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Gathering spaces that offer universal # 2 the road only - Rassypnoe

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горожанин wrote:

scan with video WAMENA Arrivals solving on catastrophe boinga and his trying (with 4 :0 0) stunning game against masterpiece-of documentary!
Here is how it was!

And this of fire? Not be ridiculous me! :rofl: Gone out cel pour balm flowers on and from a garden hose to a :D
Understandable that media form opinion, behavior. But that would so heavily this up for me brains!

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Video, as-would the first operational control over. As would machine dashing on big speed and brigade "Atsamaz Jakovlevich Kochiev - Vadim Pegov" managed increasingly shoot. Whether something would this 17 the number of, whether something would time roughly 18 hours, giant fires even surges, their not yet typically recognized of pouring. Increasingly happened literally only that. But that we see? The grasses near the most a major fragment) RIGHTvytoptana, whether something here has passed army elephants.

The most large a fragment of we again proved tail, as and in case with Luganskim Ilyushin Il-76. Why the grasses vytoptana? They long tried to put tail vertically, to continue to suffer to continue to suffer, but in late all spat. - and defied :D

Immediately in sight, was photographing professianal not from words Profi, and from words Anal.

Operator showed this worst conflagration
On 0 :4 6 - 0 :5 6 and on 1 :3 7 - 2 :0 2. Hatsik, Armavir, Anal 3 an. Have firefighters, too, qualification not higher, on 3 :4 6 are starting to Boeing’s with other hand roads.
For lack decent material, on chessboard of # 2 cast renounce all Muscovites, and gathering spaces that offer universal # 1, across likelihood, was not yet ready,. Netimer all, it is even and not 17’s the number of.



Dmitry" wrote:

T. E. Struggle for exclusive collecting cadres is faring is very. And that we see suddenly with Ukrainian television? - no "authorship", no struggle, no claims, litigation and camping on D. Clips ostensibly common, no one not controlled by video. This as so? - and because Center defines, who that should sack and with whom share materials.

There is the principle difference the internet and the body-radio-media-resources.
The Internet - the only resource, where can to lend information people; this sector limited, and his tightening the net, but in other and such a there is no. The rest resources so or otherwise controlled by vnematritsey, transmission.
They can fight for priority and business, compete, fling each other, but in global plays directed they all podkontrolny and work on scum. The Internet - weak link have global scum.
So I think: There are two cuisine.
TV-media equip dumb middling "department spread of", there have vnematritsy problems there is no, who would have from whom chasing bullshit nor has intercepted, would still this will be M. Deza from scum.
In Internet (in sector, far there is access people, blogs-forums have-videokhostingi) cuisine of quite another, "department distribution." Army despatch-fighters, are primo - publicists-journalists, methods-receptions spread of information here their special. And distribution of / control -, too,.


"Viktor" poraduvav, when began to crack-ass head and column master your their dezofoto on other forums have. Here mrazyukam not media-TV! Here mrazotsekhu account for be in contact with people, but people in such contacts forces routinely roof down prodyryavyat.



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Why something we here Sunday? Archive weather.

Rain was 15 July. Then and cast fires with extinguish the. And stunning game against dolboop Pyetrovich Shary even uploaded photo (after "collapse", naturally) with rain and residual in smoke from fire

The next rain was 18 th number of,

But to this time already clock "ruin" was a place pilgrimages heap people, masses prestaviteley services and agencies, bluntly not associated with mrazotsekhom journalists, local and global public. Motor fires after "official catastrophes" no one will. All emki from the fires charging in night with 14 th (gathering spaces that offer universal have only; nightlife conflagration, zabrakovannyy for RUNET, but rassovannyy in ino-fa) and 15 th (both “shovel).

This means, to everything to everything else, that ALL the authors of filming fires and all faces on their filming of - immediate mrazotsekh butaforov and team aides.



