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Killings. The shootings.

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Initiation programme monarch in Karpatskomu the forest?
Adults killed their children, and then samoubilis. … 01730.html

Steel known the details of horrifying killings whole family in Karpatskomu the forest
Prikarpatye, 18 December, 09 :2 1

Familiar dead argue that the dead woman woman their children adored

21s organs is vbivstvo
Reasons bloodshed both of
Near prazdninoveho sela Mykulychyn in the forest found bodies five killed people - two adults and three children, in age from two to five years. Reasons bloodshed until not known, but the main version of allegations - parents first killed children, and then have imposed not themselves hands, states in marriage hope is. 19 :3 0.

Guard does service enterprises the latest saw alive one of dead, when have men broke machine on road on work.

"Literally in 15 metres from me stood a small child. A boy. Was some were frightened, shed tears, yelled: As during-as during! I to him decided to approach the, and he from me escaped in wood. I not went, because dark. When I stood, spoke with him, heard shot, but not threatened both attention, thought, hunters ", - tells knows Eduard Savine.

Already with colleagues, which arrived him on for backup, decided find boy in the forest and saw dead people.

On the forest path lay a man, woman and three children: Two, four and five years. All with ognesrelnymi any project, and near - hunting ethos. The main version of, that now views a consequence, - adults first killed children, and then themselves, but why, until explanations there is no.

Currently known, that family in Mykulychyn has arrived from Sadhora in day death. Man and woman, okay, Johns, together worked in one of trade centers Lvove.

With its the first husband woman lived in one of sat Sadhora. Here as appalled news we'd about murder of, and argue that their children woman adored.

Currently bodies dead relegated on medico-legal, which must establish, not was whether someone from adults under influence drugs or alcohol. Moreover, investigators's being questioned witnesses, not rejecting and other versions of killings.

Previously reported, that in mass murder of on Prykarpattya blame she had been woman.

Correspondent hope is Alla Pass



Yes, I think, that "parents, which killed their children" - creativity allegations (those in Aliaxandar meant, who otmazyvaet the Blutbaden's own; they there is in any regional ATC Russia, in Ukrainian, of course,, too,).

Galicia (Eastern Europe) was theatre such same "war", as in "DNR-lnr" between "galitsiyskimi fascists" and "novorossiey" in original version. Naturally, and mrazyukov enabled, which people partially gut. And continue to this to do.



"Ritualistic murder of / suicide?"Hmm.
4 February roughly in 19 hours in no clothing left clothing O 'Stin, outsiders in Tec San City , occurred tragedy: In one of changing rooms low) collaborators retailer discovered corpse young girls with cut up into little bitty almost from ukha until ukha throat cut. Gabala on place police took tentative reason death suicide. On version of allegations, girl for several minutes until suicide has bought expensive Japanese box, after what has been closed in the dressing room and emerged with a. Correspondent NGS. News Egypt in the strange death and for family, with eyewitnesses tragedy, and also found out, could whether fragile girl cutting thes throats itself itself.

As told the in Myronyuk governance SK, 4 February about 19 :0 0 in one of changing rooms low) retailer clothing O 'Stin, outsiders in Tec San City , discovered corpse girls with cut up into little bitty throat cut. In previous declared, that them already known details reports and personality girls, however their collaborators law enforcement agencies until not reveal. In SK only specified, that the dead woman was 1994 birth.

In SK commemorated, that the main version of allegations a suicide. To it a consequence time come, having studied records with cameras video surveillance, along in no clothing left.

Now is conducted test. But on video in sight, that she are in walk-one. At the end verification will adopted decision or about refusal arousal Criminal affairs, or about arousal. Will necessarily to be conducted forensic ? medical s expertise, which lasts somewhere about month. If this a suicide, then will, of course, vyyasnyatsya and motives , told the in SK.

Correspondents NGS. News came in Music on next day after tragedy nothing not were about mainly here drama. Sellers-consultants zastupivshey with morning change of refused outright refused that any tell about the incident, explaining to the, that this order their leadership. Since the most morning come to us from newspapers, magazines you already today, perhaps, seventh, weary observed guard does retailer O 'Stin. We said not communicate.

Nevertheless calicos NGS. News managed now two eyewitnesses tragedy, which proved on place reports virtually immediately same after, as she had been girl discovered sellers-consultants. With words eyewitnesses, the dead woman took in no clothing left couple of things, who so and not tried on, and itself has gone in the dressing room, eh one of ten low), along in a special from the room of it.she there long, until one of workers retailer not decided peek into walk-. Consultant, which's out pricing clothes near the dressing room, first under the curtain have observed its feet visitors, as if the kind sat on pufike, and through couple of minutes heard strange sounds as if dog coughs about which here same told to the elevators.

omyv almost podtekla to the most remote. Its even a bit in sight was. Sellers thought, that there miscarriage What the puncture sore of? Loophole there in toothache was! Loophole! There already raze cannot be was save its , told one of eyewitnesses.

