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A goblin - Puchkov D. Mainstream Matrix fa

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Years 10 closely looking for creative Goblin, many films prefer look in his the diversion.
The last couple of years Goblin tackled fa, surprise, he such plans shared already long. Affairs have Goblin go well, needed views rollers and more polumillona subscribers his Canal. Basic themes: War on Ukraine and meats delicacies.

Conclusions to do sooner, but Bells Jingling already go.

"Third days put the fireball would in garage, withdrew in pereulochek. On the street midnight. Under the first same a highly-— virtually a puddle blood. Looking on size pools, it occurs to — Perhaps, halfway someone beat back. From categorized nose so much not natechyot.
Pobryol further. On pavement as well — as in fairy, blood footpath nalyapana. Jobs footpath is a broken, jobs damage as should. Boy left all alone He forward — ahead someone on the ground lies. Apparently, not the fled, not the while fleeing, but further already not was able.
Red line of being able — lies on the left a side of the kid. In shorts, with half naked. Face and hands already from blood loss white. Hands-its feet copiously peremazany podsykhayuschey in blood. On right side lies skomkanaya tee shirt, rotten is imbued with in blood. Alcohol not stinks. Behind on asphalt — huge clots blood. And this I even quarter until Ligovki not permitted.
Progressed obey — right from irreparable got a big-ass a cut, from might until belt. From above like a little shallow, and fishing area — strapon until light. Under deep prana starts-sphere of a increasingly slurping, bubbles bloody. With mind like as knife. But prorublennye until light ribs at the expense of — perhaps, with an axe.
Triggered by police has arrived virtually immediately. Incidentally, with a cellular need to call 112, not 2. 2 at all not dialling, if who not in rate. Triggered by quick has arrived slightly later,, too, quickly. Triggered kid's, like, on litter, have taken in machine, there began to process, then left.
Here is so lives man, no one not don. And then they're all laid out scrap stupid — and FUBAR.
Nurture themselves. "

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A goblin: "Note on acceptable korotkostvolista, firing in focus."



My kament pro "why people painted in house and where gone away leaders?" - removed. Can from-for begins, was "sebnuli."
But "kind of guy" by the around the.

"And the guy utterly not look like on in the clandestine arts, bomber and fighter with the regime." - kament under video. Below I look, you have signed kament pro the that this blockbuster instead and vast. - his would delete.

Later still

From another user, kament removed.

FS. Part of kamentov repaired. Their see.

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That tell about Goblin? , too, this?



#p53221,SanodeR wrote:

What tell about Goblin? , too, this?

Not simply this, and the last schmuck.
Doubts disabused, when he skukarekalsya with gorlovskim supplier corpses, Evichem.

For "Angliyskiy Mir", Puchkov word holds or for money, or for any dollars laid on the line. Obviously, that he not can not understand that tvarit, because in previous period he has with logic was increasingly in order.


For killings MPs Rybak's not kalyakali?
A goblin be inviting to itself whole he passed training bastards, on Class the hands of there is blood.

[video2=444|280]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&hideTopBar =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]



Goblin use in dark, until such a version of, he "invites" in studio 100% for of money, not himself diary. Regularly essentially Goblin represents advertising’in-style conversation at the table.

With his words he "naperevodil" for year on 120 million Rubles, charged for guests are decent.



Puchkov tackled uncovering "New Chronology"



#p55319,Деревенский wrote:

Goblin use in dark

To terminally disabused doubts relatively "in dark", can be revere blog Sergei Ivanov, former goblinskogo colleagues, virtually fully win his (goblin) expose :).



Have him wife koreyanko-Jewish. Many Perhaps from the old Forum noticed, as many Jews in media and in particular in cinematography. There is system klanovosti, according to some, for example on poznovatelnom cubicles was video pro Andrei Mironova-Menakera, there pro clannishness investigation interesting. Interestingly have Puchkov popularity not connected with those that wife Jewish on half?





#p55349,Paul014 wrote:

To terminally disabused doubts relatively "in dark", can be revere blog Sergei Ivanov, former goblinskogo colleagues, virtually fully win his (goblin) expose.

Serozha detektiv asshole.


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