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Encyclopedia methods propaganda

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Encyclopedia methods propaganda
(As us process media, policy and advertisements)
Viktor Sorochenko, 2002 g

Media today there is tool ideology, not information.
Importantly in their consternation ideas, introduced in our consciousness smugglers.
S. Kara-Murza

Than better people learn the essence of affecting consciousness technologies,
The more the likelihood, that they realize their appointment, and those less
The likelihood, that these technologies will used.
J. Marx



Detect gimmicks politicians and journalists an intellectual sport. And if perishing account for look TV and to read newspapers, is worth sometimes them engage. Although would in preventive care purposes, to glee times ensure, that we this still we, and until not became terminally in electorate or segment market.

Useful advice.
The simplest there psychological protection from charm brainwashing is a conscious interruption contacts with source of information. For example, enough time from time stop look TV on one-two weeks, to happened recovery consciousness. Craving, vnushennoe television, passes. After this sharply rises perceive and while, you will easily to notice, from any broadcast outlets are sticking out ears.

And another advice: If you need a an objective information go in scientific library. If same want obtain once advertising and political propaganda enable TV or buy a newspaper. And hark, hark. Only at times stop and otfiltrovyvayte from personal C2 those ready to stamps and illusions, which struggling forces try to introduce in your consciousness

Anonymous authority

Norwegiansfavourite reception the introduction of misleading, actively used all media. He applies to camping on BC gray propaganda. Long proven, that one of the most effective methods influence is appeal to authority. Authority, to which are treated, can be religious, this may be rather a weighty political figure, figure science or the other profession. Name of gravitas not reportedly. Under this can be implemented using quotes responsibly documents, assessments experts, bearing reports and other materials that are needed for greater off. Examples: and sports on the basis years research imposed. , Panayiotis recommend. , Source from closest presidential environment, which was willing to remain unknown, reports.. What scientists? What Dr.? What source of? Provided thus information in most cases is a lie. References to non-exsisting authority give it solidity and weight in the eyes of ". Under this source of not is identified and no responsibility for false message journalists not bear. So that, if or shop in popular media begins words sources of informed or scientists recommend , caveat confident this not information, and propaganda or veiled advertisements; ???? the authors messages very are far from; and so same are far from confidence in their cause.

workaday narrative

workaday or office narrative is used, for example, for adaptation human to information clearly negative, unchallenged denial of, content. In a special literature this method described quietly and on-appeasing. So, if need to domesticate people to violence, blood, murder,, atrocities any kind of, then blagoobraznyy TV with secure the face of and smooth, voice, as would to wipe yourself off, reports you daily about the worst atrocity. Through few weeks such processing population ceased to respond to the most enormous crimes and mass killings, the shenanigans that took place in society. (Comes psychological effect as)

This reception applicable, in particular, during coup in Chile (1973), when was necessary trigger indifferentnost population to action pinochetovskikh intelligence. On post-Soviet the vastness of his actively adopt under coverage mass shares protest, action political opposition, strikes and camping on D. For example, is happening the massive demonstration of opponents incumbent regime, which accelerates riot policemen continues with the help troublemakers and tear gas. Brutally beaten, participating in it women and old men, leaders political opposition arestovyvayutsya. On next day journalists Gogol mystifier and business tone, without of emotions, passing tell us, that, nourished German, on the eve was enacted yet another theater protest, organs law enforcement forced to were to use force, under arrest so much something violators public of calm, against which aroused or stimulated criminal affairs in accordance with sitting legislation and camping on D. Such reception allows media preserve illusion open-minded lighting events, but, in the same time, devalues significance overthrew the, creates have mass audience misconception about this crucial as about than something maloznachitelnom, not the challenges special attention and, the more, public estimates.


Effective reception emotional influence on electorate and psychological pressure on power. Desfasurare group well moneyed young people with guaranteeing health, which, nothing not risking, organize course once this starvation in any public hearing place. Around this media are raising unimaginable noise. Constantly sound charges in of consistent regime, organizations or particular faces. Against this reception resist extremely difficult (provided, that he is conducted professionally), so as power in any case forced to to respond to Eliade pro-independence militants demands.



ready the thief

Goal reception blend in with your miss them before righting course. A shining example is experience CIA period W. Colby (1970s). When this organization have become incriminate in suspects, massacres, explosions, overthrowing governments, the drug trafficking business,, agent crashes, then CIA led by Colby began to bolt ahead whistleblowers and it's a and have become so zealously themselves unmasked, that themselves whistleblowers working for governmental their grapple calmed. So W. Colby retained CIA.

This same reception is used and for discredit, when perpetrators, sensing failure, the first to are raising the cry and diverting anger people in other side. These there often enjoy human rights defenders and wrestlers with mafia , task which is dezorganizatsiya public.


Method zabaltyvaniya is used, when needs reduce relevance or trigger negative reaction to any phenomenon. Using his, can be successfully fight with adversary, continually while praising his to community and is misplaced speaking about his extraordinary grievances about, constantly tossed on vengeance his name, clearly exaggerating numbers his ability to. Very quickly this all sickened by and one thing name of this human is grating. Authors such a arrangements very difficult catch in of intentional discredit, so as formally they are all struggling all efforts for the mere.

During election this reception actively applies in the form of informational explosion or massirovanogo plum dirt squad. Goal trigger fatigue and headaches have people, repelled have voters desire to take an interest in those, that for soul of have moreover or conjures candidate.

Still method zabaltyvaniya often applies to create camping on BC informational noise , when for the flood of subordinate messages need hide what something important event or major problem.

An emotional resonance

Technique emotional resonance can be determine as way to create have broad audience a certain sentiments with while upholding transfer a propaganda information. Emotional resonance allows to lift psychological protection, that on myslitelnom level is nurturing man, deliberately trying to stonewall from charm or advertising brainwashing. One of basic rules propaganda holds: In primarily need turn not to reintroduce reason, and to sentiments rights. Being protected from propaganda messages, on rational level man always capable build system kontrargumentatsii and to settle all efforts to spetsobrabotke to zero. If same charm influence on human happening on an emotional level,, outside his calculated control, no rational counter-arguments in this case not feasible.

Appropriate receptions known with ancient since the. In their basis of lies phenomenon social of induction (emotional contagion). Deal in is, that suffered us emotions and feelings this largely social phenomena. They can could spread like epidemic, infecting is occasionally tens of and hundreds of thousands of people and forcing masses resonate in unison. We beings social and easily perceive feelings, emerging have other. This well markedly on level positive interpersonal relations when deal concerns close people. All known, that means debauch mood the ever closer man and as sometimes easily this can be done. So, mother, which possess negative feelings, always is handing their to his small child; bad mood one of onecan instantaneously rubs off on Different and camping on D.

Especially strongly effect emotional contagion manifests itself in the crowd situativnom broad array people, not associated osoznavaemoy goal. Crowd this in having social community, described by a similarity of emotional fortune its members. In the crowd is happening mutual contagion trumps emotion and as a consequence their intensifying. Nature mass emotional contagion almost not . One of interesting hypotheses argues, that major role in this plays occurrence resonance fluctuations in structure electromagnetic fields, produced human organism.

Mechanism behavior human in the crowd described in many sources, all they coincide in is, that man, becoming part of masses, is mired under power passions. Are typical signs of behavior human in the crowd the prevalence of situational feelings (sentiment), loss of intelligence, responsibility, an overblown suggestible subject, the easy handling. These fortune can be strengthen with the help various funds. The necessary sentiments are with the help of appropriate external environment, a certain time days, lighting, lung inflammatory funds, various only on forms of, music, songs, and camping on D. In psychology there is a special the term fastsinatsiya, which mark conditions raising efficiency of perceived material thanks to use of related background in later. The most often fastsinatsiya is used in only on beliefs, game and show-programs, political and religious (cult) events and camping on P. for contagion people in the crowd special emotional condition. On this background, ceded commensurate information, with need aim to its not was too many.

In modern world suffered us emotions largely there is outcome of induction, driven means mass communication. The creation emotional resonance one their main tasks majority information messages and entertainment show. Media always try to trigger have broad audience strong emotions, and if necessary, then these emotions they bring until cramps (see Psychological shock). Simple example: Note on those intonation, with whom radio or commentators's being read us information about events in country and in world. When speech goes about tragic events (disaster, the war, terrorist an act of) intonation usually are full the noble sorrow or resentment in worded of the perpetrators of. If same, to example, In the wake these goes message about another meeting head of state with the miners (airmen -, teachers are, physicians), you reply, as-screen telefizionomiya instantaneously.. .will and in its voice start good of the project a constructive optimism and confidence in and hapiness future nation. This reception is called the emotional tuning under situation. Thus person cleans way can be shape emotional attitude mass audience to in this or milestone.

Except emotional tweaking there are and other methods, causing vibrate audience with grinding halt after degree of intensity. One of them rhetorical reception graduation: Commentator recycles arguments with all growing tensions: Home people endured, long endured, very long endured! We failed hunger, poverty, humiliation, the shame! We have suffered, long have suffered, very long have suffered! How long. The result reception emotionally gets the listeners. To strengthen emotional the efficacy messages often his saturates concrete minutiae, which better are memorised and better are assimilated. Especially are efficient promyshlennyy eyewitnesses , because they bear reliance on elements identity experience rights. To create emotional resonance are used and diverse set sizing.

Many receptions create have display audience get sentiment were working out in Germany in period the second World War and shortly before its onset. In particular, in, we introduce were used receptions sound impact, artificially-amplifying aggressive experiences. All speech A. Hitler accompanied music from out of Wagner, principal donor certain gnawing impression on listeners: Oppressive, complex, it created a sense of gathering Nazi military machines, capable destroy in human, and was general threatening character. For wins mass psychosis symposium was held live broadcast on radio Parades, marches,, rallies.

