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Arrest Yuri Mukhina and MH17

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#p36094, . wrote:

This is can be see somewhere?

Hardly. Branch has this not HDDs had unxepectedly gone. Himself the text not the, what required the. History "scandal photographs" removed with those resources the Polish neta, what I know, and not mentioned in surveys "scandals around plane Kaczynski."



Mukhina arrested from-for'on a Boeing, but him about this can not say.
He wrote with dozen articles, put many inconvenient issues.
Of course questions not such thorny as have us, however they shed light on the, that Boeings no one not been knocking down.

Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party
Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party

Information about articles Mukhina suddenly blew right through loosely controlled cell within "CP." Mikhail Delyagin raised nine units mukhinskikh "Why." When old of, was already late remove. Scum passed as always should and unsophisticated decision.

The petition presidentSign it, there passport not ask
Him if and will incriminate, st.280, calls for extremist activities with use of media, of course an absurdity. But on it his already was tried and gave 2 year conditional support, so if again roundly, then will be forced to plant.
Bastard. Means navalnogo, for open, repeated, calls topple power, through media, for his "the Libyan scenario", on back patted and issued not despite 5 years verdict on avowedly criminal article, and Mukhina even issue until court not can. Inbred swine.



#p36088, wrote:

circuit of the difference. All "Fontanka Embankment" and the rest Internet media and "public resources" solution billets, in unison with Dezo-modules "Kvant Polish media. Repost messages wife "Arrested gorzhanina" did exclusively should we expect-networks and of bloggers, exclusively on "alive ties", from her boyfriend's to frendu, nor one "us" this not put nor then, nor after. By the end of days their were thousands of, and they the loss outweighed potential in blogosphere shop floor at.

I not pro billets. I pro resonance in social media and had in view. From her boyfriend's to frendu. Blogger created a petition in protection Mukhina, wrote post about your "abduction" and wrote a letter in genprokuraturu on about this. And you speak! Hope only on friends and neravnodushykh people. Also and have Ignaticha, hope only on them.
That with, that about the surrender Mukhina heard a on "rain" and PBOC provide (and the if would Sokolov not proved journalist PBOC provide)? "Pick a little news and forgotten." Until only see support from writers Flughafentransfers rifles and Anatoly Baranova with Forum. Moscow Daylight Time.

Until past weekends Yuri Mukhin and his friends were in Moscow. Deal, which them "sew a" not new, on him already, exactly, was one verdict - Yuri Ignatievich received on him term for "extremism", truth contingent. On this time, judging by an arrest on period allegations, term will real. Or deal will terminated for death podsledstvennogo.

Still times will repeat - deal not new, nothing of extraordinary over the past days not happened. That same seriously impair trigger Yuri Ignatevicha on interrogation, until he was in Moscow? Clear after all, that phones, and possibly and home suspects were on "the wire." This can be say even naturally, when organs lead investigation such a public-an important affairs, as ekstremizm. And means, reflect was known, that in iyulskuyu heat Mukhin intends to to visit Crimea - here is in weekend and visited, and in the early weeks his and arrested. Further etapirovanie in Moscow, camera - in general Treat about man in full growth.

And that same happened after, previous process in 2009? And seceded from the room court Yuri Ignatievich with a sense of strong burning for Exam Room. On that I him and said - immediately "together"! Have diagnosed him severe heart attack, but not cardiac - that allowed soon put an his on operation aorto-coronary bypass grafting. And here is after operations, that conducted not too fortunate, struck with Mayor Yuri Ignatevichem clinical death. Died Mukhin. About than then same, lying down on a hospital bed wrote podrobneyshiy Newsweek "Step on the light." To was clear, article begins words: "I died in the early 11 th morning 23 July 2009. Died not for good, but, in its own way, very incidentally. " And date the publication on Forum. Moscow Daylight Time - 26 July! This, seems, at all the only in world journalism Newsweek with moreover of light.

On this point can already be draft the notion of about how, man no courage is now in Butyrka prison. This to the issue from some commentators, in all, that here is "is scaring and released" - Mukhina cannot be scare, nothing with which. This young people type general-of the maiden Poklonskoy strongly fear death, and people in age fear imminent simply foolish.

All the more, that their views on death Mukhin laid out in book "Dont pretend, not die!"

And here is kill Mukhina, as and any, can be. And for this, unfortunately, need not too many - for 6 years, the past with the first clinical death, Yuri Ignatievich not became nor younger than, nor healthier. Than governed by judge Khamovniki District, Moscow court, when appointed him measure cheaters in the form of conclusions under the custody of? Far could run Mukhin from house arrest, the more, that flight in this case violate would his views and beliefs? As and importantly - on whom he could sway in the course allegations? But, despite the, that judge was informed about age and bad able health Mukhina, he appointed him term under arrest, with even a bit longer, than his more young the comrades who. Logic court under this very felt logic prosecutor Poklonskoy on trial about closing festival. Times need to close, then foundation there will.

There is whether I have foundation considered, that conclusion Mukhina in cell Number 93 in Butyrka prison, where people so much, that even sleep on waiting lists, is his deliberate - production to death? Me seems, foundation there is.



Who shot down Lim Boeings
Book mainstream Mukhina … 201.a4.pdf
Photos in specifis terrible quality of course, and meanwhile they must be very are important
Currently mainstream Mukhin is in butyrskom detention centre

Version of Mukhina:
over the wreckage, which took picture in only and Rassypnom, belong Reyes 370 17 for Boeings worth roughly $9M-MRO, of the gone 8 March Union address,,
't fresh corpses so same with this same aboard.
over the wreckage butchered by gidronozhnitsami and fall with American in / gives plane
around the is to blame America

Americans asked for., and British, not accounting for would labor to garner similar the wreckage of the
From collapse Boeing in their airports, to oust their over HC Donbass Donetsk. After all all
Over the wreckage corps we in Donbas clearly remind results meaningful scrum
And cutting plane on parts of for vyvozki with seats accident, not results any
Of an unruly division of plane on parts of. Here is witness, as exactly are circumcised
Beams ShPANGOUTOV as across themselves ShPANGOUTOV, so and along their series of.
As under cord (see Rice. 40).

