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Arrest Yuri Mukhina and MH17

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Need to same! Even Yuri Mukhin acknowledged the disappearance of boinga. … -fokusniki



Искатель wrote:

We same! Even Yuri Mukhin acknowledged the disappearance of boinga. … -fokusniki

Mukhin chotkiy, but only conclusion not wants to do unfortunately. Simply stupidly is billowing on the US and increasingly. Not specified questions:
Where are starting corpses?
Who their groomed and who their, became?
Why they without clothing and with traces violent torture? (Accurately so same as in Odessa, Donetsk, Altai and anything)
Far DeepBurner some number of people from Amsterdam?
Why there is no answers on accurately thus same issues on "Smolensku Mac?

As this at all can normally unique activities occurring once in logic work intelligence services and intelligence, why so hard if Mukhinu before, that this no amount not intelligence agencies, and any a different force, which can easily manage authorities and all media without accounting borders and political interests?

Supposing, that such a giant jet could unravel in the air. But he could not razdrobitsya in the air on small pieces of, even if would exploded from within! Head part of plane, tail, 15-20 foot-tall make ends Wings – all this should was would be on earth. But this no!

This is of course correctly. Mukhin, technically very literate people. Although, what he explains about technology, should understand anyone the guy



What turbines?
Say even times, Hi,, labor Yuri Mukhina already’t read. This for July, this already was,

Message from Yuri Mukhina
That in end. Under Donetsk there is no greater parts of design we worth roughly $, and there is Overcard a small parts of fragments that fuselage and equipment as would from we worth roughly $, Overcard, rastyanuvshayasya on many kilometers. There is heap debris diversifying content. There are about three hundred corpses, but on total absence of under them more Fuel card and baggage winning larger amounts can be argue, that these people not and sat in jet modicum in some European airport.

Yuri Ignatievich himself moreover not observed, as figure about the "walls. A dead bodies", took with ceiling. If we'll be proceeding to convene all photos the planted corpses, all tochechki on photo from Space, then increasingly-would still more 50-and alas, raze not dialling. PressOrg with refers on Associated Press, through) 14 days after incident, reports about nenaydenykh 80 dead bodies. Even although would for this information, nor about any "300 dead bodies" and speech be not can.
Officially report, that from Kharkova in another times, dispatched in the Netherlands another plane with corpses. Outside about how, that they send corpses parties, they simply confirm the, that these World's leading airlines - station a catfish as well. In January, too, most was, girls drop out plane for plane from Volgograd, ostensibly with another party victims in Moscow. In reality nothing this being asked, airplanes razmnozhali in mediaplanner space.

Yuri Mukhin the guy a good, but he fears crawl in "trupnuyu subject", thereby obviously initiative bric-a smradnym damage caused by war type Viktora, and blame transfer on intelligence agencies the US, which here perform simply role left from extra,.. extra.
If corpses not were loading in airport, if people not and sat without more Fuel card, if the wreckage of the we get the rap not enough, then Yuri Mukhin owes not insinuate, and state direct logic - corpses Crema 1 there themselves. And further - if corpses planted the, means people joining killed. And further - if in Shenksville came without corpses, then why here kill? If killed such a huge number of people, then these Hypnotizes a huge army murderers. If army murderers not can detect nor power nor media, therefore, they lips murderers. And forth on logical of elementary chain.
If until people reproduces subject of tossing it corpses, then theme immediately is flowing from technical shenanigans in mraziynuyu reorientation, where criminal articles automation manager fly in major editors all media and in owners all media, not in an inaccessible wilderness in mythic executives British intelligence services. Mukhin good, but here he passes to.

The truth is, that corpses of intelligence agencies not engage in, they Hypnotizes nadgosudarstvennaya and vnematrichnaya Pow. Mukhin in this interrupting, not wants, although officially - and against the US and against Putin’s.



28 September Yuri Mukhinwrote a new article … -zhuravlei
In article again ? Matrix version of, attempt to shift the blame either on Russian either American side (in matrix at all not is discussed vnepoliticheskaya "the third" side).
In late again makes conclusions level average blogger, that naval transport aircraft, ostensibly masterly unseated the over the wreckage in interval between roads and kyuvetami, and so same on around “shovel izbavlennye from of sunflowers of, and other areas of vegetation.

