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the EU-38:D



I from "places" pact Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact correct:
Brest 1939 year.

Ah and himself comrade Molotov:

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In Tobolsk imposed a monument the Nazi

-- … om=post_tw
This same photo "ideal soldier Wehrmacht." For photo posing Jew. Photo enters in pool photographs "Jews on service fascist Germany"))


24 … -07-09-160



#p65191,NB wrote:

With 21 mines-about Insured, as says the author, a lying matrix -

Again brains you, floating me. Walk up on the rules.
If the user not can insert video or point to exile on video according to rules Forum, then he:
Not can write on Forum on principled grounds, because he and) no-gooder it comes) defiantly he spits me in face not caring on rules.



#p65437,Dmitry" wrote:

:: Сообщение от :  NB  ::Код:с 21 мин-о ВОв, как говорит автор, лживая матрица -опять мозги паришь мне. Иди читай правила.Если пользователь не может вставить видео или указать ссылку на видео согласно правилам форума, то он :не может писать на форуме по принципиальным соображениям, потому что он а)бестолочь б)демонстративно плюёт мне в лицо наплевав на правила.

Это чисто техническая ошибка моего копирования удаленного Вами поста из другого источника. Если тема не для этого форума, то просьба указать причину)))
ВОВ - это не постановка? Тогда извините, больше на эту тему писать не буду)))

Интересно узнать Вашу точку зрения на ВОВ. Это истинная история, никакой конспирологии там нет? Пожалуйста, расскажите.

Почему тема взорванных УРов важна в плане постановки? Ибо эта деталь техническая\археологическая. Ее трудно подделать. Тут кукловоды прокололись.)))

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If Insured not setting, then Chechen war, too, on up squabbled. Lieutenant of Arakcheyev planted correctly. As and captain Ulman.
As says a respected Vyacheslav Maltsev, - "If until Chernobyl I thought, that the state sometimes J.J. Cale, then after I believe, that it J.J. Cale ALWAYS."



In childhood read ileum book "Mystery war." Nothing not remember from it, but name likes)
One of secrets embodied Great Patriotic War - why made line Defense on old border before the war?
In his book general the Peter Grigorenko "In underground can be meet only rat." Writes:
Osmotr same fortifications area was converted in failed military game.
Pomerantsev, seemed, the ramifications all conceivable options action their
Troops and adversary. During the war to me himself a often popped up because
Question: That if would UR 'th commanded an Pomerantsev? I then still not knew, that
UR 'and there is no, that he blown. But assuming his the availability of, I firmly and confidently
Respond: Possessing only permanent garrisons secured the border and one a division after he passed training on
Strengthening, Pomerantsev relatively would attack any forces adversary. I say - one
He passed training. And on plan a 4-5. But Pomerantsev in our trip all
Lotteries led per one he passed training. He spoke: "Initial period war
Risks myselfjust a jiz and especially those, that scheduled troops on time
Not come. But one something Plants, from five, be appropriate necessarily. Here is on it I
And am counting. And when come all forces, then after the punching,, which we
Will arrange the challenger, with one fact, all forces not on its heels, and now,
Need to. "

Befell konspirologicheskaya version of, that to Stalin voted order to blow up ukreprayony lines Defense to grind up Russians troops in impeccable field. Are looking chronicle Germans "Clash of for Kharkiv" on 18 minute jet flies over flat as the table steppe and thousands of of captured:

Most interestingly, that an analogous order, apparently, was sent and Hitler during Stalіngradu:
Perfectly reputable selenadia leads interview with Kuptsovym How Russians prepare to wars. Tradition
Its comments to voice-over:
. This was the iconic victim not-war.
Began with gerba Paleolog. As charging imperial dynasty. Gerb disappears on Ivana III.
With 21 mines-about Insured, as says the author, a lying matrix -
23 mines 28sek as teach to shoot neobstrelyannykh and as this did after the war.
.. 26.50 -zadacha- to man never nor during that not fell.
27 min- for what and appears weapons, clothing - "Yudashkin" -. War had goal simple physical destruction.
30 min- about ttkh tanks making Germany's Representative vehicle and the BMP. Rather different. Tanks - without is backed. The heroic Rus ivan with rusted vintarem 19v.- this and was feature of 2 the world war.
The Russian smekalka- force withdraw Krauts from tanks-figures / statistika- loss of. 2 million pogiblyu in operations "Bagration is" - 5-6 in general, 15 thousand Our tanks took.
Of beetles -izyali all of munitions Tymoshenko and Pavlov from the entire before 22iyunya!
Cannot be was even to jack it weapons. And Marshal Georgy K. Zhukov set a monument.
About perevooruzhenii rosarmii as sabotage. Go looking Russ. Army -pushku created tys 800 - Six hundred. Kg. With round. Totally heavy and under it It's light the Austrian "Khohol …. Gun not can to shoot near.

About Stalingrad battle and as bent over Germans, ranging with 45 minutes. "For Germans Hitler and Generalfeldmarschal Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus was organized a grinder."

760.46 - Insured is Mediastroika with all trappings, atrocities, idiotic\ meaningless-negotiable orders, and other raschlenenkoy. "Lugandoniya"



Has copied post still times.
Here write that URy not bombed. Need to deal.
blew up the whether Stalin "Line Stalin"? … -10-26-193



#p65706,NB wrote:

1425 write that URy not bombed.

So even intrigue more.
That we can read on exiled higher:
There are another interesting evidence of, viscerally on this time one of enemies. 17 July 1941 In’s headquarters 20 th army was dedicated German're EOD lieutenant of Konecny, drawn in capturing in the course fighting under category: Orsha. Interrogation a prisoner lasted more hours and there is no needs to argue his Votul fully. But in the course other useful (and not very) data he told something and about strengthenings our old gosgranitsy.
«. Our company had task block concrete strengthen on lines old borders Soviet Russia and their undermining. We had very a good training and’s move was prepared to act in the composition of the significant groups with into troops. But we could not fulfill its task, so as instead powerful lines fortifications, which we expected meet. We found only disparate neglected concrete facilities, in some places nedostroennye. Those fire point, which would read us pulemetnym fire, we easily've been passed over, using irregularities terrain. We long could not believe, that this the kind the most forbidding “line old borders. ”

This at all nor in what gates. The kind Plants, about which reasoned Pomerantsev, NOT has drawn. In Ur sat only protection. Border guards. About rest 5 divisions on annualized rate I and not ask. Not some were irregularities terrain, ravines of, small river and swamplands. There not need were emplacements facilitated would command.
Clear why Khrushchev floated this disinformation about explosions of the fortified region?
"You crazy Lev Z. Mehlis, using limitless trust Stalin, becoming boss the Chief politupravleniya Red Triangle, stoked to Stalin idea, that need destroy old defensive lines: Kyiv a fortified district and other. Need to, because military geared here defend country and little make and think about how break adversary on new borders. These reinforced concrete the pillbox units were destroyed, artillery and machine guns learned of them. This same need plodding until such a! Then, when Germans came under Kyiv, us accounted for seek literally all, that can be was to put in these the most the pillbox units, to organize his defense "[Хрущев, 5, с.278].
In need was justify perfidy, which not got shut down, Ange URy swallowed on staff. And can be he and himself was in their including.



Can be, increasingly deal in terminology? URis by no means forbidding the wall like thousanders, and just element of Defense. For example, if have car to lift ’, then he nowhere on their own not travels, as would not roared the motor. That means "destroy" UR? Nedoukomlektovat Hochkiss, the machine guns, ammunition, reserves food and water. And camping on D. URpolicies must necessarily no longer hide behind troops, but, unfortunately, this was the exception, not the norm. Enough a lack of one of listed factors (and usually was immediately several), and increasingly = UR"destroyed", camping on E. Lost consumer properties.



#p65781,constant wrote:

and increasingly = UR "destroyed"

Yes so it and was literally. Cabinet members – Secretary on beneath the a ravine, yelling for order, - "Clotzel, give up" and, laying inside, made.
Not Stalin gave order to blow up URy, and Germans had perfidy in SC.



