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The critical date 23 September

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Group Gorillaz 19-2000 clip, there is anonymity on 23 September, invasion an extraterrestrial and a meteor storm. In video an interesting hint that driver (humanity) refused to go to the Church (rescue) and the Arab on the path of perdition.

A new the film about ship bottom, which nazyvatsya JeruZalem goes in23 September 2015.



#p38194, wrote:


Yuri, there is a big difference between levels of information sources,
Pro Calendar Maya 2012 talked all media. In the most SUVs media there is word "mass",. Know that this means?
Here is if "First Canal" will make article about how, that Laurent Fabius said pro 23 September and under this showed typical Masonic a badge of, then your sharp rebuke will have weight. If in programs "Our time for standing pat" ", Vesti" and "our of truth" tell about hidden svoystva in films and the cartoons, right, here is then your sharp rebuke will have weight. And until they MOLChAT. And pro Maya, recollect, poked its nose every Eurasian in TV programs type REN-or klup kinoputeshestvennikov, don difference?

In "Poiske Google" which you gave, reflected thousands of options all five words + numbers which have you in search search. 490 million reference themselves words, which to our trial relations not have. There is not millions of, and single cases type our forums, which in searching for in the eye not stuck and even several references to vysmeivayuschie articles or articles've learned in. The dark wood.



" "

Seneng understood vnematrichnuyuhistory, age ago in "genplane" was sewage "west" forces "the east" with transition in all-out massacre-obezlyuzhivanie-apocalypse, but up to his ball sack and not By. He terrora in the form of "global revolution" with education "socialist republics" around the world with center in the USSR and fight with "a bourgeois aberration world" with center in of England-the US. "East" was very weak, full-fledged carnage not worked. Went along slaughtering livestock in Europe and "civil" in the USSR, then twenty years worked, to strengthen "east" and weaken "westward."

Sani the, that we call "the second the global", "east" strengthened, have made sovetskiy- German tandem, which should was toting his "Western oligarkhat" with center the US, and the US weakened how could; "great depression", crisis, millions of homeless-unemployed - this all artificially done. Again had to to backtrack and to revise "general plan have", went along slaughtering livestock tandem and where tickles.

Now to speak pro what something "fall the US", given, that last time "great depression" not urovnyala forces "of Western a tyrant against" with forces "a unified the east", cannot be called Opposition. This even not burp post-war general arrangement design, this simple the current propaganda for vzbadrivaniya "Russo-reestre world." Why and " race on a third the global through ukrovoynu. " This fully fatal flaw attempt to, to it at all nothing not is prepared. She and've deflated, even not starting.

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#p38196,l2 wrote:

A, on first the Malaysian a Boeing was whether 239 passengers, then whether 237, and this already peg to room 237 and s scam

What even room?

Reuss 370 17 for flight airlines 17 for, vypolnyavshiysya 8 March 2014 plane Boeing worth roughly $-200ER on route from Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia) in Beijing (PRC).
Onboard Number - 9M-MRO. Gone missing in the Indian Ocean
Those killed - 239 (all). Passengers - 227 (the 153 Chinese), crew - 12

239 this a badge of 9 / 23
8 March = 11

Illegals on board (supposed the hijackers on version of story-tellers) 18-year old retired Pouria received Noor Mohammad Merdad (Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad). 29-year old retired Seyyed Mohammed Raza Delaware (Seyed Mohammed famous if Delavar).
1+8 =9 , 2+9 =1 1, =9 /11



Interesting facts

23September, Saudi Arabia - national day, 1 932. Should a decree Cyber uniting parts of Arab kingdom

23September, Lithuania - Day genocide Jews Lithuania (in memory about the early eliminating Vilnius ghettos)

23September, 1839 Moscow - builds the Yasukuni Christ of the Savior.

23September, 1923 Bulgaria - began "September uprising."

23September, 1924 Leningrad - a strong flood, water in Neva climbed until benchmarks 380 centimeters higher ordinara.

23September, 1980 Severodvinsk - I, died on water the biggest in world submarine game ( Typhoon ).

23October 2002 produced only. Was taken aback "Nord-saluting"

23September 1999, Should was be blown residential house in Ryazan.

23the number of believed in a breakup and someone an occult freak Alistair Crowley.

23- (kabbalistic) symbol of complete the.

23album of issued group "psych-TV", all on 23 st match the through every 23 month consecutive.

23July 1993, Was assassinated during larceny father Michael Roberto Giordano, the famous player "Chicago The Bulls only", articulating under a number attached 9 and 23.

Football player David Beckham played under number 23in teams been won by either Real Madrid gives Los Angeles, for Galaxy, and also under number 32 in Milan and Pari Sen-Germain des.
23hew in nutshell David and Victoria Beckham

23100,000 man works in really a large Epygi building in World entitled the Pentagon

23100,000 breaths and exhalations commit people in average for clock

In 23100,000 miles over the earth's surface, is geostationary ("basket-case") Apophis for Sputniks.

Have human 23oriental enlarged inferior turbinates.

Bioritmicheskiy cycle human accounts for 23 days.