Previously even wrote articles after the first–-eto-otvet
This large: … sledstviya

We have deal with utterly special guise of terrorism – terrorism public services against other states and their own state. And this need to understand, if we want at all something understand in this life.
mainstream I. Mukhin

Yuri Ignatievich, why forces be bothered with serovskim Ahn-2, this that for terrorism such? And there you can dig up such same questions, and on main fuselage, okay, and on motor of, and in fix ill will intelligence, if look accurately on this same matrichnomu (the secular) konspirativnomu token? In Kazan exactly such a same picture, with the only backyards, that photographs ponadelali not 20 thousands of, and two and a half.. CIA, FBI, KGB .. Policy, geo-politics, there and not sight, if to exclude tvitty Sobchak which on the eve proepala as times gosdepovskiy a million dollars.
And in Volgograd, too, increasingly’s first ten years if, why Putin , explode homes, explode team bus, a trolley bus and station, if him blood from nose need fill Sochi Olympians and teeming?. Need to understand, if we want at all something understand in this life.



Goldmansuck$ wrote:

Greetings all. An interesting you forum. Here is, article Mukhina one of past, on-my still not was:

In including, all articles Mukhina collect in oq Encyclopedia. • • •. Malay Boeing’s-worth roughly $9M-Mrd.

Юрий Мухин wrote:

By details of version of about how, that no destruction Malaysian we worth roughly $Airlines Flight MN 17 over HC Donbass Donetsk not was, and was disposal of with fleet of cabin transport plane corpses and any something the wreckage of the plane, dialed on a scrap-metal, emerged questions. In particular, sbroshennoe represents from themselves quite small facilities. As there, at the top in jet, their on one much? How many same time this should was take?
Technical hardship there is no.

Yuri Mukhin smallness of she doesn't understand, that disposal of weight with plane, this only on first glance task simple. This very severe and risky venue, affordable only an isolated countries, aircraft and pilots. There is very a big risk piece of fastening, zaklinivaniya weight, refusal automatic procedures, neraskrytie parachutes, and camping on D., and most a terrible - a sharp climate name plane, which can easily lead to loss of governance and catastrophe.

That was in only? Any triviality indeed toppled, within higher risk, which have demonstrated local the accordionist. However, all details on organizes platforms # 1 (only), # 2 (Navvies) and # 3 (sunflower field), could not from discharging, so as impossible provide such a the accuracy of. Impossible bounce cargo with air, to he fell accurately on in advance cooked playground (Everyone “shovel were prepared, this obviously even children). Impossible dropping them part of fuselage, with Heights 2-3 kilometers, to he fell (and not banged up hisself) in strictly between expensive and kyuvetom.

Impossible so bounce, to front chassis was's blocked, man baggage
(Gathering spaces that offer universal # 3)

Как эти детали вели себя при падении ? ))) :) Где весь механизм уборки шасси в сборе вместе со стойкой ? ))) :)

Юрий Мухин wrote:

contaminated work with this material, I laid tab on videotape “Three explosion and parachutes in the sky ”, the country and appeal posted on YouTube s Donbas. On this video were are visible falling following the rubble of the plane Turing, which, need to to think, were is bond over the wreckage before their sbrasyvaniem on land. Now instead rollers in Internet message, that the commercial was removed for the “violation of property rights. ” Here is so!
However in further I stumbled on ensured the fragment from this rollers, with 1,650 m2 already under different entitled: “Torez, only. Only later several minutes after the fall of the Malaysian we worth roughly $17 July 2014 ” downloaded his on anyone case and made screenshot these tapes.

Yuri Mukhin gives advice as seek’on videos, right?.) has found exile on most a brief video with bands - not.
Yuri Mukhin, mraziynoe video calls "prerecorded s Donbas." Javadxan, s named Mrachny Molochnik.
Yuri Mukhin very’aviazione, him fewer only 3 month, to see these falling Turing.

Юрий Мухин wrote:
As see, here, too, slice of fuselage in as a pallet and on it a minor garbage.
But fragments plane in the contestant knot, which has fallen have only, and in which are heavy parts of engines and chassis, netting not uvyazhesh, there needed something more solid, some kind stronger assembly Turing.

