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The bombings large and small

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#p35152,Dmitry" wrote:

When this they cosmos keen on?))

Get with them when they the space keen on.
Another: "Explosion s Afghanistan on Aerospace factory in the US."
". On the eve conflagration and two explosion occurred on petrochemical factory on south France.. Local power told the, that rounded in atmosphere emissions not toxic, no threats health citizens there is no. Reported, that PE began from-for of reverting two reservoirs with easy naftoy (PACs, mixture of liquid hydrocarbons) GDP 43 thousand Kubometrov. "
The reference on K. I. Tsiolkovskiy where?
Incidentally, I with K. I. Tsiolkovskim here agree

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A powerful explosion, which s Afghanistan last at night in Chinese port Tianjin, destroyed hundreds of new cars European producers, stored nearby from seats reports.

And reportedly data, in port exploded content one of economy containers;. Media report, that capacity explosion in megatons equivalent equal 21 ton his was in sight from space. In a result reports damaged several buildings, died some 40 man, hundreds of injured.


23 - news.

How would in hollowness. And robt that want with this news. Yes and post higher already was.

13 August, 00 :2 2, wood. Seven man died, hundreds of injured in a result a powerful explosion in Chinese port Tianjin
At least 7 man died, hundreds of injured in a result a powerful explosion in Chinese port Tianjin, reports Associated Press with refers on Chinese media.

On information site Beijing News, from 300 until 400 man were hospitalized. Windows and doors worked in nearby buildings dashed.

According to urban police, the first explosion breathed in environment on the evening on building a, in which were stored legkovosplamenyaemye and explosive materials.
On information official press, for the first bursting of the followed the next in neighboring buildings.

National seysmologicheskoe agency filed two powerful explosion: The first of a in 3 ton tons, kilotons, and equivalent of, the second in 21 ton.
On place bombings and fire work 6 battalions firefighters, search is on for Wounded.

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17 :0 8 17 August 2015
Dont less 12 people in Monday,, 17 August, died under explosion in the center of the Bangkok.
Large number of people injured average of gravity. … photo-3778



the US bombed Chinese Tianjin weapons from space

:cool: … -mail.html
Ah who would have doubted?




At the chemical plant in China s Afghanistan large explosion. Video … vzryv.html
There is video, under intervene "provide civil China" betrays of a shitload of channels without views with one and those same video.
Here is screenshot with this video

petrochemical plant soared on air in China. (Video) … tml#p23080
Apparently not only the Chinese on one thing face, have them and the bombings same assessment.



Ox perishing these-witnesses.

eyewitnesses told the about explosions on American military base in Japan
In social networks appeared messages about explosions in the Japanese city of Sagamihara. On information journalist station's outlet Channel Four backs 1 Amichaya Stein's, with bombings on American base and provoke conflagration. Journalist published in Twitter photo and video overthrew the.

Slammed in news in a random fashion RBK reported 11 minutes ago. Just. Just-only 11 minutes ago
Now on YouTube, and there already with dozen video on "Russian" mrazokanalakh with tag "Built-explosion s Afghanistan on American military base in Japan"
Mrazokanaly: Recent News, The events, 375,000 Stark, Today Online, Yandex NEWS, Life may have focused Info, LIFE NEWS, OchevidoeNeveroyatno, Coalition military News, News for visually impaired (already in which times), Our time for standing pat News, and anything.

The very a so be not mogyot. Has place be staged zatvarnaya infobutaforiya.



#p37318,Dmitry" wrote:

Ox perishing these-witnesses.

Ox perishing these Asians. And-witnesses.

24.08.2015g. 06 :3 6 eyewitnesses: On factory near airport in Tokyo began a strong conflagration
On steel factory near airport Tokyo-Haneda in the capital Japan began a strong conflagration. On the photo eyewitnesses over place reports are visible poles, black of smoke. On some data, cause of fire could become explosion on factory. Data about victims until not widely reported.

#RAW: Huge factory blaze erupts near Tokyo airport

Brad what the, RT gives news for today on caaiao without peg to military base, and both events together.

Yes and circus with-built in Koreyakh - gotten the region.

#p37271,Dmitry" wrote:

To present a to rewards and to lift movies. 's notice stop. ".

So Luc besson these and handled, truth Malyavka not he calculated on: contaminated shoot.Shooting in a train in France was wounded the actor Jean-South Anglad



media: On the chemical plant on the east China exploded methanol

[Cecilia]Full- on explosion s Afghanistan in ponedenik on chemical factory in the eastern Chinese city of Lishui, Zhejiang (province Zhejiang). As told the local media, has successfully detonated they'd stowed there chemical a substance - methanol.
Such pace chinayskoy ecology will come been utter prozhivu.