Yuri Mukhin am confident, that militias get knocked down Ukrainian airplanes, that of course same is just-only fantasy, patterns of from infomatritsy; sure, that over the wreckage can be from discharging accurately on roads, that of course same compromises his as technical practitioner; but in a whole Yuri Ignatievich understands importantly, that this also a setting. Unfortunately he not is receiving adequate attention further logical chain, that all the mass media and all Executive, are linked between themselves vnematrichnym master.



Alexey Kungurov wrote pro arrest Mukhina. That interestingly, Kungurov removes from themes installation with Malaysian special boingom. Tries to to imagine Mukhina dismissed as paranoid, a freak to begin with on his terminology. But then himself Kungurov with his conspiracy theories flagged and their retarded trolls-commentators-who such?

"Arrest Mukhina: Prosecutor Nyash-Myash not very (he himself came)"

"MH-17 not get knocked down over HC Donbass Donetsk?"

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#p36462, wrote:

"MH-17 not get knocked down over HC Donbass Donetsk?"

Nothing except abuse and himself not understands about fix writes.

Most obviously, that what Mukhin calls the engine of, is only his the back part of. He, dummy, boasts that has analyzed even 4000m2 as well as 2000 photo with seats catastrophe, but why something not observed here is this known snapshot. Javadxan, filters have paranoid theomongers those still! Here something we see detail well itself 3.4-meter sprint hidden inside its nose cone from engine Boeing worth roughly $.

"Back part of engine", is famously) and where then 3-metre "front", who its Gave from "the back"?
Kungurov shows a picture of an from report tsekhovichka Varsegova, from the mid-November. He calls its "famous", but nor was in the resistance, nor Pyetrovich Shary, nor, Australian, Aboriginal Malay, Dutch and other "known" photographers, failed to see this flight plan in July-August-September-October. Kungurov defiles Mukhina in every paragraph, but meanwhile himself is an absolute with a block of wood. "Diarrheaed" respond to question: How this "flying" rolled down from only with Pitches # 1? Or can be had fled, but so had fled, that the fuselage in Remy-, and "flying" remained nedeformirovannym loop.

To specific findings: Over the wreckage for are scattered in blind Temic 20 kilometers, and to assess on eye mass of the wreckage of the, necessary, as least, obtain access to photo all the wreckage of the, yes still with different foreshortenings. Of course, value such expertise will zero, but Mukhin and moreover not made, he simply pozyril several tens of rastirazhirovannykh electronic media photo, and concluded, that the wreckage of the lacks, because all over the wreckage not are trapped in frame.

Biggest single-cell organism even not has hit on, that of a bunch of debris but in just on three organizes platforms, and else in thank hand going through every major armrests of.



What so, gays socks and yellows slippers, still would a trident in hands! And from above arestantskaya jumpsuit!
Incidentally, that there with track have Westerners behind - occurred the fissure the earth? What so schebenochka exactly has dispersed - or in qualify to irregular glued?
Like as drawn footpath on on roll the
Whether paper, then whether banner tissue and nastelena hastily, and behind two slice roll have diverged. Why was to paint urban mat with bordyurami among grass, yes still with such picturesque curves so? .

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Nothing except abuse and himself not understands about fix writes.

This have him a long offensive.
Years 5-7 ago, still in "A duel" Ignatich consecrated him critical article for something that the criticized his version of about the connection the Nazis and Zionist in 30-40s years.
Theme a touchy and taboo but not a new, still before D. Reed wrote in "Truth about Zion."
And Kungurov then breastfeeding has embarked on protection peysatykh as the true shabesgoy. But Ignatich his disses, ah as this he keeps managing.
So that here is manifest "intense personal hatred."



2 + 2 =2, So that here is manifest "intense personal hatred."

statement, defendant experienced personal dislike victim?
Yeeeah! Experienced! He me himself said: such a personal aversion I find it to victim, that eat not can
A here is defendant argues, that he not was familiar with Papishvili
Listen, where sign?! When the followed toilet, Valiko me asked: Whoo he takooy this Sassanid? Far he poshyoyoyol?? I his, says, the first time see!

Why Putin so fears truth about a downed 747 flying ?

Nevertheless participated gives here two Council diplomats (ah and personally very) on Tribunal (that, that, tribunal create democracies winners on airline war) participated not in history.
(Though wrote same himself as on one tribunal dangerously in turnover terminate their activity: Secret an additional Protocol to's Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Katyn was1940 against the USSR, the Holocaust - 4-6 million Against Germany) pro the last he not wrote.

And ends the

But, you should agree, such elementary what master secretive mnogokhodovochek grandmaster Putin do not in able he paralyzed animals fear. The entire system already in death throes. Power can only pressed and not puschat, what proof is stigmatizing outcome voting in United Nations and arrest ailing on head the disabled person Mukhina, which wanted to conduct in trades abroad some a referendum.

That, did for you not clear, as trades abroad embarrass herself in UN? So less zomboyaschik look need to. ???? spanking Moscow only begins. A popozazhivinom, Messrs. were loyal to.

T. E. Participated recognized interested - (with) to do from Mukhina - ailing on head the disabled person,
Its arrest respectively - the right (and for Mukhina slightly whether not useful), but simultaneously and stupid (the so as power quite foolish, foolish and etc.
Pro, -kakoy something there a referendum - have us were any? Here is in Crimea - the was, as and arrest Mukhina.

Kungurov nevertheless, in article, not calls nor motive, nor plausible murderers, although the issues like military. And now form of a badge of on the opposite - that Mukhin not disabled person, and rights - camping on E. Reaffirming words TAC ",
Mukhina arrested from-for we, but him about this can not say.
And, Kungurovu said to do from Mukhina the disabled person, good, that, "talked - this to do" and then, when Mukhin wrote about the connection the Nazis and Zionist in 30-40s years. See 2+2 =2
Such a aversion, that eat not can.

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The that, Navalnyy (site) the return of the in this fact, in rate. But surname Mukhin not mentioned.

And here is, I could even watch
You don't tell nobody pro arrest Mukhina. Although should know, who such Mukhin. Yes and where was then (about this below) the same Kungurov, why "anti-Semitism Mukhina" not called - stupidity of power?

"New newspaper", 30.03.2012.