Yuri Mukhin observed, that on pallet lies garbage. Lens lens we not bimbos.
Yuri Mukhin, expensive slinger,, of the elephant need be able to notice. This DOROGA, and already on it - lies Pallet with smіttyam. Therefore this is dumped with GRUZOVIKA, not with plane, my God.



Yuri Mukhin

Message from: Yuri Mukhin
In Internet there are two Forum - and Malay Boeing’s in steppes Ukraine III third party– on which has targeted for annihilation already around 7 thousands of comments, many of which enough effective. I walked there intelligence about this window. Yes, this question and on those forums was seen, but and there of import answer not was found.
Incidentally, on the second address me rigidly criticize for version of moreover, that over the wreckage bombs were dropped on Donbas with transport plane, but what they were precisely fall and are not consequence of collapse whole we worth roughly $in the air, have majority commentators doubt not causes.

Yuri Ignatievich, a large thank you that you on us turned attention.
On expense "majority", which ostensibly agree with your version of the, this is untrue. So same is untrue pro "doubts not causes that toppled,", such at all not most.

Explain simply and quickly:
Just on "place catastrophe" there is three syomochnye “shovel.
court # 1- only. The main gathering spaces that offer universal relatively big Tiananmen. On it cast "trying fire" and at night and a day to.
court # 2- Navvies only-Rassypnoe. In several times less, than the first, playground burned several times, by using a new things. With it we received "corpses" about which you not want to speak (tekhnaryu forgivable, but as the investigator - forgiveness there is no).
court # 3- Rassypnoe. Sunflower field. Circle smyatykh podsolnechnikov, to which talks the) current rut from ?. Pa Pallet, sworn media "cabin" have imposed removed any junk and + were’(from chassis worth roughly $).

Немного со спутника с моими пояснениями

Satellite-take pictures
Plan fraud … index.html
who use snapshot … 527886.jpg

CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 1
CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 2
CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 3photo kruzhochka the road trucks are waved podvozivshikh over the wreckage auto current rut (the road)

I.e. that we have?
Everyone three “shovel are in different the automotive availability of, this well in sight with Sputnik’s.
Why from discharging props with air, if his can be quietly bring on trucks?
Some fragments fuselage carted the place away in field and even be on trees, but this not the problem, we already viewed their very a small weight (aluminum very easiest).
I believe, that disposal of weight from transport plane, this is very complex procedure, which is mrazotsekhu. Not accidentally, such technology possess only several countries, for this need very skilled pilots, special vytyagivayuschie system, very-very narrow range a series of incarcerated (specifics mistake in balancing, or governance and plane's value will decline in tailspin), so any new weight with a new system, should undergo lasting procedure tests,. They wasn were? This only on first glance seems, that bounce couple of tons - easily. Nothing such a. This very not be easy (witness films about complex prepare to release sequencer, for example release sequencer the BMP).

Cargo not can to land in preset point accurately have roads, this at all impossible, because spuskaemaya system - child misdangerer. Cargo same proved precisely there, where and need, not in what any gully, or in the forest, or on torezskom terrikone. Have “shovel squarely on roads or directly near them, them was need, to telling show with avtotekhnikoy, journalists, missions OSCE, 14th of with georgievskimi ribbons (wystawienniczym second plan) and so on, they were there-here, used roads for theatre views.

Yuri Ignatievich, you have no nor single argument in favor of, that props was fairing with transport plane. Should learn version of, explain above all very itself, the impossibility emerge on Ploschadku # 2 fragments that: "Podkhvostovaya part of fuselage", "part of tail behalf of Duzhinski" (without govdevsi incidentally); on playground # 1: "Carts and racks chassis - 2 ?o." These fragments simply impossible bounce with transport plane, and bring on platforms has and lay avtokranom - forces routinely. Deal in extreme props, which not allow their to place in a belly aviatransportnika.
Here even head Folders break, props not toppled,, and brought, grabovskaya hustle back itself same and helped unload, and idiots themselves same was caught on as work avtokrani under young wheat. In the sky over only indeed staged a show, but nothing more couples kilograms - not honor threw. -falling Implementace bond, that for Turing adopted, this part of show, not element of complex vytyagivayuschey system.

