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Comparison MH17 with other the disasters

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1 2002 over Bodenskim lake occurred disaster, with Heights 10 kilometers fell two for. Can be compare with catastrophe in only, if as say he fell with Heights, too, 10 km.
Catherine Shipilova 1 Canal, bodenskaya the crash
On 0,59 part of wing took it in land Link

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аспирин wrote:

In 2002 over Bodenskim lake occurred disaster, with Heights 10 kilometers fell two for. Can be compare with catastrophe in only, if as say he fell with Heights, too, 10 km.
Catherine Shipilova 1 Canal, bodenskaya the crash
On 0,59 part of wing took it in land Link


Differences from only, so on card:
1) 9 and model incarcerated, and so same number of passengers and organizing. Crew, it turned out only to 5 morning, camping on E. Through 3 hours after tragedy. In grabovsko-Malay case, increasingly "became known" instantaneously, in including and number of children and that shot down "Ralf Buck."

2) Oba bodenskikh plane razgermetizirovalis, received hull breaches and in further have been toppled on parts of. Parts of fell to Tahrir, which has been under place catastrophe. In case MH17 fell three "heavy groups"from rassypnogo until only, and according to Gubareva, so and at all all of this in the air flew for 300 km.

3) Velichina parts of exceeds dimensions of car body dump or platforms. According to eyewitnesses this resembling the fire rain. Last-minute wings, last-minute parts of. In case MH17 nor one Grabowiec even not I mentioned fire, which threatened their here nor there. Near rassypnogo Plato in oil or sunflower-seed field have roads, at all not has traces fire. On Estate # 2, baggage, which brought from FC airport on "problem should be institutional" (bags, the Muppets, monkeys have),, too, not has traces fire.

4) Everyone 4 black mailbox from both incarcerated, found without much labor. No one and in head not time come sack this process for television. All data easily decrypted, including negotiations pilots’between themselves and with "Skaygaytom." Negotiations "Skaygayta" with pilots, recorded in dispetcherskom the center of the, and also testimony controller; they do Karlsruhe, were made public without special problems. And in only boxes are found under cameras, voted Malayan General with budget print and until now-man triggers are punching brains with deciphering such-nerasshifrovkoy. Data with terrestrial approach controls services at all not influence, except invented dispetchershy from home town of Dnipropetrovsk.




It was a disaster Boeing 747 under new island hideaways
17 July 1996, exactly for 18 years until grabovskoy terminate their activity.
On 117 kilometers to west from New York City 40 ° 39 0 N, 72 ° 38 0 W, fell in the Atlantic ocean.
Exploded Boeing 747-131 airlines Trans World for, on its setting international civilian flight TWA800 on route new York — Paris — Rome. Plane exploded through 12 minutes after take-off. All 230 man, request on board (two pilot, two engineer, 14 the USA and 212 passengers), died.

Podnyatie and recovery the wreckage of the
Say operation and recovery the wreckage of the Airlines Flight 800 were conducted federal agencies, agencies state and local agencies, and also their contractor organizations. Priority destination was the search for people and authentication victims; then — recovery the wreckage of the. Teleupravlyaemye apparatuses, gidrolokatory, and laser scanners were used for search and research the wreckage of the under water. Victims and over the wreckage were raised akvalangistami and teleupravlyaemymi L.L.C., later were used trawlers for raising the wreckage of the, primitives stuck in bottom ocean. Numerous akvalangistam it took aid from-for caisson workers' disease.

Over the wreckage plane raised with trawling ocean, restored part of fuselage, have identified place explosion, accurately so same as under catastrophe in Lokkerbi 1988.

With malayskimi and other lawyers Asian by airplanes this not done. In case with MH17 for evoking the were used over the wreckage, which in only at all being asked.



In any time soon experts start put them together parts of plane, to help the investigators assess the damage and terminally establish reason, told Sarah Vernooij, press secretary Dutch security, which is leading civilian request. Chairman Council Tjibbe Joustra said, that final report, likely, will published in October.
The top photo with Dutch military base, where wanted start attempt to recreate plane.
On this time in frame raised increasingly recognizable, that in only ??? was. However this disastrously little. :D
Posting withdrew on many languages, were accompanied by only one photography. … es-airbase

Members families, which watched over the wreckage on naval air base Gilze-Rijen on south the Netherlands not talked in media in Tuesday. Still members families, will be attended later this week, only about 500 people.

Over the wreckage, distributed, for three a legendary, included wings, wheels, details fuselage, luggage being shelved for baggage. Some of them were are all burned off black fire, while some parts of gossamer a metal bodies plane were of scratched and are torn.

Chyoknutye, themselves not understand that write

Some chumps will critical me to Band "the a badge of" to look bangin on an adult.
Photo session staged a 4 March, be photographed by one and the same knot with different sides.
Other derzhitsya hence already saw. Of these the wreckage of the can be only fotonatyurmorty for articles stack, not airplanes put them together.