In April 2011 was brought new a case regarding Yuri Mukhina, leader banned Army will people and chief editor banned newspapers A duel (since then and newspaper By modern broadcasting , smenivshaya A duel , was closed, and it replaced came newspaper With my own names ). This time is anti-Semitic Mukhin stands accused of anti-Semitism on UF. 282 CC clearly wrongfully: Article There are and I have advice nepriyaznenna relative to Jews, but most ghastly, in than they are charged in article, this in is, that first created, and then heads the USSR . Mukhinu also obligated in blame the, that he he cited Hitler, that itself not can reckon a crime.

More-known example electrified Criminal affairs for the same article against known nationalist activist Constantine Chernyenko Prometey for his appearance on meeting Enough feed Caucasus!. In this speech contained hint on the, that representatives Caucasian peoples kill Russians and korrumpiruyut police, but not was at all no forfeit funds due calls.

But if in these cases can be still expect, that affairs until court not come or Serbia will justified (and contrary, and the, and another happens under shielded on UF. 282 CC), then Kaliningradskiy publisher Boris The samples already was convicted 19 September 2011 On h. 1 UF. 282 CC to workouts the fine in 110 thousands of rubles for printed attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church. Samples spoken and about religious people in a whole, but even most oppressive goes in article Religion this the combination of suckers, which level, and scumbags, challenges led by any religious organizations clearly not so aggressively, to from-for him resort to criminal persecution.

. Continues campaign law enforcement agencies against editions and organizations, assotsiiruyuschikhsya with's publicist Mayor Yuri Mukhin. Mukhin and his supporters combine Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism and xenophobia in such insufficient, that not times became the objects well 2003 enforcement. But basic repressive decisions against them are based on illegal ban dropped leaflets had You elect you judge that calls upon change Constitution thus, to not ugodivshikh people officials can be was in as a punishment to declare outside of law. 22 February 2011 Judicial college of Supreme Court trades abroad left in force decision Mosgorsuda from 19 October 2010 About ban mukhinskogo movement Army will people (AVN). Against the most Mukhina, as already was said, was wrongfully brought criminal deal on UF. 282 CC on charges of anti-Semitic propaganda.

- Jews created UF. 282 against their opponents - nationalists and police, such a "personal dislike victim" - now turn just beneath and until liberals!?

Style "New newspapers" - 2012 this preparation forces and of the plebs to Swamp Square, respectively such regarding impression "is anti-Semitic" Mukhin and he same and wrongfully is anti-Semitic.

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Think, that Mukhin - net publicist in the sense, that not from of workshop and not from gebe.

The, that he on the basis of is true seen and outlined facts pro podlozhnyy South Korean boying, podlozhnyy Grabovsky boying naborogozil pro participation the US, portrayed-gunman with air by sectarian fighting, disposal of details over donetskimi fields - this his setting stance. Ah not can be no podlogov without authorship shtato-supostatov, without political matrix! Not is obtained have him this to imagine.


, 01.09.1983

Of books mainstream Mukhina "III the global over Sakhalinom, or who shot down the Korean liner?"
to read here

Indeed, on bottom something was detected. Not the fuselage huge we , not his wings, not hundreds of Preparing sat and camping on D., and a bit very small aviation the wreckage of the, accordion-dead somehow bursting of the. On this about Jeffrey ticheskaya free the press here same announced, that, aaneaou, better, when jet falls on land, then nose his defor miruetsya, this mitigate blow and himself jet remains more-less single entity, and when he falls in water, then water's tearing his on very, very small parts of. Greater idiocy it is difficult devise, so mentor believe, that this Brazilian molet, before as fall in water, exploded.

First, with what would? Second, he same not dynamite was taking. Explode could only kerosene in large pieces, and this explosion pla mennyy. But among the wreckage of the not was found nor single about of charred things. And what was found, not the that have eksper JSC, and already have ample cushioned sun triggered together issues. Here is narrative one of them:

I not missed a nor one of descent. I have utterly a clear impression: Jet was is charged with smttyam and people not was there. Why? Ah, here is if breaks jet, even a small. Typically, must remain chemoda happy, sumochki, although would pens from suitcases. And there was the kind some, that, I believe, should notbad luck in jet normal people. Ah, say, the roll of amalgam as with heap,. Odezh yes the entire as with dumping from it ripped out the pieces. We same month almost worked!. Little was and nosilnykh things chickens talk there, customers, shoes very little. And what find whether, what something, all marked up! Here is found, say, scatter-laaa nits. They remained whole, Awesome Bar provide results even. But, that strange, have all broken within a mirror, right. Or plastic corps absolutely entire, and a mirror, right all broken. Or umbrellas: All in regarding loose covers, in as much as regarding loose covers even not nadorvannykh. And themselves izmyatye, non-business. Knives, forks warped.

But importantly not this, importantly the, that from almost 300 man, rode down on this 747 flying , not was found NO I bodies! And after all they must were be there, fastened at to seats, as to yakoryam, or thing to the surface, if typically recognized to put on the running spa satelnye waistcoats. For all time searches was sfotografi rowan patch of hair and ostensibly disconnected brush hands in up their sleeve and the, uh, glove. All! And where same passengers? After all what they on lost their lives, this accurately, but where their bodies?

Now with him lead negotiations and blandishments, for moreover and [. Will long, tedious, spell out the, like, roll your to reasonable definition work on-, to further worked on "genstsenariy", zaedino with all gebe all countries that also on him work.
I.e. continued its "SShAtnuyu part of" 65 and smaller aktsentirovalsya on facts postanovochnosti.

Plus, became would flag those genuinely open people, which share his views about nato-shtato-supostatov, are experiencing for Russia, watch the vnematrichnymi events like the rag he these lzheboingov and try to to think head, not ass in. Posobiral would these people, anything porassylal - popodpisyval would with them, camping on E. Became would political politician.

As he not fool, he now is experiencing the highly sophisticated clarity enhancement period damaging matrix, that supported entire life.

Gebnyuki perfectly know, that process damaging matrix stereotypes a daunting, so and time, and good conditions him would make. He, too, knows, that entirely in their (and of workshop) the hands of, so if will face on buck, when realizes forgery and matrix, then can and not withdraw from-for stroke, heart attack - this all in his able things natural.

Such now obfuscated for Mukhina alignment. Ah and for of workshop, the very a.

