by bus fought back from burglars in Mexico

In Mexico amazed courage tourists from trades abroad, pairs as binaries Indo the robbers are after. About neslykhannom incident write all local newspapers. Government state brings Russians apology and gives gifts. 1926

Lungs trauma received several Russians during the gap with spoke as, plaguing on a guided team bus in Mexican Capetown leader from. Incident occurred in district waterfall Misol-Ha. Bandits have blocked out team bus and demanded from tourists give valuable things.

Suddenly for all newcomers are on recreation Russians had perpetrators resistance. Is underway a?aea, a stray bullet was easily wounded in should sit one of tourists, told “heartfelt ” director of Mexican companies Arminas Travel Armin Volpert.

Gangsters still managed kidnap some valuable things have vacationers seem, however “brave Russians ” managed prevent more serious consequences attacks. And police was able on keenest wake Catch burglars.

In Mexico call this case unprecedented. “tourists in Mexico never untouched ”, — Miranda Kerr Volpert. In country, on its words of, crowd of courage Russians, which managed not become puzzled in stressful situation.

Armin Volpert, director of tourist companies: “The with Russians was so unique, that already through 10 minutes after incident ministers tourism and countries, and state were in rate situation, were contacted with me and acted. ”

Affected received the necessary medical aid, after what tourists not refused to continue cultural program.
Now heroes already are on leisure in Cancun and Riviera Maya. The ministry state leader from and tourist company covered clients entire the necessary medical aid and the complete nutrition during trip. In Cancun Russians have handed over gifts.

Case. 8-)





The Wreck of trains in Philadelphia

Seven wagons the composition on unknown reason descended from with derails, died five man
On the evening 12 on May in Philadelphia occurred the accident passenger trains. Seven wagonsthe composition descended from with derails, as least two of them flipped over. Under falling wagons some people were literally thrown out resurfaced through broken windows. Died five man, data on to injured every person differs. Presented police told the about 50-60 affected, some hospitals Philadelphia noted about how, that to them with seats accident derived about 100 people. On place accident profits tens of firefighters machines and antique carriages the emergency aid.

from there same>

Number of dead in a result catastrophe passenger trains companies Amtrak 12 on May on the evening in district American cities Philadelphia (state Pennsylvania) increased to eight people. About this declared 14 on May representative fireman governance cities round Sawyer.



08 August 2015In eleven four car trains Yekaterinburg - Aadler descended from with derails.

Is the famous reinforced:

the Investigation Committee called reasons accident on iron road in eleven
"On preliminary information, cause of the vanishing wagons passenger trainsYekaterinburg - Aadler became intervention outsiders facesin work rail transport", - declared press secretary RZD Grigory had a foreign.

That means "intervention outsiders faces", in RZD not specified. and were also speech goes about gaykakh, under aid which the tracks gaps would to the sleepers. Their simply get, with a long. On different information, roughly 30 units.How in sight on personnel wheels zavalivshegosya car'd have to cut and footing. Judging by from what, can be suggest, that they indeed not were enshrined. But so whether this was on fact, yet to establish reflect.

8 August 2015= > 8 8 2 + 1 + 5 = > 8 8 8

— Nu! Perishing how many years the entire village screws otvinchivaem and kept the will interfere, and here ruin. People killed. If it comes I rail using killing or, break, the log across eynogo path put an, ah, then, perhaps, svorotilo would train, and the. Ugh! Nut!
— Yes Partzuf same, nuts is hooked rails to the sleepers!
— This is we understand. We after all not all otvinchivaem. Will abandon. Not without mind do. Understand.



a high-speed train on full tilt gone with derails in France

14 :5 6 Moscow, 19 November - A-Moscow.

High-speed train TGV gone with derails in France PE happened in province Alsace, reports izvescheniya.
Incident occurred, when the speed moving the composition amounted to 243 miles in hour. A series of media report about 11 dead. Marks, that this figure may yet grow.
On a data, terrorist attack in as a reasons not is viewed. According to specialists, the driver of the train trains too late applied drag on.



