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At Samizdatethere is the author Oda on name Berg DOC Nikolai, have him there are many the writings, very interestingly his to read, but me very strongly has pleased the next posting, which he wrote owing to studying German medals to write the principal art, which is called Lech:

As wrote 'Lyokhu' should was pick a reward for one individual - German to Corporal, the veteran. Started climbing study German reward. Until this as something not strongly they was, and what your visitors in the area, not particularly stuck. Typical set of.

When became deal - found one an interesting moment. Now, when emerged mass was, of doting middle-Reich and act was the USSR (ah on fact they hate Russia in any the form of - modicum as Russian Empire, modicum as the USSR, modicum as trades abroad), very often is being carried to hear about such things, as Fighting experience various armies. Under this many - the whether illiterate ones, then whether angazhirovannye znatoGi confidently belie postulate about how, that on experience Nazi German armed forces in been practiced extreme delegation Red Triangle. And make this is all the louder, than more time has elapsed since war. For those who fought, as would this not need to was this refute, they knew, that on 1941 year Nazi German armed forces was better army Europe - and had the most big military experience.

Now - in line with irrigation shit and the USSR and Red Triangle - often proclaim, that de Red Triangle experience had far as more. But, despite this flinched and've been losing to all battles until 1945 inclusive, what only can be. Ah why - understandable, the country a terrible. A fucking Raska, people - bydlosovki, obosravshiesya from horror before repression idiots-commanders, a terrible NKVD, tyrant Stalin and all such anything.

That German reward proved very to community, to deal.

So, imbabers to compare with the outset.

extends until First The global war. The second Reich and Russian empire grab contagion of revolution, ends up dead and failing. Both empire lost war. From both otchekryzhivayut so juicy the pieces and Plunder in entire be able.

But under this in Germany there is no civil war. Victims in revolutionary clashes between rrrevolyutsionerami (mainly - sailors) and reaktsionerami - mostly voevavshaya in trenches there one could lighter - the miserly. Army disbanded, but von Sect manages preserve the backbone of - in Reykhsvere. Officers and generals remain in Germany. And soldiers -, too,. After the war they not bear serious losses.

In Russia after First global begins intervention and civil war. Civil war the results are grim (losses ego i and dead from hunger and diseases until 13 million people). Emigrated about 2 million. Army Young rebuff - and not only between white and red - there and green curiously been lacking, plus natsioanalisty, Cossacks, petlyurovtsy, Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, Dashnaktsutyun Political Party of and so on. The backbone of army is beginning to only create, under this on backdrop of jumping in Communist Party (Bolsheviks) government (conditional support - between stalintsami and Bolshevik-leninism, although and this not well is true, there resulting divisiveness was far as stronger).

Showjumping this translates into terror, which goes permanent all time. Narratives about how, that de in 1937 suddenly came the horror-horror, and before all was quietly-peacefully - this for visually impaired and slabodumayuschikh. Not far walk - can be easily detect mass of cases Bolshevik-leninism terror, former long before Stalinist - ah for example, revere pro Mironova actions Kuzmich, pro imposed same person as Leon Trotsky end in decimation and so on. Revere, for example pro raskazachivanie, pro suppression of section of insurgency and so on.

So - sokhranivshaya structural the backbone of, tradition and integrity the German army receives opportunity to begin grooming advanced specialists in the USSR. I shall remind for visually impaired - in Germany there is no Fuehrer Hitler still, this well itself legs-together sort of, utterly blagonamerennaya country. Simply for training specialists on conditions the Versailles World them account for build military schools in the USSR. That they and make. Double inclu our, which strongly lag Germans in such things, as engineering own tanks and aircraft, their production and exploitation of. Instructor in schools - Germans, aha. And training goes on German technology - tanks lyaykhttraktor and jets Fokker (disambiguation), because as Soviet there is no in principle.