Gebe now will seek close still such people, to they as something started ors reforms reinvigorated work on "genstsenariy" and-. Even and herecame close, had to deal (snapsnap)


In turn, Kungurov, because fool, already is used vnematrichnymi in entire drugs now.

These fixes video he now puts on the conveyor.
SpeedBreaks role, not cesspool have "Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism", "rodoposelentsev", "vyzhivaltsev", "voznesentsev", function of sectarian belonging and apokaliptikov all stripes.

Here speech goes about mass nether "seizure decent in the best the world" for subsequent apartment obezlyuzhennoy the apocalypse, land. Kungurov now one of "tour guides" this movement. Mukhin for this not Felix Blumenfeld, him intended its grains role, in area 65-policy. Kungurov ,-calculated, Felix Blumenfeld.

Will have look a couple video for examples, albeit tedious very.

Zhatva Bot or Kvalifikatsionnyy exam on adequacy.

the universe and Hologram. Mine and Aquarium Earth. The reaping or evacuation of?

I'm a Wiccan, keynote speaker in the first video on "flight Yergaki" -

That this means?

Quite highly intrigued by strukturka (with direct contact with Inhumans down) zapryagla tovarischa on broadcast scenario, which still hope pull off - he collapsed even before 2012. Outside matrix strukturka! Group "grandfather" Orlova (site "grandfather-info") - one of its goals.

Apocalypse with quite pricey greater parts of people (optional 60 million) stop from facilities death-cult of-of worship on meridians - power lines begin field land (as its call something, Hi,, still not know) and allied themselves.

Fixation burns, Orcs cannot. Upyryachi "mentors" (I their so called) are and they save "elected" (in deeds they all go on fodder and raw materials). He one of gatherer such groups (thelowest among there's a step). Not densely, 'm, collects) Wu of workshop ball-handed these "he's the Stewarts'", at all no one, who would have brought together crowds s enthusiastic on the slaughter.

For installations there is no conditions - need masses believers people, customizable on ensured own manner, in get places - temples, ritualistic places and facilitiesinstallations like "Stonehenge." Fixation nurtures in camping on CHAMPION Their vigor, and with this full guys hope. From churches now be going, dead, we don't from them bears so, that people on autopilot, who in rate and not in rate, their bypass. And the atmosphere still not is ready. Forests are exterminated poorly, moisture many.

Orcs - teams like "novorosskikh opolcheniy" (only real, not were-hippity-hoppity clown, whatever out "khunto-novorosskiy project"), "of Scythian", "of Aryan", "the kind (r) tarskikh" and camping on D. Ord. - received "natural" genomaterial (the current in treylakh, water, food almost the entire - nizkosortitsa with faint share upyro-gene, surrogate from reproduktov intestinal wand), exterminate all in zero. With framing such brigades have of workshop those more guys hope. Burst "ukrovoyna", maydanov-antimaydanov remotely not envisioned. Not believe people no one from guardians, no one genuinely inhabits people muster not capable. Collection same people on orders, for enforcement cult procedures-obryadnostey, method revenue-administration - this quite not what need branch has for his goals.

Somewhere so.

Place, parasites, beautiful ranked. Yergaki, in Eastern Sayans. Was I there in year with plus (with parents, naturally). Even well. One of the most best seats, which saw (memory virtually with birth), albeit upyryache it, there have them honeymoon hideaways, one of southeast Siberian.

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the city dweller

)) Wu of workshop ball-handed these "he's the Stewarts'", at all no one, who would have brought together crowds s enthusiastic on the slaughter.
For installations there is no conditions - need masses believers people, customizable on ensured own manner, in get places

Ah why same, SI, iegovisty which, directly for this program and munshtruyutsya, until details.



#p36532, wrote:

the city dweller

Ah why same, SI, iegovisty which, directly for this program and munshtruyutsya, until details.

Highly aggressive and a hocker strukturka. On the streets, Marhab and on s trek.

Many whether'll cart people for a even a whole brigade preachers?
Nor one, think.



#p36572, wrote:

Many whether'll cart people for a even a whole brigade preachers?

This until from uvlekaemykh requires to do premiums, have them slowly deal goes, as only comes to regular away cookies and free cheese, mouse themselves on tiptoe climb in the mousetrap. ???? not only in this and curiously khabbardakh, but and in well innocent sharashkakh, type Hmmm 2000, amveyakh or foreksakh.
Make promises golden mountains, give free lessons, support initially, and then, when man and out the window in debts on apartment, machine and plus plus plus, his take no clothes hands.



#p36575,l2 wrote:

This is until from uvlekaemykh requires to do premiums, have them slowly deal goes, as only comes to regular away cookies and free cheese, mouse themselves on tiptoe climb in the mousetrap. ???? not only in this and curiously khabbardakh, but and in well innocent sharashkakh, type Hmmm 2000, amveyakh or foreksakh.
Make promises golden mountains, give free lessons, support initially, and then, when man and out the window in debts on apartment, machine and plus plus plus, his take no clothes hands.

Propaganda this increasingly greater part of.
From lokhotronov until real spillovers residency - the distance as until Moon Illusion.
On Altai thousands of in all regions were recruited "vyzhivaltsy", still when from "21.12.2012" required. Here of those thousands of realistically units of proved. And ago soon Reds?.



#p36522,Michael_Sv wrote:

Why Putin so fears truth about a downed 747 flying ?

As interestingly! Are starting to discuss Kungurova on Forum. And day 6 th August he puts post pro proverbial boying.

#p36524, wrote:

I think, that Mukhin - net publicist in the sense, that not from the Fellwick and not from gebe.

I, too, so think, simply began to doubt in it, from-for something that he ignored articles down a citizen and articles with Forum.
The notion of vnematritsy I first time met have him (naturally without participation misrepresentation). He as former over, is famously sees, that these clowns nothing not manage.
At all he many things describes in other words. Not dogmatic, for him not there is bosses, sake of establishing of truth not anything but shy - Debunking bosses. , denounced Marx (fallen out with Marxists anymore),, denounced "hero" Strelkova, for him he infantil not naigravshiysya in childhood in soldiers, Agravaine, not even without mentioning to make decisions (fallen out with strelkovskimi khomyachkami), as something his blocked "a goblin" on its site, because that he tried to explain to goblinskim hamsters, that commander not has no right hurl their soldiers (speech commanded about overweight tune officers from Sevastopol, let on sacrifice soldiers).
Himself he themselves believes scientific an atheist. Created its theory about available souls have rights and absence of God, without any sign naukoobraznoy least amount of nerd possible. "Not pretend - not die!" … /index.php
Wrote articles pro smoking-that nicotine-this the medicine from stress and that struggle with smoking leads to increase the quantity of oncological diseases. Stumbled on resistance commentators, free for a healthy image life.