Blood commit full turnover in body for 23 of seconds.

Have human 46 pairs -- 23 from father, 23 from mothers.

In the body have human 230, and in drawn 23 replacements.

Under write down the temperature bodies until 23 degrees comes death.

In Latin Cyrillic alphabet 23hew, the latter W,

In telegraph poles out is really 23means "gap lines."

In "Book oldest" ("And-tszyn") 23means "be broken."

On light of there is 23species crocodiles.

WWW -- 23+23+23 =6 9.

2/3 = 0, 666...

23human according to the staff payroll time was perched in the first amid submarines "Kursk", in which occurred explosion.

23human killed the renowned American a terrorist the Unabomber.

Date destruction Twin Towers 11.9.2001 / / (if 11 considered entire number) 11 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 23

The biggest in history air terrorist attack was carried 23June 1985 Under explosion bomb was decimated--thanks "Boeings" companies "Air India", died 329people.

"Concord", crash-lands in France in July 2000, had serial Number 203.

Of Mark car. "Nissan" means 23. "Nor" on-in Japanese two, and "a dignity" -- three.

Each 23-i wave of, which breaks about Bank, in two times more on length of his, than the average wave of.

On shumerskomu and the Egyptian my illustrations show a new year there 23 July.

In "Die Hard-3" train are getting away with derails on station 23.

In "Lawrence, Kansas Arabian" have Quinn's 23 wounds on the body.

In 1998 st in Germany was cesspits the film "Number of 23" (the director - Hans Schmidt)

Famous a badge of Hollywood over Los MOO was built in 1923 forge the

In horror movie franchise "Jeepers-Creepers" ancient's largest stuffed here...... bulges out food every 23-defective Spring exactly on 23 denechka.

Murderer Yuliya Caesar nighttime him 23 at the strike.

The first nuclear explosion in Hiroshima - 6 August 1945 (6 + 8 + 4 + 5 =2 3).

Kurt Cobain was born in 1967 st: 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 =2 3. Died in 1994 st: 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 =2 3.

Hitler became member of secret society in 1923 forge the

During nuclear tests on particular atoIl Bikini Americans made 23atomic bombs.

23 February 1997 th on orbital station "Mir" occurred conflagration. The station sank in Pacific 23 March 2001 For time exploitation on it was met more 23 thousands of scientific experimentation.

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In period 23-24 September 2015year in Kaliningrad will pass Sedinta an operational Committee Group personal representatives.

Group personal representatives of heads of governments member countries CBSS Cooperation in the fight with organized crime (forth Group personal representatives) created in accordance with accepted 4 on May 1996 (666)in Propulsion The differences (Sweden) heads of governments countries Baltic region solution, in composition which includes 11personal representatives of heads of governments countries region Baltic sea: Germany, Yes vel, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Finland.

Status observers on events Group personal representatives have officials from International organizations criminal police Interpol, European Police organization Evropola, Secretariat CBSS.

In period with 1 January 2015 on 31 December 2016 chairman of Group personal representatives is Russian Federation.

Iceland? And where England then?

In movie pro politicians and as they work in behind (seems "In a loop") tried to find organization and "some precious Red Tape Susan" asked Sept seek Committee with the most annoying from now on entitled, type there all and hidden.

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I 23 in vacation! Here is this will be apokalipsets and butchery with alcohol, where I shared my winner!

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#p38231,Dmitry" wrote:

22 September, 1980 Delegates (.NET) 36 regional departments of independent Polish unions gathered in Gdynia and have united under name Solidarity.

Ah not quite reform-have mandated. "Solidarity" and its leader Walesa are considered "pokhoronschikami communist regime of Warsaw", that triggered chain of further events: The overthrow of regimes communists in Eastern Europe, the collapse Warsaw Pact, the fall of the Berlin Wall, unification Germany. And all anything, basis of Europe.
In matrix, naturally. All done tishkom in offices and obstavlyalos "political movements masses."
Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, incidentally, direct political Teammates guardians "Solidarity."

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As would be foolish seemed so injured, if would pro warming change spoke he, not Obama. Batteries not Alexander, the Beater, and him climate.
But and Obama looks foolish. What anyways even climate, when journalists in direct live kill?

2 :3 0 - "Climate change threatens national security (the US) and our defense" - what only not think of next, to people brains to screw with.
2 :5 7 - message about Continenttraining in Texas (in which most a large number of weapons per capita). Uchatsya to suppress civilian during changes change. o.O … r-upheaval

Through 500 days after 13 on May 2014 will 25 September 2015

Mistake in 2 days
Betrayed bastards :whistle:



In the course visit in the US the Pope Francis will visit Washington, new York and Philadelphia


In the course visit in the US, which 137 on 22-27 September current year, Pope Francis will visit three cities: Washington, new York and Philadelphia.

About this told journalists the Filipino Archbishop Bernardito Kleopas Ausa River, permanent observer St. Throne under UN. Basic clauses programs papal visit in America were approved on meeting of organizing committee, held 12 January.

On the evening 22 September pontifex has arrives in Washington and on the next morning will go in the White house, where will mark official ceremony his meeting. Then the Pope will commit mass in National the basilica of of Immaculate Conception in the capital the US.