1425 to power in Germany cite Hitler. Anglofil and talented politician promising ride Germany on the USSR. For this him allow blow up all couples to articles the Versailles treaty. The third Reich receives loans and a blessing on crusade on Russia. Now schools in the USSR not need, build, tanks, planes, ships and dalnoboynuyu artillery and train troops can be in Germany without the heads on heinous bans the Versailles treaty.

As can be discern, that after the end of the First global experience more have Red Triangle. And itself civil war and sizable skewered to it --fighting with Allied intervention in Southern Russia - those same Japanese, Americans and other lawyers by, the war with know Finnish people and with Poles immediately on completing the civil. The other question, that this for experience. For example, less than ten thousands of our fighters, embodiment on Karelia almost such same number of Finns and xenophobia Riley - what this experience? There is no nor aviation, nor tanks, yes and until WWII global still 20 years. Or what experience, received in organized Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky defeating the Red army under Warsaw? Or in eliminating category: Basmachi movement? Me answer this difficult.

A bit, a bit vnyatnee - when, finally, are used the first Soviet tanks - conflict on Chinese-Eastern Railway, 1929 year. Red Triangle - 16500 man with 8 tanks ICJ against 300 100,000 Chinese and White Guard (Russia). Under this marked by mass shortcomings and in managing troops and in ensuring and in the tally. Chinese have improved, but hardly can be said, that experience 8 tank carriages seriously raised fighting capacity Red Triangle in a whole.

First, ultimate obtaining combat experience German and Soviet armies happened in Spain. With hand the USSR Congresses had about 2000 specialists, advisers and instructors. Including tankers - see Tyltyn (Arman), Osadchy, the - see Yakov Vladimirovich Smushkevich, staff NKVD and so on. Choose to remember - just 2000 people.

Since German hand participated legion 'Condor'. That characteristically - this was tselokupnoe compound, here - about 4500 man, rabotavshee as a flat mechanism, that and istrebitelnoe own unit and bombardirovochnoe and {and tank on Orthodox Church-1 and rifles and hospital its and Headquarters - i.e. actions his allowed train all specialists still and engagement different services, what have our the techs take a not was by definition. Just through training in battles Legion passed more 20 100,000 people.

By all indications the, how many man from Legion was been awarded with different degrees Castellano view for fighting - namely 17 920 man - povoevali they from souls.
Berg Dok Nikolai
Spanish used, silver, with swords.

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That's impressive with somehow enthusiasm man licked to learned his creation, and in end received not less interesting the reasoning on subject puzzles WWII:

What there is our received experience - in scatter, and Germans - whole structure. Choose to remember on the future, further will continue exactly so same.

Red Triangle accepts participation in 1938 in battles on on lake of Hassan. 15 100,000 participants. On the next year - 1939 - on Khalkhin - my throat - 57 100,000 people. Go to war different parts of, different people. Experience obobschaetsya, incisions conclusions. But note still times - this different parts of and different military personnel. The main mass troops to this were far through not applies. Experience is obtained an idiosyncratic.

Since interaction childbirth troops mass problems, that it turns out in the course fighting. Very poorly such is the case with communication, with repair and with supplying. Under this environment around the USSR - extremely uneasy. To Germans no one not climbs, contrary - they climb themselves. Have us - strictly contrary. Climb the Japanese, climb Finns, Poles behave so, as if Hitler already goes under their leadership on Moscow.

monumental have Germans obtaining experience goes consistently and so, as they are willing. As if play in computer game on easy level complexity. There as times heroes first pass easy trenazh, then training each, then account for already a break something harmful, but petty (usually on rats fear different things Sheba) then enemy much bigger problems than and finally battle with boss. Have price for exactly so all and resisted.