In Soviet time he not one times the with tvarnoy bureaucratic system. Example. He tried to protect their colleagues on factory from nepravosudnykh commuted on violations technology security, in a result what-wash their hands prosecutor cities with office.


But all same the most filty, the most vile and the most some sneaky checkers were, the very a, the prosecutor and Court. The most vile because, that precisely from prosecutors and court all await justice, precisely in these organs people less just expect see moral thugs, which roiling only money and sanguine life.

In the early 80-'s have us in for several years was judged by for violating rules technology security 23 production test-scale geo-technical worker, with in these affairs frightening was that virtually all they were utterly innocent. We Sunday? All cases and concluded, that only in one case from 23-'s masters of can be accuse, yes and the formally. Case such. In boiler house for aid in great need of repair directed workers from other workshops, and master boiler-house put their on various work, and one assigned penetrate bunker with shlakom, camping on E. In this bunker Furnace settled and not failed it the first in gorlovinu. This it. The blue collar embarked under this the neckline of the and from below became click in Furnace cane, and when monopoly slezhalost, then the entire bunker hot slag collapsed, naturally, on him. Worker died. , it's idiotic this worker been utter, but all same we proceeded and of what he came from another of workshop, that notvert all same need was very show this rabotyage, as need work. And here is natyagivaya blame on an engineer in this case, we raze could not reveal guilt Moscow electromotor Lepse factory in rest.

Ah, here is, say, crane operator razlivochnogo failure raises a hook tap, and when he rose to beams bridge, kranovschiku need to was rise stop, but he the whether got distracted, then whether got my hopes up on filum circuit-breaker, which automatically should stop rise under looming, the hook tap to beams bridge. But kontsevik not worked, are cable winch cut the top of cable, and a hook with faster and fell. In any case in this steep of a cable slot is to blame crane operator, which not stopped rise, and are brigade, which not has tested reliability work end case. All workers a plant, as however, and almost all in the USSR, knew, that under the dart tap stand cannot be: The seedling Dont wait under the dart me I remember still with early childhood. Nevertheless, under these with the connecting hook stood pencil dick, well, that in a hard hat,. Travers and a hook fell near, but parts of furnace up, hit this a fella works for on a hard hat,, and he received craniocerebral-played trauma. And chief of change of Volodya Atamanitsyn for this trauma received from court two years and had completed their on zone in Kalkamane. Have him as have chief change of was about hundreds of workers in workshop size of, as I already wrote, with Kursky station, with immediately on several the ground and still and in a special building it. If chief of change of controls work furnace or 2 ~ 3 man, then rest their workers he raze not can to see. In than here guilt chief change of? That he should was do, to one pridurok on time stopped rise hook, and the other not stood there, where stand flatly prohibited from?

Or here is such case. In all workshops Shikhta creation tapeworms belts, their was on factory hundreds of, and that-that, but perishing rules security under work with them or near them knew all. In workshop # 6 in mid-nightlife change of rolled off with rail um, or we could the cart conveyor the accident the most simple, and its removing ranks several minutes. Pultovschitsa halted button of this the conveyor and, bypassing the masters of and chief change of, immediately, a simply timeworn slesaryam, to those set carts on place. Tak SmarTire and a-a locksmith have ascended to the top to with the transporter, there they passed shield electricity this conveyor, and they need to was turn off the conveyor and turn board on after, to on it physiognomy: Dont include work people! -second dance work, but them was decisional laziness, although they owe were this do. They came closer to the cart, there was filum circuit-breaker conveyor, they need to was overcome the and fix his lever. -second dance work, but them was decisional laziness, although they owe were this do. And they immediately check something under carts questioning its on footing. And in this time to pultovschitse licked lovely detached guy, they track of time chatting, and here same ringing dozirovschitsa and requests set it shikhtu, and sue its need to was, in including, and these conveyor. And pultovschitsa, not losing of pearls conversation with pleasant guy, is beginning to click finger at in button and includes the conveyor, on which she herself only that sent SmarTire. The conveyor insurance is, tightens under tape and rips houses a locksmith hand, he 2003. An autopsy showed, why slesaryam was decisional laziness to do compulsory and second work (turn board on after): Content industrial alcohol in your stomach fitters still topped his content in blood, camping on E. Plumbers already at work drank, and them became Sea on knee was. For this trauma Court condemned chief of workshop and his undersecretaries on electric and mechanical parts of, which in moment this trauma slept homes.

Popular misconception, with osuzhdeniyami has peaked until such extent, that young specialists began to refused outright deviating stray with workers positions and borrow engineering posts in workshops, and masters of and shop engineers have become sue statements with request translate their in workers. On the very moment have us on factory and so was disaster with shortages cadres executives, and here still and these idiots from court and prosecutors! And I decided to fight for their friends, yes and for himself, too,, because after all and I was boss of workshop, and I respond for vverennykh me people. But above all need to was deal, why the prosecutor accuses, and courts so easily denounce utterly the innocent people.

Began to buy legal literature and engage in it, and here it turned out, that, because affairs, concerning technology security, this not affairs about murder of or pilferage, and affairs technical, requiring special knowledge, then the main proof is conclusion expert on these issues, to nor talked accused and the bystanders. Here same found out, that importantly in examination this the, to expert not was interested in outcome affairs and was ascriptive. Found in various judicial examples, that experts in courts regency, typically, experienced specialists with other factories or similar manufacturing. Began expected to investigate, and who were experts in affairs my sentenced comrades, and I have eyes on their check something. It turns out, the prosecutor in this as a has been attracting our Valentina Rostekhnadzor and often even not his specialists , which on court owe warn about responsibility for liberal scattering invariably false conclusions, and simply acts, which sat around writing this Supervision Authority on everyone occasion injury.