In the course tenure in Washington the head of the Roman the Church also follow up with speech in congress the US.

Day 24 September the Pope will go in New York. On next day he will visit headquarters UN, where on the morning will have discovered session summit, dedicated Sustainable Development.

Then pontifex has adopts participation in Inter-Faith meeting and will visit historical Cathedral of sv. Patrick in New York. Across semblance, the Pope not will to commit mass in this cathedral gathered will pass on Tiananmen Madison Square Garden. Also 137 visit Pontific to community, where stood the Twin Towers,dashed in the course terrorist September 11, 2001.

With 26 on 27 September the Pope will lie in Philadelphia, where in this time will mark worldwide meeting families. Participation in this Forum the main goal papal visit in the US. According to program on the evening 26 September the Pope adopts participation in prayer bdenii, and on the morning 27 th will take over mass.

Not strange whether, that already in January, the Vatican described S.N. (for terrorists perhaps) route Francis with 22 on 27 September?

June 30, 2015
In Tuesday the Vatican announced managers program visit Pope of Rome Francis in the US, in September this year. Pontifex has will visit Washington, new York and Philadelphia.

Environment Program will papal visit envisages the welcoming ceremony in the White House 23 Septemberand personal a meeting with president Obama.

Skyfall different predictions, this the latest the Pope Vatican, and Obama - the latest US President,
And need to same, what coincidence, 23 September they meet.
Pope Jew wears different lens, in dependence from them he look like the on Sakharov, then on Gorbachev, then on center.



Aerobatic team group "Thailand," on backdrop of old and new the World Trade Center.
Numbers incarcerated Ziehharmonika, but like in subject and 2 and 3, 4 + 5 and in an upside-down 9.



#p38240,Dmitry" wrote:

Dont strange whether, that already in January, the Vatican described S.N. (for terrorists perhaps) route Francis with 22 on 27 September?

Prepare a new Ali Agdzhu? Interestingly, Pope will in popemobile destroying touring, or as Kennedy, in a convertible? Report route, to "terrorists" prepared meeting

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#p38265,l2 wrote:

Preparing a new Ali Agdzhu?
Report route, to "terrorists" prepared meeting

Something we quite zakonspirolozhilis.
Never were secret papal document visits. As well as all rest of St. Augustine.

This same above all show for masses. But as pursue show in secret, fix they at all then need?

They anonsiruyutsya the widest way, in all media, and for many months.

Choose common in searching for "Pope will visit" and are looking &lr=197&clid=1923020

Darkeffect777, you now enumerated advocacy cliche, known all with schools and on than a million sources outside its. I on this always say: Whom likes to live in these cliche - so and the heading, I your heads, not is a master, here only your choice.

Simply nor one installation these cliche not explains, here perishing will have either lie to In the wake sources, either stop to think at all, fight back a classic the herd. , too, some choice, and, too, deal master's :)



#p38269,Darkeffect777 wrote:

TAC ", in short, all signs, too,, simply coincide. On what you want account is obtained?

Prejudice even account, that is obtained? You ponder what question you asked, this at all not Russian language and not Partzuf what. You strapon already with Bukhtiyarom here dustbin of dear.

Who you said, that must be 3 the global? And under fix here Ukraine? On Ukraine have made the entire this circus, to divert the world and can be do a small conflict then, as in Ossetia, but increasingly done and is done for other goals. About which no one not perceive, because knowledge little.

More often up on the name themes

Kriticheskaya date 23 September
Until Signs and Symbols, and no not "Ukrainian Ossetia"
No as they will deter the maneuvers. - Mm type "Ukraine" here there is no, here quite another, either 100% us apparent and us surrounding, this one read a distraction, a feinting maneuver.



If this:
Interpret literally, supposedly fur happens meeting with an asteroid collision. If he will a small, kinetic explosion would generate nuclear winter, will come global cold snap dragged and increasingly heralded by - the coldness / hunger. Can for this was launched project global warming - burnt out forests, the sky zaveshivali treylami, to maximally raise secondary temperatures on Earth, and compensate for cold snap dragged?

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Add here project with actress Katasonovoy


the reaping


Scare exactly on the same topics



Loading car James Holmes, which ostensibly killed 12 and injured 50 people in is Aurora (Colorado) 20 July 2012
Numbers both have cars fotostseny "as the are linked with theme"

The that this setting, in sight on from photos ritualchikov and on ring hollow emotions models were this photo sessions: … edger.html



Not forget pro Kungurova, again the reaping

With 3 minutes pro the very project.
He recalled this the film Ascension Jupiter. On their fears Earth this salmon to market people, which then mediate and feed on more mature beings. All would nothing, but the film the wash their hands Wachowski, those same who and "the Matrix", so that the film not simply a fairy tale with colorful each ship.



Smirnov in subject I remember :D



Still about svoystva and numbers.
16 July was quarter-century, as "group 239" in Ukrainian of voted to "independence", subsequently such same groups regularly helped government Ukraine pursue different unpopular laws and reforms. So that for Ukraine this number obvious.


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