We're watching it German reward. Ah, capture demilitarized the Rhine (France) area three batalonami without machine and heavy weaponry and shameful flight made there three occupying French divisions institutions special reward not severed, and here is adherence Austria had medal 'In memory 13 March 1938' or as its was called themselves Germans anshlyus - medal.
Berg Dok Nikolai


Anshlyus - medal



What there is German armored or mechanized and thus mechanized parts of we went for a walk in superb weather on different roads in Austria, under welcoming friendly population. Congresses had in this 318 689 people. Exactly so much was been awarded with. Until-thirds technology broke falling off that truck on road. Hitler was extremely am puzzled and adopted measures. Serious reconstruction have been subjected principles ensure troops, repair ensuring, the link and so on. I.e. in a quiet environment Nazi German armed forces served retreatments on the conduct directly. Made conclusions. Reich continue to be preparing to anti-terror crusade on the USSR, fed studiously, ?? , ????????? Hitler industrial district Czech Republic - lichens. Is born medal 'In memory 1 October 1938'.
Berg Dok Nikolai
Medal 'In memory 1 October 1938'



went their Nazi German armed forces commit the flip for seizing control over okkupiruemoy territory. The same blitzkrieg, until - nonviolent, but already with large number of participants, Nazi German armed forces - the expands, naraschivayutsya muscle Reich. Look, how many has taken participation in this 11 - already lot more, than in 11 on Austria. Strongly lot more - 1 2.7 617 people.

Now British, need to to be feeding to Hitler and Czech army, all its thirty divisions. For fools this is called the politics' appeasement '- is clear want it now, as still that bandits - give them lot more weapons and ammunition and abolish Criminal code. On weaponry German army trickled in Czech tanks, gun, machine guns and anything riot gear and equipment. To word, my father served after the war in Soviet army, so here is poyasnye seatbelts were issued trophy - Czech, 1943 year issuing. But this given despite which on backdrop of the fact, for example, that golden stockpile of his country (styrennyy truth in Russia during moreover the most insurgency Czech corps) Czechs removed in England. The British accommodating gold repatriate Hitler. Their people, the general deal.

On this background, becomes already indiscernible a series of other grabs. Berg Dok Nikolai

Velikogo 'In memory 22 March 1939' - Ideology were rewarded all participants seizing Baltic Offensive (1944) area, otchekryzhennoy Germans have Lithuanians. Been awarded with 31 322 people.
Berg Dok Nikolai

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Everyone this time simulated an interaction, ensuring, planning. ???? in blagopriyatneyshikh conditions. And the entire experience - precisely for fulfilling directly. It is time move from cruising around and maneuvers to normal war. A series of occupying medals ends. Now for occupation countries will to lend battlegroups reward. Too many countries, there is no sense impose individual medals for Norway, Denmark and prevents other Greece - Belgium. Here is for Russia medal lifted - 'order was ice cream meat'
Berg Dok Nikolai

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the child to was been awarded with more 3 100,000 100,000 participants. But this then, and until Nazi German armed forces invade in Poland. That characteristically - in the composition of the 1 600 100,000 troops price for - those same people, that traveled in Austria, Czech Republic and Memel. Use the entire its experience on previous visits. With techniques ensuring, communication and work tylov. Here, in Poland mentor - in a bit Fighting environment - finally is happening valve childbirth troops - cover tank klinev air power, artillery. Conclusions follow immediately, are taken measures to improve - in particular, for example, changing state and structure armored divisions are. Actively reverse advantages.

Red Triangle accepts participation in 11 - Kirchners their territory, in its time brazenly ottyapannye Poles. With hand Soviet union act 617 100,000 people. And this not peaceful trip and la Austria for price for. Although results such a massive a hike broadly similar - of a breakdown technology, especially tanks - terrifying. Yes, our, too, are beginning to do conclusions and strive to correct situation. Only here is have Germans these problems vyyavilis year and a half ago. And for these year and a half Germans received for themselves entire Austria's and Czech industry and all specialists. Typically recognized to forge system repairs columns racing up, with directly in 26s. Now received and Polish industry and Polish specialists. Have us such opportunities there is no.