"Fell corpses." Here is here you themselves same claim (19 :0 0) that after the fall of the should remain footprint, possible along with our applying example Lockerbie, but why something in respect grabovskikh corpses this law not works. Why same? Video:


This corpse should was penetrate asphalt and, to burst, the entire skin must was to disperse with bodies. The speed the fall of the - several tens of meters in second not will leave a chance. And that us here show? Corpse, which fell, maximum with Heights car body ?, accurately on center zv parts of. His one well enough for asserting, that no corpses and the wreckage of the with the sky not was widely seen as falling.
Here is that should was happen with skin human Video

Recognize mistake not so perishing and is difficult, readers figure, if normally explain.
Witness that they have made 14 June within training and this another – my movies, camping on E. Principle something one and the same, them why something need show to do. Likely prepare to main cubicles-show "arrival anti-Christ’under the guise of of the Savior"

I walked there intelligence about this window. Yes, this question and on those forums was seen, but and there of import answer not was found.

Answers there is no, because and issues no one on the ventilator window does not pose. The fuck would it no one not fell.
Props izgotavlivalsya, one of these cracked, wore makeup in color of companies, this OBYChNAЯ procedure, witness this the partition about these planes.
On my view, you for good reason’re trying determine on the ventilator window) levels fall of. Spit you on this window.

PS / / Yuri Ignatievich, pardon me for the harsh, I in snout long not routinely received.



Dmitry" wrote:

At expense "majority", which ostensibly agree with your version of the, this is untrue. So same is untrue pro "doubts not causes that toppled,", such at all not most.

This his assertion since the presence "Viktor", more no one, except "Viktor" this version of seriously and not viewed, so as was immediately a tad off for failure. And if recall, then precisely "Viktor" its on forum and brung with site Mukhina.

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vanity ON anniversary of
Yuri Mukhin wrote article on anniversary of. Unfortunately nor about fix.
Yuri Ignatievich not changed their version of and until now believes, that over the wreckage were have finished downloading accurately in factories nor chemical industry have roads, with American the military transport plane Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. And so same his offered not worries, that corpses are shelved on observer of field in four tickers near together “shovel # 2.



#p35454,Dmitry" wrote:

A so same his offered not worries, that corpses are shelved on observer of field in four tickers near together “shovel # 2.

As you are among to words of Strelkova, that corpses smerdeli and them was least 2-3 days?



#p35457,Steve G wrote:

How you are among to words of Strelkova, that corpses smerdeli and them was least 2-3 days?

Spat as to this am I. From my relations, facts not will change, and truth not will become lie to the.

"The shooters" this alias tsekhovogo actor Girkina. 17 July Igor Strelkov (officer) could not sit in social media and write differing shit, because officially he war fought. (Those who fighting, the more have major commanders, which quietly confront largest European army, not can be nor free time, nor normal duratsko-user daily-divannogo access to the Internet. This not law physics, this law sound logic and I despise the those assholes, which not understand these simple things).
"a gat that" a tall tale in only, his words not lot more valuable when than your or my.
"The shooters" as times to this time put fight from Slavyansk on two on buses (that not scene in this a scene, then theater absurd) and arrow already "worked" until cattle post on station "Slavyanskaya" in Moscow. Words Girkina about dead bodies and other Ahn-26, accelerated site "RusVesnaNovorossiya", which 2010 in San Francisco (incidentally these explains, why they brutally suck, when Dont video on Tosh 2.0 before time. Because sheep from another hour belt).

Words virtual Internet user "Strelkova" about Li guarantees excellent dead bodies, this element of zapudrivaniya brain drain for game to the Russian "matrix. Principle such a drop box: Than more debris to news, the better. Exactly the same gave fulfilled to Valentina The Gull this morning, the same about dead bodies with the scent of. a raid, Lzhesvideteli, GrabovtsyThis any the trash hell is that, which initially nice the learner on hinge balls are machined, but when coolly and quietly one starts deal, then don that this simply part of vistavi, have been designed specifically on any part of crowds (in this case on Russians patsreotov ("Russian matrix")) and mentor on konsirolukhov.