In run-up to 9 May want express their opinion about upcoming Day victory. Want in advance warn GBshnykh Vaskov, potsreotov, security officers -, seksotov and other, who zanimanietsya’popular of views, vbrosami, kontrrazvedkami.

Should point to cult Pobedobesiya. Pobedobesie differs waste is our on victory the USSR in Great Patriotic War, reciprocity current post-Soviet authorities. Cult victory is the only of what is left of Soviet era after losing first ideology, in then and economic and etc. Achievements. Propaganda Pobedobesiya cloaks war as sacral phenomenon - liberation world from of fascism and conceals the fact, that the war with Hitler’s Germany was razvyazana only after the invasion inward borders and was act protection sovereignty. Until 41 year, ranging with 39 the USSR in alliance with Germans used chainsaws to cut territory and it patrimony,.
Pobedobesie is designed legitimize and register the ruling regime - mendacious, is rotten, corruption. And glee times raise liberastnuyu battle, nourished German, are looking as us the US and the West not respect.
And the fact, that trades abroad notes this celebration separately from around the world no one not disturbing. Pobedobesie as and the Holocaust with Armenian slaughter is designed as would to declare around the world - repent. And together and laundered worst practice Bolshevism - a bloody terror, repression, huge human losses.

In modern trades abroad Pobedobesie is used unaffordable, for one and absurdly - posters with enslaved soldiers, tanks and nations in many cities, above is Soviet the watchwords are called upon to wake up memory those who nothing not remembers, nothing not knows and nothing not prides himself on. To most population this countries likes this time from-for weekends, for travels on of nature and mass just drinking all night.
Military parade represents from themselves face a bleak spectacle, demonstration old technology "not with unparalleled in world" yes and Passage pot-bellied generals Bangladeshi garment troops with ofshorami on Kiprakh.

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#p65806,Donmakaron wrote:

A together and laundered worst practice Bolshevism - a bloody terror, repression, huge human losses.

In this the crux of the installation Insured - to withdraw troops Red Triangle in the clean field under artillery and airpower Germans.
On stealth lines Democrats as chief of IDF Chief actively participated in a scene. "Nickname from the"



#p65810,NB wrote:

Skyfall stealth lines Democrats as chief of IDF Chief

- direct contributor to giant losses our army. Read his "Vosp. And razm-I "Well, that he preparing for war, plans built, but as she began, then have him even plan no not it turned out! From words quite! And troops are scattered those wearing improper attire for Defense way. In a normal state his would in the same day be as military criminal.



#p65812,constant wrote:

direct contributor to giant losses our army

Want clarify. Not contributor to, and priest\ Clown have puppeteers. Grand leading the circumvent Germans of the fortified region. There is same the difference to fight from no muddling through faring poorly shelter Ur and in steppes under Kharkov.
Now in information age select actors in performances even 4000m2 as well as during ?oieo, and perishing then. "Of beetles" "Georgy" "Konstantinovich."
“unsupported and reflections ” — memoirs Zhukov. Srach in itself, damaging example mutually exclusive paragraphs from one description. Memoirs weathered already 14 editions, with their content changes dramatically. Especially after exit 10 th, category: Perestroika, publications. “Cadavers write books. ”(with)
Who if not Democrats?



Will continue Bialowieska Clearing article an esteemed Mikhail Svirina, which he ends the so:
. So, bike about ostensibly built in 1928-1939. In the USSR overwhelming might “Line Stalin ”, which then on foolish one (or, contrary, sverkhumnomu) the behest “-all peoples ” before the most war was French, that, aaneaou, serve a one reason rapid retreat Red Triangle, artificially produced from starters and until the end of.
And authors this that (which began, incidentally, after 1955 With the highest blessing N. Khrushchev), are many of those, who built this line. And willingly supported authors those who shown their “strategic art ” summer 1941
Mikhail Svirin