In Eastern Europe Niko Nusmeier struck residential house

Collapse joists first building a two-story residential homes happened about 20 :0 0 on local time (17 :0 0 minutes Moscow Time). About this told chief press services GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Omskaya area Alexey Puryshev, is handing TASS.

On his words of, incident occurred on the street First Teplovoznaya, crack ceilings over two apartamenta. From homes were evacuated some 40 man, but there are suspicions, that under 2 stories of rubble are people.

Reportedly on site on Russia on Omskaya area, pre review, that collapse happened in a result explosion household gas.

Data about dead and affected trickled in conflicting. In the latest data omskogo on, in a result explosion gas died one man, still two man hospitalized.

According to SU RS on Omskaya area, in a result breakdown have suffered four 4 human: Living in House woman, two contractor gas services and another a man. All they were cured of in hospital.

Minister health Omskaya area Andrei Storozhenko told TASS, that in a result explosion gas and breakdown homes one person died and six have suffered. According to Storozhenko, rotted away woman. … 6cdc6451df



#p37291, wrote: -mail.html
Ah who would have doubted?

Currency war and the bombings in Tianjin

Popular Bank of China (PBC) devalues its currency.
Despite the, that the IMF approved such actions China … _za_dva_d/
In some circles the US trumps alarm: … -straight/
Oslablenie appreciation renminbi is designed foster as revive Chinese exports, which in July ended on 8.3 percent in annual terms. … n-podrjad/
China helped his exporters, goods which will become relatively cheaper for overseas buyers. … .html?_r=0 … rrency-war

Candidate in presidents the US from Republican Party, billionaire Donald Trump declared, that devaluation Chinese renminbi exerts devastating influence on the United States Americas: They simply destroy us. They continue to devalue its currency and will do this and further. They assume a strong the fall of the renminbi, and this will be damaging for us
About 23 :3 0 h. In port, outsiders in the new district Tianjin Binhai New Area cities Tianjin, on the north China (less than in 100 kilometers from capital PRC) with massacres at regular intervals in 30 seconds happened two powerful explosion. Real the number of victims catastrophe - not known.
Local seysmologicheskaya service appreciated capacity first explosion in 3 ton tons, kilotons, and equivalent of, second in 21 ton. Were fixed quake, about 2.3 and 2.9 on threshold appears. A strong explosive wave of caused fluctuations soil on distance in several kilometers from seats explosion. People in panic left homes, worried earthquake.

Artificial fall renminbi land continued (the third day consecutive) … -straight/ … _za_dva_d/

New the bombings in port Beiguan. On place PE there is white smoke, there directed the team specialists crop-duster. Military from this cleanup was evacuated. Reuters is handing, that in police officially confirmed presence lethally dangerous cyanide was sodium. Speech can go about 700 shit tons of dangerous substances. In ties with by the all seule, the plumbing and sanitation in district tragedy have blocked, could've been contaminated water been decided face and to clear. Norm presence category: Cyanides exceeded on 50 percent, in soil also discovered particles magnesium, sulphur and carbide. … lasts.html
Officially states only about 112 man dead and 95 missing.
Later been on speaking terms about 160 dead.
Among dead 96 firefighters and 11 policemen, in including missing firefighters 8 people. Still 800 man injured, under this 302 still remain in hospitals, 14 in critical or a precarious able.
More 200 nuclear and mixture experts profits in Tianjin.
Police has warned users social networks PRC use only official figures losses.
In statement, published in Sunday, chief economist Central Bank Ma jun noted, that government PRC not intends to and not believes necessity to participate in foreign-exchange wars.
Ma declared, that henceforth Central Bank will to intervene only under exceptional circumstances , to prevent incentive volatility appreciation.
In end Chinese government managed placate investors: Today course renminbi relative to the dollar has stabilized.

measures crime leaves for a economic footprint (from Jamaican Voroshilovskiy shooter S. Govorukhin)



Two bomber suicide staged a explosion during morning prayer in mosque Blili in the capital Yemens Sanaa. Previously reported about 15 dead in a result terrorist.

