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The first cadres fires mh17

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In obchem, in end "affairs'on a Boeing worth roughly $" have secure evidence, that media = SMDI. And extremely allowable concentration of truth in another times not exceeded. I repent, I somewhere with March sec. Propulsion Was ready to believe Ukrainian-American-europeyskim SMDI. Precisely for reason moreover, that the excerpts loved raseyanskikh was in sight naked eye. And until on this forum not fell - not comeback, that such perhaps: To all, to immediately.

Love A. K., the answer on Your questions on all one: Patamushta all these- the excerpts. You even there is doubts.



.. wrote:

the next video, with getting warmer a fire machine, a-I putting out the fire water!

Here taking masterpiece says, that "shot down was today seventeenth." And "yes, we in only" - until he is in remove from other people :)

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gav wrote:

Better the quality of and more lot of square footage.

RT -
CP -
The difference one)

0 :1 9 - CP - video, and have RT it further is faring.
They right as always, and thereby've typed in another nail itself in ass. All such VIDEO are mounted and are served in different things the form of in different media (especially with steeply busied ourselves one thing a brief video with honorable air strike on 28 pieces of, and long option so no one and not saw. I his viewed, because and say about this standard.

Why video pilyatsya and are served in skeleton shift here the form of?
(Why "following flight" NTV, consists of pieces of just on 1.5 - 2 of seconds?)
They fear, TO the viewer NOT TO SHOW LIShAKA.
Means there is the likelihood, that someone under fear death, can copy whole video (workers materials), and we can wait their accidental (or not very) the emergence of.
If you worldwide.Would in discussions, then zadavayte such question: And where entire, not redaktirovannye options (virtually any) video any events? (Any important (momentous, tsentrovoe) journalistic autonomy or home video)




Both these machines ???? participation in shootings of a on chessboard of # 2 (now video quickly not can find the money) - about 16-18 minutes video



I have on pipe there is broadcast, there likened the "about May reptiles" one American that is frankly overpowering. And now hear the same hell is that:
Video are espoused by seasoned alone and those same wystawienniczym
Specifically 0 :4 8, specifically word "WON"
Specifically 0 :1 6, specifically word "WON"
Equally, yes there is no? Improved EQ manenko, but this small beer.

Voices, whom prikolno originally this coolest part video "Yes khlyan here created prikin, - guys came poobkhoravshie lie, - guys came poobkhoravshie lie", can be without problems find here

And on this L! FENEWS increasingly those same votes for shot, the same set of audioaktyorov (ah of course except faltseta Syomochki on 1 :0 3)

Here is here, too, wystawienniczym (not necessarily those same the most), why something their not in sight, but why something confidence that they without explanations causes, marshal for operator semicircle. Perhaps them place lacked and right out next on the most classroom the watchdog chessboard of.

compare the voices

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Video made TWO YEARS actor. Both and on first and at the second video.

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18 July, mraziynyy Canal "In pivot points events" is abandoning this video
16 November in internet defied these cadres, by declaring their solutions in

I so understand this one and the same advertizing, Divided on different vbrosy.
Writers with an axe worked, cadres from drop box 18.07 go about disguising under provides 1.8 mgpikselnuyu shooting. 8-)

This one and the same advertizing the same the, the difference only in time, on one Himalayan a haystack of straw even a host, at the other his already razderbanili, been completely looted on kostyorchiki for production of smoke.

On 0 :0 2-0 :0 3 this video,
The guy throws sows on mounted forks precisely there, where burned brick of place on this stop sign kadr, and where he brings sows as times there is nothing of something burning.
T. E. Wystawienniczym ``crisis conflagration, not liquidated his.



MH17 17.07.2014 Chrstin Beckmann

Children use. Child rates actors' performances game not anodyne.
- good fellows deneerovtsy. From erpegeshki they both confront each. Talk flew and fell he talk.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
And ridiculous and profoundly sad.

Chrstin Beckman (disambiguation) :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: a powerful Canal, 35 views



Like such kinishki not was.

And this.

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32 - thing





gav wrote:

Make cube than add where 2 of smoke (higher I gave video) and where one, I until that not becomes in two on a screen video put a. Yes and forging your cubes in two windows already became brand on the.

"Where two of smoke" - not can be such exile have video, I even in rules this prescribed.
"Not becomes put a" - this question from themes, which there is on Forum and in which you the moderator.


At Bethlehem, models illyuminatoryest, but they from above calligraphy, but on the crashed from below, already head broken, not gather additionally in any way as this?

This technical lyuchki located in wing. The partition up on the better, such already was on easily described in Kazan.

Again trash have accumulated on removing :mad:



Dmitry" wrote:

"Where is two of smoke" - not can be such exile have video, I even in rules this prescribed.

'm reformed)
Two of smoke / a fire.