Next goes the Soviet-Finnish war. Otmobilizovavshiesya still in October 1939 Finns skillfully thwarted negotiations and finally receive war. In it receive experience about 600 100,000 our fighters and commanders. But this not those people, that fought on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol or were in Poland. Yes and experience very ensured for war with blitskrigom - prolamyvanie in 2014 Winter conditions defense swathe of. Still times and constructive attention - have Germans experience receive alone and those same people, and arriving mentor to them fill already studying experienced - in deeds - people. And this experience - directed on blitzkrieg. The USSR ends the war with suggests.

A Reich for this time has time lead in order decision compounds. Now they are distroying countries Europe. Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France. Everywhere - everything said waging directly. Now Nazi German armed forces already includes more than three million people. Tank warfare and mechanized parts of obkatany and sophisticated,. Forthcoming whopping trophies, resources captured countries, the entire their industry. Under this resistance Germans it turns out fragmentary, as if someone prevents to wage war with Reich. Ranging with 'the strange war' is fought game in just so self-indulgent. This rather not fighting - what were in "the global, this rather climate Hitler across Europe.

Next order 700 100,000 Soviet troops participate in Association Agreements Baltic, Bessarabia and Sadhora. This experience similar with entrance Germans in Czech Republic, although and here no succession have our there is no. German same veterans grip over Yugoslavia and Greece. Fighting there order 700 100,000 people. Losses bear funny. Acquire but many just useful.

Which conclusion, that:
- first in the number of troops, have practical experience until 1941 Red Triangle significantly trails command, even with more superficial retrospect as in the number of receiving this experience, so and by the quality of.
- second experience, ultimate by the Wehrmacht entirely and fully serves for processing directly. Soviet troops receive experience, not well soft-dicked for reflex precisely directly.
- third - experience have Germans receive precisely shock parts of. Have Red Triangle - who is in place conflict.
- fourth have Germans remains time on the study of experience and decision-measures.

And arises question - not too whether vytantsovyvaetsya the availability of a certain plan, on which Hitler routinely received under their control (under full auspices of England and France) Europe? Here is actions the USSR - this the forced reaction on climate situation. And have Germans - ah as already spoke before - as in computer game with prokachkoy Persian, I think. This only me so seems?
Berg Dok Nikolai



What here can be said, remains only to agree with author, because he gives enough point; arguments and facts history WWII. Have any normal human remains mass issues relatively these pages history, and most importantly, what under analysis although would alone only medals becomes obviously, that Germany had been fighting on plan designed someone not from German Defense General Staff. And not only one author this articles this plan seems reality. Of course need more evidence, and these evidence given in other themes “history WWII, need only want to their find.

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produced The global War

(StaBiKat) in banned information about World War II we get roughly the next:

produced world war [16](1 September 1939 [17]— 2 September 1945 [18]) — war two world naval political coalitions, falsehood largest war in history humanity (world war). In it Congresses had 61 state from 73 had on the very moment (80% population of the globe). Fighting were fought on territory three continents and in waters four oceans. This the only conflict, in which was inflicted nuclear weapons.
Wikipedia (with)

You can find many sources, historical books, kinokhronik, photographs, but all of this will show move war, but raze not its the beginning. There is no data about how who and whatever ways could galvanize all humanity on massive crimes against himself. And in previous this people have become seek sense in happening. Who Needs was beneficial, who not suffered from war and camping on D.

The main questions associated with themes war:
1) Who began Rhineland?
2) You can whether was avoid war?
3) Why all major world powers sucked into it in war?

That on these the most questions and some other, which will appear have us in the process conversation we and do to answer!

So, began war officially in 1939, when Germany raid on Poland! In matter of days Wehrmacht was (the German regular, porous army) broke the Polish forces resistance and split body, captured by the Polish state with Russia (the USSR on the very moment). The world community vzbuntovalos, so as Germany and the Soviet Union bisected Poland between themselves. Moreover, after starters military action England, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others. Countries matters in the British Union opposed the Germany in protection Poland, and Russia not voiced, contrary prompting a situation, dig the girl slice of lot more! But is worth discern, that Germany until seizing Poland invaded in Czechoslovakia, claimed it Austria and had become relations with Hungary and Italy as with by the Allied states! So began war even before, than all are accustomed to think.