And here need to understand, that if engineers a plant are intended melt ferroalloys, then have engineers production have been certified no other concerns there is no, except security works on subdivisions enterprises. And if happens trauma, then means, that this they not have looked. And to blame they, specifically beneficiary salary, to injuries not was. In a result, in all their acts on outcomes investigations injuries they necessarily point out engineers of our a plant in as a guilty, because if such point not will, then guilty will remain they. And our a lousy the prosecutor, not makes real expert examination,affairs on your little notes and pictures these ochevidneyshim way stakeholders and accusing people, quoted in these he, after what Court stupidly coin sentences.

First I thought, that speech goes about some forensic ? Crown Prosecution error naivete me then been lacking. I believed, that prosecutor and judges in good faith are wrong. And I went on reception to prokuroru cities. This was an elderly a man, have him were ordenskie the ceiling on for the war, that first triggered I have to him sincere respect. I began to explain, in than mistake affairs on TB, became to speak, that on Affairs our sentenced comrades need trigger experts from other factories, however his eyes have become glass, camping on E. Became in sight, that he me not listening anymore and have him desire to to dispose from me wish. He reaches from files from order Secretary-prosecutor the USSR and reads me point, in which U.S. Attorney requires strengthen fight with violations technology security. And we will ruthlessly fight with offenders! concluded he. But after all witness affairs on our caaiao, asked I, after all sentenced utterly innocent people! No, they are guilty! and with these words prosecutor took out is still not considered in court Criminal affairs and told me his the crux of the. Deal was about demise construction worker on what something venture cities. Master gave task American slesaryam spell out svinchennuyu bolts heavy Shemur beam, which one premised pig--this on two reliance and prove roughly in two feet off from gender, and himself is gone on the other the assistant. Svincheny two than half beams were in the middle. Two SmarTire zakurili and have observed, and a third began unscrew screws. Gave their from above beams, from below beams the key poorly had been bugging, and a-a locksmith farewells on gender under beam and became unscrew screws lying down. When Gave last, then beam, naturally, unraveled on two parts of, and make ends their fell on head this working stiffs. Nu, under than here master? asked me prosecutor. What, Those dolbony not understood, that if beam to unscrew, then make ends its will fall? weathered pausing and even with somehow satisfaction announced. But same masters of we to the throne!

And I understood, that and this prosecutor, and our judges perfectly understood, that denounce the innocent, but in his within me desire better idea report in ostensibly execution orders the u.S. Attorney's would still condemned the innocent, flouting Soviet laws. To speak with prosecutor after this was not about than, and I is gone, enriched knowledge moreover, whom same on fact is this krapivnoe the seed Justice. "

About ways struggle

Higher I wrote, that the prosecutor, in rage, report in his struggle in area technology security, illegally accused, and Court is a miscarriage of justice condemned 23-scale geo-technical workers of our a plant, and that I any trait started climbing defend their comrades and walking with this question to prokuroru cities. After conversation with him I very his and decided to write on this issue collective letter. Yes, I mind, that in its time for writing such a letters me threw from home town of Dnipropetrovsk in Kazakhstan, ah and that? I after all "Khohol, position obliges act on priskazke splintered sour grapes. But, strictly speaking, and the situation was another, and I, believe, became smarter. I sat and wrote surround the text, in which Future all cases nepravosudnogo condemnation, showed, as the prosecutor building a criminal affairs against invariably the innocent, and what participation in these affairs production have been certified.

Signed himself and went to his friend, timers in their sites the Fellwick # 4 A. I. Skuratovichu. The have read and, nor words not speaking, signed.

Then went to jure strebovu, timers in their sites second of workshop, the, too, signed. Then went to the rest of the masters prefer workshops, and than more became signatures, the faster they signed the, even not reading people not wanted remain outside of collective. Then leapfrogged ahead major specialists and in end received document, signed all tertiary link executives a plant. To Director and main engineer not walking, to their not accused, that letter nowhere on their commissioned. Nevertheless, am confident, that they about my work knew, but not discouraged. For starters sent this letter in obkom Party, and days through five us raised in assembly spied a.

In the presidency was prosecutor area, Chairman regional Gosgortekhndazora and the second Secretary Karabakh Party, which began with, that party took course on lowering injury and camping on D. And camping on P. The same produbliroval and Rostekhnadzor, prosecutor remained essentially silent. Came pause, and it became clear, that someone need something say from the room, so all have become hurl views in my side. Had to to stand up and with seats say, that we, 7A workers, and themselves put themselves dangers more, than sitting in the presidency, and travmiruemye workers us closer, than them. So that need not question weaning in side we not against Party and not against declining injury, we against nepravosudnogo condemnation our comrades, and in our letter its statutes written precisely about this. I asked tone answers, and after me bosses workshops quite small supported this requirement. Was in sight, that from this pressure Prezidiumu became not in themselves he indeed might be certain, that the collective in this issue splochen. The second Secretary felt outcome deliberate and offer its nothing not who mean repetition of a words about have trumped Party, and meets ended as would nothing. But!

But prosecutor cities wash their hands with office, and Gosgortekhnadzoru was put into on most not can. And the situation has changed fundamentally prokurorskiy occupation troops fully stalled, and I even not remember nor one case condemnation our workers after this of our letters.

On his site be article, where he writes explaining the about his illegal arrest.

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Yuri Mukhin writes from detention centre about his abduction in Crimea.

19 July I took ticket on Simferopol, 24th of has flown in Crimea, remaining on constant ties with Moscow. With 29.07 I with wife and comes 8 years Brandhorst in cottage on the cape "Fat Man", on North side Sevastopol. Cottage is in 150m from the beach on this the cape and I walking on each and the evenings landlocked swim only in of travel and flip-flops.. 28 July in 8 morning I seceded from sea and on exit with the beach me stopped policeman patrol nowhere near from three man, senior Upa a sergeant Parkhomenko, and proposed me, as there is, sit down to them in machine, to they car where me in russian embassy police. I refused, demanding give me rise in cottage, covering up and take passport, however, MKAD with superiors, patrol nowhere near me in this Treatment and force that I brought me in russian embassy, with, Sergeant first agreed, give you a ride me to cottage and I got there, to wife and granddaughter knew, that I not drowned, but, MKAD with superiors, denied and in this.

