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Fatima Dyczynski, Centers victim installation MH17

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Dmitry" wrote:

Psikhicheskie relatives of the dead, in Dneprozhidovske entrance in VGIK the rents.
CNN their ulyublenimi false flag (subscription) Hypnotizes

The fetish some. And, shirt this,. The dead woman literally 11 shows. … 77140.html

This same couple for in: Holland, Dnepropetrovsk, only.
Mediaproekt "literally" … -4938.html

Is famously. :D By addition literally's mowing on just 100 percent Madonna-87, only wearing and hair other)
Formed wystawienniczym and lakes with crowd journalists on diagonally Europe. And we then we're surprised as this is so news incisions, where journalists so much content take)




. Ohh!! I even know, who this a fresh bouquet just grabbed :)

(When this couple there you know, hanging out, who remembers? In any numbers?) … 03383a143a
26 July Newsweek for example NBC.
Were even CNN and the entire the rest mrazobratiya

George W. and Angela Rudkhart-Duzhinski. They inflicted hardship flowers, stood and we prayed, the Corinne Semyonoff.
Parents 25-year Fatima's, hoped, that their daughter Lives.

An arduous path has Jewish couple for moreover, to make sure, that Fatima's more there is no. In Amsterdam on he landed, they raised journalists all global media with requirement "Let us otgovarivayte us from trip on Ukraine." Couple of warned, that in district only go terrible-fighting and that Ukrainian government not guarantees them security. Journalists global media gathered dissuaded couple of even times in Dnepropetrovsk, but far there. Airs Rudhart-Dyczynski told men: "We will borrow responsibility on themselves."
Against traditional Jewish boldness increasingly is thus meaningless, the more have George W. there is the Beautiful white shirt's cool, created by for ?? pressukh.

Die best. Phantoms. Literally returned in Australia after 5 years training in the Netherlands, she received any degree of oath draws on one adopted in area Aero and-cosmic technology. Literally before flight, literally told parents on Skype conversations, that intends to in Washington, on internships in area any something computational and reusable space systems engineering IBM.

Literally Dushinski and Madonna Louise Ciccone loafers were



.. wrote:

Have shown mother with father of the dead female passengers Fatima's Duzhinski. But modicum someone saw, to they have shown that any of personal things, one their daughters? Not know, as have them there with time of mourning anymore and four mourning black traditions, but to go on bed of ashes in the White - beyond the limits understanding of. Beyond the limits understanding of and shirt with photo of the dead daughters. What feelings need to to experience, to during mourning order itself T-shirt to that of the dead. And why on place collapse toured only they?!

On work as on celebration!
Photosession with ego i struck parents-travelers.

Dont know, as have them there with time of mourning anymore and four mourning black traditions, but to go on bed of ashes in the White - beyond the limits understanding of.

Wu them there in Australia at all increasingly upward with their feet :smoke:

Angela Dyczynski not can to contain emotions

George W. and Angela Duzhinski, ask templates behavior parents victims

Angela shows its a trendy bracelet



Dmitry" wrote:

Angela Dyczynski not can to contain emotions

Fingernails bit, and from above - varnish. Under nails, except large finger - dirt under varnish. On tickets on jet means money there is, on white the Suit, too, there is, but on manicurist up or a nail set of - there. Hands as have kolkhoznitsy. Not really jibe with common image all representing civilized society. Ministry, likely, an alcoholic in free from of filming time.



#p34549,JAS wrote:

This is 0049378195
To read with words
...Chaotic dynamics started in Fatimas balanced, successful and transparent life on 16 June 2014 when she started her industrial internship at IBM Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
And this mp ;t Bathrobes

Three-star, 'm just commenting la Russe, that precisely you are interested in in phantom biography Fatima's Duzhinski?
From-for death Fatima's, now Australia not in sight reusable space technologies as own ears,. Increasingly as in movies. Literally was leading outer engineer, played on guitar and studied paintings. Go best.