Number of dead under Kerri in mosque in Sanaa increased until 29 man(the reference)

Two bomber suicide staged a explosion during morning prayer in mosque Blili in the capital Yemens Sanaa. Previously reported about 15 dead in a result terrorist.
On place terrorist in mosque Blili in the capital Yemens Sanaa
REUTERS/ Khaled Abdullah

the MINEX, 24 sen RIA News.Skyfall a lesser least 29 people died in Kerri in Thursday on territory mosque in the capital Yemens Sanaa, is handing channel broadcast CNN.

According to eyewitnesses, two bomber suicide led in action explosion devices in mosque al-Bilali (Jazeera Bilaili) near supervised Shia militants Police Academy. Reportedly, that explosion s Afghanistan during morning prayer, states in Summit agencies France Press.

An analogous terrorist attack occurred 2 September in mosque El Muayad on the north Yemeni capital, died 28 people. Responsibility for this terrorist attack took on themselves Sunni extremists.

In Yemen continues armed conflict, where with one hand regency rebels-khusity from Shia movement "Ansar Alla" and like a loyal ex-president Ali be playing into Yemeni to Saleh had part of army, and with the other troops exiled they President Abd Rabbu Mansur Hadi. Coalition Arab countries led by with Saudi Arabia voiced on the side Hadi and with 26 March upsets airstrikes on to areas Yemens, which control khusity. In country act supporters terrorist groups "Al Qaeda on Arabian Peninsula" and "Islamic State" (Stock).



On "Karabashmedi" exploded into the cooling, 10 workers traumatized
1 October, 11 :1 9

"Yekaterinburg, 1 October. / TASS /. On factory "Karabashmed" in Cheliabinsk area occurred explosion the boiler cooling gas pipeline, 10 workers enterprises received trauma varying degrees extent of gravity, victims there is no.. "
That for bullshit? Every day the bombings



At the north of Sinai occurred terrorist attack
Explosion s Afghanistan in city of El Arish, not far from which crashed Russian A-321

El-Arish, Morocco, 4 November 2015, 10 :5 5 Wu buildings policeman governance in administrative the center of the Northern of Sinai city of El Arish (Egypt) s Afghanistan explosion. About this today, 4 November, reports Reuters.

On a data Egyptian police victims of explosion have become six man, even 10 injured. None of terrorist groups not assumed responsibility for what happened. Details incident improves

The details:

From themselves
Oops how many those today. Good fellows, a normal the big info, pictures, video with locations disasters A-321 so and not gave, and already 2 new themes hotties only are ripe. Here is so work need to, good fellows)



In Stockholm s Afghanistan a powerful explosion

15 :1 6 06 November 2015
Currently place reports this cordoned off, work intelligence agencies.

A strong explosion s Afghanistan today in the capital Sweden Stockholm. As report local media, on place reports works police. Data about victims and affected there is no.

According to eyewitnesses, explosion was so a powerful, that in neighboring homes, it knocked Autodesk 3ds Max . A tentative version of crisis engulfed explosion household gas in one of apartments.



#p44966,fire wrote:

In Stockholm s Afghanistan a powerful explosion
Skyfall words of eyewitnesses, explosion was so a powerful, that in neighboring homes, it knocked Autodesk 3ds Max .Preliminary version of crisis engulfed explosion household gas in one of apartments.

:flag: :canthearyou:

"Built-explosion" in the center of the Stockholm proved cotton from strike falling as about roof down

Stockholm, 6 November. / Corr. TASS Irina Dergacheva /. "A powerful explosion", razdavshiysya in Stockholm Arlanda district Sodermalm, on's proved failed attempt to gore- carpenter cram down on window cornice which for curtains. About this reports Internet version of newspapers Jan Gustav Helin.
Immediately several clustered in service save shots were about 14 :0 0 minutes Moscow Time. Alarmed at bystanders heard a about The loudest explosion, razdavshemsya on a quiet stokgolmskoy the street Brennchyurkagatan in a residential district, and also about how, that saw in-year window human with performed naked with some napominavshem a pistol the subject of in drawn.
On place incident were relegated several policemen , machine the emergency aid, street was wasnt cordoned off. Guardians of order discovered on cat's human, zakleivayuschego sticky ribbon glass. Police decided, that man deliberately tries to hide from outsiders eye something, happening within apartment. For example, hostages. Law-enforcement authorities evens move was prepared go on assault on apartment, but, as it turned out, the situation was general exclusively peaceful one character.
A man, who was preparing decorate apartment the curtains, stood on cat's with heavy drill in drawn. In some point he lost balance and dropped tool, which, chiefdom glass, flew from windows. Drill with scary lumbering, who was ?????? in many parts of cleanup, landed on the roof build the bottom. And then a man simply decided to size glass, to autumn wind not) blew in window.