And such German Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party

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On this same mrazokanale there is video from 17 July
Hviezdoslav HC Donbass Donetsk shot down Lim Boeings-worth roughly $ flight from Amsterdam
Events on Ukraine and Global news

Here the second smoke they why something insert forgotten) efforts moreover, they inverted video in zerkalnom displaying from this video
Willful "flipping" had and with other craft this same number of. Why? To seemed more evidence



Here is now already accurately can be go on ecumenical tribunal, after all such priceless tracks from user yuduba simply are irrefutable and not are amenable to any inoskazatelnoy defined by, greater than a reputed same "by the militants on place collapse we immediately after tragedy" - so that are unaware s?! :D

Opublikovany cadres first minutes after tragedy Malaysian we

Years later 12 months after tragedy MH17, published new evidence guilt militants in tragedy.

INews Corp Australia published a cadres, made by the militantson place collapse we immediately after tragedy, is handing

On video, screenshots from which published, codified the first minutes after detection downed militants commercial air liner.

On them in sight, as militants theme or leftovers from the dead passengers, and also inspect the wreckage their personal things.

As reports publication, militants Civil bags victims, after what raised whole together with mobile phones and personal things passengers.

Commander, which arrived on place, telephone someone tells, that was two planes, after what orders an all civilian to clear territory and nothing not sackfrom-for fears, that cadres subsuming in Internet. :crazyfun:

Also he requests those, who absolves,keep, to on video not was in sight faces :cool:. Then he commits their people spread out, extract black Pandora rule recorders and put an all in its machine, writes Australian publication.

Commander for shot says: "They say, that Suhoi shot down civilian jet)", "So and there is. This civilian jet "

Later he shows ID-map the flight attendant's. :angry:

"Prichine, they foreigners, Malaysians", - says he.

"Who gave them corridor, to fly?", - asks his partner in crime.

Unknown commander receives numerous phone pattern, in including from semejantes militants from of Donetsk, which name is Ruslan, Vladimir Antyufeeva - former Russian policeman, and one of voice become possible militants with name "" Kolya ", states in article.



#p35273,30 wrote:

Opublikovany cadres first minutes after tragedy Malaysian we

And why the hell would the militia overview? This OK, like, for journalists, and "jet only that fell." Journalists still there is no on the idea of. Or there are already?

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Ah, with Day Alekseeithe Year of the Fall!

From today zomboyaschik for him to shut up not will.

Here is now write these the premier, and Canal, Vesti 24 Lacrimal picture with grabovskikh fields prophesies.



#p35274,Goodwin wrote:

A why the hell would the militia overview? This OK, like, for journalists, and "jet only that fell." Journalists still there is no on the idea of. Or there are already?

To actors not mixed up role, and as to whom invoked. And have moreover, who was photographing, on his gut Perhaps legend with printable prishpilena, to knew, that to speak.



Opublikovany cadres first minutes after tragedy Malaysian we
Marcus Macerinus
Not and idiots, wystawienniczym low-grade play ugly pathetic and breath in of it recorded
(Breath in of it sharply different from understanding sound on the street, so as in of it all objects create echo, mostly on medium-size of one another)
Work extremely primitive, as if for moreover, to perishing the most recent sheep understood that this fabrication. Bravo artistic directors and spit in those people, which not can conduct grew chain of from this-time gig to understanding sham plane in a whole. … -foto.html … 7444676268

UA refers on AU,
Unian published a article 9 hours ago, published a 11 hours ago, (11 HOURS AGO)
When video set on mrazokanal Marcus Macerinus, at all is unknown, but judging by around the simultaneously with vbrosom.
Naborschikam Unian in 21 :3 5 to do had nothing more, as follow colleagues with any yellow saytetsa and to repeat for them

is shocking cadres already offered horror answers from political leaders Australia. Prime Minister Britain Tony Abbott called his "an act of savagery" and Minister Foreign she is closely involved with Bishop told, that this was "sickening look."

Ah of course, otherwise and be could not :flirt: gained comments from premier and Minister that this "an act of savagery" and "sickening look." High officials commented on video even before the as it was first time being published.

She is closely involved with Bishop: MH17 collapse cadres sick to the … 7445193810
He even on work not arrived (7 :4 4), and already questioned video

They there in Australia at all chikanutye
In this article they give exile on this article, and in this contrary on this … 7444676268 … 7445193810

I.e. in more early article (7 :4 4) they cite question-the answer with Abbott and Julia, which covering it video "Department New Zealand by News Corp" this in more late-article (11 :5 1). In article 11 :5 1 are worth references to 7 :4 4, and in article 7 :4 4 are worth references to 11 :5 1.
Entertainers, which play Australian blessed, perhaps until not yet in rate, that someone commented on video, but get the vote on his retroactively, through the text.


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