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Peter Khaysenko and slice of MH17 his behalf

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pics all of this, of course, camping on It comes. On latest photo Akkermansa the impression, that laws prospects at all it is unclear as display themselves
If same watch as is leading themselves "Clypeus" on the first Fote, then made photo collage with calculation. Assuming increase line In, in reconcile with those, that "Clypeus" on photo reduced by the. Likely length In I calculated inaccurate, so as the distortion real length on photo difficult accurately determine. Can who-thread will undertake calculate more precisely?

Here is the top photo in larger-resolution, can be fix diameters chapeaus and holes.
Clypeus hidden very irregular, not try raze from-for gum. Very very old it with a rubber band incidentally
On picture the reference … p;start=60
Bolts and small holes right less those that from Left on 11-12%
To namukhleval, dog.
And can and not he, because these derzhitsya they receive on allocation of Center for.

Increasingly would still in sight, that over trivial issue strongly poizdevalis on Landfill
Its were on place explosion and bombed, this bit of beating implemented already with old and those rotters you were a fragment of.
Catches in eyes and the, that metal riddled time, and paint red and blue looks as a new. Me for example obviously, that its can paint already after as detail is black with rot.
On the top parts of photo and in "schlini" in sight that s dyural, Corrosion and most unequal

obviously, that neither gun Su-25 nor A x tiny missiles "air-air", nor A x "Neversmile", could not, under any circumstances so to disfigure Boeings.


This a small cube, on which blame entire state, in several times less even doors in salon. This pischinka on the body giant plane. Far same could able to go anywhere increasingly else, if his there is no on platforms # 1.2 and 3? Yes simply nor brought, because trucks are waved lacked..



And, has peaked as to do.
Go on exiled … 5471359080
For come on computer right-wing the lower button of.
The size of the derzhitsya 4608's 2592
Dozen leftist nail-heads screw 55.56 PACs, dozen right-wing nail-heads screw 49.33
The difference in 11.2%

Rudely speaking, distortion prospects on picture Akermansa roughly 12%

Length BSID A = 1073.39
Length BSID In = 1218.82
1218.82 +12% = 1365.07

The difference between A and In must stack in the real life 21.36%, that already much closer to truth



TAC ", room, reveal on photo point for metering.

And until here is that . The fragment strongly a deformity of C, so that not third strictly:
Establishment with perekrestiyami this point peg axial lines colored.
Two yellows lines your quadriceps burn. Upper yellow on the upper part the edge of an onlay.
Violet line this floor the brink an onlay.
Red axial are set perpendicular to the upper yellow (ah and the lower yellow so same))
Blue pump turbine poorly lie down on centers screws ((
Green, this supposedly the brink paint. Here at all plus minus gender laptya.
Cornner size the true. Linear this "relative millimeters of", but picture imported with retaining proportions.

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The most ascriptive will has stopped for in hats screws. With two sides the size of the their so.
The ratio A / In and Since / D and requires discover.

????, on "frakhmente" measure better from this edge trimming, because with otognutym nalichnikom there is questions.



MH17 Peter Haisenko bei SteinZeitTV - Auszug



From / To fields else something happened to,?

Imposed tier with "piece", as me seems more accurately.
Gone a the accuracy of on bottom arrangement an of extreme windows.

Photo for rechecking. - value added tier.

Obviously that "a piece of the" were crafted were schlockmeisters.
Most likely:
Heave with dumping old cabin Boeing-757 (similar form of windows with Boeing worth roughly $)
cut out slice of from under windows
have torn off old facial paint
colorized from cans of aerosol, under this rudely made a mistake in scale and tilted the red swathe of.
custom a piece of the shooting and made on Landfill

Found Peter Khaysenko; have raised him retirement; said - regulation an expert on television outlets.

Catches in eyes even without points: Far else something happened to,?
Cabin (front part of plane) substantially more, than the entire Plato together taken, with together shovel # 3" sunflower field "



Peter Khaysenko

In several films escort official versions, adopted participation some pilot in resignation, expert Peter Khaysenko.
Thisin anybody not behind, journalists flied in Germany to with clown for moreover, to the told, that he in Internet lost a picture of an sliver of we, that rastirazhirovali hundreds of copies of. Nevertheless, this- reality.

The film on English
Reflections on MH17
RT Documentary
Petr serves on 13 :0 2 … mp;t=13m2s

Photograph, that Khaysenko lost, quietly lay in and continues to lie on page Dutch tsekhovika Zhorena Akkermansa, with under different rakursami. Here is only one option Search on photos

Reuss MH-17. The aborted flight
29 :0 0 - "This photograph I've been hanging in Google several hours, and then, disappeared" (A. 1899)

following flight 2
NTV PE. Submitte the manuscripts. Has a death row flight 2



Espoused photograph Peter Khaysenko, that they lost with Dvorkovich explicitly Savva Ivanovich Mamontov

Peter Khaysenko, expert in area aviation: - I not was able find many photographs, but one was especially interesting this was the fragment one part of cabin pilot. And this fotofragment was in very high resolving. On this fragment, without doubts, can be understand, that jet was happy-. He was happy-@-@ headed storm trooper doesn. In this cannot be to doubt.