And here is a more complicated example emotional resonance: Numerous programming, and also slick real- and talk show, in abundance provided on modern TV. Note on the high emotional claimants heightened, on which happen such event see. Heroes serials constantly they unearth relations on the run-up in tones, excessively display their emotions, scenes these films are called upon to keep the viewer in constant an emotional tensions: A that same will further?. Professionally prepared participants talk show, jangling role ordinary people with the streets , tell their living history vividly and emotionally, constantly norovya to settle scores with their abusers directly in direct live. Hardly not binding element of such television show a?aea or the ferment elucidation relations, NBM administration emotionally lead the zritelskuyu audience, hooking off its for being. All of this is done not simply so. Goal the creation have viewers emotional dependence. Used receive dose pressing emotional away from this source, man and in the future will give him preference. Thus television bosses rounding up itself permanent audience serialozavisimykh, shouzavisimykh and the like. People, were moon blinking their, lest spinning precisely to such a way obtain pressing emotional away. And constant audience this already product, which can be very benefits sell advertisers. Masses-media zombies, as and any addicts, will try to support its [kayf] without of the late and the brink and means will are absorb all a new and a new teleproduktsiyu, generously razbavlyaemuyu commercial and political advertisement for.

Hippotherapy boomerang man

When official media small crashed onto B. Yeltsin (the end of the 1980s), the contrary logic has become national hero and with spark of won presidential elections in June 1991. Then object intense being ridiculed and razvenchivaniya became W. Zhirinovskiy and this contributed to his bustling success on election in Duma (December 1993). In December 1995 most seats in the Duma received ne another object TV cyberbully. Autumn 1999 unleashed by ORT imprisoned Mayor of Moscow mainstream Luzhkov only solidified his position among Moscow electorate. Year before the same happened in Ukraine with Kiev mayor of A. Omelchenko ZMZ. Somewhat the problem discussed American publicist still a half-century ago, after unexpected victory F. Roosevelts on presidential election. Conclusion: If you want win popularity have grassroots, wear an itself image fighter for justice, persecuted authorities.

Effect boomerang man this those past, on which regularly arrive with power groups. Unleashing all-out, fromhuman his opponent, they inundate the his until such extent, that in end he is beginning to to inspire sorry and shows real sympathy with broad audience. The same happens, when power suddenly solve fight with tsirkuliruyuschimi in society negative rumours credibility rumor only is intensifying.

Boomerang-effect can have and the opposite action. For example, perenasyschennost prime-advertisement for moreover or conjures candidate is beginning to to inspire irritation audience.

Hippotherapy death through

Effect death through is based on treacherous psychological property human propensity think Lozhnymi analogies. Consists of two common stereotypes-delusions.

1. Near means together. Owing to this phenomenon finding near with famous or senior man several boosts status in the eyes of surrounding. Not accidentally those who well on photo alongside large people, gladly demonstrates these photos all friends and familiar. Nourished German, I with them on brief become. Likewise policy cherish lie in companies popular artists or athletes. In this case with very love and admiration, which people gives their kumiram, automatically is projected and on nothing not noteworthy retainers people.

2. The second stereotype consists in next. Human, ridin ACTION successes in some specific area, surrounding consider able on greater and in other affairs. Numerous facts prove, that this is only widespread misled. There are many examples, when people, which brilliantly make it is one thing, around the the rest of the find themselves absolutely helpless.

Nevertheless, this stereotype rush, up politicians and business advertisement for. Enough recall, how many popular artists-athletes-journalists-writers-cartoon satirists (employ in their ranks political parties on the eve election. Not so long this reception have become actively use and businessmen, seeking do political career. Under this is used the next out a message: We successful and regional people, which have made themselves themselves, implemented valid themselves in this life, managed survive and achieve success in todays thorny conditions! Possessing experience positive decisions in various areas social life, we are prepared broadcast its success in scale just society! We were are efficient in his professional activities, so let us are efficient and in politics! We know, that and as to do. We new and successful generation. For us future! and camping on P.

On fact under the guise of a new generation successful people electorate vparivaetsya stinking of instructors Pastdargom slogan, that any a cook can manage state. With the only backyards, that instead the cook today being hailed, to example, a successful business Woman, managed to forge in his city of network performing these household jobs themselves and Americans pay other people.

Former Olympic champion, a dashing Fighting general, prosperous owner bakeries or even the managing bank, reaching luck on its professional an arena, quite not necessarily will be able to accept good laws, sitting in parliament. This like thought Y ignoring the those media, which be satisfied with advocacy the hysteria in honor another savior of of fatherland.



Hippotherapy primacy there

Dr. few introduced in modern propaganda one of key principles: Man, quoted as saying world the first word, always rights. Later psychologists discovered, that the candidate, which during the election campaign the first convincingly that will themselves winner, moreover and recognizes mass consciousness. To such conclusions came K. Khovland and scientists Yale University in of England, and also N. Janice and L. Doob, which regarded, that success propagandist in significant least .Iran, if information reached audience before, than information his opponents. Here works one of effects perception: Under or contradictory information (test that impossible) we tend to give preference to the, that came the first. Change already forged opinion very difficult.

This effect invoiced under massirovannom negative dirt squad. In late all, is to blame always the, whom drenched in dirt after all him need to will to have a wash. In addition status was really that incriminating in public consciousness is perceived as more high, than have indicted. On communal level this looks so: Because justified means is to blame. Hitler argued: Publika always prefers to believe although would and on 90% nedokazannomu charges, than conducted, although would it was motivated on all 100%

Should be noted, that still in 1925 year American psychologist M. Lundt formulated law predshestvovaniya , according to which any the first message about how or different fact, crucial exerts more a strong impact on audience, than subsequent. One reason this phenomenon is that the who the first told information, belongs priority in warrant now underway needs and, as a consequence, the formation primary psychological installations to fact or milestone. Source of information the first showing about meaningful events is becoming more attractive for audience, than other. This promotes formation and maintain the preferences to this source of information on the future, compared with those who acts less operationally.

In force this principle today every media seeks the first their message term events until broad audience. Arising from-for this problems now are well known. For example, drive journalists to immediate issuance hot messages under coverage the terrorist attacks always plays on hand terrorists, coordinating their actions in accordance with ???? through media information about what is going on.

Hippotherapy presence

Reception also was introduced in practice Nazi propaganda. Today he described in all textbooks on journalism. Includes in themselves a series of gimmicks, which must imitating reality. Their constantly use under coverage of the story with seats fighting and in criminal narrative, by retroactively shooting real search for bandits or car. Illusion Fighting environment create, for example, a sharp derganem cameras and sbivaniem with focus. In this time before camera be going any people, heard remain and cries. All looks so, if would operator in the chilling unrest, under fire absolves reality.

From journalistic of memories: Until starters American, of bombing Afghanistan the Taliban and the Northern the Alliance extremely rarely blasted away each in friend, mostly in air. Tanks beaten on pristrelyannym points, to, not let-God, no one not offense, and the suddenly'll... you'll go in neighbor on kishlaku. Here is so America and Russia, prilagavshim whopping efforts, to push their between themselves, very difficult was convince their to fight truly. : Let, that journalist came to garde with inspection process was failing: To lift fighting, and their and in speak of there is no. And then he Grand Canal from imitation of. Pay money, and jihadis are load their machines and blasted away in side Taliban, and the Taliban responding them those same. All here on video camera. After this world news agencies report incidents, that group journalists was fired the Taliban. In wearing rush, turned real home video tonight..

Illusion credibility exerts chiefly emotional impact and creates a sense of big identification events. Appears a powerful effect presence, we as if vbrosheny in primitive reality, not unwittingly, that this is only cheap stunts.

This reception widely is used commercial advertisement for specifically instseniruyutsya supreme an onlay , to create image were attributable ordinary people. Especially pleasing and , in which yet another aunt Asya well supplied voice professional actress tries to emulate speech people out of people ostensibly variables pause, delannye hemming, lungs defects pronunciation,) uncertainty. This primitive, but a virtuous reception seizing audience.

Information blockade

The page code here can serve as quote from policy notes MVD Russia: There, where the price information is expressed in human life, not can be seats democracy, of glasnost and so-called impartial, osvtlennyu events.. If you are accustomed watch current anti-terrorist operations eyes American CNN or Russian ORT and every information needed, with method information blockade you're dealing daily. For example, after terrorist attacks in New York September 11, 2001 the US government put forward list recommendations American media. Them, among other things, aggressively his faith to abstain from detailed lighting activities Al Qaeda, from quoting W. Ben-Laden and from publications interview with him. Strip adversary opportunities publicly mouth its position one of the main tasks a propaganda war.

The information blockade always closely connected with information dominance. This two hand one medals. To them opt as in case military action, so and in peacetime (for example, during election). Has place the creation informational vacuum foretell which something issue with the consequent the spread of export information about him. Very often power structures block information on any problem, and then grant its in bezalternativnom regime. Because interest to this issue in society very strong, unbelievably good for power information receives maximum the spread of. This allows provide a single interpretation the limelight and represents, essentially, mass probing people. In this case fixed stance media not subject to Climate, so another view virtually is for broad audience.

The information blockade today marks virtually all naval political conflicts. So, the war with Iraq in 1991 Depicted as net and fair. Western media Y talked up dignity Ershov precise strikes. Under this studiously ignored any evidence opposite character (those same cases, which impossible was hide, were called embarrassing mistakes , to smooth negative reaction public see Servants). Censorship then came under even former Justice Minister the US R. Clarke and known in America operator, which brought from Baghdad and pulled up on well evidence demise and suffering civilians. All American cameramen canceled previously designated meeting with them, and none of them not has shown undesirable cadres.

During air attacks NATO against Yugoslavia in Britain passed elections in the European Parliament. A small on ???????? Socialist unsteady party placed the in his although music video documentary cadres ravages of, imposed on IAOIaneeie aerial bombing Serbia. Under telepokaze this episode. Was simply-plainly, cut out the BBC, the most respected and ascriptive global a means information.

Than explain similar censorship? The answer on this question was experience still during the first World War 1914-1918 devolving Then military minister Britain Lloyd-George: If would people knew truth about war, she was would ended already tomorrow. But they its not know and never learn.

Propulsion Pocheptsov on example war in Chechnya classifies blocking control informational space the next way:

1. Control verbal symbols (see Servants). Example serve such watered-down phrase as wobbegong / targeted target orange , Zachistka (disambiguation) territory and camping on P., which're cleaning up in from consciousness killing character.
2. Control visual pictures of the, in accordance with which on teleehkrane are lacking images Wounded and killed, loss of technology with hand federal troops.
3. Control unity interpretations events. Telling example is a special anonymity Minister Lesina, zapretivshego display on teleehkrane interview with hand Chechen militants.