It was a disaster Boeing 747 under new island hideaways — heavy aviation disaster, one that occurred a 17 July 1996. Over Atlantic Ocean alongside East Moriches (state new York, the US) exploded Boeing 747-131 airlines Trans World for, on its setting international civilian flight TWA800 on route new York — Paris — Rome. Plane exploded through 12 minutes after take-off. All 230 man, request on board (two pilot, two engineer, 14 the USA and 212 passengers), died

careful analysis of distribution the wreckage of the, found damage, traces soot and of reverting, — all of this, contributed contribution in understanding of sequence events during collapse plane. In the early catastrophe not was fire, he emerged in a result destruction design plane and fuel cans. Explosion occurred in bottom plane, where was incurred a huge loophole. Through 4 of seconds numerous fissures in abroad have incorporated and armour part of plane decorating specially. Nose bullet’flooded down, and obrublennyy most appealing ways airliner sharply received levels, then lost governance and collapsed in water



Stumbled on such here is photo airline crashes:
Engine not strongly suffered under strike. Strange.

оказалось все проще

here isand here is
Decorations to based "War worlds" Universal Studios Hollywood. On chessboard of on Tramvaychiku gonna work, will reveal smoldering over the wreckage. Can be and with helicopter obozret under desire:
Studio not sorry money, has bought beushnyy jet for $2 million of product, too, so and the wreckage of the more and showmanship.



#p55661,ismale wrote:

stumbled out on such here is photo airline crashes:
Engine not strongly suffered under strike. Strange.

Strikes accented different. The main mass airline crashes happening on of the same or landing, under this the speed plane maximum kilometers 200-300, and provided that pilot tries to equalize and moreover less. Under this need account for a corner common ground, especially-soil simulant, water, land, sand, cliff, Eternal permafrost, winter of or summer.



Aviakatastrofa in San Diego.
25 September, 1978
PSA 182 Boeing 727-214
The airline Pacific Bedrooms for
Clash passenger plane with small Sessnoy.

In a result fall of both incarcerated were destroyed or seriously damaged 22 homes. In catastrophe died all 135 man on board Boeing 727, 2 pilot on board Cessna and even 7 man on earth, i.e. just 144 rights.
9 man on earth received serious injured



In Indonesia naval transport jet “Hercules ” Since-130 Air Force fell on residential quarter cities Medan. In a result plane died, at least, 113 man, savagely on his board.

The crash occurred in Tuesday, 30 June, through several minutes after takeoff with base Air Force on the north islands Sumatra. On place collapse near cities Medan erupted a strong conflagration. Jet exploded directly over with the hotels “Golden Eleven ” and, falling down, s goalkeeper touched several civilian buildings and cars.

According to a chief staff Air Force countries Agusa Supriatna, on board were 12 members crew and 101 the passenger. No one not survived. The exact number of victims catastrophe,. Local media told the about demise in a result plane inhabitants Medan. Rescue teams on this moment (1 July) cloned from-under the wreckage of the 49 tel, is handing TASS



Increasingly not gives me contemplated meat suit there same under Donetsk in 2006, there was many different of views even among flyboys, although I found witnesses, which talked that he "not fell, and tried to sit up and flew as fly cornhuskers opryskivaya field"

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As realistically looks video with cameras Domodevo:

Why nor one thing media not stutters pro cameras airport?

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this relatively over Abdoulaye Math access-Grosso, — aviation disaster, one that occurred a 29 September 2006. В небе над бразильским штатом Мату-Гросу на высоте 11278 метров столкнулись авиалайнер Boeing 737-8EH бразильской авиакомпании Gol Transportes A&#233 ;r eos, выполнявший рейс GLO 1907 по маршруту Манаус—Бразилиа—Рио-де-Жанейро, и частный самолёт Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 авиакомпании ExcelAire, совершавший чартерный рейс по маршруту Сан-Жозе-дус-Кампус—Манаус. «Боинг» упал в джунгли Амазонии, врезавшись в землю вертикально на скорости до 500 км/ч (138м/с), все 154 человека на его борту (148 пассажиров и 6 членов экипажа) погибли [1][2]. «Эмбраер» совершил вынужденную посадку в аэропорту города Сьерра-ди-Качимбу, находившиеся на его борту 7 человек (5 пассажиров и 2 пилота) не пострадали, у самолёта оказалось серьёзно повреждено левое крыло [3].