On moving in Dzherzinsky fast train T-boned a tractor … l-traktor/

Train has not fulfilled request driver



TASS9 February, 10 :0 3
Minimum payout 100 people have suffered when faced trains in Germany, there is victims
According to media, incident occurred in district cities Bad-no in earth Bavaria

At least, 100 people have suffered when faced two trains in making Germany's federal earth Bavaria, there is those killed.
About this told Q.. TASS representative police cities Rosenheim.

"It frontal clash two trains. As least 100 people have suffered, there is also those killed ", - pointed in police.
On a data, serious trauma received about 10 passengers.

On place reports they moved collaborators of operatives services from neighboring districts, in rescue operations are engaged eight helicopters.
On existing information, several wagons one of trains descended from with derails.
As reported previously agency DPA, incident occurred in district cities Bad-no.

Berlin, 9 February. / Corr. TASS Anton Dolgunov /.

TV Zvezda9 February 2016, 11 :2 0
Clash trains in Germany: 8 man died, 150 have suffered
Video on page

RT09.02.2016, 11 :0 4
Not less four man died, more 150 have suffered in a result direct clashes two passenger trains in Germany.
Part of wagons descended from with derails. … e47860.jpg

Siemens is so apparently driving on OK / Afghan, refusal their automatics and frontal clash(their-on)? :huh: Don’t believe.

And it, not Siemens. Here Meridian, and this Bombardier, Inc.. Would still, guys there not winkie being kicked around. So that waiting for official statements about the causes.



.For eight man died, 150 injured in a result clashes two regional trains in Bavaria, nearby from cities Bad-Ayblinga, report media with refers on Federal police osuschestvlennoe
Clash trains happened sooner on the morning in Tuesday in Bavaria, nearby from Bad-Ayblinga. Now on place work about 100 solving and doctors. As report media with refers on police, reasons catastrophe until unknown.

Mrazokanaly on videos, right? Proved are unprepared to the incident.
Scanty data only on TP



9 February 2016 18 :0 6
Tragedy in Bavaria: System protection trains tested week ago

Until 10 man has increased the number of victims head-on collision trains in Germany. Disaster occurred have this Bavarian Bad-Ayblinga. Have suffered not less 150 man, 50 of them received heavy trauma.

"The number of victims and affected — tentative. It can and will change ", — stressed representative Bavarian police Stefan Brundle, Martin.

Victims of clashes trains also have become machinists both trains. Why compositions simultaneously has been going on one path towards each other – until is unknown, notes TASS. Under this roughly week ago has passed technical tested is employed in Germany system ensure security movement trains Punktvoermige Zugbeeinflussung. No problems in the system security not was detected, assured representative Deutsche Bahn in Bavaria Klaus-Dieter Ezel.

System security movement acts so: the sensor trains accepts signal from established on ways of either magnets. Have motorman in cockpit catches fire easily signal warnings about the threat for prevention of car accident on urge the on ways of either ahead train. If the driver of the train not clicks on a special button,, confirming, that saw admonishment, then train does freeze coercively. Until it is unclear, why in this case this system not averted clash-reaching power--a period each other trains.


At place reports movement rail transport roadblocked. For passengers on this – organized temporary bus services movement.

Spoken native and close dead in a head-on a clash trains expressed its intention their condolences to Chancellor Germany Angela Merkel.

"I been shaken and saddened by heavy railway the accident, recognize today under Bad-Ayblingom, — declared Frau Merkel. — am joining you in spirit I am also with numerous headscarf. I wish them popadayuschikh and full recovery. I believe in the, that competent organs would make all for ?????? how such misfortune to could happen. "

Chancellor thanked volunteers and solving for work on place catastrophe. In district disaster now good weather conditions.