In Russian media example information blockade can serve not only coverage events in Chechnya, but and in countries its own neighborhood: Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova. Special research 2000-2001 s have shown, that 90-95% materials about these countries represent human errors comments Russian correspondents or revisions. In other words, Russian the press virtually not allows representatives these countries on their own express its position. (In the best case all is limited to their individual language, ripped from context.) Skyfall essence, this is one of options censorship. Outcome: These countries, whatever they be with of the Platters or pages Russian newspapers, often have so same little common with reality, as and the classic stereotype about 30, which roam on Moscow with unmistakable under with the mouse and use the vodka from throat.

To information siege often appeal during electoral companies. Zaangazhirovannye media create information excitement only around's liking candidate. Under this his opponent fully forfeits opportunities voice in media its position, answer To strike back in its worded. In the best case television networks us his show without understanding sound , by accompanying aeaai?ya tendentious journalists' star status. Here there is an important nuance: Instead of, to grant word directly Mr N, journalists are beginning us tell about him. Tell, that, where, when and as he spoke, covering it his actions and camping on D. So the information blockade closely connected with other propagandistskim there new type.

The information blockade widely is used not only in political but and in economic purposes. So, in the early 1990s during training and conducting market reform E. Gaidar and A. Chubais was established the real the information blockade to mass audience not were allowed specialists, preduprezhdavshie about fatal consequences of privatization on Chubais and zadavavshie uncomfortable questions: For example, what sense give in private hands effective, competitive manufactured public enterprises global level, that enriched coffers and nutritious country? In the mid-1990's receptions information blockade Vital cover of numerous scams unscrupulous banks to create financial pyramids. Electronic media, telling massive an aggressive advertising, not only not compensated for its a black box warning star status, but and not gave access to fans of those Russian and foreign workers skilled that could warn depositors and explain mechanism financial pyramids. Accurately so same, already in 1997-1998, the information blockade operate as the cover of the scam Russian business and government circles with absorbers, which passed international the scale of the and led Russia to tyazheleyshemu crisis in August 1998. Media not gave some straight messages even about debate in the Duma and the Council Federation on this issue in April-May 1998. Obtaining society this information allowed would if not prevent collapse, then although would mitigate his consequences, and citizens save a significant part of deposit



Exploiting mediators

This technique rests on two postulates. First, special research imposed, that stronger just on the formation have average human opinion on any issue affect is by no means massive advocacy campaign in media. The most big effect have, ironically, virus circulating in society myths, rumors and gossip. The second postulate follows from first: Effective Information State impact on human is undertaken not directly from funds mass communication, and through meaningful for him, known him established people (leaders opinion ) repeating coils of views and rumors. Unofficial personal communication for people more healthy, than official messages media.

In most cases opinion people about what-either attitudes he picked up in the process communication in family, in collective and camping on D. In discussions between themselves relatives, friends, co-workers osmyslivayut events and facts, developing overall approach in accordance with the usual for them values and norms. Opinion on everyone issue (from simple what washing powder buy, until complex for whom vote) attitudes he picked up and zatverdzhuyutsya under impact certain bosses. This people, which either occupy formally (parents, spouse, senior brothers / sister, chief of, leader among associates) the central position in group (leaders groups), either recognized experts in this sphere (leaders opinion). In other words, charm influence media always has chance character.

Propulsion Pavlovsky, one of says modern information policy Kremlin, says about this so: There fetishizirovat electronic media as. Last. Mounting today chorus slavosloviy (in worded W. Putins REM. Red Soft, "M1" through channels media on the entire country, leads to have backfired. People never relayed to each other government offices formula and lakeyskie anthems authorities in his circle people tell each other the, that consider important and interesting. Media influential only in the extent, in which they supplied content, ideologemy and invoice (the motives) for mass gabbin ' i.e., real political debate in the mud, not prekraschayuscheysya in Russia nor on minute. Political initiatives and situation capable protranslirovatsya on on-ground level of (level of mass communication) in the extent, in what they dramaturgichny, dramatizirovany, i.e. became in an interesting and available man the plot (was the gossip, joke nicely, scenario, myth). Media in a propaganda campaign are needed to penetrate direct Canal the Russian capital Russians land.

Today entire newspapers, magazines and television programs under the cover of spread of news fully devoted your essays and spread of "Turu" rumors, capable of protranslirovatsya on level of positive interpersonal communication. In recent years appeared and specialized Internet projects, almost entirely covered this task. (For example, 98th in 2002 year to them can be attributed such Russian-speaking media-outlets as SMI.Ru, VERSII.Ru,, RusGlobus and others.)

Consider much detail mechanism perception such information. After gaining informational messages recipient is not immediately accepts decision to accept or spurn his. Deliberately or on unconscious level he searching for Council have surrounding his people and above all have camping on BC leaders opinion his groups. Leaders opinion this vysokoavtoritetnye members groups, opinion and advice which on certain issues have a special value for other. They something and play decisive role in shaping relations the main masses to the problem, displayed in propaganda significance Summit.

This phenomenon has found reflection in model dvukhstupenchatogo flow of communication, developed in mid-50s in the US Kamerhe Lazarsfeldom. In proposed them model dvukhstupenchatost charm process invoiced, first, as interaction between source of and prestige mikrosotsialnogo level, which are as leaders opinion or are (mediators), second, as interaction leaders of views or mediators with individual members of mikrosotsialnykh groups.

In practice information-psychological impact media this, in particular, led with one hand to what advocacy and advertising messages have become more internationally-oriented leaders mikrosotsialnykh groups, and with the other in them have become be used faces, opinion which intensity for other. American specialists consider: To form a opinion broad audience foretell which either issue, enough process just 10% its members leaders opinion (mediators), which and protransliruyut message on mass level of. In as a mediators in various situations and for different social groups and strata can to dissent informal leaders, politicians, representatives religious denominations, figures culture, science, art, athletes, military, sex-bomb and camping on D. for each categories population is its credibility. In psychology influence this is called fixation on authority figure.

Most people tend to to podrazhatelnomu behavior, looking instead in theirs acts on actions established for them leaders opinion. Them true to form borrow example with those, whom they respect and who for them is the leader. So choice of a and sports stars , other popular faces for transmission advertising and-charm character and participation in electoral campaigns is due above all those, that they have enough broad audience admirers, many of which not tend to go to the trouble assessing competence their idols not only in political, but and other issues, on which they give their estimates or provide been promotion (for example, goods, whom themselves personally can and not enjoy the and camping on P. With other hand, in advertising commercials and propaganda with a widely are used and ordinary people from people , such as we. All depends on specificity of advanced product or ideas. For example, convince in is, that reklamiruemoe the medicine indeed necessary, us rather can professional doctor (and more precisely the set of signs of, which we perceive as heavyweight performance professionalism: White bathrobe, doctors cabinet, use medical terms in conversation). Last resort with this task tackles popular artist. And here is goods routine demand we buy, the basis, in primarily, on opinion such as we , of our closest environment friends, relatives, neighbors.

The main task all advertising and PR shares is to with the help of fixing on authority figure force targeted audience to acquire ensured product or service. For example, for this can be find ofweighted leader groups and provide him this product, making thus this product fashionable and prestigious. Use such mechanism of fixing well illustrates the simple example from practice advertising. Clock a certain Mark of XXX need was redesign your in youth environment. To latest have become their buy, needs was inculcate into a sense of modnosti, exclusivity and availability of these hours simultaneously. For this in fashionable club there was cycle parties, in the course which multiple hours of XXX all, who has a certain authority in youth environment best imagined-casino cities, participants popular pop groups, leading popular youth TV content and camping on D. Winners diverse contests also received clock. Thus struggling forces built illusion, that all best necessarily receive best clock of XXX. Because among teenagers care about podrazhatelnoe behavior developed and sophisticated very strongly, then many young people took care to purchase clock of XXX and for themselves, with very people were engaged in, what model these hours criminal those or different welcome.


Psychologist Gordon Allport, Gordon Willard wrote, that the essence of any language classification and distribution of on categories moreover continuous tribal sound information , with which we cruising face. It is this the main function language gives him power canvass. When we call any object, we thereby emphasize any his specific feature of, oblivious on other characteristics. The, as object described (is referred), and the manner, in which appears image actions, diverting our thoughts and emotional reaction in a certain direction. With the help qualifiers, computation facilities or events, information is translated so, that recipient charm messages accepts navyazyvaemoe him definition of situation. Sizing, essentially, represent words-seasonings for any informational messages. First, this speech and a combination of, useful for describe own positive and constructive positions. Second, this contrasting words for moreover, to in negative manner be characterized adversary (see Principle contrast).

Prevalent in Russian media sizing usually reflect the general direction of current policy power structures, above all information. Enough recall, as in public (and in recent years and in non-state) media highlights various political shares. The typical option messages in the news: participants shares. (options: people advanced age, faces without certain occupational, among which there is criminal elements, alcoholics and addicts; radically minded young people, with an extremist views. ; theater is conducted on money. (options: B. ; ; ; ); . (: ; ; ); . (: ; ; ; ); . (: ; ; ; ); . (: ; ; ; . Typically, for strengthening to the semantic and emotional effect sizing are accompanied by appropriate of filmmaking.

The use of qualifiers in commercial advertising view not let us, because this obviously (recall on their own any navyazshiy on familiar advertising slogan of the).


Goal creating such a context, in which thought human go in the right direction. Message about fact is accompanied by interpretation by the, which offers reader or the viewer several reasonable options explanations. From finesse by the depends do a necessary option the most plausible. American specialist O Jara in book Means information for million writes about diktore: His message may look ascriptive in the sense, that it not contains approval or censure, but his a vocal addition, 'notation is and get meaningful pause, and also expression of faces often have the same effect, that and redaktorskoe opinion.

For this usually is used several additional practices. Their actively use all experienced commentators. First, the inclusion of in advocacy materials so-called bilateral messages , which contain arguments for and against a certain positions. bilateral messages as would uprezhdayut arguments opponent and under skilful their criticized contribute to create a certain immunity against them.

Second, aice?o?ony positive and negative elements. For moreover, to positive assessment ???? more credible, to characterization described perspective need add a bit critics, and effectiveness judgmental positions expands in case presence elements praise. All used critical remarks, actual data, comparative materials under this are selected thus, to necessary conclusion was enough obvious.

Third, is undertaken picking the facts strengthening or of weakening of expression. Conclusions not includes in the text the graphs messages. Their must do those, for whom intended information.

Fourth, is happening Nival comp thingie just as soon materials for strengthening importance of, demonstrations trends and vastness of events, phenomena.