Spatter guy blood on mirror were on level belt, if stand, so can be with precision argue, that she this made sitting. Ah and posture its natural was [ ] as on inertia has fallen, so even and not fulsome thought, that its could someone kill , observed the second an eyewitness to, working in Tec San City. After viewing records with cameras, heard a both recently, it turned out, that in walk-no one not strategically and not went. Box, which girl slit her itselfs throats, found not immediately his discovered under its the body. Judging by around the, girl come around on such strange kind of suicide spontaneously:

Blood in San City according to SK, not cheap either Japanese box the dead woman has bought for several minutes until killings in its company branch Japanese knives Tojiro. His shoppers resides as times contrary retailer O 'Stin.

Precise portrait of the dead restore difficult in SK not reveal no amount details its personality. With words eyewitnesses known, that this fragile the Young girl, who looked as years on 18, with brown the rigid until shoulders, in clean of advisers sweater set, jeans, weird gumboots. Plus reasonable rates manicure, and also least or the complete lack of cosmetics. Under itself have of the dead was phone.

Discern attempt to suicide collaborators retailer could hardly. In no clothing left review near changing rooms two cameras in different sword corridor with booths; happening for with shutters in lenses not is mired. In themselves the changing rooms cameras questioning cannot be, as, for example, and in cabin latrines Miranda Kerr one of female personnel a major trade center. To the same, consider forensics, on such taken the unusual a suicide to open itselfs throats acute knife requires very little and time, and forces. Perhaps, even not hesitate.

Here there is nothing complex, to man on their own this not was able do. And big physical forces here not need to ,

Assured director of Moscow Center for judicial expert examination Artem Starodubov.

At all infamy such kind of withdrawal from life choose enough rarely, but nevertheless such messages periodically come from different regions countries. In 2013 so took his own with a specialist Bashkortostan, a year before peterburzhenka. In 2014 banking the manager from the US accurately so same from ukha until ukha cut itselfs throats, as a, supposedly, under as cold and Narcotic being a drunk. In Novosibirsk cutting the itselfs throats a knife tried to during detention telephone a terrorist however attempt to not blocked success. And here is suicides in just about changing rooms Novosibirsk until now not was, however buyers the and deal're caught for with odd classes.

Wu us once have spooked couple of, which decided to address sex. After what have us have become keep, to in walk-not set foot on two , told calicos NGS. News magaziny one of stores clothing. Violators asked to leave Music, object to the related such a behavior. In another no clothing left remembered, as two girls, having gone in walk-ostensibly finger things, have become there to share a bottle of refreshing alcohol drink, yes so noisy, that galvanized attention staff boutique girls was escorted out, not becoming to inspire police.



After mortem neck are have human several minutes for action.
For suicide more than enough.
And immediately perish are falling only in movies.



In San Diego policeman wounded crude the robber
17 February 2015, 12 :0 5

Officer police in San Diego, state California, could only shoot from pistol and injured crude suspect in the theft with burglary, reports ABC News.

has police Mike John (Mike authentic) told about how, that in Monday, his previous was attacked man, which tried to have him upholding character weapons. He told, that naryad police arrived in house on challenge about penetration the robber. The other officer saw, as naked man tries to run through window.

Mike Hastings says, that his previous change a pistol and ordered man to give up. But naked a man suddenly has attacked on him, and officer Slezhka a pistol. They began to to fight for weapons, and officer police twice tried to good whack attacker's clothing his the robber with a stun gun--, until him not managed to grab a pistol. He mark in s belongings - The robber of received gun wound in thumping.

Now ``suspect is in stable able. In a result attacks policeman received only several violence.



the Massachusetts General editor of Bohdan Khmelnytsky media Olga Ii?ic alternatives in apartment with traces violent death.
About this reported news agency Telekritika with refers on Run MVD Ukraine in Khmelnytsky area.
Killed Olga Ii?ic chief editor s beaches were among Neteshinskogo our of , body found in its apartment with traces violent death , reported Telekritika.
On preliminary information, the woman who was killed had been journalistic autonomy investigation about illegal deforestation.