In Crimea arrested Yuri Mukhin - "for organizing s extremist community"

Skyfall data from environment Russian writer-any Yuri Mukhina, he arrested in Crimea for "organization s extremist community" and etapirovan in Moscow.
Mikhail Mikhail Delyagin noted: "Yuri Mukhin known its vibrant naybіlsh and patriotic activities. Seems, newspapers "A duel" and "By modern broadcasting!", wrote almost 80 books, including excellent research about the role Pavlovich Beria in history our country, about rigging Katyn, vigorously criticized oligarchs and of destructive Russia liberals.
Part of his hypotheses cause objections or seem as implausible (for example, that Americans never here to the moon: S. Kubrick in his link confirmed hypothesis, that official emki charging in intimacy "for insurance", and Indian satellite recorded traces tenure Americans on the moon), however not causes doubts, that Mukhin - consequential patriot Russia, eager for its prosperity and not vynosyaschiy its degradation oligarchs and liberals.
He can express exotic assumptions and file excessively strident charges, however the indictment in "organizations s extremist community" causes a sense of, that for law enforcement agencies Russia extremism is simply patriotism and Russia’s desire to for good.
Exactly, some episodes in respect people, smevshikh express the displeasure of, for example, impunity ethnic crime unit, this hypothesis rather confirm (see, for example, HERE).
При этом характерно, что либералы, вычеркнувшие себя из России еще в марте 2014 года, систематически оскорбляющие русский народ, смешивающие с грязью российскую государственность, последовательно подрывающие социально-экономическую и в целом общественную стабильность, насколько можно судить, не только не преследуются правоохранительными органами РФ, но и всячески поощряются государством, - вплоть до прямого финансирования (чего стоит история с получением государственного гранта фондом Маши Гайдар!) Не стоит забывать и о прямой поддержке видного представителя либералов Навального на выборах мэром Москвы Собянина не только олигархами, но и непосредственно "Единой Россией".
Perhaps, real cause of detention Mukhina has become hard criticism, which he for week before it put Chubais, and now from him will try to to do a new Kvachkov (is worth remind, that numerous attempts liberals achieve condemnation Kvachkov just was opened a mock character "assassination attempt on Chubais", but in end Kvachkov have been on other charges).
Perhaps, patriotism on our eyes is done Criminal a crime.
Perhaps, deal "just in is", that Mukhin an infection in here applies to corruption and about Russia, believing, that citizens Russia have the right call for responsibility those, whom they elect in power, - but what allowed to "socially close" we understand people who, for patriots Russia is considered composition Criminal crimes.
If anything, assumption, that arrest and etapirovanie in Moscow outlived clinical death in the course one of courts over him 66-year-old Mukhina, is based on simpler of the misunderstanding,, appears the least likely. " … estva.html



I have a in maksparke already elaborating on about Mukhina, beg quoting

Sugar public.
-from Mukhina will do.
And the chieftains-liberasty, after as Nemtsov used to hang yes on bridge have as last a homeless guy's, sabotage the entire scenario "maydanov-antimaydanov", "-fifths columns-antikolonn. "
And correctly make.
They the Scoundrels, but not idiots.
Whom bear with vnematrichnym, assembly in such game play)

Correct, that chieftains another CFA, kvachkovskie, proved not have affairs automatically, so now they have the writers in deep store.

Moscow in original scenarios tsekhovogo cranes process was the focus of Western of evil, its Russians, Orthodox and camping on P. Militias must were borrow and further spread "against Russian Spring" on the rest of the world. And now Moscow and Kremlin guardians plumes in matrix "for surrender sacred rus, Orthodoxy and camping on D. "

And what, to now be off, popular approach under the banner of a "Orthodox saint Russias", if under these same the most flag "supostat first scenario" now churchgoers.



Khamovnicheskiy Court Moscow in environment arrested journalist PBOC provide Alexander Sokolova for participation in banned organizations that competed for holding referendum. Together with him in detention centre are trapped former editor of newspapers “A duel ” Yuri Mukhin and fellow last Valery whiter is.

According to materials affairs, presented in Court, all they continued activities banned organizations Army will people (AVN), which was recognized Mosgorsudom extremist community autumn 2010.

After this, on version of allegations, Serbia renamed AVN in “June group on conduct referendum“ Over comfortable power ”, before which set earlier goal and tasks, namely: “creation enterprising groups on conduct referendum. ”

The true same goal, believes a consequence, was in “undermining political environment in side instability and a change of the existing power undocumented by ”, follows from materials affairs.

As explained PBOC provide lawyer arrested Alexey Chernyshev, his doveriteli wanted achieve amend in Constitution and decision-of law “Over comfortable power. ” The authors initiatives offered assess work deputies, senators and leadership countries after the end their authority.