A necessary effect also can be obtain by structuring applying messages (see xB6\ xB6 Poison sandwich ).

that sad fact

Desirable position things portrayed media as toss fact. This is based, essentially affairs, on hypnosis, Mina audience vbivayutsya like a nail in non-exsisting the coffin of the. Examples:

In opozitsynomu camp resulting divisiveness and shataniya!
It head of the presidential administration rapidly falls. ,
Faction agrarians gathering in parliament leaves all more and more deputies. ,
the Movement Home house The Fatherland rapidly loses their supporters. For the past month his electorate contracted with 10% to 8%. ,
Electoral bloc Team a new generation rapidly is gathering traction. For several months he transformed in decisive political force. He certainly will pass on future election in parliament. and camping on P.

Reception is used to create appropriate sentiment in society. Calculation here is simple. Deal in is, that most people think stereotypes: Chair without ceasefire not case , Because about this all say means so it and there is. Have human artificially appears a sense of themselves in minority. In a result he becomes't serve, committing priority the, whom he believes representative majority.

This kind of propaganda usually portrayed under the guise of news or results sociological research. These declines appear as perception people it is difficult understand, that under the cover of messages about events in country and world them fed to simple M. Deza.

For inspiring credibility similar reports widely are used leaders opinion : Popular journalists, known political scientists, social scientists and the like. Cast off the burden gravitas psychologically difficult process. He requires courage and free will. After all those who hold power and cash bags always have opportunity hire pleasant leading, beloved artist,, an esteemed academic, isn't corruptible legal activist or sex-bomb for each categories population there will its credibility.

Reception is used and in business advertising. The headline in the business magazine: Spros on conspicuous offices in the center of the is beginning to exceed proposal!. (artificially appears a sense of deficit).

False analogy

One of the most dangerous psychological pitfalls is propensity human think analogies, build in his thinking camping on BC Psevdologicheskie sequence. Habitual for most people style thinking is the style, which uses logical; and jangling the reason a consequence. These; and jangling seem fully available control consciousness and fit sphere common sense. Bundle at once concrete the reason concrete a consequence , which had place ever, we tend to extrapolate and on other facilities, not akess no relations to initial here and lies of this trick.

This psychological feature of actively is used more. Excellent examples of this kind, below the exhorts times camping on BC perestroika , find in book S. Kara-Murza electoral manipulation without clear conscience : all metaphor rynochnikov: cannot be be a little pregnant. Nourished German, need to fully destroy state-controlled system and to move to population market. But after all no semblance between severe and economies there is no. Moreover, the real economy and not recognizes or or, she, if want, precisely get back a little pregnant by many economic ukladami. Because all instructions specialists on permanent mistakes this kind of were ignored, speech goes about conscientious the stocks on destruction of logic. Diversion against logic in all references on the West (not let us even quarrel with those to what and itself Western reality under this was presented falsely). Constantly occurred, for example, such: British empire has disintegrated means, and the USSR should was disintegrate!. And no rationalizations semblance. And why compare with British empire, not with China and not with the US? Or and they must disintegrate and precisely today? Incidentally, from thesis about patterns of disintegration the USSR with emergency Tripartite Commission should, that and Russian Federation must disintegrate after all she accurately such a same empire, what was the USSR. Ah, slightly smaller, but this affairs not changes.

On using false analogies buildss propaganda technique create activate ties.

Feedback the link

People, statist in any Government Decree starting in as a participants, in greater extent change their views in favor of opinion, recommended its scenario, than passive observers the limelight. This imposed numerous psychological experiments. Illusion participation in debate on any urgent problem leads to greater Climate of views and sets, than a simple passive perception of information. For moreover, to have audience not controversial of sensations unilateral impact and complex vacancy addressee , modern media widely adultery ways, so-called, feedback in various forms: Pattern in studio during direct prime-, choice on the telephone option answer on the specification and others. Such a wearing been charged create have mass audience illusion participation in an information process.

If you ever tried to dial in studio during TV programs, to ask question its participants, you know, that before as issue you in spots, controlling editor of necessarily pointeresuyutsya essence of specified by issue. You will allowed only in is case, if zadavaemoy you question fits a common editorial politics this station's. If same you suddenly start to speak quite not the, you immediately am toasted from prime-on middle of a sentence sorely tested on practice.

Psevdosotsiologicheskie polls (when during prime-viewers on the telephone vote over the or another the answer) most often are only way formation public opinion, not his real reflection of, i.e. a kind of conventional a propaganda manipulation. Questions are formulated thus, to create have audience the right glance on the contestant or different problem. They diverting move our reflection in a particular direction. Never not zadavayte question, on which cannot be obtain the the answer, which you need , chief principle such surveys. In these cases the formulation problems in terms benefits, there what any will more persuasive on backdrop of in sharp contrast of expression about same in categories lose, losses what-either. Here is simple example in several utrirovannom the form of:

Question: you want to see place your country in modern world?
Options answers:
And) I want, to my country has become contributor commodity resources for mature states and source of cheap labor force for transnational corporations.
It comes) I want, to my country has turned into a dig for chemical and nuclear waste from around the world.
In) I want, to my country has become powerful state with advanced economies and high-life population.

Guess with three attempts to, what option answer chooses Rouseff most people, callers waiting anxiously on in studio? In ??? manner are built almost all interactive phone polls.

The organizers polls long know, that barely notable changes in cautiously lead to significantly much answers. Practical Yanks in its time even conducted a special study on the subject. Psychologists B. Lokkerbi and S. Borelli imposed, for example, that the percentage of Americans, backed exerting aid shared (anti-government forces) in Nicaragua, for period with 1983 before 1986, vosem from 13% to 42% in matter, as formulirovalsya question. If in issue openly refer Ronald Reagan or shared or were used ideological labels for definitions opposing forces in Nicaragua, then aid supported greater number of Americans. If in issue river tag in dollars sum aid or get to introduce ourselves earlier both sides problems, exert aid breakaway shared were hungry for much fewer Americans.

A brilliant example manipulation of this kind was implemented one Moscow radio in late 1990's, which after pattern.The a repeat of messages about difficulties with gasoline in Petersburg instead asked his audience question: Should whether supply fuel in Yugoslavia? contaminated this not was no mentioning of views professional experts about the causes shackled with fuel tanks and information about loss of export income Russia in case breakdown supply in Yugoslavia. In end 75% people, callers waiting anxiously on on station, gave negative the answer.

In those cases, when opinion disadvantageous's comm system dominates, task feedback boils down to correction, Climate very masses. Demonstration of stacked results dozens surveys, filtration clustered in studio, organization opinion public through fake people with the streets and camping on P. Directed on the, to have human, connection different opinion, form a psychological facility a white ravens it turns out other, and their most, think otherwise. Sometimes disagreement and dissent deliberately or accidentally permissible, for example, more an outraged telephone phone call or is published protest. This moment Y-style, ???? dignity this source information, which objectively shows the entire spectrum of views and points of view for various issues.

A kind of feedback is camping on BC Technique instsenirovannykh ??????. Above all to it belong diverse set options communication senior prs with simple people. Supreme can be direct (answers on questions, Rw citizens on the telephone, intimate talk with random passers-by on the street and camping on D.) and indirect (press conference, briefings for masses-media, answers on questions journalists and camping on P. Most often camping on BC Communication with people is just well otrepetirovannym a spectacle. Known, for example, that President France de Gaulle not received for entire its life nor one issue on press conferences, to which would not was in advance ready. US President during their press conferences also replies on questions, which in advance percolate journalists in press service White House. At all, consultants any political leader always prepare his spaghetti to estimating issues, PRS the possible answers. In period scandal with M. Lewinsky affair US President B. Clinton specifically were forced issue steam on I Capuleti e press conferences, to in real context he seemed so a calm and confident. That concerns B. Yeltsin, then former employee his press services D. Shevchenko highlights the next: Everyone questions on press conferences were in advance are agreed with Yeltsin. He knew even an exact over the seating chart correspondents in the first a range of Kostikov each time vycherchival president exquisite plan-scheme.

Appropriate television programs issues are being organized thus, if would the head of state (either another an important grandee) spontaneously replies on questions, Rw citizens on the telephone or through the Internet. The best try this in advance remembering of try. This old saying is hard not to recall itself a, when watching, as another Guarantor Constitution with not attainable for ordinary death sentences boykostyu and svyaznostyu speech very aptly replies on several tens of highly thorny issues, enrolled for a brief time. In fact he gives carefully rehearsed answers, specifically prepared his team. Questions usually are selected judging by from results sociological research. They must reflect pressing social problems, disturbing broad masses people, either shape favorable image this Shi faces. Forth people is witnessing another television show under entitled , Chapter state replies on questions ordinary citizens in direct live with the ensuing demonstration odobritelnykh input ordinary people with the streets (Ah, I even and not presupposed, what democratic have us President simple and available, open for dialogue, to communicate with him can every! and camping on P.



Bypass, with Lebanon

Review to research Western theorists propaganda. Review: In the US on electoral address Republican not meet democrats and contrary. Most surveyed people have shown, that turning off radio or timetable, when hear transmission of in protection perspective, which contradicts their own. In these cases works psychological produce a protective mechanism, which supports in man state of domestic equilibrium, confidence in their cause, guards his from cognitive dissonance (traumatic experiences conflict situation). So, in particular, propaganda during electoral campaigns rarely when's recruiting marked the number of new adherents of moreover or reconsider your choice mostly she enshrines already existing views. Hence conclusion: For moreover, to have success, promoter of the must be able force listen to themselves. Also need be able cut through negative predisposition audience or to circumvent its, to have the opportunity to influence people.

In the years the second World War in their transfer of on Nazi Germany the BBC included a summary weather. Dealing with ignorant to military, political, ideological positions combatants sides figures, rigging which not had no sense, must were spread caused by they effect truth on all transfer of the BBC. This kind of gimmicks, (shovel at creating the impression impartiality and equity source propaganda, gradually mnozhilis and uslozhnyalis. Currently they rose in khitroumnuyu system circumvent with Lebanon.

Importantly place in tactics circumvent with Lebanon ranks propaganda information (camping on BC Faktograficheskaya propaganda) She lies in dosed away transfer these data, the accuracy of which in advance known audience or readers and can be easily they tested. To categories such ubezhdayuschey information belong, in particular, actual data. For example, names, name streets, numbers homes, a huge number of details, who are with trustworthy and, in which as would are packed advocacy messages.