Went the rocking Turkey front-loaded.

1 December, 18 :4 5 date renewal: 1 December, 19 :1 9 UTC + 3
media: Source of explosion in Istanbul was bomb

"Bomb was left to nadzemnom transition. One person suffered ", - is handing channel broadcast unwillingness

Ankara, 1 December. / Corr. TASS Kirill (10 sq /. Source of explosion in members district Bayrampasa was bomb. About this in live station's unwillingness told representative Enforcement security cities. Belsoyuzdruk reports, that has been vindicated version of explosion from a pipe bomb, which dynamite was under dead have transition subway car.

"Bomb was left to nadzemnom transition. One person suffered ", - is handing channel broadcast. The Governorship Istanbul also announced about one DOA.

Attached with those, police Istanbul until not confirms version of about Kerri.Vedetsya investigation.

Previously day in district Bayrampasa near rail pathways s Afghanistan a powerful explosion. For different data, have suffered from one until four people. Reported also about one, um, dead, but official acknowledgement not was.

According to media, in Istanbul suspended movement subway. District Bayrampasa and their hinterlands neighborhoods are powering down. In district reports there is accumulation machines the emergency aid and a fire services. From-for stop subway many people go along pathways.

Bomb there is - terrorist there is no. :whistle:

1 December 2015, 19 :3 7
they got photo and video with seats explosion in members subway

Passengers, proved blocked in tunnel and had to to Wahhabi their move

Victims of explosion in Istanbul have become passengers in subway. Messages about, um, dead - improves. Information about how, that as least one person wounded confirmed Governor Istanbul Vasif Shahin. To passengers, who are locked in tunnel had to get until station their move.

Explosion s Afghanistan in hour peak have one of central station subway Istanbul - Bayrampasa. In this time at this metro always crowded. Some Turkish media reported, that Russias explosive devicesabout was perched in transformer October we. On other data, bomb detonatedin subway near racks for handling. About this in particular reports center

Here is himself the commercial which lies on page TASS:
#Bayrampa&#351 ;a Patlama

Very it seems on dilution of attention and divert popular from past events associated on Middle East. on 20 :0 0 on Moscow Daylight Time not works, download video not gives, about than is worth warning.



the MINEX, 7 December. / TASS /. Explosion s Afghanistan on stopping public transportation in the center of the Moscow, injured three rights. About this TASS told the in law enforcement organs the capital.
PE happened on stopping in district homes 19 on the street Pokrovka Street.

"On one of stops public transportation occurred explosion unknown particular homemade explosive devices, in a result what have suffered three rights. On place PE work several brigades the emergency aid and rescuers a capital Ministry of Emergency Situations, "said the interlocutor agencies.



12 :2 9 (today)
In Volgograd s Afghanistan explosion in a high-rise,: Collapsed several joists
Reasons PE in a residential House on the street AG decided and information about dead and affected improves.

Explosion s Afghanistan in mnogetazhnom a residential House in Dzerzhinsky City district Volgograd in Sunday, 20 December.
As told the calicos A-Volgograd in GU, uh, disastrous FEMA on region, PE happened about 12.00 on address street AG decided, 47. In a result explosion on one of the top of floors struck several joists, part of homes gripped by fire.

Currently on place are government employment, collaborators of operatives services and the emergency aid. Information about affected either dead,. Also is installing the reason explosion and place, where he occurred.
According to the some eyewitnesses, explosion occurred on 6 either 7 floor, and his cause of could become the gas equipment, however in, uh, disastrous FEMA information until do not clarify. … perekrytiy



Today on the evening in the center of Donetsk in district Donetsk metallurgical a plant worked a powerful Russias explosive device. About this reports Donetsk agency news with refers on the ministry Interior DNR.

- 21 December about 19 :2 0 near residential array on stopping public transportation worked Russias explosive device. On place immediately next included-of operational group and specialists-the bomb techs, heard a in office.

Now are priced circumstances crisis engulfed, improves data about possible victims. Under this source of told, that there are grounds to believe about involvement to blowup a certain they stress groups.

- In Republic urgently introduced plan (Link) Interception. Personal composition MVD dilute the on the capture of a malefactors, added in MVD.

In ties with by the the ministry Interior called citizens Republic Fuehrer maximum vigilance and without delay report any suspicious the area in police on the telephone 102 or in Ministry of Emergency Situations on the telephone 101.

Donetsk Metallurgical plant resides in Leninsky district capital DNR.


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