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Black boxes are MH17

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Black boxes are MH17



Fake disaster MH17. Transfer of black skrinok.

Expensive reader, only ask that to you with question: As on what you want should look "black Pandora" on jet type board our?
Even if you far from aviation, then you increasingly-would still not can not understand, that:
1) He should be not one, their should be several, camping on E. Basic and reserve (least 5 have Boeing 777).
2) They must be in not ubivaemykh protivoudarnykh packages, protected from bombings, ceasefire, water,, changes temperatures from rising and camping on D.
3) By him must pulled tens of cables from various systems plane, and these wires, in turn, must be are equipped with secured razyomami, which impossible simply so distract the.
4) Sam Corps mailbox should be very really of on loan to incurring lonzheronam fuselage. He unkind should have device light drawing the from sled (or brackets), but the very fastening should be very a safe.
I visual, that one of skrinok can be equipped with otstrelivayuschey system, this well reasonably, for example in case, to he not drowned in Sea together with plane. For example system works under hit water in the E.R. device. But in only what water?

And now look, what the dope us have shown on our televisions:

Rescuers discovered "black Pandora" victim collapse Boeing-worth roughly $
//Accidents news

The puzzle "black skrinok" Airlines Flight MN-17
Euronews (on Russian)

Under video cameras, miners (rescuers Ministry of Emergency Situations) found "black Pandora":
And) An individually from any the wreckage of the giant rigs in
It comes) “Without details fastening. No you nor sled, nor brackets, nor screws nor screws.
Inlets) “Without wires, without cables, without jacks compounds.

Look at this spectacle:

0 :0 9 - rescuers under video cameras trek there here and perform compulsory condition vistavi: Are waving at hands in the contestant side and in this
0 :1 1 - immediately 4 actor show hands ??? ?? ? ? in the contestant side

0 :2 9 - first time in history aviation, "black Pandora" found under video cameras operators, which lining up for this moment along roads about productivity field.

Note, that wystawienniczym not only are waving at hands in different hand, but and at all, role, enough ordinary, directives are them with large hard. This makes kind of, that him more important telephone conversation; and this not gave read that on the cabinet written; the caller who spotted incline from Pandora past chief (") and he in during) 1.5 seconds, has time to study on offense birochki; the other progressed from-for backs and not managed to consider that for Pandora, but not upset; nesun screwed up its role, he must was linger on this place on several seconds, but a mess, broke a just on two.

Narrations, create voice of course same gives audiosoprovozhdenie for apart - "the registrar won" (says he pro onboard data recorder for the car). Now telezritel can argue, that himself saw own eyes and heard own ears.



Procedure transfer of
Black Boxes MH 17 / Accessories for cleaning boxes are MH 17
1 :2 2 - note, as malaziets puts the seal, he not led snap in workplace of position.
On 1 :2 2 wrong, but on 1 :4 7 correctly. He at all not understands as should work this device, as enjoy dvukhknopochnym stopornym mechanism.
On 1 :3 8 he bugs the seal from pocket, but not knows that with it to do (the ripped off the jamb)

We'll see what "document" they signed:

Uh-oh, spelling mistake in authentic Malaysian press.
United Nations Security Council

So and lies on site The Wall Street Journal … ia0723.PDF

Black boxes are had transferred territory has with budget print

The subject on killer question:
Why Malay (individual language) representation UN not announced, that the seal Pyrrhic?
The answer:
Because this also a setting and all "representation" owe its support.



MH17 Fake the crash. Found "black Pandora"




#p37096,Dmitry" wrote:

We're watching it on this spectacle:

Look at this scheme:

But "rescue teams" this not explaining. So rescuers not seek in the grass on knee waswheat on eggs over the wreckage cabin or a tail parts of.
"Rescuers" seek spherical horse in a vacuum.

And after all, draw, ??? found!



#p37100,Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

We're watching it on this scheme

Scheme nor about fix. You better find out,
1) Could Pandora automatically shoot from'on a Boeing in is case, if he falls?
2) Skyfall Daegu "onboard data recorder for the car on jet" a little Google not knows nor one photos mailbox in jet, there is only "on the table" or "in the hands of." Where those photo, which must be precisely on this Daegu?
Have they with Forum they, can be not ask, they not know.



1 No and this need not, after all task cockpit recordings write until the last, and then sue signals (if is equipped with a homing device) for search. Not excluded option vypadaniya after destruction aboard.
2 Where is something "In Tail the lower decks" Ilyushin Il-86 contains the Yushukan one of two recorders (source of) … b6_XXL.jpg
Have Ahn-24 in behind pet amid (source of) … iginal.jpg
A-320, "aft doors and sealed frame (nautical). Right, about bulkheads, is worth emergency data recorder for the car. "(source of)
On expense Boeing, come on, only schematics a similar chart higher. … b6_XXL.jpg
Val, such a the on Forum is unacceptable, its need or to reduce or be limited to refers. Spoiler not helps.

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#p37108,Val wrote:
#p37101,Dmitry" wrote:

Could Pandora automatically shoot from'on a Boeing in is case, if he falls?

