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The first cadres fires mh17

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I see, that the sun on this landscape from machines below, than on first video, where conflagration on Estate 1. Smoke not moves away in the sky, with tiptoe around, and torn. But 3,000 flushed in sight of smoke? This would triggered would twilight along roads.. And so in sight, that hundreds of meters.



16 November Alexey Kazakov
On place collapse we found bones passengers

16 November on a hundred mrazokanalov and virtually all news agencies, the Shop bailed on exclusive collecting and superunikalnye the first cadres - RT -1K and camping on D.
a raid, Lzhesvideteli, Grabovtsy
Crude at demonstrated as something well natural event
Note, as his demonstrates Alexey Kazakov - 1 :5 2 -
The dope consists in is, that Alexey ostensibly procured these cadres in Donetsk area. T. E. Of course same directly not states, that their procured precisely Alexey, but’precisely such a illusion. Is obtained as would such a the for small kiddies:
Studio- disconnection. Alexey, you have new the details with seats tragedy later 4 months after it?
Alexey- Yes, you know, in our disposal proved new cadres from 17 July.
Studio- Nothing itself, Alexey, congratulations to, we simply shocked your finding.
Alexey- Yes I himself in of shock, was here 20 Julyand me no one its then not gave, and now she is in our disposal and I you its already sent let you text-message, to you its gave in spots in parallel my telephone blooming flowers.



For comparisons conflagration on Moscow-River Malay Boeing’s in steppes Ukraine III third party

To the issue about 3 km. Of smoke

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Previously already spoke pro this episode, but forgotten and driven.
Will repeat - only with hand Kiel, tail part (big a piece of the) lies on the edge of roads with hand breakup of Kiel. An SUV going white beads closes his, that suggests, big a piece of the initially lay with opposite from Kiel hand roads. Video otzerkaleno, because direction the opposite.



The demanding runner well in-continental distances deals.

# OkeyGugl: How high Ostankino to worsen?

To word - about-continental distances fire.

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You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » MH17 malaysia airlines » The first cadres fires mh17