In rescue parts of rayotdela my detention raze not packaged, none of officers themselves not called, me soughtability to stuff in long drives corners corridors, to I not perceptible air in eyes rare received. My demands draft Protocol my detention nothing not ended, all, including and chief referred to there are some "Moscow troopers out there anymore", which "will visit and all sent." I tried to to escape, but me force was kinda stuffed back. In 13 :3 0 toured three Moscow troopers out there anymore in plain clothes together with freaked out. Raised and been read me the resolution interrogator's Talaevoy about shuffling marathon me to it, because I 23 July ostensibly refused result to it on agenda, that was so sheer as lies, that even senior out was confused, when this gave a talk. After this me have written the trousers, am informed, cowards and straitjacket with brief by fork.

As it turned out my wife and granddaughter, believing, that I drowned, been running around on the beach, there to it arrived these Moscow! ', tricking, promising meeting with me, was lured out it my clothes and, importantly, my passport, which on-essence have suburban wives had stolen. Until wife waited have official Owl rayotdela, me lifted right through fence rayotdela the hill being to a highway and machine, on which me removed in airport Simferopol and forth on jet in Moscow - to the investigator Talaevoy, which on the morning 29 July, i.e., through clock after my kidnapping, sent an intercession by in Court about appointing me measures cheaters in the form of content under detained. This is important, because without departure this a motion, my detention even rigged operas was a criminal on st.391 CC trades abroad, and krymskie the cops simply abducted human, like common bandits, i.e., aside from deeds, if unpermitted would at, committed and crime, a prohibited and would 126 CC trades abroad.

Not understand this abomination. Why Talaeva not sent me agenda 22-23 or 24th of? Why not rounded up me in Moscow? Why sent thugs in Crimea? Make a mockery out of need to me? To I angrier became? Or to frail function on business trip in Crimea? When did fly in in Moscow, frail in airport something divided a, schematic from Crimea. Double behind this in Crimea exactly rolling?
In any case, this a good example of those who assures the, that in Russia there is no of fascism. Here is he - in really filled that the form of.



Not know in what subject

Kungurov, Mukhin sits, Bug - not bug


2015-08-29 11 :5 2 pm (UTC)

Kungurov, you either strongly was fucked up, either himself not don, that shall comply.

And year not passed after this:

Feerichnyy woodpecker, all-???.

Shall local whether patriots of to recognize blame his country in fact MH-17?

August 29th, 21 :2 8

Now think of why Kungurov this popularity?

So that changed opinion Kungurova, and was 99%,

In 1% enters:

- a catfish as well pro Spanish controller; they do, now safely neglected;
- fake video Ukrainian Neversmile with getting my head shot missile in, ostensibly viscerally in controlled Apu Krasnoarmeysk Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction;
- a catfish as well about will Voloshine, if would that hit our Boeing (``debriefing drop box I did here);
- so much fake-ass Sputnik snapshot Leontiev (``debriefing drop box I did here);
- fake satellite take pictures ostensibly Ukrainian positions SA-N-on the eve tragedy;
- fake selling conclusion anonymous specialists Almaz-American t.

T. E. Not was would these laboratory feykov to gain - traces Americans on the moon and anonymous specialists Almaz-American t , (Nikolai Krasil'nikov and 7-40, Pikhoya and By), too, specialists, and the that in end?

Lakmusom is mainstream Mukhin

So, Ukraine, which ostensibly is covering his traces , in feykometstve not engage. And in Russia feyki get rid of the Defense Ministry, the General, controlled the Kremlin media. Aside from this in turnover vbrosheny quite perishing twat of version of about ostensibly scattered frozen dead bodies or is, that no one at all no jet over HC Donbass Donetsk not been knocking down, and on our televisions us show spectacle. But this Brad tirazhiruyut wasn that by the lunatics like Mukhina (his nabros I parsed here).

But to Internet jerks out the Kremlin relations not has. But dress the prosecutor inject feyki to its liking after all not can? If she vbrasyvaet means was received order with the most top. And who is worth higher the general prosecutor? Javadxan, his surname begins on dreaded P.

T. E. Kungurov thinks that all feyki vbrasyvaet essentially the Kremlin. Strange to hear this from practitioner's Molotov Ribbentrop Pact (have mandated secret), on this a fake prayed today the Kremlin, but, not the Kremlin the author fairy.

I.e. can be suggest that Kungurova have on uncovering this fairy directly themselves underhanded curators themes "pakta- (have mandated secret)", not his an analytical mind and he sitting in Tyumene, took so and denounced, even Mukhin then apparently psikhozdorovyy, until this not petril. Denounce he, incidentally, and Semyonovich Sobyanin.

Stance Mukhina on all Boingam until not the capitol. Yes and sat he on -mneniyu TAC "Admfor Boeings: In Crimea arrested Yuri Mukhin

So Kungurov wants us inculcate into, that mainstream Mukhin - this a kooka-dooka,
And, his arrest - for "saw power"
And the, Kungurov 8 months ago - this not the Kugurov 99%, and contrary this 1%.

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Endured his kangaroo message in appropriate subject. Moderators, you can to remove message in the topic. Limits to growth and as with them fight

#p38320, wrote:

Mukhin long homes, but writes any hell is that. Project Constitution, legal questions Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya against Taleevoy. Net political matrix.

I think, all-??? this was call under their mobilize behind politician to people, tsekhovikami with the help pravovikov.

They and until me unfiltered, and certainly until many other, in those same the most days. Esquerda "opinion-explanations of" on gebovom "the Nazi" site, there same, where and Mukhina (disambiguation), the same department, that "Caucasus-center" and "Katyn-2" makes, had to them brains to do a reduction.

.NET.! Mukhin 19 th August transferred from detention centre under house arrest. Whereupon deal zavedennoe on him-not closed. His comrades Alexander Sokolov and Valery whiter is remain in detention centre.
full! From protection all three figures "working as" Talaevoy removed both lawyer Chernyshev. On the table complaining on this marazmu- "interrogator" not is in "Court."
"Court" continues to secretary nepravosudnye decisions, not despite all legitimate arguments the accused. Of the last decisions.

Yuri Ignatievich drama statement on name of Bastrykin.