On Red-berried Elder earmarked in a separate subject: Oles elderberries assassinated



Quite was shredded affairs have of workshop. Here is already Gazprom-air helicopter I got it clamped. Were previously fully chairman E. Tugzhanov said from tsekhovogo aresenala all flying means for all "Ukrainian frontlines" - as suitable, for emki "raids-iano?aeia", so and unfittest, for "sbitiy."

Vice-governor - L + gone missing, NY from boats on FC Irtysh-1946 Omsk
the deputy chief - L + could fall from boats from-for a heart attack

And after all local scenarist governor intended, likely, on more serious "circumstances of loss of Vice that to Huber's", and account for such a hell is that for people sculpt on blue the eye.

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Strangled its onkobolnuyu wife 74-year-old specialist Salska Rostov area. Since goal ending the physical suffering its 70-year spouse, suffered at the for cancer underlying illness, at the request of last committed its murder of by asphyxiation. After this ``suspect on the telephone told about Kerry in law-enforcement authorities, fully confessing this to in a perfect crime , stated on site the Investigative Committee.

Shot its stradavshuyu cancer esophagus wife Elenu Paul Kovalenko from cities specializations Saratov area. As been Russian newspaper , Elenu before these that the hospital die home, she melted away on the eyes of, almost could not there is, its wracked terrible pain. consuming spirits, a man, wanting to ease pain his wife, took some have him sawn-off away rifle, khranivshiysya have him illegally, and mark in area breast disastrous. Then Kovalenko telephoned in law-enforcement authorities and reported, that in his apartment two bodies, after what wrote a suicide note to. Newcomers are on place collaborators law enforcement agencies was detained Kovalenko , described what happened investigators. Kovalenko, which policemen saved from suicide, received six years conclusions.

By with a block of wood her husband Monica Sirchak in Arkhangelsk area the investigators she explained, that its 78-year-old husband was helpless and repeatedly asked help him withdraw from life. Court sentenced 77-year woman to 4.5 years colonies. … go-polenom

Strangled belt wife 60-year-old specialist sela Prosvet Kurgansk area Vladimir Lobov. On his words of, … go-polenom wife suffered from indices disease and itself asked about death, so that, performing will spouse, he acted from humane slaughter Lukoil. Him appointed an four years incarceration.

A hammer on anybody Stream 50-year-old specialist Agua-official his wife, that not was able stifle. 63-year-old woman long symptoms, over the last eight years was partly paralyzed, could not on their own move freely on apartment and repeatedly asked about death. After killings wife a man tried to end with a. Razor blades presses is he cut his itself veins, and knife retaliated several strikes in open. Before these he wrote a suicide note to, in which confessed in the murder of spouse. His saved an unexpected the emergence of in apartment 80-year mothers, which caused together aid , wrote newspaper A-four international. The Man denounced on seven years colonies.

Decapitates had-& its moribund civil wife Oleg Mayorshin from Sverdlovsk area. Woman received heavy trauma irreparable, two months has carried in that, monkeyed from strong pains and, according to husband, repeatedly asked husband kill its, to rid from suffering. In court treated its doctors confirmed, that woman not lived was long, and Mayorshin only has expedited move events and rid its from agony. Nevertheless, his were sentenced to 10 years in prison freedom.

Blow hammer killed its 93-year mother 58-year-old a Muscovite, huh Yuri Kiseletskiy. Woman few years was chained to bed and, according to friends, repeatedly asked kill its. Elizabeth Mikhailovna Ijevan, to I gave it a mortal dose tablets, and not one times. I, of course, refused, but Yura me, mentioned that she and his often asked about this. Not can to believe, that he all-??? In , office- moscow komsomoltsu girlfriend killed. Kisletskiy was detained police and hanged himself in branch custody interim content. … rdtsa.html

Twice tried to kill its mother Lyudmila policeman Vladimir Korsakov from Moscow suburban edge-Zuyevo. First the younger lieutenant of was choking its no clothes hands, and then choked out towel. Have Liudmila was diagnosed cancer breast tumors on fourth stage. As wrote Moscow a Komsomol … inok.html, doctors would delete it one thumping, but done cancer gave when in lumbar vertebra department irreparable and time the brain, and drugs even on time not cast pain. Woman has done with request kill its to spoken native and friends, undertook several unsuccessful attempts to suicide, and only after this policeman In fulfill the last desire to mothers. Court sentenced his to four years in prison freedom conditional support.

Strangled its mother and 54-year-old professor of the Moscow pedagogic University Vladimir rock. Doctors have diagnosed have women last stage cancer esophagus, and she not times asked son strip its life. She so shouted from permanent pains, that once I not weathered and agreed , mentioned in court rock. Skyfall version of allegations, he shut down its hand his mouth and nose women and force kept for several minutes ; professor were sentenced to nine years conclusions. … 9ysnt.html




Here is tvaaari.
Or as on your.