All Russian and novorosskie media, software count, TsENTRA, called this external machine passenger - "independent an expert, which has proven."

- In the process of its research, Peter, faced with attempts to hide, silence, change information on malaziyskomu Boeing. This photograph, was published in Internet immediately after catastrophe, she I've been hanging in Google several hours, and then - disappeared. (False Arcadia Mamontov helpin movie Arcadia Mamontov help "Prervannyy flight")

Peter Khayzenko



CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 3. Sunflower field (not a burned tortilla)
A sunflower, ranks what something there not the last place in Masonic svoystva.
On this chessboard of heap debris, which close front chassis we. Physically impossible education such heap, if this fell with Heights, even although would 300 meters. Matrix look lame argues, that here has fallen cabin, however here there is no nor one like squares will do it, which ostensibly has been shot 30-mm gun.

Accurate gathering spaces that offer universal, field not has suffered :)
-shaven circle right with just said field, to KamAZy lost and allies blamed props.

, severely maimed on Landfill leaf (be can even from we-757), found photographers, in singular copy. Photo with this with a leaf, has found the great search engine the images in Internet, named Peter Khaysenko. This skill find rare photo, became an occasion for invited his in Russian TV programs. :D

1899 clown
29 :0 0 - "This photograph I've been hanging in Google several hours, and then, disappeared" (A. 1899)
Cpetsyalno for leading CSI Arkashi Mamontov help



following flight 2
NTV PE. Submitte the manuscripts. Has a death row flight 2
5 :0 3-
Sergei Banetov, former employee MAC, currently "Ikspert NTV." Idiot somewhere was able see "enough large the fragment cabin".
8 :4 0 -
A brazen the excerpts NTV "No from whom not causes doubts that Boeings was shot down."
Peter Khaysenko
9 :0 0 -
A brazen the excerpts NTV, II trades abroad, about presence of "Battle" near we and iksperta Peter Khaysenko, about how that Boeings was shot down "-headed storm trooper doesn. " They idiots. For Boeing-worth roughly $can to contest only "The Exterminator", and for "-headed storm trooper doesn "can to contest and himself Boeings. Ceiling Heights and maximal the speed Battle Su-25 not leaves him no chance to participation.
9 :2 0 -
Ikspert Peter Khaysenko on fragment, which made on Landfill, makes conclusion, that Boeings hit by-headed storm trooper doesn. Even child adapt must be is understandable the elementary logic, that, severely maimed the fragment proves only the, that this the fragment of out someone guy, he slashes, meanwhile and more nothing.



German expert Peter Khaysenko (Haisenko) assures the that Boeings was shot down from 30-mm automatic gun Su-25.
Assures the, that cabin pilots'on a Boeing was fired with two sides. In curves the now on the locking motley size, so unexpectedly freshs rump from with 30-mm patrons.
As so gun could leave only traces from pieces?))
And even German not knows, that Su-25 intended for strikes on earth and that a practical ceiling have this plane just 7 thousands of.
Tried to would for themselves to answer even on questions, which here same apply in his version of:
1) Why militias had stolen the rest the pieces cabin with "proboinami", to hide klyatikh benderovtsev?
2) Why Ukraine muddle the civilian plane?
3) Is Ukraine had envisaged on the, that its crime will remain unnoticed, and all media World will provide it cover?
4) Where is 90% the rest of the bodies plane, with that there increasingly already izlazili and increasingly zafotografirovali?
5) If this was just-only gun, then who cut in the air small fragments plane?
And camping on D.

Appreciate, it's idiotic moreover, who this eyebrows "with German". Instead Su-25 they gasket photo Su-27, plane, utterly another class.

"Our Planet", such same, it's idiotic … 7-29-11800

All consecutive as a herd rams reprinting the.
And those there same … i-vvs.html
And here such a same bullshit … orce-jets/

Eyes on the Prize as incisions NEW MH17 SENSATION:angry:
Simply people for cattle accept and increasingly, type `vam to think not need to, we themselves for you increasingly for free think of and say
Nu okay, suppose reprinting the as parrots, suppose of references not give, but why same they photo Su-27 give instead Su-25?





TAC "this detail there is on the Hangar reconstruction:

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#p36357,Michael_Sv wrote:

This detail there is on the Hangar reconstruction

Remarkable that near with it there is no neighboring details and the that reenactors not very understand, that such "of widebody aircraft plane" … 1205_m.jpg

And even prikolno that "Censor. There is no "received exclusive collecting rights on shooting, derzhitsya with their logo extend on" ?a?iia after our splniy dm "

And here is and a ring behalf of Solzhenitsyn-Varsegova.
Service was angarchik, not on Juana sambrera.