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Next consider who began Rhineland War. Officially Rhineland War began Adolf Hitler. Hitler Vice Chancellor Germany, about which no one previously not knew, gives order for ordered. Why Hitler embarked the helm largest industrial powers world of the time? Who helped Hitler? Populist-the Socialist Party Germany on the very moment was a strong, but as she has become such a strong? Where have Hitler emerge orders?

La inceputul fiecarei legislaturi all on order. Hitler initially not was sign widespread there is a term Germany. His no one not listened to. But as only withdrew book Main Kampf(My Competition – Neolam col. With him, in which its the author not ambiguous desired subjugate the eastern peoples and adored before Anglo-Saxon culture (Britain and the US), him immediately gave a path. In his party have become do money (from abroad, on revenue perhaps from of England or the US). Have Hitler appeared tasks an overriding importance of, Germany until this soblyudavshaya its beauty as treaty renounced him and no one from American or English top nothing not contrasted the this.

Germany getting pumped full of year after year, in it came means from around the world except Russia (the USSR), and Europe raspilivalas on new borders. And here is officially began war. Only why the France not done battle with on Germany, that would help Poland, seemed, that France and England only on nutshell helped Poland. So it and ‘, Germany without labor broke the all the Polish strengthen and took a the capital. And the French and the British not Netanyahu with seats!

Then Germany invaded in Denmark and Norway, with this were assault force advanced toward operations, all prepared for the land a in England, and adjusting receptions waging nautical combat action. But when turn just beneath until piece of landing in England, Germany not has become this to do. Indeed after destruction France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg Germans, on all rules learned to fight in Norway (Climat and terrain of as in of England) why the turned around and are gone eastward. Moreover, German army not have become to attack made in entourage nicknames, which in soon have already evacuated upstate from of Dunkirk. All in the throes and suffer question: Why Hitler not has attacked on England and why British, allowed withdraw without special obstacles from France. Not because whether this happened, that England as the was connected with Hitler, for example, gave him a path in life and, after the on whom should go, but on whom there is no?

And here is finally Germany ponabravshis experience and seized entire Europe decides attack the USSR (Russia). Moreover mined plan on which valiant German command a division they are defeated Russia less than for six months! Soviet command has hit on about such a attack, in short notice mobilizes army, but would still we not, put to send in all our parts of to borders, many soldiers still only can until their divisions when on the morning in 4 hours morning Germans attack Russia.

30 was hidden from leadership the USSR and on level German financial possibilities and on level English financial possibilities, i.e. the British knew where and whatever forces will to beat enemy, but not rejected exactly what these specific findings Russian, then this fact zamalchivalsya, and when only his wrote off on enmity Communist and capitalist special services. Not true whether foolish? From Russian leadership all concealed, Germans helped build up forces and receive Fighting experience. And now all that did Hitler and his secret aides became work against Russia (Soviet Union).

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Itself on itself war very cruel, but soldiers all since the and peoples sought under the entire cruelty war not injure civilians, i.e. those who killed, 's and an, at all not regarded for soldiers, this were bandits. The German army was very disciplined and never allows itself to possess in Europe. But when Germans entered the Russia with first days war began genocide Russian and other Russian-speaking peoples.

diminished virtually with start Russian campaign Germans began to to fight and in North Africa. For comparisons in North Africa after first successful German fighting in plan are trapped the British, but instead camps captured prisoners their have receded and even gave them motor transport that would they have reached until their and not died in desert! And in Russia Germans those same time killed Soviet captured prisoners, had raped women and wracked children, and those who remained in thrall to a from Russian population are trapped in death camps, in which captives worked on wear, and when grew tired work or got sick... Germans their killed.