Khamovnicheskiy Court Future a motion allegations about the arrests made marine affairs one thing for other. Interrogator Natalia Talaeva asked Court to deposit all under the custody of on two months and motivating standard grounds: Can hide, exert pressure on witnesses or destroy evidence.
“In law about extremist activities there is no such points, as holding referendum. Contrary, extremism — this hinder pursue a referendum ”, — Ugandans in court Mukhin and argued, that be withheld from effect not intends to, so as this a referendum — “deal the entire his life. ”

Mukhin asked not to send his in detention centre, so as he — retired and disabled person III groups, in past endured his kangaroo operation on heart of (koronarnoe putting him on cardiac bypass). Have Sokolova on her budget is 90-year-old grandmother, that also did not generate grounds for easing measures cheaters.

All Serbia were asked elect them alternative measures cheaters, for example house arrest. But Court has sanctioned their finding in detention centre: Mukhina until 29 September, and Sokolova and Parfyonov — to 22 September.

Leadership PBOC provide studies now legal founding prosecution Sokolova, says press secretary media holding -Zlata and Mykolayiv … 2c98f18619

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#p36047,горожанин wrote:

Sugar public.
-from Mukhina will do.

Anton! What to hell public? People realistically pursue. Ignatich as was popular in narrow circles, so and remained there. Wasn, when he was convicted conditional support-this triggered mass resonance? On him get jacked with in with 2004 th year. How many courts he has survived-not too numerous. On associates, too, before got braced, doors hacked into people's, illicit pat-downs implemented.
In the last time he wrote, that warning-vnematrichnik, shadow the shot-caller in in production and and pro Chubais, that on moreover are beginning various "their", wrote pro the principle, which you described "the creature're chewing zhvarey."
Wrote pro fight with smoking, which leads to increase cancer diseases.

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#p36047,горожанин wrote:

of the Leader of from Mukhina will do.

Strange make. If with navalnogo a speck of dust falls, then all media about this keen, and now that leading media say about the surrender Mukhina?
Google it, there zero in Indian Ocean found a piece of the, Kazan alone swimming, scientists signed a letter against robots-murderers;
Vladimr Mukhin, captain under flag Russian cuisine; Alexey Mukhin, Edinorossy derived is logical;
Yuri Mukhin where?



Public-the as times the talk, and well classically.
For any statements that - the general place in all politresursakh? "Criticism Chubais", pro which only lazy not designed, and much more extremist things? Yes ah see.

Procedure recognition extremists to regional court enough am familiar, and personally (with soratnichkami passed, site "Bastion" with 11 year to this day closed "for suspicion in propaganda."), and on pile nest known. With Mukhin - stearine tuporogoe enforcement invoicing. Enjoy any events not prodiktovannogo. Sense something in than?

Realistically pursue? Chieftains realistically persecuted. Vladimir Kvachkov, Khodorkovsky, not potyanuvshie on guardians - well itself realistically, in masses-media at least. Or Tymoshenko in Ukraine, that prepared to entry on Obama’s White Again, yes managed show only in a white wheelchair, and then at all show became cannot be.

Wait, that himself Mukhin will tell, then and clear all will.

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#p36057,горожанин wrote:

coverage something as times the talk, and well classically.

You zaskinshotil enterosgel also, on prevents FaceBook, forums have and other maksparki, and I you asked pro leading media
Here is here Navalnyy was always on the first overhead line, if news what pro him there is, and I you asked precisely pro this, pro leading media.

Should we wait a little, that himself Mukhin will tell, then and clear all will.

He can simply not make it until legends, have human scorpion venom heart of

Mukhin the best in his classroom
Yuri Mukhin: Constitution, Policy, Diktatura
Why Crimea? Deal in is, that Crimea prisoedinyon to Russia in a result referendum, this same precedent. And in Russia itself, on sleeping counterpart Mukhina usual criminal deal for "continuation of criminalized activities on organizations referendum." In Russia people always will tell against power on any about, therefore him need create obstacle for voices. Not though, that in Russia opportunity referendum Propisana in the Constitution, federal laws his in naguyu prohibit. Accurately so same as Tsentrabank prohibits to wage national business in Russia, imposing wall-to-wall the percentage of on mortgaging.

