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Gathering spaces that offer universal # 3 Rassypnoe

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CBS affiliate LC-3. Sunflower field (not a burned tortilla)
A sunflower, ranks what something there not the last place in Masonic svoystva.
On this chessboard of heap debris, which close front chassis'on a Boeing. Physically impossible education such heap, if this fell with Heights, even although would 300 meters. Matrix look lame argues, that here has fallen cabin, however here there is no nor one like squares will do it, which ostensibly has been shot 30-mm gun.

Accurate gathering spaces that offer universal, field not has suffered :)
-shaven circle right with just said field, to KamAZy lost and allies blamed props.

, severely maimed on Landfill leaf (be can even from we-757), found photographers, in singular copy. Photo with this with a leaf, has found the great search engine the images in Internet, named Peter Khaysenko. This skill find rare photo, became an occasion for invited his in Russian TV programs. :D

1899 clown
29 :0 0 - "This photograph I've been hanging in Google several hours, and then, disappeared" (A. 1899)
Cpetsyalno for leading CSI Arkashi Mamontov help



Judging by video and photo, this the most "Left flank side cabin" this and there is the "Pallet" on which with the outset allies blamed kolyosy, wires and Optimisation garbage. Such a nasty, because 4 month has been lying in earth.
This gathering spaces that offer universal # 3, neatly vybritoe loop place in sunflowers bothered indeed near some roads have rassypnogo.

Front chassis, as and was supposed, somehow office way seceded from racks and mechanism his cleaning.



Dmitry" wrote:

By all indications video and photo, this the most "Left flank side cabin" this and there is the "Pallet" on which with the outset allies blamed kolyosy, wires and Optimisation garbage.

Himself Pallet like as there is on photo with cabin, continues to be left lying around. And his still before men have all been classified as front part of "the pan bottoms" plane, "below the waterline"). On the picture gav-a on this page several controlled higher outlined as "cockpit and forward section." Cabin, apparently, first all of this time somewhere near. Or underincluding palette, (QUESTlONS IN FRENCH pa? (On this, incidentally, hinting turnover "cockpit and.") Oh perishing me these storytellers.% -)



Musicien wrote:

Oh perishing me these storytellers.

:) here is here"storytellers" even summer tried to us popular explain that they The mayor of New Springfield and as this need to "correctly" understand, witness, under tsiferkoy 9 - have them Overcard, that TAC "uploaded on picture under banner This is gathering spaces that offer universal # 3, neatly vybritoe loop place in sunflowers bothered indeed near some roads have rassypnogo, on design - this" cockpit & lower nose ", far and knots side cabin with windows, too, enters. And so-- conveniently, what to speak? Concocted the dustbin of and of food, that there in it within modicum himself damn it lying around, and perishing then, not hurrying, can be and, give you a ride pro that wrote and shoot from all foreshortenings.



Iri$ka wrote:

here is here "storytellers" even summer tried to us popular explain that they The mayor of New Springfield and as this need to "correctly" understand, witness, under tsiferkoy 9

Of our protection, I OK said: Storytellers, here is that pishut:

The jets avionics components and wiring from the under-floor electronics bay were crushed into the nose landing gear, which became separated while it was tucked up into the forward wheel well.

Translate. Forward wheel well - this of course same in this case "a compartment frontline wheels" and not "vtyanuto well." So, the entire this Remy-is called beautiful words jet s Avionics components and location from the under-floor electronics bay - reaktivno-avionicheskie components and wires (aha, we not blindfolded!) from "sweated" (but as still la Russe do you say) compartment electronics fell (ah and that they still could do, if flew) on front stand chassis, which decoupled from samolyota, as a dragged in a compartment frontline wheels (ah i.e. on its place in folded position) (aha-aha, so we and deeds before, as same! Wheel something we see, and reception desk upright!)



CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 3photo-shaven in sunflowers bothered indeed kruzhochka
Derzhitsya "lawsuit to Putin" … d=65399260

Gathering spaces that offer universal # 1 there is, # 2 there is, and where is accurately on a map the third gathering spaces that offer universal, no one so and not has found)

1 2


Has found has found.
Fantastic the accuracy of the fall of the, not punched nor one rooftop, not has suffered nor one cows.
Here is he circle right, here is she the road for Owl transport :D
Over the wreckage we themselves pursued the where them fall or tell who?