For example, during the second World War English intelligence managed get pofamilnye lists all commanders German submarine boats, composition their families, reverie attended by their mistresses, data about their relationships between themselves, relations between families, their weakness, hobby and anything. This was actively used. In particular, known daily advocacy radio broadcasts on German language, which had been for constituents in combat campaigns German sailors Anglo-the American NIE, in laying out its adeptness but added noise. Each transfer of began direct conversion to crew specific submarine and to concrete the marines. Them reported, for example, that whose something family rotted away under bombs in Hamburg or was instructed that far any, that in hospital of the Ukrainian died from wounds any their each or cousin. Treatment bells roughly so (quoted on book I. Bunicha Operation Groza ): We appeal to the you, commander submarine U-shaped 507 captain-lieutenant of Blume. With your hand was very precipitately to leave his wife in Bremen, where currently conducts his vacation your each captain-lieutenant of Grossberg. Their already, least, three times saw together in restaurant, and your the story by Frau Mogler argues: Your children relegated to mothers in Mecklenburg.. After this been inherited advocacy messages about they war, a stalemate Germany and camping on D. Later, in the years Cold War, veschavshie on the USSR American and British radio stations, focus on gray (the spread of plagued information) and black (the spread of misinformation) propaganda, often used urban phone books for moreover, to to mention in transfers real reverie attended by and street address Soviet citizens.

The most influential media-companies have their roots Western world CNN, BBC, DW decades built up authority alleged equity, using technique faktograficheskogo plausibility. The main time in their programs they look to for motley kind of information transmissions, where under the guise of composed news portrayed politically tilted view. Impression equity and impartiality appears with the help vkraplivaniya in texts propaganda materials of views drastic hand or facts, on first glance unfavorable for official perspective those countries, where they syndicated.

A diverse obygryvanie genuine faktograficheskogo material not the only method circumvent with Lebanon. There are and other. One of them this forgery under views, tastes and propensity target audience. The other command material under thus angle, as if propoveduemaya thought only development adopted in this audience destabilized. Here rate is done on gradual, a long, an evolutionary involvement in orbit ideological and political identities. Western researchers discovered, that the slow, podspudnoe involvement in sphere of propaganda influences often it turns out highly effective for people with neustoyavshimisya views, not opredelivshikh for themselves attachment to a particular circle people, way of thought and way of life and gives, too costly

American psychologists, they traced and described, for example, as flows process learn man views, points of view, of views, nesvoystvennykh his who think alike, social position, social environment. Man accidentally stumbled on previously unfamiliar information. Familiarized with it, saw fun for themselves though issue, curious information, the answer on any gave his problem. And only then learned, that this written cause. Contemplated he this before, perhaps, not became would to read or listen to. And now another matter. Predisposition proved prorvannoy. Alongside their continuing apprehension, duty solid representations emerges element of tolerance. He meets now man information from same source or a similar content, he already not antagonize its. Under renegotiation contacts can awaken still greater interest. Man is beginning to deliberately seek their. If he finds in new information echo from a their needs and interests (as he their understands) and simultaneously not sees them correlative convincing Abused in their traditional sources information, then imperceptibly for themselves can at all fully to refocus. Under this not discarded. That he will convinced, if not changed their identities. But to explain the world he already began with other positions.

Is possible and such option, when man knows, that has deal with hostile propaganda and looks at it with evaluate evidence. But curiosity Takes the upper hand, he takes into its study and further all goes on chart scheme. Prejudice, even prejudice can appearing, and then and at all unravel, turn into its contrast to. Thinking, that parasite has developed resistance own stance , man is beginning to apply under influence very different ideological system.

Another recommendation creators tactics circumvent with Lebanon Y hide their genuine goal, avoid conflicts with well recognized in this audience (in this society) views, values, norms, mainstream worldview. If this not to do, through negative predisposition not crash. Propaganda only then doomed to fail, when she superficially resembles on propaganda , argue specialists.

Huge significance is lent zaigryvaniyu with audiences, for example, prevozneseniyu its national qualities and achievements national genius, highlighting the his compassion to position those or other social groups, individual individuals and camping on P. All of this to do without single words sheer hula in worded opponents and without single words avowedly praise, in worded their

In this ties nebespolezno quoting document Psychological war against the USSR , developed by analysts CIA in 1950s. He contains list recommendations and the proposed subjects propaganda messages. This document highly instructive. So,

a Task # 1. To open and develop spiritual values, moral and ethical concept of Soviet people, especially Russians, and establish identity these values with values free world. The proposed needs of:

And) veracity, compassion, generosity, love to family, hospitality here is some values, expensive Soviet people, all of this derived from their spiritual life. This the general commons with peoples free world, but it It always rulers the USSR.

It comes) Historical contribution Russians in various creative areas free world: Philosophy, the arts and science always acknowledged having and uvazhalsya.

In) Exploring classic Russian literature, political philosophy and ethics shows: Russia split the and has been under influence creative social and cultural forces, which developed the West. Political and ethical ideals Russian people in basis of such same, as in the West, for they stem from those same spiritual sources, they bollixed up in communist state, but not died. Admonishment. We should not to overdo it, to mention the the western impact, and not produce the impression Dutch down.

G) Russian family rests on love, trust, cooperative and respect for human other. This values, common with the free world.

Afghan) What, for that Soviet people fought in the years revolution, the world, freedom and the good life for all, is main the conceptions, common with the free world. These concept of daily are administered in political life free world.

s) to reassure Russian people, that the free world not the highly skilled employees no designs nor against them, nor against their countries, and only wants for them freedom and prosperity in ??? and sotrudnichayuschem world.

Not less it would be educational turn to the recommended topics propaganda narratives about the United States:

and) the US are peaceful, respect sovereignty and independence peoples other states;

It comes) Americans spend distinction between Soviet people and his government;

In) the US never fought with Russia;

G) the US helped Soviet people in the second global war even before accession the US in war with Germany;

Afghan) the US continued help people the USSR even after complete the combat action in the second global war;

s) Americans have provided their knowledge and experience under construction industry in the USSR;

OK) love to technology and science in daily life generic for peoples the USSR and the US;

?) our countries big, and we we build bold plans;

And) have us overall spirit Pioneers;

To) in the US live many thousands of people Russian and Ukrainian origin, which have significant influence on American life;

Are unaware) the Russian and Ukrainian popular music and music their composers (including Soviet) very often enforced in the US; many our eminent musicians Russian origin;

Flushed) novels of and narratives Russians writers very popular in the US and in the free world. In all major universities study against Russian literature. Note. Need criticized new biography Russians writers and research on Russian literature, even if in them there is no political content;

But) peoples the US and free world know about courage, energy and ambition the Soviet people, many Americans expressed publicly admiration these qualities;

About) the US help all peoples where only can, regardless of, agree they or not with policy the US;

To) in the American theater still study system the Stanislavsky, and not is done no attempt to hide its Russian military origins;

R) the US government, many private organizations and individual faces tried to establish cultural, scientific and technical Exchanges with the USSR;

With) essence Americas and free world, about basic ideals, which we share with Soviet people, gives misconception the American and another Western literature, be looking in the USSR: Steinbeck, upton Sinclair aka Bourbon, Mark Twain, Jack London, Dickens and camping on D. Although some of these books belong to direction social protest , they show democratic faith in social progress in action

Should be noted, that roughly in such a manner the American propaganda acts and today. Of course, adjusted on modern political situation and national-cultural especially another enemies just civilized world.

deflection attention

For propaganda, as and any other species manipulation, important task is suppression of psychological resistance human, suggestible. So, by most accounts specialists, any propaganda must be combination of entertainment, informational and ubezhdayuschego components. Under entertainment is understood any a means, which but interest to account and in the same time masks his the true sense, stymies appear as perception.

In the 1960s years was detected, that messages, aimed against any opinion or installations, find themselves more effective, if in moment their transfer of divert attention recipient from content messages (for example, PRS popular musical a melody). In this case makes it difficult for to conceptualize a information recipient of and asserted them kontrdovodov basis resistance, suggestible. Research 60s have raised effectiveness manipulation in press and on television. Newspapers have become apply kaleydoskopicheskoe location material, diluting important messages gossip, contradictory rumours, Dashi, colorful photos and an advertisement. Television became on a new combine aeaai?ya, accurately Kirchners macroeconomic attention images. Today virtually all news TV programs represent kaleydoskopicheskiy set of attractive visual images and information messages about raze not associated between themselves events. In this has its grains logic. So, I. Kalinauskas believes, that when diverse information too many, man it turns out not in able its intelligent process. So account for Gorski Hotel reception its itself in consciousness as a single entity, camping on E. Perceive its uncritically.

. Sometimes, contrary, rigidly paradigm (traditional) events can be used for distractions attention from political shares, which in another time caused would elevated public activity. So, very skillfully was launched resign Yeltsin 31 December 1999, when all peoples move was prepared meet a new year, and then's previous in hangover until 4 January. (on materials books S. Kara-Murza electoral manipulation without clear conscience )

Exclusively strong a side act possess unprecedented and from unfamiliarity with events (killings, catastrophe, terrorist acts, the strident scandals). Under their cover of policy usually hurry pull off all dark affairs.

To technology distractions attention belong also campaign concerts and all sorts of popular celebrations, during which its own repertoire stars are us from the scene: click or going to lose! , Homeland in dangers! , Protect them Russian culture! , receiving for this American dollars.



eyewitnesses events.

Very effective reception, often used to create Emotsionalnogo resonance. Oprashivaetsya many random people, from words which is shaped a necessary semantic and emotional a series of. Especially a strong effect produce flashy old, A bunch of bitchy children, young people with disabilities.

A classic became example since the war in the Persian Gulf. In October 1990 World media flew around narrative fifteen years girls about how, that she seen, as Iraqi soldiers gunmen fifteen babies from torn hospital bracelet and triggered their on cold gender die. Name of girls defiantly swept under the carpet from considerations security its family. US President J. Bush used narrative about dead babies all the time ten times in during forty days before the onset of the invasion in Iraq. Senatskoe discussion on approve military shares so same repeatedly loop back to this fact. Later it turned out, that this girl proved daughter ambassador Kuwait in the US, member Kuwait Stock ruling family. Later still became known, that most rest witnesses were prepared and exposed famous firm on pablik control (Hill & Knowlton. But this already no one not worried.

rewriting history

Method effective in prolonged term, when requires gradually form a right worldview. To wash brains a host society, to commit over him a major program manipulation and turn off common sense several generations, need to in primarily destroy historic memory.