Democracy - power people. I would without fluctuations prescribed law, on which, for example enough ten thousands of votes, for something, to separately bulk and other Яshinykh homosexuals, deprive the citizenship, however, laws enacted thus, that have people at all there is no rights voices. On my view, liberal rot crushes with Mukhin for what he explains people, that the has the right on any decisions.

Katynskaya meanness
Yuri Mukhin undertook lies and stupidity. Lunar scam right
Yuri Mukhin, spare themselves from rednecks, the film 1
Yuri Mukhin, spare themselves from rednecks, the film 2
Yuri Mukhin False on 1 flushed host



#p36062,Dmitry" wrote:

Why Crimea? Deal in is, that Crimea prisoedinyon to Russia in a result referendum, this same precedent.

Detention in Crimea-this bluntly any a taunt over him.
Recently he wrote.

But I and then not believed and today not believe, that separate Crimea from Ukraine and adherence his to Russia was helpful our peoples. Why?

Because, that I not wish krymchanam threats. And in Russia their awaits malware likes in nemeryanom numbers. Here is now, to example, a fascist regime Kremlin adherence Crimea explains global public will of the people Crimea, defended by on referendum. Ox, as the Kremlin respects will people, Oh as highly valued referendums! And you question ask yourself, and was in Russia after 1993 (decision-functioning Constitution) although would one a referendum?

А как вам нравится такое решение Московского городского суда от 19 октября 2010 года, который установил: «Таким образом, по мнению прокурора города Москвы, главная цель межрегионального общественного движения «Армия воли народа» по организации референдума для принятия поправки к Конституции РФ и закона «О суде народа России над Президентом и членами Федерального собрания Российской Федерации» противоречит Конституции РФ, подрывает основы конституционного строя и направлена на его насильственное изменение, нарушает целостность Российской Федерации, воспрепятствует законной деятельности государственных органов, что в соответствии с частью 1 статьи 1 Федерального закона «О противодействии экстремистской деятельности» признается экстремистской деятельностью». A taste of? Organization referendum undermines in Russia foundations Constitutional by building! Indeed, any a referendum undermines foundations fascist by building. And Mosgorsud acknowledged June group on organizations referendum criminalized! And the Supreme Court this decision Mosgorsuda approve! This already, so say, legal fascism without signs of scruple moreover, that he fascism.

And this fascism in continuous action! Here is already had administered from Crimea, and in lower Novgorod Major Justice world in February 2015 implementing various the resolution about attracting citizen trades abroad P. A. Butko to responsibility on article 282.1 CC trades abroad (until 4-'s years incarceration) for what Butko: “performing organizational functions, acting willfully, continued illegal criminal activities on formation regional Palais Royal Initiative on implementation recall referendum. ”

On Ukraine Yanukovych such a fascist discretion even to imagine was cannot be, and in Rashke Kremlin – forces routinely! Ah and as same in his right mind and a sober memory can be was want to joining such a fashistskomu state people, which you nothing bad not have made? Yes, of course, even more fascist junta in Kyiv on zhivomu blessings Crimea from Ukraine and ruthlessly has challenged the his Rashke, but in Russia this nothing not changes. So, that, krymchane, do value this its a referendum, he in your life was the latest.

#p36057,горожанин wrote:

coverage something as times the talk, and well classically.

Ah why public the? When have you were problems with otemom computer, funds ties. When people thought, that you abducted. , too, any no was resonance in social media, people letters wrote. Also and here.



#p36068,Искатель wrote:

Nu why public the? When have you were problems with otemom computer, funds ties. When people thought, that you abducted. , too, any no was resonance in social media, people letters wrote. Also and here.

Circuit of the difference. All "Fontanka Embankment" and the rest Internet media and "public resources" solution billets, in unison with Dezo-modules "Kvant Polish media. Repost messages wife "Arrested gorzhanina" did exclusively should we expect-networks and of bloggers, exclusively on "alive ties", from her boyfriend's to frendu, nor one "us" this not put nor then, nor after. By the end of days their were thousands of, and they the loss outweighed potential in blogosphere shop floor at.
To point, when I spoke at cell appeal to Polish citizens, already came team wind down to damn mothers this at as go unchecked.



#p36088,горожанин wrote:

By point, when I spoke at cell appeal to Polish citizens,

This can be see somewhere?


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