There is no and this need not, after all task cockpit recordings write until the last, and then sue signals (if is equipped with a homing device) for search.

Of course until the last, but theoretically, one of skrinokcould would shoot in case withering losses Heights. Have'on a Boeing their 5, so that can be not save.

In only was humour the, 'm a rescue swimmer were on’(not on road, and on ’) "black Pandora", and telezritel so and not understood, where the his Gave, from what such the walls'on a Boeing. Cadres wrenching mailbox, have shown all news cameramen, that itself remaining shop scheme spread of content, but this I already about other.
I shall remind that on Taiwan, soloists derived even take a far more genius and dumber simultaneously. On 5 ano direct and for months, to journalists on place "rescue operations on water", they massaged legkovushku, opened trunk and have shown here is this perfectly clean the lunchbox with perfectly a net and dry back of a drawer type from ATR-72



Качество видео не очень, но похоже, что мужик тащит не чёрный ящик, а какой-то другой девайс. На MH17 чёрный ящик состоит из двух явно выраженных блоков, закреплённых на одном шасси:один цилиндрической формы,другой кубической.A на видео, вроде бы, прямоугольный моноблок с двумя, выступающими вверх кронштейнами с правого торца (возможно под рукоятку) На оригинале самописца тоже есть два кронштейна, для фиксации подводного маячка, но они расположены на цилиндрическом блоке и параллельно шасси, а не перпендикулярно. На отрезке видео 1.41мин. наверняка вырезан кусок, на котором мужики рассматривали сей девайс со всех сторон...



#p37138,Don_Coyote wrote:

At Himalayan video 1.41min. Certainly cut out slice of, on which men viewed this a device from all sides.

In rules Forum videotaped, that you owes point to about what video act the way you speech.
A novel video:
Episode 0 :3 9 - 0 :4 1 - no slice of here not cut out, as played so played
The next:
Episode 0 :5 8 - firmly video, however and there there is no seeing the, simply another teenage with telephone in drawn.

And here is so should look after otkalupyvaniya of crowbar, from corners, or channels, or PITON fuselage.



#p37108,Val wrote:

At expense Boeing, come on, only schematics a similar chart higher.

Right on, that I touch their hearts visible trend, that present sealed Corps and in it himself data recorder for the car. In is the form of, in which have shown, needle's not can be under any circumstances.



#p37139,Dmitry" wrote:

A novel video:
Episode 0 :5 8 - firmly video, however and there there is no seeing the, simply another teenage with telephone in drawn.

Perhaps and there is no seeing the, simply firmly in this place (with a change in scale and center shootings) me not is understandable. Perhaps Esquire Drink Database with telephone were Slezhka Pandora, trying to take his one hand, and this moment cut out. And the that wystawienniczym this yes.

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Incidentally speaking, "the official the form Donetsk People’s Republic", too, off.

Hew in IGAM morons mixed up

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#p37225,горожанин wrote:

project in IGAM morons mixed up

Luster of and poverty in courtesans..) And Pandora on maylru have Council of Ministers)



3) Nu, and to The Glass Bead Game – particularly not a bad, so much fake-ass document betrays heap keep the mistakes, as something:
- e-mail Council of Ministers DNR from Left Iranian as @, and right as @
- always think it sounds "Act about process, supposedly who are to on samopistsami Boeing-worth roughly $9M-Mrd found on place collapse plane in district Propulsion Torez Donetsk People’s Republic "correctly is written so:" An act of about process, supposedly who are to on samopistsami Boeing worth roughly $9M-Mrd , 's newly discoveredon place collapse plane in district Propulsion Torez Donetsk People’s Republic "
- there is no such words "nomeratsiya", there is "numbering"

(On Khaled el. Address Anton alas, not the first)
away from here.

There same on Boeing
(Already they there not the first 8-))

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#p37240,Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

on Khaled el. Address Anton alas, not the first

Think that Anton and not wanted to log copyrights rights on example 8-)

In short they screwed up full prop
1) Print Pyrrhic, she not has no relations, nor to the booking on security, nor to Malay language (the agencies of curiously situations under UN. Mistake in authored words Security. Idea the spraying on "the seal" images "Palma killing Mertsalova" (with gerba Donets'ka area), belongs addition s (pindosskomu, either Lucky Jew, either melkobritanskomu), which senselessly logos for different color revolutions, disease,, specific level, marches,, ribbons, flags, FCO crest, in including DNR, of Lugansk People's Republic, Novorossiy, Maydanov, only on combat battalions with each of sides and so on.
2) the e-mail a fake, coined obvious when drafting someone to play my fake document.
3) spelling mistakes in documents flatly unacceptable, otherwise in most cases - document is not a valid

This episode, as and absolutely any other episode "installation MH17", unambiguously proves theatricalization plane. The absence of reaction media, any of official organizations and any ministries any country, on this a fake document, unambiguously proves their conspired(on American - "konspirologicheskiy plot") with force, which is worth higher any secular power.
Remain questions such a character: Permanent mistakes in the details under creating productions, of Photography permits on reason
And) stupidity and low qualifications personnel
It comes) this neprimenimoe condition, to to hand signs and information
I think, that have place be both options


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