Modern technology manipulation clear conscience capable destroy in man knowledge, winning electoral majorities from real historical experience, replace his artificially engineered director knowledge. Artificially shaped by picture historical fact ceded separate underlying with the help books, lectures, radio and television, press, theatre vision, movies and camping on D. Thus builds illusionary the world, which is perceived as real. In a result entire real life man can perceive as a malign dream, and those chimeric, which him inspires propaganda, advertisements and masses-culture, introducing his in trans, perceives as reality.

In this fact especially effective cinema. Movies, as way to propaganda, is capable exert extremely high emotional impact (see Emotional resonance). It actively generates in imagination the viewer a phantom picture world in very idealizirovannom the form of. In accordance with Allowances invests movies can arbitrary create have the viewer a sense of justice and moral right moreover or conjures individual, regardless of his actual role in history. Under this charm influence on human is happening hidden, at an emotional level, outside his calculated control. No amount rational counter-arguments in this case not feasible. Simple example: On rational level we all well are awakening to, whom was Adolf Hitler and know his actions. However, using special dramatic receptions and game talented actors, great film director may well to imagine all so, that sympathy viewers unambiguously prove on the side Fuehrer. His nasty crimes sound at all not crimes, but a noble affair after all themselves victims will look villains ,-be ego i. And sitting in to 21st people will genuinely weep, observing as honest and an honorable the affair lampooned itself bullet in temple in April 1945 th.

Manipulation the sense of justice moreover or conjures individual actively uses Hollywood. All saw American militants Rambo and Rambo-2 , so know, that America, scandalous football championship war in Vietnam, with success won its on 600. Such films the West produced thousands of and has flooded they the whole world. Not believing courageous thinking answer in the form of's / sovereign solitary swimming (1984), the Soviet Union (and then and Russia) not contrasted the them nothing.

In the same time it is difficult reassess the significance, which expansion western masses-culture at all and of Western reasonable in particular played in the demise of Soviet system. Deliberately or spontaneously in society were imbedding Western picture world and Western standards life. At all, should say, that one reason destruction Soviet Union in Cold war became electoral loss precisely on level masses-culture. Vast Soviets propaganda machine not was able create an attractive virtual the world, who was would spectacular, exciting, interesting for mass audience and simultaneously correctly interpreted that the global history, have been advocating for Soviet values and image life. (Individual work type's / sovereign a Cuban Cossacks not in expense. This exceptions, confirmatory rule). Westward same extremely succeeded in produtsirovanii delicious illusions.

In area masses-culture, despite its extreme obviousness, the US today enjoy not with itself equals definition, especially among youth around the world. According to Z. Brzezinskis, masses-culture (along with military and economic mighty), provides the United States political influence, close which not has nor one state world.

(Information to last. In 1994 one Hollywood is was cesspits-gunman Bullet in Beijing with Michael Cain in the main role. He starred in St. Petersburg, and his heroes fought with Chechen mafia. When the film was almost ready, as times began the Chechen war and the whole world had much sympathy for Chechnya, so show bad Chechens became politically queens. Picture. Prevented the American censorship. The film triggered on shelf despite needed costs on his production. This fact amply demonstrates, what implications has invites factor in modern industry entertainment the US.

Note: bad guys in American those action movies back always clearly fit current foreign-policy axis the United States. If in past decades kinosupermeny type Rambo or James challenge have fought predominantly with guileful Soviet spies and colonels-by sadists from KGB, then on their fears movie, issued in 2002, Agent 007 is mired in capturing already to alternative (modern representatives global axis of evil ) and undergoes there the brutal torture. And elegant and discreet reception charm brainwashing, uses Hippotherapy prospects)

Still one popular theme today is rewriting history the second World War. Having looked American Blockbuster Video, you, finally, find, that back of Nazism: Was is broken not in Stalingrad were and under Kursk, and during save from capture American Private Ryan. And in superfilmakh Stalingrad (1994) and Enemy of at the gate (2001) you will see, as noble and civilized Germans have battle against Russians savages and, in general, go in Stalingrad were winners. ???? Germans, it turns out, were all as on picking the anti-Fascist, simply they honestly upstaged its get debt. K. A lox, English great film director, said once: its, to history been written by us, because the, who writes history, controls present.

Outcome is obvious: Todays of knowledge the second World War have average population West well illustrates the next dialogue:

Question: independence whether you, how many Americans died in the second global war?
The answer: Oh, very many. I would said. Fifty thousands of, think.
A how many Russians?
Nu not know. But, of course, not so many as Americans.
Why you so think?
Nu, they have joined us only in really late war. Wasn there is no? Did before? About, here is so pleasant thing!

Successes western propaganda on this an arena so are significant, that must worrying public in states with nezapadnym type culture. So, on questions, who first time created nuclear-power plant, nuclear breaker, artificial satellite Earth, the most powerful missile-host, ships on submarine e?ueuyo and air pillow, put human in space, won decisive victory in the second global war, a significant part of the Russian) youth calls. The United States. (Perhaps, otherwise and be not can after as on Russian screens with large success has passed .MOBI made Armageddon (1999), where Russian female of an to have finished an oddball with have been anything but trivial share priduri, walking around on orbital station in hat-trapper hat and mechanics the station onboard computers with the help sledgehammers.) won a such psevdodostizheniy West can be continue to until indefinitely. In this same time, some their real achievements in the West why something not show off in. For example, priority invention atomic bomb, and then its tests on peaceful citizens Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Incidentally, today 30% young Japanese genuinely consider, that these cities and their population were all exterminated Russians, rockets atomic bombs, and Americans selflessly pulled affected.

Should be noted, that in recent years in Russia being tackled some what steps in this direction. In primarily they are linked with framing favorable public opinion relatively action power on resolving the Chechen conflict. For this, in particular, actively is used and masses-culture. Example serve made on direct commissioned Russian organs spetspropagandy numerous programming about Special Forces, about mentakh, in general about our with , ordinary and fair, which have battle in Chechnya for us with you. The general direction manipulation justice in this case characterizes quote from's / sovereign War (2002, dir. Alexey Balabanov):

A how many is worth buy? (Hostage for obtain ransom)
In Chechnya exchange there is: Buy one thing, and order quite another.
How this, order?
Nu but as killings book? Ah you directly as with moon.
So this bandits.
A Chechens and there is bandits!
Yes, all! (And camping on D.)

Leading in Russian hit-parades songs groups Lyube ( ailing dad kombat , GROUP for. and camping on D.) from the same the opera.



The prospect.

When covering the any conflict, independent media give word only one Presidency and in fact play on its side, creating unilateral prospect. In particular, this reception is used under coverage military action.

So, during Yugoslav conflict in 1998 80% messages Western media had negative context relatively Yugoslav or Serbian hand, then as relatively ethnic Albanians negative virtually was missing. According to Western wire services,, violence in 95% cases have implemented Serbs or their cheerleaders for (S. Milosevic and By ). Major T. Collins from services information army the US acknowledged in February 2000, that CNN bastion global democracy and freedom words during the war actively used and was paying services PR specialists from ranks American army: They helped produce achieve escape information about Kosovo.

And here is another recognition contractor NATO: When we know, that this have made Serbs, we are talking, that this have made Serbs. When we not know, who this made, we are talking, that this have made Serbs. And when we know, that this have made not Serbs, we are talking, that not know, who this made. (Pittsburg Post Gazette, November 7 1999).

To justify war NATO used scientific receptions manipulating information. In its time in the West were published scientific articles, covered technology demonizing Serbs. Chief conclusion: If continually and long dispose the word because there in negative context (simply include in description of harrowing events and in entourage nasty epithets), then have viewers, regardless of their positions, arises sustainable dislike Serbs. Moreover, need to, of course, not to lend access to telekamere no one from Serbs. Similarly Western propaganda demoniziruet images S. Hussein, M. Qaddafi, F. Castro and other bad political leaders.

Similar way Russian government media today focuses on a events in Chechnya.


Marina call truth information, which the most am familiar, wrote Joseph few. expert people usually much more primitive, than we voobrazhaem. So propaganda, essentially, always must be simple and without of the late repeating. Ultimately, the most prominent results in impact on public opinion will reach only the, who capable to settle problems to the simplest words of and expressions and from whom ????? courage constantly to repeat their in this simplistic form, despite objections vysokolobykh intellectuals.

One of the most effective ways propaganda some relentless repeat and those same claims, to to them are accustomed and have become to accept not minds also, but on faith. Man always seems persuasive the, that he have learned to memorise, even if remembering happened in the course purely mechanical a repeat of advertisement or intrusive songs. Under this need to of PARP not on ideas and theory adversary, but on subsequent business consciousness, say small thought, desires and actions middle rights. Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci wrote: This is not adage a certain of truth, which undertook would coup in the consciousness of. This a huge number of books, magazines, brochures, newspaper articles, talk and disputes, which without of the late are repeated and in his giant the aggregate form the additional effort, from which is born collective will, which is necessary, to broke a action.

By psychologists trapped a huge number of research with goal discover characteristics repeated messages, which provide remembering. Detected the availability of critical temporary magnitude: Holistic message should friend in interval from 4 until 10 seconds, and individual particles messages in gaps from 0.2 until 0.5 seconds. To to perceive message, which not fit. In 8-10 seconds, man already must do effort, and little who his wants to do. Such message simply is discarded memory. So skilled editors broadcast outlets bring the text until of a primitive, often throwing an infinite combination from him logic and coherent sense, replacing their 'associations into and game words.

A repeat of importantly a means unfair propaganda. So it serves a good sign of its availability of. If suddenly are beginning daily you keep bringing it up one and the same subject and cannabis alone and those same verbal design deal the Goldfather.

For example, annually by the time cleaning cropcrying press about high taxes on reached 62,27; periodically arise campaign against the abolition of benefits monopolistam, against prohibition advertising alcohol and tobacco; shortly before the election all government media, as on picking the, are beginning praise alone figures and scold other and camping on D. Here goes if you fail to rate on compulsion, because no reasonable arguments usually not there is simply has place the usual shadow Made to Order, the production ennym number of notes with images nenashikh presidents.