And largest detail with gateway, which in only at all absent :D :D



Another matter that, revamp on atack the rest two-thirds (bottom and the upper hand) judging by drain orifice frame no one not intends to.

THAT BC. Are ChYo FOR bullshit? This Investigation? This DESTROY ULIK!

Transcript movie Matrix real sense
(The Russian version of)

(Logos: Chief a compartment)
The Ghost of (voice): Well. Include system.
Sparks: Ship has come to life.
AK: We can download you software to infiltrate in the Matrix.
Sparks: This was would with steeply. And still wipe the me glass. There is Canal ties. Launch an computer. Until all well, here is only something not so with signal from of the Matrix.

(Is an: Chief a compartment)
AK: All in order. We see the same that and you.
Sparks (voice): That there traits hell is happening?
Linka: Clearly something it's a lousy.

Frame modicum and looks large on snapshots, but on perform well from gender growth human with, well, elongated hands.

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The old Norwegiansfavourite way to (on level reflex) photographers do large more.

Yuri Vlasov such a large, that ranks the entire hangar, that present seems - this basement, where and-bell not risks pushing on once hand.



Always surprises in snapshots "catastrophes" a?eiooi an art side snapshot, have been designed specifically on cost illusion, on deception of view the viewer. No one not seek to show and achieve true sizes paintings. Although would impose whose camera safety or native APC line of.

Even "Americans on the moon" ticked crosses on snapshots, for credibility. But, this little helped, so as curvature horizon on the moon was would a different, and eye determined precisely for crosses.

So, on fact, aptly on snapshots, when modicum head (or human growth) is mired in frame and the desirable, to without headscarves, hats, hood and Slam survival suits.

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Peter Khaysenko and slice of MH17 his behalfTAC ", with another angle

Angar for studying and collection the wreckage of the we on AB Gilz in the Netherlands. Real size plane highlighted by the Golden. Over the wreckage propagating on least identification. Directly before us - engine and part of wing.

Here … azatelstva

Highlighted by the Golden, I and say pro moon crosses.

And a ring not real the size of the?

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#p36736,Michael_Sv wrote:

here azatelstva

For this small review article fulsome couple of issues. Can who editor continue.

1. Remarkable for elements on the idea of potter's wheel are cast on factory in some kind forms and must have more-less smooth the surface. On the elements through metals goal will appear any "scherbatosti", should the. On the edges of the, but and smooth the surface must to remain. Here same "izgryzano" increasingly fully.


Rentgenovskiy snapshot skeletons one of members crew Federation state of Malaysia we.

He was in pilotskoy cockpit in moment explosion and died on place. All fractured broken bones - this results misses as hits striking a elements. Here is these point around skeleton - this fragments the wreckage of the corps and remarkable for elements Fighting parts of Russian anti-aircraft missiles 9M317.

In any conditions, where made X-ray snapshot?
Not in grabovskom same field.
T. E. Reader should understand, that fragments the wreckage of the corps and remarkable for elementsit tight! Coming around punched a hole in form of and stuck in the body pilot? Or their on the table in roentgenogram-office filled enormous shaft?
So some white tochki- "fraKhmenty" on denuding clearly are outside familiar dimensions bodies (ah or pilot the fat man-priezzhaet).
Yes and at all, well would this a skeleton, and especially smashing right leverage professional medyku I merely.


Our unambiguously set authenticity photographs of start-up of missiles Neversmile in district of Snow (it was filmed in RAW-format). Author snapshot exchanged his photo camera on a new cell, and his photo camera late-to materials affairs.

Here is these specific the details in this stateyke- to what they?
If at least as efficient without ceremony "RAW format", then proves, that he meets far not across technology. For prof. Photographers.
Interestingly, how many indigenous grabovtsev, rassypchan or snezhnovtsev have such atechnique with suchsettings photo. How many from natives at all know, that such "RAW format"??
And can someone kept on the occasion ready the plenochnuyu that is?

Chudny affairs your, my God.

PySy. :crazyfun:

Spetssluzhby countries NATO have been able to purchase missiles Russian Bukov on global arms market specifically for conducting expertise.


"- Hey, Russians, you know, sell it us WON ARE LAUNCH!
There is no-there is no, complex not need. Only missiles.
There is no-there is no, one little, give pack.
Why missiles without complex? TO MAKE A FUCKIN FIREWORKS !
You, Russians, quite idiots. Yes who OK you after "frustrated pets market" will tell, why? We OK imperialistichnye intelligence agencies!
Blyanakhuy. "

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Bukhtiyar J.,
So some white tochki- "fraKhmenty" on denuding clearly are outside familiar dimensions bodies (ah or pilot the fat man-priezzhaet).

Remind the search for fleasstars on of the lunar photo. The second a series of. In one case (in the absence of) can be explain zasvetkoy, in another (Hua), rumblings. And etc.

Have malaziyza (if he pilot) face demolished, yes and increasingly would still, skull more asses.

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