About detail catastrophe Chancellor osuschestvlennoe informed Minister transport Alexander Graham Dobrindt.

-clashtwo trains happened on the eve traditional imposition of environment, which marks for 46 days until Easter. In this day faithful prescribed in abide by strict post. In both trains from-for religious holiday was much less passengers, than in the usual worker day.

this relativelytrains happened in a remote terrain. Several wagons one of trains descended from with derails and flipped over. Under this marks, that – on, where occurred tragedy, permitted the speed accounts for 100 kilometers in hour.

System security movement acts so: The sensor trains accepts signal from established on ways of either magnets.
Like before in frequency worked and on thus he segments together. Need at least as efficient.

In the process not purely there.



В столице Тайваня Тайбэе в результате взрыва в поезде пострадал как минимум 21 человек, сообщает The Straits Times.
Отмечается, что в настоящее время полицейские ведут поиск подозреваемого.
По данным издания, в одном из вагонов прогремели три взрыва, а затем начался пожар. Один из свидетелей рассказал, что перед взрывами в вагон зашел мужчина примерно 40 лет и оставил сумку.
На одном из сидений в салоне была обнаружена взрывчатка. Поезд направлялся из города Синьчжу в Цзилун.
После взрывов и последовавшего пожара на место происшествия прибыли более 10 «скорых» и 10 пожарных машин. В настоящее время огонь в вагоне потушен.
В полиции добавили, что, скорее всего, произошедшее не является террористической атакой.

событие распространяется как спектакль.
Один и тот же набор фотографий, полиция и свидетели рассказали всем агентствам новостей что да как...
между тем никому до сих пор не удалось назвать точное место представления

у Коммерсанта уже пожалуйста есть видео

Как минимум 21 человек пострадал в результате трех взрывов в вагоне пригородного поезда на острове Тайвань, сообщает сингапурская газета The Straits Times. По данным издания, после взрывов в вагоне возник пожар. На месте происшествия работают 10 карет скорой помощи и 10 пожарных расчетов. Полиция ищет мужчину, который, по данным очевидцев, оставил в вагоне сумку и выбежал из него незадолго до взрывов.

Сингапурская газета ))) ну да, какая разница, они узкоглазые все на одно лицо.
На всякий случай география : от Сингапура до Тайпея по прямой - 3250 км.

Вагон пустой, без крови и трупов. Какие-то клоуны ходят по нему, затаптывают улики, операторов больше чем полиции. Пожарники делают вид, что выполняют какую-то важную работу.
Наверное скоро будут времена, когда журналисты будут выставлять оцепление, чтобы на место не проходили посторонние пожарники и менты. Похоже что вагон на станцию привезли в таком состоянии, засыпали каким-то песком, сказали что пожар.


focustaiwan рекламирует неубиваемое светодиодное освещение вагона метро.
А что ещё может означать эта фотография ?  :D

Taipei, July 7 (CNA) At least 21 people were injured when a section of commuter train moving nearby Songshan Railway Station exploded and burst into flames on Thursday night.

Songshan Railway Station..
Ровно 4 километра от лже-катастрофы Транс Азия Тайвань TransAsia Crash



РИА Новости и прочие ТАССы дают сслку на это видео на Ютюбе. это же видео с китайских Фейсбуках, … 536621030/
и откуда они знают где и что искать... ?

Видео уже прошло через фильтры и монтаж. Нарезано кусочками и склеено, всё как положено.



Оливковая катастрофа

РИМ, 12 июл  Трагедия произошла во вторник утром в южной итальянской области Апулия, когда два региональных поезда врезались друг в друга. В результате как минимум 23 человека погибли, в том числе один из двух машинистов, и еще 50 получили ранения разной степени тяжести. Место столкновения пригородных поездов в итальянской провинции Бари. 12 июля 2016
Однако эти цифры не окончательные, и число погибших может увеличиться
ЧП произошло в сельской местности, рельсы пролегают между оливковыми рощами и добраться до места происшествия оказалось довольно проблематичным как спасателям, машинам скорой помощи и пожарным, так и местным журналистам. … manual.jpg
Относительно повезло что авария случилась во вторник, в поездах было немного народа.
Всему виной традиционное южноитальянское разгильдяйство.