Servants this is one of options of notorious double standards. Lies in using favorable a definition (euphemisms aside,) to mark the unfavorable action and contrary. The main goal use of reception is the creation of favorable image nasilnicheskikh action. So, pogroms are called demonstrations protest , rogue units have exacted vengeance formation pro-independence militants for freedom , mercenaries the volunteers.

In its time big successes on this an arena have achieved propagandists Third Reich. To reduce resonance perception looting, torture, assassinations and genocide, measures taken as state policy, the Nazis used numerous length euphemisms when talking. For example, Gestapo not arestovyvalo citizens, and putting advance conclusion. SS not were ransacked property killed Jews, and taking its under reliable guard. Invasion in Poland in 1939 was Police-, and subsequent murder of its citizens became extraordinary-on appeasement of. Buildings in of life provided joyous name type Happy hedgehog , Raysky corner. Prisoners there never it gas and never killed; their simply led to final solving or have been applying to them a special appeal.

Today in western propaganda are used such same receptions. In coverage anti-terrorist operations and peacekeeping shares are expression panoply reaction , a limited air blow , are used inception: moral debt the US , program joint forces democracy. Subversive organizations, which are being created western intelligence agencies for ouster of mainstreams political regimes, receive beautiful name type National Fund support democracy , the International democratic forum , Institute an open society , Free house and camping on P. When kill Americans or Jews somewhere on Middle East this terrorism; when kill Russian soldiers in Chechnya this struggle for independence and the right people on self-determination.

At all, method verbal unauthorized substitution is used very widely. If you fly bomb military targets in another state. There is no, you not aggressor, you a participant peacekeeping operation. This have us gets caught spies, have them same our gala meeting. When our intelligence agencies mop up public criminals this the forced self-defense, when their this dirty political killings. When the natives go to war against us they dushmany (bandits), when on our side jihadis are (wrestlers for faith). List can be continue to until indefinitely.

The second the Chechen war in Russia led to emergence whole pantheon verbal loads of shifts, to correctly to describe situation: This is not war, and counter-terrorism operation. , Is clean-up territories. , Federal troops ranked, the feds advanced.. Propulsion Pocheptsov leads an interesting example with anti / neupotrebleniem words the border relative to Chechnya. Because crossing borders assumes an act of aggression, this word quickly some yearning from vocabulary Russian media.


Historical the Book Marquis Astolphe de Kostina broke up the brains not one Russian volnodumtsa 18-19 centuries. Uninterruptedly demonstrated, that linchpin a propaganda war there is lies. So, describing bad care conditions life in Russia and wild mores local population, he utterly forgot , that in this same time in every well-respected French House, in including and reigning, during game in maps on the table benefits ad hoc on a little plate for crushing when lice, periodically vybegavshikh from are to complexity dam and men to dance.

Method half-truths actively been used in times of of disintegration the USSR. In late 1980s in allied republics originated centrifugal trends. For their strengthening republican elites, seeking to power and full independence from Moscow, actively have informed image enemy. Vnedryalas idea: Russia us's robbing. Estonians were deeply convinced, that precisely they fed the entire the USSR. The same idea was very popular in Ukraine, where very be loved it comes to number of areas, working on ensuring Moscow food. Similar myths used in republics Central Asia and on the Caucasus. They actively were used to shape and governance national movements, okhvativshimi in the early 90s most allied republics. Indeed, republics ordered greater part of their gross product in Russian officer corps use. This fact actively been used for inflaming discontent Union at all and Moscow in particular. But under this was utterly forgotten the fact, that allied republics received from center nickel, tin,, cadmium, oil, gas and other resources, necessary for functioning of national economies. This a classic example of use of half-truths.

Today many in Russia irks the kind the speed, with which former brothers in PC from Eastern Europe began to bolt in NATO. Psychologically this not it is difficult explain. Have pribaltov, Poles, real and other peoples still very with fresh memory about vassalnoy dependence from the USSR, requires strong ideological power senior brother here is and pulling wanting going under nuclear umbrella uncle Sam. However today in these countries why something no one says, that in return they had darmovoe weapons, sverkhdeshevye energy and a giant market even natural for their goods. Bro-friendship with the Soviet Union if and recall the, then only in negative the old. However, the have sympathy for former satellites for such a odnobokuyu memory instead details of from Moscow them now account for fulfill any whims and sexual whim Washington, on their establishing the buy expensive natovskoe weapons, feed huge army NATO officials and generals (to word, visit J. Bush in Lithuania in late 2002 costing it in 600 thousand Dollars senior comrades from Moscow to accept was much cheaper).

Method half-truths applies not only for decisions issues big policy. Power his actively use, for example, under negotiate yet another raising prices utilities, trying to convince us in is, that for light, gas and water to pay needs at world rates as pay in America or Europe. About how, that then and incomes population need increase until European level, delicately message isn't getting through.

Princip contrast

White well markedly in the black backdrop of, however, as and contrary. Psychologists always underscore the role social background, on which is perceived man or group. Slacker alongside fueled people causes much more condemnation. On backdrop of evil and unfair people are a good man always is perceived with special sympathy.

Principle contrast is used, when for some reason to say right cannot be (censorship, the danger judicial of justification for libel), and say very want. In this case warranted domyslivanie in the right direction.

For example, all media widely use a special linking is those news messages, have flared up recipient information on well unambiguous conclusions. This is especially markedly during electoral campaigns. In detail, with smakovaniem details, highlights all internal conflicts and scandals in camp political opponents. Nourished German, all they there concourse of demagogues and trouble-makers. Contrary, its political movement portrayed as fractured team associates, professionally alumni real constructive affairs. News scenes are selected respectively. Little Bad are fighting for seats in party lists used good in this time open built for its expense child hospital, help members--the handicapped and mothers-' increase. In general, scenery such a, that until alone policy are fighting for power and they unearth relations between themselves, other engage in creative hard in good people.

Alone media cast in more favorable light alone electoral blocks, other other. On angazhirovannosti journalists can be easily to guess, what financially-political grouping controls this media.

A mock balls

Campaign on political and military propaganda always carefully prepare experts in area psychology, advertising, marketing and usually are repaid firms Affairs (PR agencies), employed customers. By preliminary surveys and other research specialists study conscious and bessoznatelnuyu reaction public for moreover, to craft a the most effective tactics. Often is happening svoeobraznaya test on practice some spectrum propaganda those, to reveal of them the most seeks. For this on media-market are a certain number of sensational messages. Those of them, which not receive public resonance, is deducted with agenda. And the most successful are beginning hard spin out with the help iiaeiio?ieuiuo media (see The creation information waves of)

During the war in Yugoslavia propaganda campaign, Midtown NATO, predvaryalaspilot balls. For Kosovo such themes of have become flows refugees, killings (which had place, but in much smaller scale, than this presented NATO) and some other. Serbs were being advanced within horrendous charges: KL , experience of the from survivors people , mass rape.

So, 30 March 1999, Serbs accused in is, that they were rounded up...... Albanians on football stadium in Pristina (25.000 seats), to there their character. The indictment symbolic, specifically otsylayuschee mass consciousness to crimes Pinochet regime. On next day reporters traveled on stadium: Absolute void. More about this Western media not refered. Refutation also not was followed by. 7 April 1999, In Summit the same France Press Yugoslavia stands accused of is, that creates from Albanians living experience of the : Destino thousands of Kosovars, which Belgrade not gives withdraw from Kosovo, is worrisome world community.. And this theme not received continuation of, because in further was asserted that Belgrade expels Albanians with their land. 2 August 1999 B. Kouchner (the head of the mission UN in Kosovo) makes gromoglasnoe announcement, that found end corpses victims ethnic cleansing. On next day he passing reports, that facts not confirmed. Permanent messages about terrible crimes podogrevali Western public opinion in favor of aggression NATO. Some of them received a wide resonance, other passed unremarked. If Western media under pressure facts in further and were forced to to lend refutation false messages, then did this in the form of several words, printed smallholder font on past pages.

Psikhologicheskiy shock

Psychological shock one from offenders use Emotsionalnogo resonance, dovedennogo until peak levels. Today media levy spectacle death in every house and in huge quantities. We constantly see images killed people large plan so, that their not can not to know their close. We look on poluobgorevshie corpses victims catastrophes and terrorist attacks. We litsezreem cadres with no on search skulls. Not let us concern moral aspects of turning corpses in television props. Say only, that often this is done for moreover, to under the cover of shock inculcate into purely political ideas. Psychological shock usually absolves all psychological protection ands propaganda abracadabra convoys pervades in our brains.

So, research have shown, that aeaai?ya, shows the, for example, consequences war, exerts chiefly impact on subconscious and reclaims public opinion against hand, achieved an act of destruction (regardless of, are whether fair goal war itself). So under coverage peacekeeping operations Western media always rigidly doziruyut display destruction and demise people.

Russian media widely used psychological shock under coverage events in Chechnya. In 1996 many television networks (especially NTV) showed very many video images with explosions, the destruction and certain doom people for moreover, to inculcate into idea about they war. Contrary, in 1999-2000 goal have become diametrically opposing. All leading terrorists homes, sealed off heads Russian soldiers and Western journalists must were prove, that Chechen fighters inbred swine kind of human, so clean-up territories is necessary.




Represents a variety already considered previously reception to establish fact Psikhologi long imposed, that publication results sociological research affects public opinion. From 10 to 25% voters when choosing candidates, for which they will vote, govern sotsiologicheskimi to ratings. Many people want vote for strong, but little who for weak. Here works psychological phenomenon, Sahih average there is a term desire to be as all. So, announcing that they basically agreed on the eve election more high rating candidate, can be realistically increase the number of unification submitted for him votes.

In ties with this many the sociological evidence about firms in period election campaign unto the representatives of ancient profession and are beginning work on the principle of Any vagaries for your money. Naznachaya leader downgrade they thereby and create partly this leader.

In media psevdoreytingi usually are served under scientific sauce: Employee there was in all regions our country. Volume of a statistical s averaged 3562 rights. Contained by all social categories and age groups. Granichnaya the magnitude of an average mistakes not exceeds 1.5% and camping on D. Intelligent speech and scientific terms are called upon to exert gipnotiziruyuschee impact on to the disposition.