Source (databases airline crashes)

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T. K. I live in "city of of falling aircraft" - Irkutsk, a bit will talk, moreover that saw himself. In Irkutsk was many real airline crashes, but will talk about those that I saw personally their eyes, camping on K. Was on places.
1) It was a disaster Tu154 in 1994 in too costly Mamony, in 3 kilometers from escape the Irkutsk:

Of wikipedia:In 12 :08: 38 Irkutsk International Airport (21 :08: 38 UTC) flight BKL130 on speed 510 kilometers / untangle, vertical line 2-4 flushed / with, under angle 2.2 3-5 °, angle the tilt trajectory -1-2 ° and small krenom shift to the he crashed in dairy farm in farms mamony in 15 kilometers from airport Irkutsk. From strong strike plane tear on parts of. Cabin pilots’and the first civilian salon are pretty much blown off shattered, and part of fuselage (the second civilian salon) and tail part of which unfortunately flew off far on slope (their over the wreckage were discovered in 400 metres from seats fall of). All savagely on board 116 passengers and 9 members crew died.
your entry impression:There is a tremendous Square for the size skeletons plane and the site. In length more 450 meters, in wide about 150. Near farms is focused such number of the wreckage of the "carcasses of", charred by tel dead, and personal things, that there erupt into have. T. E. Quite. Tier - on knee was! All of this dymilos clock, not though, that long put out lit cigarettes, and 30 degree) slope covered frost. Spectacle appalling. From plane remained not many large as much as fragments that, but those, that there were - abducted through a few days very big number of trucks are waved. The, that show now govnosmi pro Kazan, Rostov, and camping on P. - this even not 5% from number of real skeletons, and let-god 1%. Who saw their eyes real a plane crash - never come the, that shows zomboyaschik. Nor-exhorts-where's. This colossal difference, here even to think not need to - all obviously, and understandable.

2) It was a disaster AN124 "Ruslan" in Irkutsk, in 1997
from wikipedia:6 December 1997 Ahn-124-100 board RA-82005 could Vietnam two fighter pilot Su-27 "Flanker" a common host 40 tons, collected Irkutskiy District aviation bolt. In 14 :4 2 Irkutsk International Airport plane flew from Irkutsk. But through 3 of seconds after break from the WFP on perform well 5 meters in conditions growth angular speed on pitch (aviation) experienced compressor stall engine # 3, in a result which the blacked out. Later 6 seconds on perform well 22 Dam occurred halt engine # 2 with of the hallmarks of shtatnogo disable. Even through 2 second under influence slip and the large center attacks (not above maximally allowable) on perform well 66 meters experienced compressor stall engine # 1, after what jet siding with on lowering. Attempt to keep plane on one Vagus engine not succeeded, and plane with leftist krenom and faint postupatelnoy speed collapsed on house # 45 on the street Civil. Tail plane substantially especially house # 120 on the street World (and opyorsya on his wall), and the rest over the wreckage — the building child homes
Vlasnі the impression:Arrived on place tragedy, through 20 minutes, camping on K. Lived close from moreover seats, in three-minute walk. Nor rumbles, nor understanding sound not heard quite. Even those who lived in neighboring backyards near not heard rumbles. But of smoke and ceasefire was on three days. Even through week in some places tlelo and floated. Jet was until refusal filled fuel. Not despite low the speed and a small levels, jet crumbled on many parts. Tail - this the largest "a whole part of" rest as much as parts of I not saw. T. K. Jet collapsed on residential buildings, aggregate mountain the wreckage of the was altitude about 5 meters. 5 meters he's this pulp from aluminum and bricks.

Still times will repeat: The, that show on debilyatoru - full is nonsense, and pulling wasn that on ruin-bit crop-duster, flight to earth with speed understanding sound, and the magnificence in center bronirovanoy steel plates of dvukhmetrovoy thickness. Not believe our televisions. You are deceiving.
Here is, although exile on video:

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Krash, Alpha Unit reporting-test boinga. "That same is happening with-plane-, when he falls? Group scientists uploaded the old “Boeing’s-727 ”, which they bought for 450 thousands of dollars, modern equipment, cameras and apparatus telemetry and staged a real a plane crash in Mexican desert.
"Boeing’s-727" been used for several reasons: He was cheap, his the fuselage reminds “Boeing’s-737 ”, and still he has laminat in Tail plane, where pilots and engineer, fled out before the onset of the fall of.
Then jet turned on remote management and dispatched to earth. Itself the accident and preparation to it begin on 45 minute movie, and until this us tell, why usually occur plane, as power study consequences, and that specifically did survived in nepostanovochnykh airline disasters. And with 45 minutes movie us in all detail demonstrate as outside plane, so and from within, that is happening with machine and passengers (in role passengers mannequins) under falling. "



The film to be sure an interesting, thank you. But, I.M.H.O.,, malopoleznyy for-discussed themes. The film shows, rudely speaking, that will happen with-plane-under error pilots’and landing on front chassis on prepared the surface. Highly a specific and typical case.
Emergency landing on prepared the surface produce on by a, without chassis, to minimize destruction fuselage. If would in the indicated experiment chassis were moved, cockpit hardly would which under landing on sand.
Swing fall of under svalivanii not occur with course on the glide path in parallel earth.
And on sabzhu. After "our Panama backed securities" I easily feel in world plot to hiding seats real catastrophe Dubai Municipality plane.