About arousal Criminal affairs on lines parts of 2 articles were CC trades abroad against members criminalized groups Talaevoy

Interrogator on particularly important Affairs Office Inquiry into particularly important affairs Investigation governance on Central my constituency the Chief Investigation governance the Investigative Committee Russian Federation on Propulsion Moscow Major Justice Talaeva N. A. 22 July 2015s office brought criminal deal against members Initsiativnoy groups on conduct referendum Over comfortable power for organizing this referendum. Thereby interrogator Talaeva and its accessories to in law enforcement organs and courts would stand my rightly on participation in this referendum.
Am asking stir up against Talaevoy and rest criminals criminal deal on lines parts of 2 articles were CC trades abroad, and me to appoint distressed on this trial. … nnoe-pravo

And success at Yuri Ignatievich and his wife petitioned statements on name of prosecutor Crimea and Propulsion Sevastopol about kidnapping Mukhina police in Crimea.

On site Mukhina emerged commentator-instead under down "Andrei Dubrov" ostensibly writing from Austria (he from offices bauera-sense). Like his use keyboard there. , I remind you, 6 years ago Mukhina denounced on 2 year conditional support from-for this Dubrova, because that in newspaper "A duel" was published article this Dubrova, that recognized extremist.

, - .

Short finding in Aliaxandar custody triggered I have question to human rights defenders, question, which, to my shame, as something not came me before in head. This question the length preliminary allegations why human rights defenders about this silent? Break,, too, not have, as and I, but why human rights defenders silent and about problem, about which I and before many wrote, - about material interest law enforcement ?

After all and on our criminal trial and have of human, and have simply commentators go divination why and whom in Rashke our arrest and criminal prosecution IGPR DDA could need?

Truth, for our Criminal affairs the answer not simple, because it not criminal, and political, and one material unsere situation not going to explain to. Requires raise and question, about which in our fact swept under the carpet not perhaps, so with him and imbabers.

Ah, in fact, here is even on moment write this material see in towns news another message: President Ukraine Peter injured gave mandate activating work on refundable losses from transition peninsula in composition Russia. As states in National, government Ukraine should not slow begin to podschyotu losses, sustained by temporary occupation parts of territory Ukraine Crimea.

And this message ends proposition, somehow on today in Russia owe Miners such messages about Crimea virtually all decent law-abiding news agencies report: Crimea became part of the trades abroad in March 2014 After referendum. Referendum! Other excuses connecting Crimea have Kremlin no! But after all after, as arrested and planted in prison whiter is, Sokolov and I, this proposal need to finish the work on her words, that in Russia itself referendums are considered a crime, and for attempt to their organizations citizens Russia threatens to 8 years prison.

????, if our question referendum, about recognition obschenarodnym solution President Russia and deputies Twice Heroes Russia, raze not chain 'to extremism, the question referendum in Crimea (guy breaking territorial integrity Ukraine) with positions of law trades abroad Oh and countering extremist activities - this net extremism. I.e., on logic customers of our affairs, organizovavshie in Crimea a referendum Constantinov, Aksyonov, Chaly, yes and Natalia Poklonskaya, - this extremists and criminals. Because they conducted a referendum only for mind, and their true objective consists in undermining political environment in Russian Federation in side instability, and also change of the existing power undocumented by.

This quote from regulations Talaevoy about arousal Criminal affairs against me and my comrades, poyasnyayuschaya its brothers and sisters on reintroduce reason in Prosecutor and courts, to what on fact lead referenda and why, according to Talevoy and its puppeteers, referendums in Russia prestupny.

I.e., our arrest otkryvayut organs and Khamovnicheskiy Court already gave modern and world community most powerful an additional trump not to recognize adherence Crimea to Russia. (Truth, modern, of course, very desirable, to us realistically have been).

After our landing Putin, Lavrov, Churov and other fascists Kremlin, gesture--even while speaking about Crimea with the world community, argument about a referendum in Crimea can right off the bat slowly and itself in of anus. After all is obtained, that on laws Ukraine a referendum in Crimea not legitimate, because such questions on Constitution Ukraine owe be decided obscheukrainskim referendum, and in fascist Russia referendums deklariruyutsya, but are illicit software fact. Because, first, in fascist Russia for 22 year not was nor single referendum, second, in fascist Russia from in prison for real attempt to a referendum organize, and, to example, Parfyonov, Sokolova and Mukhina already have been. Then on any legitimate grounds prisoedinyon Crimea?

I.e., criminal deal against us for organizing referendum - this realistically irrefutable proof of modern to his argument that, Crimea prisoedinyon to Russia illegally.

And for me in this fact much not understandable, say, and why need was the urge to mock me need to I precisely in Crimea? Why this operationally-included-Geschichtswerkstatt Europa scum waited, when I'll fly away in Crimea? Why cannot be was make a mockery out of need to I, as and over my co-players, in Moscow? Why this show need was? Confirm modern, that, aaneaou, yes, adherence Crimea referendum indeed illegally and we, fascist junta Kremlin, here is precisely on territory Crimea on very quickly over those who wants a referendum in Russia organize? For this?

But after all Ukraine and the world community believes Crimea territory Ukraine, therefore, crime against democracy and against me was introduced on territory Ukraine, and with perspective Ukraine and world community crime, mastery against me, subject to assessing Ukrainian is excite and courts. This after all with perspective Russia prosecutor Republic Crimea is public adviser Justice 3 class N. W. Natalia Poklonskaya , and with perspective world community prosecutor Autonomous republics Crimea is derzhavniy Rudnick yustits 2-of W. L. Sinchuk , a tracking for legitimacy in Crimea from its office on address Oe?a, 01011, forge the Kapot, crate. Rznitska 13 / 15.

What version of here file? That in the composition of the of the Kremlin junta there is shtirlitsy from liberals old, still President Boris Yeltsin-wing, and these shtirlitsy our Criminal affair are quietly heated up messing with their competitors - now ruling kremlyovskim to the Nazis?

Because this version of is only logical, then, of course, has the right on life, but, will repeat, in this case not about it speech. "

To read fully … hchitnikam

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Mukhin ssylsya on Shariya 27.07.2014 - 09 :1 8 - the first comment

On not know, that for site, the official or no: Produblirovano

25/08/2014 14 :1 0

Not know as, but likely, that video on YouTube was later, and it's dated retroactively and perelizalito. Such option is possible? Shariyu it is important show, that he the first and insider, and is obtained a shallow, vapid khronosdvig.

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