That such different contrasts were on World War II. Is worth also say, that when Germany not was able to defeat Russia then immediately same England and the US could point to troops for second Front, moreover, after as it became clear that Germany not wins Soviet Morsky all capitalist countries which's from Germany in speshnom order have become sign with Russia allied treaties, treaties about mutual aid, treaties about non-aggression and etc.

But and on this not end surprises. When England and the US have shown around the world that will to fight against Germany, Hitler became beg aid have The Japanese, although until this about Яpontsakh was not of the highest opinion, even contrary, helped rather in military issue China, who was enemy Japan.

A with Japan was at all savory case. All we know about Pearl-Kharbole. The US could not to join in war before moment, until on them anyone not invade the first. This I’d say honestly very the right stance, but American analysts and large investors military loans so not regarded. And so there is all conditions to believe that Americans themselves faked attack on Pearl-Kharbol, either if not faked, then knew and not prevented his, either at all planted this idea Japanese special. Services! In general history very interesting and with Russia and Japan and with Germany and with all other countries Multilateral the most large in history humanity conflict!

Those questions we not while turning a blind we will about them to speak, build theory and file hypothesis …

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DSV wrote:

Which conclusion, that:
- first in the number of troops, have practical experience until 1941 Red Triangle significantly trails command, even with more superficial retrospect as in the number of receiving this experience, so and by the quality of.
- second experience, ultimate by the Wehrmacht entirely and fully serves for processing directly. Soviet troops receive experience, not well soft-dicked for reflex precisely directly.
- third - experience have Germans receive precisely shock parts of. Have Red Triangle - who is in place conflict.
- fourth have Germans remains time on the study of experience and decision-measures.
And arises question - not too whether vytantsovyvaetsya the availability of a certain plan, on which Hitler routinely received under their control (under full auspices of England and France) Europe? Here is actions the USSR - this the forced reaction on climate situation. And have Germans - ah as already spoke before - as in computer game with prokachkoy Persian, I think. This only me so seems?


Wu any normal human remains mass issues relatively these pages history, and most importantly, what under analysis although would alone only medals becomes obviously, that Germany had been fighting on plan designed someone not from German Defense General Staff.

I not was able understand, where the link "medals" and "plan." Have author in GMFE there is no nor single words "medals", respectively there is no and ties. In short theme not be revealed.
Enough show one welsh corgi Pembroke puppy, which will pose in stupor any kholokostnika.
Cooperation the Nazis and Zionist was immortalized by a special medal, otchekanennoy on instruction Kristallnacht pogrom after tenure chief Jewish Office SS in Palestine.

A even, ask questions, million German menshinam. For example: And not thanks to whether traditional German razdolbaystvu and traditional German stupidity, millions of Germans upstaged precepts iudushki, went in 41 st kill and die for their the Holocaust and the Fed?
Yosya few, has immediately several bodily harmony external distinctive features, illustration his nationality. Their, nose, eyes, ears, skull, speech and actions, called acting and lies. Blindly by trusting in Kristallnacht pogrom, Germans have proven, who they such there is.

places discovered inhuman orders and documents: Order Hitler about umerschvlenii terminally or incurably ill, ? ? ? ? ? Hitler about destroying male population after convention of Stalіngradu, ? ? ? ? ? about punishment branches nailed American the, ? ? ? ? ? about destroying Commissioners, ? ? ? ? ? about destroying guerrillas and camping on P.
However, despite all efforts Jewish experts, any documents about totalnom destroying Jews (about the "Holocaust") detect not managed.
English historian David Irving for 10 years work in the archives found above 13,000 documents, which reflect animal the essence of German Nazism, but, he not was able find nor one document about organizations Nazis "Holocaust" Jews. To its sought Irving tried to enlist researchers examining around the world, pledging reward the, who scan document about organizations Nazis "Holocaust" Jews.
Reward already many years awaits his over.
So who same with whom cooperated?