Here is happening servants problems debacle Red Triangle\ rapid retreat Red Triangle in initial period war problem gave whether Stalin order to blow up URy.
Suppose, indeed, Stalin order not gave. And that this changes? Where Plants on staff on protection Ur? Himself Svirin writes that there where Plants has drawn the
So precisely Karelian UR (one of representatives the most early build), an engaged troops 23 th army kept offensive Finnish troops and standing in the way of them path in Leningrad. Precisely Karelian UR was nucleus Defense Leningrad with north until 1944

The difference in impeccable field to fight or in Ur - to potential WEEK AGE (, I remind you, France and Poland battered for month that-whether)
Two weeks longest held Kingisepskiy UR, an engaged Scotlands 41 th and 191 countries th rifle divisions, but strengthen not weathered bombing and proved useless against tanks.
Attacked, as usual, not was in divisions. And why? "Peasant women still narozhayut"

Here is what shortcomings were have Ur
Okazal resistance it and Mogilev-Yampolsky UR, facilities which were are busy 130 th pr. However because in the atomic Ur initially not were envisaged no amount reserves ammunition and food, and also in view threats circumvent his from the wings, ukreprayon was left troops, with to point abandonment a series of fortifications already were set to slogans.
As 130-I Plants drove forward to fight at all? Had envisaged on reserves Ur? Dubbed some in snabzhencheskom sense.

In sight same, that, if in UR flight Plants has drawn, then UR the. Interestingly was would watch location divisions and of the fortified region. As "Marshal victory" "Democrats" prepared the troops for Defense, that command a division in one place, and URy in another.

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A pity that theme not in "a Round konspirologa." Can be analyze books about Protva (in terms installation.
That Democrats no strategist and no better knew all. But. Any force My his to the top.
If take clash with Japan on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol, then all all who shown themselves with positive hand.
Have left only Zhukov. "Who if not Democrats"



General Grigorenko writes:
At next day Stern with a group of officers flew in 1-defective army
Group. He long spoke with they devices. Of beetles released after conversation

В подполье можно встретить только крыс

Stern was outlived a motion before backdrop Supreme Council
The USSR about revision affairs all were to present. He their and pardoned,
-looking the mind and mercy. All former bombers perfectly have shown themselves in
Battles and all were earned, until of naming Hero of Soviet Union.
These are results charity. A pity only, that lacked charity for
The most Stern. In the first days war he was arrested as German, although he without
Doubts Jew, and happy-. Show mercy was with.
Picture terrible more smashing officer cadres on Far East watched
And I personally. Almost immediately after arrival in Khabarovsk Stern went on
Troops. From an operational Office Kotov sent me. Already two years passed with those
Since, as disappeared mass arrests, and BTR the pyramid restored not
Was. Many office simply not were flush, qualification not
Fits. Batalonami get bossed around officers, graduated from College less
Year ago. And this still nothing - there is kombaty with education rate
Minded lieutenants and with practical-serving autocrat several months command
An elementary schoolyard while and cleansed by. Yes and as can be was quickly sufficiently so terrible hole.
I already spoke of’s headquarters army, where remained just two officer. In divisions was
Even worse. In command a division, 14,000 troops it stationed in is district, where began events on
Khasane (40 Rifle Plants), were arrested not only officers governance
Command a division and regiments, but and commanders battalions, his mouth and platoon. On entire he passed training
Remained one lieutenant of. His impossible was call even temporarily
Sheredekin office commander command a division. So commander corps Colonel
(Subsequently Marshal Soviet Union) W. I. Ivanovich Chuikov telephoned this the lieutenant
On the telephone and said: "Ah you, are looking there. For all become before arriving
Commander command a division. " And commander command a division all not drove. Launched their two or three,
But nor one not came. Arrested either on path, either on arrival in he passed training.
Only when began-fighting on Khasane, gollivudskie Lev Z. Mehlis appointed my leader
Command a division kombriga Mammonov from its reserves.