On Google Earth curiously pozhanglirovat time pictures.
On denuding 16 July defiantly nothing there is no. Who Needs fewer defiantly photographed precisely 16 July, if previous snapshot was made even 4000m2 as well as 22 March? I so believe, that snapshot 16 July was made much before.
And here is snapshot shovel # 3 already 20 July.(color footage apparently shortage, either there is reason hide color the contrast :D :D)

In sight that to chessboard of already prokatana the road. Its typically recognized make for 3 days? Why?)
Are worth machines safeguard and can be even and reporters do.
Interestingly, as would officially explained autobahn from roads to chessboard of?

Incidentally on exiled lawsuit to Putinthere is interesting photograph

Airport Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Medina Saudi Arabia
As same so accidentally shturmanskaya map MRC21 proved in only?
Unbelievable set of circumstances o.o.

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AIRMAN wrote:

At the photos collapse Malaysian we

Reveal, what precisely photo stipulated the in example?



AIRMAN wrote:

G.M.A.-a charge controller center attacks

This that on civil vessel??

AIRMAN wrote:

pilloried stand to niche cleaning that would reception desk not,, played,,

And this that? Is being driven suppose. Not service glass. Let plays-novella vulnerable will look.
You about than at all?



AIRMAN wrote:

At the photoss front racks if look narrowly visible a rope which pilloried stand to niche cleaning that would reception desk not,, played,, during transportation

About fix you speak, what front reception desk?
On together chessboard of # 3 (sunflower field) there isfroms front racks, but the most racks NO.
"Gathering spaces that offer universal # 3"
In sight were , which close smttyam and other lawyers's factory.

Two racks chassis we left and right, they same rear, toppled, with trucks are waved on chessboard of # 1 in only.



AIRMAN wrote:

Erundu not of food. There reception desk with upper wheels. In his right mind its in sight.

Strelochkoy share

Not Id say on expense common-mind, I was accustomed look eyes



AIRMAN wrote:

A if derzhitsya there is no in this moment the that cannot be and to speak that reception desk otlomanna?

Of course there is no.
s front racks there is no, so they created illusion, that its have collapsed smttyam.

AIRMAN wrote:

At details assembly fuselage (shpangouty and etc) is printed date assembly plane (or date assembly this unit). From the wreckage of fuselage visible date assembly plane December force by mutual consent pending. And Mrd to this time already fun was flying on globe six months with July month force by mutual consent pending. As this understand - not know.

Like only in Russia month is written the second in date, xx-, xx-Hnnh, Pfffhhhh
In this case written likely 12 April

Category :9 M-MRD … rlines.php
The first flight 17 July 1997



AIRMAN wrote:

I same wrote higher that come not can find now with otlomannoy resistant

Ah here is when you will find web then and Come are always
With you the top photo a charge controller center attacks and the top photos front racks chassis



AIRMAN wrote:

Found it on flash drive come otlomannoy racks. Red arrows identifies a traces (yellowish color) resemble dismissed.

this not reception desk, and apple core supposed to be some.)

Of course thus under falling reception desk break not can.
On Department factory Hydromash did its feet for a large parts of Soviet incarcerated, know that was used steel 30KhGSA, this very the enduring steel. Now there make its feet for types Airbus, use the researchers this have become.



This photograph is taken hence … 969113137/

Land under launchpad # 3 type is burnt out.lie WITHOUT at reception
Compare that was and that became.
Specifically for Aviatoramana - s front at reception NO


Photos not are displayed why something.



"Frakhment" lay in wet earth with July until December.
Why him not be on a rusty?

Even if cornered svezheoblomannyy the fragment, he would still will thus in place bring down.

This podlozhnoe proof of, AIRMAN


Under landing 300-tonplane racks retain giant burden, however not of the needle, created on thousands of strikes, and here took and broke cleanly off. Since what would this suddenly?
CBS affiliate gathering spaces that offer universal # 3 made on outskirts of sela Rassypnoe.
On satellite the photo from 20 July, 21 July, 24 July, 1 August, 4 August, 20 August, 14 September is famously in sight along on which driven dumpers with smttyam. In including debris was front part of plane Boeings-worth roughly $, in includingand fragments racks chassis.
In real life impossible, to reception desk unraveled on parts of from strike, the more that chassis should was be deleted. In real situation Square razlyota the wreckage of the this part of plane must be more. In real situation front part of plane at all could not secession from the principal bodies plane.
We here have shown prop.