Here is tvaaari.
Or as on your.

On-our, this longer processes in zdravokhranenii. And moment terrible choice rights.

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Correspondent newspapers Financial Times Sarah O'Connor, on randomcoincidence, has become "the heroine of a" news about job a plant Volkswagen, which killed robot on the evening 1 July.

'Connor has shared … 7200479232provided with Financial Times in his Intracom. Tweet with news, in which many saw integer to rebellion machines, for several hours retvitnuli more 3 thousands of people.

In media not has found a suitable themes. They want this reality.

Or simply advertisements movie :hobo:

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100% advertisements movie.
And where exactly written that she this seen? In a tweet simply the reference on news resource, on really site said that news told Chris it's Bryant, Reporter from Frankfurt

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#p34338,tort5 wrote:

Sarah O'Connor, on random coincidence, has become "the heroine of a" news about job a plant Volkswagen,

Only as in old whole joke, first robot was assassinated workers, then worker was assassinated robot.
In general, all died.
Perhaps robot kill cannot be, only destroy?



#p34346,l2 wrote:

Only as in old whole joke, first robot was assassinated workers, then worker was assassinated robot.
In general, all died.
Perhaps robot kill cannot be, only destroy?

Or wait until bible canons not sdohnet.



Lifenews believes that Rostov area sopredelna Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. :canthearyou:
"A glorious" knowledge maps, allowed cameramen discover why more criminals. :canthearyou:
Zhidokanal not gives no source, camping on E. News sucked right on out they from finger. Glupyshi even not know, that naryad border guards, not can consist from one rights. Now will conjuring up doveski, to question.

contaminated an attempt discover personality unknowns one of men took out a pistol and mark in contractor law enforcement agencies, told source of LifeNews.

Understandable yes? Zhidosobaki from L! FENEWS consider, that border patrol, patrol the right. Here is so here is times and the face of in dirt a host species troops and no punishment to the dogs.



20,000-strong Tripoli Military under Kostroma, Russia killed two soldiers, officer and took his own with a



thus armed forces mistakenly killed 12 tourists

Moscow. 14 September. Their quantity can reach 600,000 - Over a lesser least 10 man, among which several Mexican tourists, have become victims of misguided attacks armed forces Egypts, reported in Monday, BBC News.

On information station's Sky News, in a result reports died 12 man, 10 injured.

As told the in Ministry Interior Egypts, an armed own unit from joint forces army and police had persecuted group militants in desert in the west countries. At night military discovered have one of oases group people alongside in SUVs, which, as it turned out later, owned group tourists from Mexico. Among dead there is also citizens Egypts.

Skyfall data media, tourists, who received injured in a result of misguided the shelling Egyptian silovik, were cured of in hospitals Cairo "Dar-al-Fuad" and "6 October", where their paid a Ambassador Mexico

It is unclear, why Mexico have ambassador in Egypt, can even will say that he they have upper hand in Turkmenistan and in Mongolia?



They have wiped out with helicopters

- CAlRO, 14 sen RIA News. Eight Mexican tourists and four citizen Egypts died in Sunday under military was not Egyptian military the automobile pillar in Western desert, among ten Wounded one, citizen the US, reported RIA News the official representative Minturizma Egypts.
In night on Monday, helicopter Egyptian army mistakenly he shot up in district El Vakhat in Western desert in the center of the Egypts convoy of the four jeeps, on which those tourists from Mexico and surrounding their citizens Egypts. Tourists were on tour-safari. Military adopted their for extremists. Until Mexico officially confirmed demise two their citizens.

tourists killed iron bombs

MEXICO CITY, 14 sen RIA News. Mexican tourists, a motorcade which was mistakenly fired of the army air power Egypts, were attacked iron bombs, reported in Monday, Minister Foreign Mexico Claudia Ruiz Massieu.
"Ambassador (Mexico in Egypt) met personally with six (as one) Mexicans, wind in hospital of the Ukrainian, which heard a about air attack with use of bombs, Cold Wars end with plane and helicopters", reported Ruiz Massieu on press conference in Mexico CITY.

o.O o.O o.O o.O
The military, then with helicopters, then iron bombs, further raise degree have nowhere, remained "Grad" and khimoruzhie



#p38960,Dmitry" wrote:

Unclear, why Mexico have ambassador in Egypt, can even will say that he they have upper hand in Turkmenistan and in Mongolia?
:crazyfun: :cool:


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