On ЯPe someone created subject, the basis on our Forum. That hit surprised-subject not demolished and it has agreed upward. Can and on 911 when thread subject there bump it up, many ponder about own.

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gav wrote:

This the commercial starred number of 24 / 25, not before. Precisely vytoptannaya footpath this reaffirming.

There is no, here all purely. Photo "frakhmenta" appeared 17 th, have him the author there is, on it already vytoptano.
And if "dezonyus" conflagration on his backdrop of was photographing, then means, he there with 15 th as least.

Another matter, that hiking morons wash their hands "frakhment" with other hand, and became in sight: To hell is that spectacularly teetered, its there prikapyvali fresh land a bit.

Indeed tried to questioning tail a crackhead, as Dmitri says.
Somewhere in memory: Action of such photo, but tepero his not find.



Dmitry" wrote:

1 :0 7 - steel wire, which slice of tail had a thing for during transportation, ?????? CLANGlNG metal about metals..
On my view cable rasplyolsya, to be able to penetrate rasstoyanii and stuck., this raspletenie operator don hands on 1 :0 7, on 1 :2 8 shows even times.
Operator makes kind of, that detail studies detail as expert. That he wants show? On details there is no traces thermal impact, and clean air could not so cut detail and dismiss on playground # 2 (with corpses, burnt down grass and baggage).
3 :0 5 - pridurok says, that this part of wing, pity that not mention any country by, no, frontline upper or rear, lower.

Agree, this are typical fibers from cable slot.
On personnel loading "frakhmenta" in their proper place under creating Mock-up in sight, that a hook snagged on from below. Respiration cable and to be able to penetrate the hull.

Idiots have exposed even shooting easing details. 3 :2 8



Incidentally found ??? televisions in some your backs highly small armchairs. And here on become not scar on fact, and this a plant such in frame --something.

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How many already here is this slice of tail debated. And all already in rate, that he lies on really the edge offield.



любитель конспирологии wrote:

how many already here is this slice of tail debated. and all already in rate, that he lies on really the edge of field.

To map his tied the, (leftist floor a corner)

кусок хвоста. площадка №2

That means in rate not in rate?
Here is video - - time stop sign there 0 :2 0. From an aluminium theatre props until roads meters eight.



Рус wrote:

By the way found ??? televisions in some your backs highly small armchairs. And here on become not scar on fact, and this a plant such in frame --something.

Monitors must be in back slit every chairs. How many should be armchairs? - Boeing worth roughly $-200- 440 units(maximum significance (likely for averagely-swayed. Us have shown maximum 4 pieces, on this picture and on video with fired rubber with their feet and children’s socks.
Far gone away the rest chairs? - and their and being asked))



горожанин wrote:

I Agree, this are typical fibers from cable slot.
Only this cable from cranes. On personnel loading "frakhmenta" in their proper place under creating Mock-up in sight, that a hook snagged on from below. Respiration cable and to be able to penetrate the hull.

Yes this spigot of course, and no shackled and no caveats. A hook snagged on for a hook, so as cling more not for that. Loop missed from below. Cable kinked with the edge of on 300 degrees, rasplyolsya, several-fiber supplemented took in aluminum, torn and remained there.
Have the was two options:
1) take out that Shemur stringing made there or not sack this.
2) comment on the emergence of parts of cable slot in the body "tail"
He not made nor moreover nor another, because jen Psaki as Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary.

Near roads been used a truck and suitable used crane, this easily for understanding of. Have his fans official media-versions of remained one argument, which even scrap not blow - such plane impossible rig, because this impossible.

On chessboard of # 2 lies two large slice - part of tail and part of our stern... and you fuselage.
On chessboard of # 1 lies several large pieces - second the contours of engines (the first likely of 30), chassis, slice of fuselage.
All large parts of, conditional support large, only because they can not fit in body "Gazelki",. If to compare with Boeing, they not large, and small. All "large" parts of Mock-up, lie have roads, this means, that they vygruzhalis from caravan trucks are waved, and this excludes, that here was the crash (the likelihood, that plane's value will decline on a path - one to than a million, don’t ask as calculated).
The same the was in Perm in 2008, over the wreckage allies blamed directly with economy OK / Afghan wagons, and according launched in should we expect. Networks, that ostensibly VSE saw as he fell.