Little moreover, on large the satellite photos from 16 July, company Google equivocate thereby, that passed participation in bringing up, but not was able understand that precisely from it needed (program Google Earth). Previous snapshot this seats into an important March 2011, and the next ostensibly 16 July in strictly for clock until catastrophe. What my, what a pretty coincidence.
Company Google in any case huge thank you for take pictures.
Ago snapshot Google confirmed, that all three syomochnye shovel Grabowski armagedona, were strictly near roads, thereby even European round idiot should be understandable that:
1) A plane could not fall precisely so, nice and accurately near roads.
2) The debris has could not so accurately bounce during Grabowski higher risk
3) There that us demonstrated under the guise of the wreckage of the'on a Boeing, brought on economy automobiles and have been loaded out until 17 July on three organizes platforms. These shovel were used TV channels for visualization this Mock-up. shovel # 1 and # 2 specifically burned and put out lit cigarettes for groups journalists. On chessboard of # 3 (field with refreshing dip) "conflagration" not was warming up, been used "in cool" mainly Vice NEWS and Zhorenom Ackerman (their material get so steamed up about on all global media).



Idiots whole together "evidence" - "the wreckage of the boinga" have left.
They need to was only "cabin" a cock raise and before, reporters, a chat




Here is even come such a has found with the third shovel … 72990.html
Like already provided here this come, repeat myself if what.
Not though, that the artist again something ausubt with dlinnofokusnym lens, increasingly would still gathering spaces that offer universal looks on of idiot, can you 11W compact.
A trendy disk for front the large we, lies the bottom right :D
Across chessboard of adamlarsa raw from rain egg cartons, packaging plastic bags, any wood we can find from pallets, word. Nakidali together with spare parts and's factory increasingly that was with a from wrapping.



Tsekhovichok Varsegov is hot

Miracle not would begin on a square hopper have Luhansk Regional State Administration, the heroic Reporter CP and durneta continued opupeyu-investigation -

This the sixth part of. Five previous and this the sixth have led to conclusion, that boying made bombs on board.
Disassemble this on stilts, given, that forum. Teen times has proven and showed, that all 10 percent "boinga" razvezeny on earth, this not respect nor themselves, nor forums. And here is visual evidence cost anything like that much, to ensure on them admire.

The first illustration - from two photo.

To visually increase Square frakhmenta, Humbugs not cast his on backdrop of post and any other facility, where visible his the real the magnitude of, and triggered possible the, took in frame socks shoes its and triggered near shoes child.

Long bother over these, tovaristchi? The other times was outstanding Bed was with dolls. Put the most property Barbie, what will find, form of have them have all absolutely similar.

And to recast "frakhment" in "the original of the", had to beyond the limits reduce pixels, and picture do with the container boxes. Differently recast impossible.
The other times recreation the switch.

Real location "frakhmenta" on original version.

The next illustration proves thesis about explosion.

Because most holes done outside, again had to to fudge - piskseli turn. Any a normal snapshot this will show.

Continuation of dishonest actions.
Authorship - "his social media to."

Mountain dishonest actions.

Here most interesting.
Again consider exemplified fota tsekhovichka Zhorika. The original of the

They pulling "frakhmentami" - "valuable these forensics", as their, change their physically, encourage under their "investigations."

For Varsegovym this been not in the first time

Think here is this mrazotnoe creativity - they realistically did compositions

Here is this

A huge number of materials with "collapse 17.07.2014", removed until that date, and also Luhans'ka Regional State Administration, Slavyansk and Bylbasovku. And also earlier installation mraziyschikov - Serovo, Saint Petersburg, Smolensk. Think, that facts enough for withdrawal of:

226th-photographers-videooperatory, okazyvayuschiesya in the first minutes on lzhekrusheniyakh, lzheboyakh and lzheteraktakh (and in fact until official dates these events) - this and there is butafory scum.

Partner tsekhovichka Varsegova Viktor Council of.



Dmitry" wrote:

They constantly refill key with photographs.

And a shoe living in lower right street corner lies not simply so - and special one. For adherence to scale.
Here is'm on this a piece of the and see that dyuraliminiy-aluminum already as a oxidized? Ah like would under popadenii "pieces-projectiles" -dyrki must make them shine? And himself metals not okislyaetsya so quickly and under burning? I why say go looking Gostomele (under Kyiv transport airfield) still in 90-91godu (accurately, I can't recall) 'M Ruslan. Ah and through year we guys came -ezdili on place catastrophe to collect prevents useful things (in including magnesium for vzryvpaketov). Remember that dyuraliminiy multiple! Even there where were oplavlennye potyoki - glinted.


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