This is were recent happy several words Fatima's:.
- I Godliness in my business a suit and I have there are two computer, my computer and computer IBM. There is the problem with muscles overseas (on plane). I of walking sort his now.
(Jezy Dyczynski) - We heard grand noises in background regime and the link Skype conversations was aborted. About 6 minutes on 11 :25: 24 morning on European time in accordance with meta-data selfi sent with mobile the phone Fatima's. Literally sent last picture for us. Jet should might soar on time in 12.00 on European time, but flew in 12 :3 2 the evening European time.
This was special way, to send us an important and a valuable information, hard won in this means unusual moment time. Knockout plane was detained on 32 minutes.

Should was fly on the morning in 12 :0 0, and flew on the evening in 12 :3 2. :canthearyou:
They create increasingly new and new idiotizmy, to convince people in is, that Boeings was. Nothing new :dontcare:




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#p34699,JAS wrote:

Wu me there is no now time, but there interesting theme with classified project from companies IBM

Let find time and for more about this uh... Clarify this for, that they there planning.

Illy have a grown man's of money on time for support mediaproekta "literally" not have listed.

"Or" more likely, than "secret project", but more credible theme "idiots-all making it up", so your messages going to hang on to in "relatives", until not'll get to prove conjures.
Incidentally media-episode is called not "literally", but rather "Duzhinski-travelers."

Here is even article pro the same garbage like, not read. … 7410506875



Here is on this picture mother proved behind have daughters, however this is the only a joint photo, more not was able find. So that likely this installation of, and "mother" simply inserted.

Such a family of history, such a daughter good girl ,-, a KomsomoI member, Angelin, paintings story paints, on guitar plays, pride parents,. Well, Perth originally and the entire and Australia. And IBM its with Council oversees not can share Fatemeh from-for its numerous talents, increasingly well increasingly perfectly, there is no only one - photographs Fatima's with parents. While photo "parents" until asses.






#p34714,Dmitry" wrote:

That on this picture mother proved behind have daughters, however this is the only a joint photo, more not was able find. So that likely this installation of, and "mother" simply inserted.

Agree, this installation of. Head "mothers" put distinctive strings of DNA.

On photo … -chiao.jpg very clearly in sight direction of light - arrow between leverage Fatima's and his of on iconic figures challenges obey. Source of of light - obey ranks at from Left.

Chins on real people leave clear the shadows - on your collar here have astronaut, on our necks have Fatima's and guy obey. By inserting a micro face "mothers", forgotten make this shadow.

Is obtained history, as with the corn, have which there is no nor one photo with "another."

Literally vanished together with mom, written off as "victim collapse boinga", mother again igpaet-actress.

Jerzy Dychinskiy, incidentally speaking, Polish kapdiolog. The first message about raid Jerzy and Angela Dychinskikh in only was 25 July
As about avstraliytsakh ,-have thrown off s come, where name of Dychinskogo was written on English manners - Georg … hter.html, 27 July Polish resource gave his already as Poles … acz-wideo.

(In the real life, we remember, they filmed on the field under only before the end of a sham track and the Moscow on a path only-Rassypnoe "sliver of tail")

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#p34724, wrote:

I Agree, this installation of. Head "mothers" put distinctive strings of DNA.

Have mom's got even and ears green. Suffer, chtole?))

Created what the amaze environment in this speech Fatima's echo this: Red circle under with their feet, as if a puddle its blood. For it something type web, camping on E. Type stolen and remains. Such here is images to me originated.

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12 who can translate, about fix this great video?



And this in short






Centers victim MH17 Fatima Dyczynskinot has
No relations to actors, sygravshim its parents
George and Angela Dyczynski
(On the other version of as Second Dyczynski and Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski)

Already through several hours after as MH17 ostensibly stopped release a encoded TS signal for Flaytradarov, some pristine Tus isn Fiona, projected to the The world Fatemeh Duzhinski
The world this observed? Until there is no, not yet it is time, but with 20 July will ensue promotion of a couple of travelers, ostensibly from Australia, too, for parents Fatima's. Witness what the awful ? s an acting game includes in image.
And until record: literally Duzhinski. Each, sister, pattern for role model. She an ambitious, smart, pleasant and the true a southern # MH17.. About fix this record? At all nor about fix. Prochitavshemu its first time, not will understandable nothing. A southern? Something its parents not very similar on Christians.