In this no surprise, Hitler was himself I am a Hebrew on several percent)



That another the commercial which clearly've prepared the American or British, intelligence agencies.

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So if you look the commercial - then let us talk. With first kadrovidet lies and propaganda antirossiyskogo-wing. Goes speech author about how, that precisely Russia and Stalin wanted attack Europe, but Hitler had preceded. This not so. There is the other explanation. Leadership the USSR and generalitet in personified by Tymoshenko, Zhukov and Shaposhnikova (perhaps other generals) knew about forthcoming war and preparing for it. Moreover the USSR Nikolay has guided Germany on war with west. Thus Stalin very familiar war and he launched perevooruzhat army. Is worth say that our lungs tanks about which states in this ugly video in speshnom order there on medium-size Tbilisi-34. And this still not all. Long drives bombers and close on radius actions fighter sought to modernize, but not knew in that. But in mid-war emerged frontal strike aircraft IL-2 which and became answer on the D a shooting fire power. Is worth whether to speak, that under store time still in one year the USSR was would protected and is unbeatable nor one army in world?

Next described about how, that in the USSR was many parachute schools and many has been building singers plein-airs. This at all nor in alone gates not climbs. In the same England, was on order more troops Navy very many ships, battlewagons, destroyers and aircraft carriers, but no one says, that England drove forward the first attack Europe. And Russia could not issue nothing worthwhile except plein-airs in those years - technology only have evolved. Our long drives bombers were frayed and so we released more new Winch-launching. Have us Square state very big, we so should take in attention, that with the help such plein-airs can be was would deliver provisions far anywhere! And the fact that was many parachutists and this is used, too, as preparation to war. So is worth say, that the usual torchbearer parachutist different from her paratrooper special. Troops. I.e. large from komsomoltsev parachutists even with support army, tanks and bombers will make less than linear lighter in shtykovom combat. On unknown territory in environment will such fear and suppression of have spustivshikhsya parts. And as tell me Germans will be let through armada, then plein-airs. If would such a the armada's still out simply starters would cross border - the Germans would in matter of of seconds have interrupted would all planes.



Here is how was "on fact" … ?type=1553
:D :D :D :D :D :D
In 41 st soloing Crimea it turns out was Ukrainian, yes and Lviv, too, seems to there same
It turns out in the first month war, in capturing Germans, blinked 3.8 million Soviet soldiers, that more ???????? the most army. I.e. aggressor has attacked on Ukraine with goal could give up in capturing Germans, something about moreover or as something so.



Map 39 year, before as Baltic republics have returned in composition
Hmm, and "available.Kaliningradskaya area" was substantially more. Something perishing painful for many Poland had been given after the war.



How to know false the veteran
(many visual explain)

"Photo-guidelines" How to know false the veteran "
Most people not quite understand, than same veteran Insured different from frontovika, than and enjoy Kremlin're a PR company, and also simply were the wreckers.

To well stated, the most young frontovik now – this people in age from 85 (on-good – 86 years) years and older. In Russia only about 200 thousands of men have now such age.

Under this far not all of them fought on front or even simply have served in army.

So a rousing 65-70-year uncle and aunts, which jangling medals “Over Otvagu ” and arresting of Budapest anger--visible to events on front no relations not have.

Second, still under Soviet power in 1985 was implemented (strictly to 40-anniversary of Victory) mass devaluation designation the veteran – Vet notebook and of the Order offered people literally all consecutive (in including and those people, who in the years war fought on the side Hitler – about this slightly below). Finally, according to eltsinskomu law “Oh military veterans ” from 1995 list veterans Insured was expanded – in him are trapped and people, which never on front at all not were."


Interestingly watch on destroyed Berlin (as indeed should look city during a real war), on our Russians soldiers winners, on inhabitants Germany.
Very interesting video. Recommend to watching all.

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