ЧП произошло в сельской местности, рельсы пролегают между оливковыми рощами и добраться до места происшествия оказалось довольно проблематичным как спасателям, машинам скорой помощи и пожарным, так и местным журналистам.

Интересно, сми по инерции уже врут??? 
Между деревьями оливковой рощи можно на танке кататься, деревья высаживаются далеко друг от друга, что бы кроны не перекрывали солнечный свет друг другу.
А если учесть, что вокруг дороги и все поля разделены, так чтобы вывозить урожай на транспорте, и вообще в  италии нет места куда трудно добраться...
на карте



Странная катастрофа в Апулии.

Особенно на фоне того, что в 2008 г ЕС выделил 180 млн. на реновацию этих одноколеек и постройку именно в этом регионе к 2015 году двухколейной жд дороги. Половину сделали, половину нет. Теперь денег,естественно не осталось (но говорят, что деньги есть -просто не потратили))), дороги нет, все ждут распределения дополнительных  денежек, участвуют в новых тендерах по старой теме и не могут решить вопрос, как отобрать землю для второй колеи.

Жертвы катастрофы.
Поезда столкнулись в лобовую на скорости (совокупной) 200 км.ч , люди находились в метал. вагоне, стекла-окна, люди расслаблены и никак не зафиксированы на своих местах и лобовое столкновение. Порезы металлом и стеклом, кровь, переломы, ушибы, потерянные тапки-туфли-сумки, порванная и испачканная одежда.
Нет, чистенькие все, в обуви , с сумочками

Лежат под фальгой, +40 на улице, коленки - прелесть, гладкие и красивые.


Еще одна жертва,еле выжившая в аду... показывает раны. "слушал музыку, упал на пол, теперь нога болит"   

Родственники дают интервью и ?... улыбаются...

Поезда столкнули, но людей там не было, судя по всему, а может и пожертвовали кем нибудь. Но выжившие не выглядят жертвами лобового столкновения 200 км. Просто напомнили, что деньги нужны или еще на что-нибудь намекнули, в Италии всегда какие-нибудь разборки и интриги, в т.ч. политические, даже в такой колхозной дыре как Пулья.

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#p72503,Snow wrote:

Поезда столкнулись в лобовую на скорости (совокупной) 200 км.ч

#p72503,Snow wrote:

Но выжившие не выглядят жертвами лобового столкновения 200 км

Столкновение двух поездов одинаковой массой на скорости 100 км/ч, это не тоже самое, если поезд ударится о стену на скорости 200 км/час.



#p72506,Dynamik wrote:
#p72503,Snow wrote:

Поезда столкнулись в лобовую на скорости (совокупной) 200 км.ч
Но выжившие не выглядят жертвами лобового столкновения 200 км.

Столкновение двух поездов одинаковой массой на скорости 100 км/ч, это не тоже самое, если поезд ударится о стену на скорости 200 км/час.

Ну ну... Там такая гарманя должна быть. А уж пассажиров перемолоть должно.
Хочешь эксперимент? Сядь в машину пассажиром впереди, не пристегивайся, попроси водилу ехать чуточку быстрее чем идет пешеход, а потом пусть водила бьет со всей дури на тормоз. Как, усидел на месте не шелохнувшись? А если на 100 км/ч? То то и оно.
Добавлено спустя 7 минут 51 секунду:
Не советую экспериментировать, возможны травмы! Просто поверьте на слово.
Сев в автомобиль даже на заднее сиденье, не забывайте пристегиваться. Это не трусость, это Ваша безопасность!

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