Even before, some pristine Sonia Kolbakher wrote, that literally was one of 4 of Germans, which have been moving in Peter.
Where, absolutely leftist Sonia, knows number of of Germans on board any plane?
Where she this may know, if even US President and Department, in this same time failed to confirm, how many Americans was on board? List passengers have provided later a large number of time, about weeks, then how Sonia knew his already through several hours?

Perhaps Tus isn and Sonia, could prove random worker girls airport, which, somehow unfathomable way before all you're pulled that information, this `ponyatno, this is so `estestvenno. But as explain, that yellow Polish newspaper, already on the evening 18 July, knows) entire biography foreign citizen of named literally? … 75489.html
Increasingly leaked, and where she worked and where she did your residency, and where elect and on whom elect. But this is even not increasingly, newspaper knows biography father Fatima's, whom he worked and the details his tenure in Australia through Germany. And pro mother already increasingly known, that she) until now not believes, that its daughter rotted away. Represent? Passed already (even) several hours, and she "until now not believes." And will be given this the text and in Amsterdam, and in Dnepropetrovsk, and in only.
And this is even flowers on and, because not only journalists done some digging in garbage large pieces Australian Jews those who come from Poland. Google Fatemeh for 17-18 July, this same the text on other languages copied in tens of, if not hundreds of seats, as exclusive material. Little moreover, and pro other "razbivshikhsya" already known and biography, and photos, and comments relatives. Google, not be too lazy.

How such can be?Perhaps be this it worked fantastically well professionalism journalists or can be have all relatives were codified phones information agencies? Imagine picture: Relatives shipment first in airports, then made there, then, not mellow print iss tears, began to feverishly print or to relay derzhitsya dead and to accompany their star status, describing biographical advantages dead. … kraine.jpg
How such can be for such incredibly a short interval time?. Yes I this article wrote in 2 times longer.
If THAT ZARANEE Highways also a setting. 's notice stop. ".



Photography Fatima's with an astronaut Leroy Russell to come Chiao.
This photo ostensibly proves, quite not what literally was steep a specialist in area Astronautics, and what she is daughter Angela Duzhinski. Witness, right photoshopped onto some pristine woman with luscious greenery ears. This the only photograph, on which literally is in one kadr with "mom."

Branch has not managed do the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on which would literally was in one kadr with father, but includes they sfotoshopili photo Fatima's with Angela, and even, pulled off operation,) with video. Video was done on TEDxGroningen 2013 festival(Varna City theater friendly).
Here is photos with arrangements: … otostream/ Skyfall these from photos can be ensure, that literally this the real girl, which indeed analyzed astronavtikoy. Of course its it is difficult have suspected in Christianity, with such something parents and those more with so name, but nevertheless she indeed there was.
On demo screen report Fatima's, see a picture of an with it, Chiao and Angela. But, arises question: Indeed whether it is this photograph was displayed in report Fatima's? After all such fotonatyurmort rig quite is not difficult.

Now video. It there is on videos, right?, means on offense can be re-check the availability of this photos.
Let's make space personal: Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen

And that same. On 6 :2 3 see very crude installation of
They put distinctive strings of DNA Angela Duzhinski on photo Fatima's and astronaut Leroy Chiao, however, photo stationed, not on demo screen, and separate 207 mph without disturbing understanding sound.
Moment -
This photograph - most possibly false … otostream/

literally not has no relations to actors, sygravshim and Jezy and Angela Dyczynski

Can be suggest, that in report literally indeed demonstrated its come with an astronaut, but on offense not was no Angela. Its performing out then. A genuine a picture of an Fatima's and Leroy's, of Photography erased.

Let's make space personal: Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen
TEDx Talks
Published: 6 de, uh. 2013?
And we're checking video, use program MediaInfo:

Video perezalito 26 July. Now us is understandable goal perezalivki video, footnotes sham photos.
26 July, that this for remarkable date? Through three days after that date grabovtsy on cosmetic was removed wheat, remember? And that was before these, specifically 26 July? Here is that was - … erdam.html or here … te/5627866
Journey in only actors, which played parents Fatima's.