A respected Viktor … consecrated Marshal Georgy K. Zhukov two books “Shadow victory ” and“ Beru their words back. ”
In the first book he mocks:
But this is not the only the puzzle moreover battles. Puzzles in Zukovsky debut of many. And the main of them here is what: In the early a new Goals all documents on Khalkhin-Gaul still closed lammergeyer “Classified ” and“ Completely Classified. ” When these documents will have been compromised, not knows no one.

Тень победы

And we set question: Why?
The key to success historian — this skill be surprised. As only he is beginning to be surprised, so before him are opening doors, in which no one before him not strategically. So let us same stimulate science, let us'II send out All-Russia muuuuito astonishment: Why documents about battles on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol closed?
That at all can be to hide the? Seemed would, all known about this battle: Forces sides, composition troops, weaponry, agenda and plans sides, move combat action and even reverie attended by Commissioners with names and otchestvami, even names Mongol good inside and drivers Armoured car. That same can be such document? Yes and why? There is no long 1 th of the army groups. Still 21 July 1940 year 1-I FPO group was deployed in 17-defective army. There is no long in Red Army motobronevykh brigades. Their not was already in 1941. There is no long and the most Red Army. And Soviet Army there is no. The main shock force Zhukov on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol — of his hath designation BA-3, BA-6, BA-10. These machines you not will find nor in any museums. Their there is no. Long written down and pereplavleny tanks BT-5 and BT-7. From the spoils have become have made other tanks. But and they written down and pereplavleny. Long died participants those battles. Went SEDMOY dozen years after, as records Happened-fighting on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol, and documents so and remain secret


Forth … Teplov different version of reasons such secrecy.
My version of such is. Too is obvious will become saw and brutality Zhukov. Setting Insured other way as substantially decrease from bag.
If Zhukov appointed an boss IDF Chief the USSR before the most start war, then this implementation of operations installation.
Any other chief of IDF Chief could would make a seating area out splint and send command a division cover in URy. Then Germans had to would progress has been slow.
Witness events First global. "Upper war"
No one not proryval line Maginot Line. Fools have Germans not was.



Even 4000m2 as well as very interestingly became) Forum nice clears brains.
… writes pro chief staff have Zhukov under Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol:
Democrats, telling about drafting the plan offensive on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol, could not not recall Commissioners and their participation in spyware removal planning. As same without them? Called the Commissars and for moreover, to for their spins, if present, put chief staff with boss an operational Office. Nourished German, and these, too, was restricted, something there, too, did.
Chief of staff 1 th of the army groups in book mention only one times, but his name not called. And chief of an operational Office, too, well thought one times. And, too, without name.
"Shadow Victory"
What same fate give? After a heroic victory over Japanese. Look the encyclopedia wiki:
In the height of the Mr.Stati on Khalkhin-of Halhin Gol Kombrig M. A. Bogdanov in as a chief staff in fact 20,000-strong Tripoli Military advice 1 th of the army groups, educated in accordance with by the resolution the Chief Military Council from 15 July 1939 for training Stalingrad Strategic Offensive Operation Soviet troops. M. A. Bogdanov participated in designing plan operations and, according to radio stations the BBC [3], played a key role in general environment and defeating the Japanese troops. At the end combat action in September 1939 ordered NGOs the USSR was appointed deputy commander 1 th of the army groups (Ulan-carry). In same month by Regulations Governments the USSR appointed chairman of the Soviet-had delegation in all – complete demilitarization Commission on resolving disputed issues about state border between people's Republic of Mongolia and Manchuria (China) in district conflict. In late negotiations in a result provocations with Japanese hand M. A. Bogdanov committed “contained a grievous mistake, nanesshuyu damage prestige the USSR, ” for that was buried Court. 1 March 1940 year Military European Supreme Court the USSR he was convicted on UF. 193-17 point “and ” on 4 year ITL. By the resolution Supreme Council the USSR from 23 August 1941 was amnesties with reaching convictions and directed in ordered NGOs the USSR [4].
Here is so always. Inopportunely committed mistake. You start to think, that Democrats, on expression an esteemed Vyacheslav Maltsev, "bedonosets")
With those who alongside they, occur different reports. Which before have made entire work for Zhukov.