#p64895,АМ wrote:

Crush-test boinga.

The wrong Krash, Alpha Unit reporting-test. Money on wind.
If they wanted imitating landing outside the WFP, then need was reduce the speed declining, as would this made real pilot.
If they wanted match with alpiysko-Permian-kazansko-Rostov "catastrophe", then the wrong a corner, ravings Macha and donakana not read the.

Even, until now, nor one Red Bull, no other padla, not conducted Krash, Alpha Unit reporting-test - definition of maximum speed, with which civilian plane can fly have land. I think, that any falls apart under speed 500 kilometers / untangle



Falcon Airways aeroplane crash into railway line after brake failure during landing, London Southend Airport, Oct 1960 (All 76 passengers escaped unhurt)



It was a disaster L-1011 in Dallas — a major aviation disaster, one that occurred a in Friday 2 August 1985. Airliner Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar airlines Delta similarly Lines committed flight DL191 on route Fort-Lauderdale — Dallas — Los Angeles, but under you access on landing in airport Dallas fell in a strong mikroporyv and he crashed in, the water tower. From 163 man, request on board plane (152 passenger and 11 members crew), died 134, survived had 29.



Двое американцев отправились в экспедицию в Анды, чтобы попытаться найти черные ящики разбившегося в 1985 году самолета, на борту которого было 29 человек.

Катастрофа Boeing 727 под Ла-Пасом — авиационная катастрофа пассажирского самолёта Boeing 727-225 американской авиакомпании Eastern Air Lines, произошедшая во вторник 1 января 1985 года в Боливии на горе Иллимани близ Ла-Паса. В катастрофе погибли 29 человек. Самое высокое на земле место авиакатастрофы (не считая столкновения в воздухе, то есть над землёй) — 6 км над уровнем моря.
Самолёт выполнял международный пассажирский рейс EA980 из Асунсьона (Парагвай) в Ла-Пас (Боливия) и с 29 людьми на борту (по одним данным — 21 пассажир и 8 членов экипажа, по другим — 19 пассажиров и 10 членов экипажа, в зависимости от учёта служебных пассажиров) вылетел из Асунсьонского аэропорта. В регионе в это время уже стояла ночь и шёл сильный дождь, сопровождаемый туманом. Находясь в 102 км от радиомаяка Ла-Пас экипаж доложил о прохождении пункта DAKON на высоте 7620 м. На это диспетчер дал разрешение снижаться и занимать высоту 5490 м, что экипаж подтвердил. Однако примерно в 20:30 самолёт исчез. На следующий день организованными поисками американскими и боливийскими лётчиками было обнаружено место падения на склоне горы Иллимани (высота 6462 метра) недалеко от вершины. В 48 км от радиомаяка аэропорта Эль-Альто и в 25 милях от торца полосы 09R летящий на высоте 5970 м «Боинг» в лётной конфигурации врезался в гору и полностью разрушился, а все на его борту погибли. Благодаря отступлению ледников на горе Иллимани, в 2006 году альпинисты обнаружили обнажившиеся места нескольких авиакатастроф. Среди них было и место катастрофы американского «Боинга», где удалось найти отдельные вещи пассажиров. Однако ни одного тела, либо бортового самописца обнаружено не было. Они всё ещё находятся под слоем льда и снега
Двигатель, безусловно доставляет.*qJXyZ5KUGiQSwUtuoBqH2Q.jpeg*iuGRlkHi8Se8a4fg8ZM6SA.jpeg*9nQUGhDaiNFCY-TcbvmTLw.jpeg

Вывод по обломкам - в жесточайших условиях пролежав 31 год, авиационная краска на деталях выглядит как новая.
И любимый Горожаниным снимок грабовского боинга.



Доброго времени суток! Не знаю в какую тему выложить фотки (если ни в какую, админ, удали). С мужем повезли старшего сына в авиамузей в Луганске, на 8 мая не пустили росийские гаишники (откуда взялись?), поехали 19 мая. Это музей авиации,  созданный директором Луганского авиаремонтного завода (ЛАРЗ). Последний раз мы там были лет 5 назад. Может кому будет интересно.

фото обломков

фото воронки

Как пояснил муж, упала мина (след от воронки), осколком попало в самолет на выставочном стенде и он выгорел, останки лежат по сей день (два года). Самолеты учебные (вроде бы). 5 лет назад покататься стоило 750 грн 20 минут.


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