Precisely 26 number of perezalili video with real Fatima and rudely put distinctive strings of DNA there a picture of an with actress, though Angela Dyczynski, and precisely in this day in all media passed theatrical performance misconception "Duzhinski-travelers profits in only"

literally Duzhinski not die hundreds of times in only, she killed quite different way.
Its history and history some other passengers, have come up with stance in office pulsating, and 17-18 July put distinctive strings of DNA in Infomatritsu. Polled some real facts, real photos, BUT there is mingled with to them an open the excerpts, virtual accounts should we expect. Networks, counterfeit relatives.
Wu pulsating being asked joint photographs Fatima's, Angela and Jerzy Duzhinski, so they sfotoshopili one, and with it even one ostensibly with report Fatima's on TEDxGroningen.
26 July, through 9 days after start installation with MH17, took place perezalivka video with Fatima. Of Photography poured such same video, but with sfalsifitsirovannym moment on 7 th minute, where ostensibly literally demonstrates on the screen his picture with mom and an astronaut.
Angela and of George (Jerzy) Duzhinski, played wystawienniczym. Played ugly. Ostensibly they the only relatives, which go in only sashaying around before photographers.
Everyone media just World this one thing whole.
At only not was widely seen as falling no we.



has the tour clowns on Ukraine
Wystawienniczym play role as Second Dyczynski and Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski



Photographs very many, motley quality, with different rakursami, with different brands of. Is obtained that they have walked on sites produce, and heap photographers pyatilas a backdoor way and continually schyolkala photos. With hand looked of course same abominable. Even foolish to talk about sacrilegious waste or Quotes on the bones. Very foolish one analytics should be clear, that this just-only advertizing vistavi.

Hate look on fake emotions unprofessional actors

If to imagine, that this real parents Fatima's, then, in fix then can be sense such a huge number of fotografirovaniy? Normal explanations there is no. However, if we we'll figure out, that before us spectacle-. The subsequent, then increasingly immediately posing on their seats. Will remain only one thing, people impenetrable: Why they this make?

Photographs only with the laying on flowers, more ten foreshortenings, in including with rigs - CNN



literally perezalila its video through 5 days after his death

Lets make space personal Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen
Fatima Dyczynski

Whom she could give parole from its Canal Youtube?
Either its computer second murderers, either Youtube cooperates with connection to the Shop. After all not for good reason same Youtube deleted opportunity rapid ?????? time social video. (Now Koristuytes program

-was succeeded immediately on two video, which them not belong.

Video # 1
Lets make space personal Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen
Fatima Dyczynski
Being published 15 December 2013, perezalito 22 July 2014

Video # 2
Let's make space personal: Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen
TEDx Talks
Being published 6 December 2013, perezalito 26 July 2014

Likely of Photography perezalil video host at Fatima's 22 July, and through 4 days startled, that there is even one thing such video, perezalil and his. Goal perezalivki - the legalization Angela Duzhinski as mothers killed. Likely owners Canal TEDx Talkseven and not know, that their video perezalivalos.



TAC ", it's a stretch. Video with 207 mph "mother" nedostovernoe - here doubt there is no. But himself YouTube could without any problems recode the video from-for changes domestic standards and to leave appropriate placemark. Could simply have video placemark change, lest lead their to a new standard.



#p36960, wrote:

TAC ", it's a stretch. But himself YouTube could without any problems recode the video from-for changes domestic standards and to leave appropriate placemark. Could simply have video placemark change, lest lead their to a new standard.

With so down you me here don't need me anymore
From user must be the benefits
No "new standards" 22 and 26 July Tosh 2.0 has not imposed
No "domestic standards" 22 and 26 July Tosh 2.0 has not imposed
Such bullshit as it is simply in nature not there is, to Tosh 2.0 pose any there placemark.
In a whole I agree with with your boss, that the situation a serious

Walk far EU


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