Specify with applying down a citizen)
Tail we. Unloading.
Bread around the head. :idea:

Compare the two pictures of the:
Look at wheat
's the middle of the July
3 :2 8 -
End Augustus

Tail would unload them avtokranom, when wheat stalks even wasn't pane has been removed.
Tail lies after as wheat was removed, from under him Clawing her way the green weed.
Media, bologgery, power, European OSCE, photographers, Trolls, - all they idiots, only NTV beauties)

(Clearer: Ropes cranes missed not under the flip side, and within "tail")


25,2t scenery 14-16 July

T. E. These idiots cast loaded, because wanted to garner curiously different cadres for content (films, essays, reporting), but not turned attention on levels wheat of spikes. Yes them even in head not time come, on how many they idiots.
NTV in its the film has reset 1.5 second moves fragments.
Why these fragments (cadres) so one budo alongside kendo? To have apart not managed in anybody description whole paintings. Accurately such same lunatic looking being welcomed applies and in other mraziynykh plays directed.
That is faring initially, cultivating wheat or its cleaning? :)
That is faring initially, unloading scenery or shootings movies? :)
Soloists themselves not know. They idiots



Рус wrote:

And here on become not scar on fact, and this a plant such in frame --something.

Thank you, remark surest



Хронология мошенничества



Mrazotsekh reacted. Video with yutuba would delete.

The film can be in banned findприговоренный рейс

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Искатель wrote:

mrazotsekh reacted. Video with yutuba would delete.

The film can be in banned find -- flight

Edited Iskatel (Today 13 :13: 11)

For example here is, both parts of (or even continuation of was, and in signature to video the reference on downloading directly file in slightly best as a.



On uroven tail. So as slice of the tail we McCotter a ripcord unload not will. Crooked though. Can be only window or move on right place. Under one week late a piece of tail are visible pit, perhaps from pillars tap. Perhaps it took move frakhment, to their close.



Dmitry" wrote:

Air Force


Air Force

An orderly system a herd correspondents be turned away on road near Pitches # 2
That they have been able to lift? Only common plans and some of a bunch of, which for them have exposed on the sidelines.

Specifically, precisely for this group correspondents, in field be turned away a herd from extra,.. extra, which was portrayed "looking for."

For the other groups, in that original RT. Netimer just those same people, only disguised in another clothes + mining cozies (as they cherish these uniforms, modicum bread not feed). The same field, such same task, pass in count ticker for or reporting. Or can be one thing and the same, but prerecorded on ways, to seemed that increasingly on truly and krupnomasshtabno.

14 August.
This is same field.The wheat pane has been removed. The Dutch in display-green manishkakh something seek againhere same, where already have sought other the search engines. Jewish woman with NTV their calls "experts." Likely Holland not trust Ukraine’s and there, which twice under cell prochyosyvali this field.
On other personnel saw, that these in spetsovkakh was couple hundred, and even injured has authorized Australia, to channel in only 200 policemen with another of the late planet.
This increasingly well of course and even always moments fun, but why, under constant presence of such a huge number of video cameras, us so and not have shown as the collective farmers were all sliced off wheat in the early Augustus? This concrete field, which is with eastern hand roads only-Rassypnoe. Why all world media ignored such event as cleaning crop specific wheat in that contaminants corpses civilized European citizens?
And after all there is even interesting moments, which poluskazany polurasskazany and polunepokazany. On mini tapes news and bearing central videovestey, in early August Ukrainian artillery perepakhala this field smoothbore, but why something so same not it turned out nor one video reassert the.. Yes because increasingly lies from starters and until endless of the late.


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