-baked sensationalism or short maturity

Reception common actions, agile a necessary level of nervousness and erodes psychological protection. This nervousness, a sense of continuous crisis, sharply boosts suggestible subject people and reduces ability to to critical perception. Deal in is, that any electoral manipulation without reaches success, when she is outpacing process mobilization psychological protection audience, when it manages impose its pace of our to consciousness. That is why today virtually all news blocks in media begin with camping on BC sensational messages : Serial assassinations, aviation catastrophes, the terrorist attacks, scandals from life politicians or show-stars.

On fact short maturity messages almost always case false, artificially created by. Sometimes-baked sensationalism serves for distractions attention. Usually such a Alexander not worth and according eggs, the robust woman in the zoo has given birth to, then in tunnel team bus with with the truck faced, then teenager same and killed its grandmother. On next day about this all forget.

Propulsion Shiller writes: as did the former the as advertisements prevents focuses and deprives impressed preryvaemuyu information, a new technique processing information allows fill spots flows with disappointing messages, even more oslozhnyayuschey for individuals genome and without moreover bad the search sense.

Under the cover of can be either swept under the carpet about dear crucial, about which the public know should not, either stop scandal, which already it is time stop but so, to about him more no one not'Americain. So-baked sensationalism closely connected with there Otvlecheniya attention.

Smeschenie accents

Is used, for example, under Summit past news. The essence of reception well explains American joke nicely Cold War: American president and Soviet Armenian Foreign Minster adopted participation in race on representing distance. Won Armenian Foreign Minster. American commentators report the next: Home President came the second, and Armenian Foreign Minster metres. Formally all said correctly, but on fact listeners being shortchanged.

Still one joke nicely. Sad. Message in newspaper: Yes armed fists Palestinians attacked peacefully sitting in tanks Israeli soldiers. Soldiers received heavy moral trauma. Palestinians walked away with lungs, the deaths.

This reception very often use leading world news agencies report.

Building associations.

Object in the eyes of public artificially be attached to something such a, that is perceived mass clear conscience as very bad (or contrary good). For this goal widely are used metaphors.

Stalin this Lenin today Soviet propaganda;
S. Hussein arabogovoryaschiy Hitler the American propaganda;
NATO fascism Yugoslavian propaganda.

Metaphors, including representative thinking, give huge austerity intellectual effort. Precisely here something and concealed yet anothers propaganda trap. Tempted to save intellectual efforts forces human instead studying and insight essence problems resort to that naturally and false analogiyam: To call these things some metaphor, which sends his to different, already observed tug. Most often delusory and itself confidence in is, that those, other fortune, through which he explains itself the current, him known or understood. For example, Russian patriot says itself: The current putinskiy regime as in times of Peter acceptance. He am confident, that knows, whatever were times Peter acceptance, and in this, perhaps, his the first mistake and the first condition success this manipulation.

A poetic metaphor creates in imagination colorful image. He exerts miracle effect and to stay real short common sense. Philosophical people, in heads which rammed up simple and an appealing the misleading metaphor, case very difficult. Achieve what any under aid logic here impossible, need launch kontrmetaforu.

Sometimes verbal metaphors are replaced appropriate of filmmaking. Has place, for example, manipulation of images political opponents in conveyed through the television set about them podverstyvaetsya aeaai?ya with images the Nazis, Hitler, skulls and camping on D.

To create get associations quite not necessarily enjoy Constantinople. There are and other factors the associative peg to the object. For example, in history former the USSR in period perestroika thus factor became economic: Political demands in propaganda consternation uvyazyvalis with levels life. In utrirovannom the form of can be said, that such factor, as the absence of many goods in stores, became one of basic rationalizations need establishing democracy.

Today on the vastness of CIS widely practiced tying behalf of political opponent with a disastrous position people. Shortly before the election niei?u and near in media can be meet numerous examples. Interestingly, that sound of them apples on a particular politician occur in different media, but conflate language: As head of governments, Vasily Doe became outlived raising prices utilities (bread, drugs, road tolls in vehicles and camping on D. He is culprit bankruptcys largest bank countries, in a result which millions of depositors disappeared in their savings. Moreover, he recently met with known terrorists NN, publicly cuddling her with him and Lumbarda located at him hand.. In general ; disavows freedom, sipping popular blood, is ripping off poor, encourages injustice, J.J. Cale and camping on P. Spiritual text, published in different sources, sometimes simply afflicts. Negative Association, with which manages in mass consciousness link adversary (a fascist, 're a Stalinist, takes bribes, sploshnaya and camping on D.) forces turn away from him all swing.

Usually campaign to create negative associations begin simultaneously several media and so same super-stop,. Such a synchronicity amply shows freedom press and television and serves reliable sign of a propaganda operations.

On using associations today built many advertising and propaganda messages. Glavneyshie of these practices were defined by William Dzhemsom: Association on based (image of the on one advertising banana and child), Association on method, to Surrealism (out of kilter liver Venus de Milo, pogruzhayuscheysya in mineral water collaborationist Vichy), Association on smezhnosti (the text, unwieldiness from descriptions, associated only those, that they printed near on one page), associations on a sound the similarity, whom enjoy the authors advertising slogans and commodity signs and mn. Others.

Building information waves of

One of effective wide charm impact on big groups people is the creation of (initiation) camping on BC Information waves of.s propaganda theater is conducted thus, that forces a large number of funds mass communication commenting on the initial messages. The main goal use this reception lies in creating camping on BC secondary information waves of on level interpersonal communication for initiating project appropriate discussions, assessments, the emergence of appropriate rumors. (Centimeters. Use mediators). All of this allows have repeatedly strengthen might information-psychological impact on target audience.

A triggering mechanism (shooting incident ) information waves of can be the most different events. In modern practice we are witnessing numerous forms of create it, in including with the help possible medicine scandals. For representatives showbiz this gromoglasnye statements about care from the scene, about who with whom 'went down really well or dissimilar, rumors about unconventional sexual orientation and camping on P. Policy often try to provoke conflict with its adversary by actions, commentary or other way, which will become more or less conspicuous event. A classic example of active use of such methods the creation image leader Liberal Democratic Party of Russia W. Zhirinovsky (public fighting man, oblivanie juice opponent and the like. Another way to initsirovaniya information waves of a shallow, vapid sewage dirt squad , when in media fact some kind sensationalized materials , we the contestant or different high-profile figure (video shooting sex-a low-with his the participation, audio statements condemning bad talk and camping on P. Exclusively strong influence in the process initiating project information waves of possess events that have a shocking influence on mass audience: Acts with a, terrorist acts, political killings and camping on P.

But much more often not content the most shares, and commensurate technology its conducting beggar occurrence information waves of. After all what would sensational not was information, for 6-7 days she fully 's burning out , gets ordinary and wears off from mass consciousness. Continue life information wave of can be with the help specifically constructed system spread of media-messages. Commensurate technology developed quite long and actively is used, for example, in practice activities intelligence.

As same acts this system? Intelligence agencies many states have in overseas countries camping on BC fifth convoy : Moneyed journalists, public or political figures with certain influence and gravitas. Establishing such contacts is constant task any station chief. System contacts has a double goal. With one hand, journalists work in environment, where is spreading information, so they can be superb informants. With the other such agents can easily manufacture an advocacy materials and park their in local media. Moreover, often intelligence agencies themselves prepare the necessary materials, but pay journalists for publication so, as if would this was their own work. Journalists (or public figures) convey advocacy information as genuine hot news in agencies, influential newspapers or TV-programs. As only information emerged where-either, other agents intelligence agencies d'you get its, referring on opublikovavshee material media as on source of, and strive to spread his across the country or world.

The entire operation able on the creation effect snowball information messages start crimes must media exponentially, already without participation propagandists. Recall, as in the mountains arise snow avalanche or, even better, rock slide. You are standing on top mountains and throw down a small a pebble. He is beginning to sending down, pochuvstvovt for a slightly big stones, those, in turn, thrust still big stones and down is beginning to sending a pile huge stone pieces, stop that impossible. In creating information waves of is used the very principle padkim on journalists podkidyvaetsya some pristine an exclusive information , and they are beginning born its across the country, borrowing each have friend, supplementing and by advancing this subject already without your participation. This is one of key methods special information operations, practiced intelligence agencies. Artificially appears some a critical mass information materials (a pebble ), which on achieving a certain volume of is beginning to could spread on their own, without additional efforts to its implement, re-the very themselves in all new and new consternation. Is happening lavinoobraznoe the spread of materials in other media, i.e. appears so-called -carbon primary the information wave of, which then breeds and secondary.

Information waves of are called upon to solve the next tasks. Above all, the ultimate goal can be destabilization process,, paralizatsiya or violation of activities broad strata population, concrete social groups, organizations or as much as state institutions. In destabilization environment can be interested as external opponents (governments or intelligence agencies other states), so and 2001 Bonn Agreement for power financially-political clans within countries. Forth, this may be activation, camping on E. Impulse individual individuals or groups to action in predetermined direction. For example, political scandal, polluting discontent functioning power, is being carried to point boil and forth switchable on diverse set manifestations of popular resentment (anti-government speech, mass unrest and the like. Finally, this may be interdiktsiya, camping on E. Contrary, Convention certain action, block unwanted species activities.

Typical example transfers information waves can be considered actions, aimed at the formation negative image concrete states. Filip Eiji, former employee CIA, notes, that during tenure in power governments S. Allende in Chile (the beginning of 1970s) American intelligence agencies thus were published thousands of Philip and distorted materials as within countries, so and beyond. Currently on the eve each naval political shares the US relatively other states in American and global press is initiated by commensurate propaganda campaign. Today also not is a big secret, that Western intelligence agencies actively use leading world news agencies report (Reuters, The Press and others.) for push the propaganda materials in influential newspapers, magazines and TV programs. Their Russian colleagues also eat its bread not a gift recall Georgian problem , periodically voznikavshuyu in 2001-2002 in Russian media (Chechen fighters, terrorists from Al Qaeda , and the and himself W. Ben-Laden, ostensibly lurking in the Pankisi Gorge in on territory Georgia; charges Georgian authorities in connivance, bombing Russian air power Georgian territory summer 2002 and camping on P. This the typical example initiating project information waves of with goal pressure on uncomfortable Russian authorities political regimes.

Often role fifth pillar in specific country perform camping on BC International social organizations. This predominantly Western structures, akess image human rights : 226th without borders , Human Rights Watch , groups like Freedom House and many other. When certain circles of the US or Western Europe need solve political tasks on foreign territory, these organizations receive concrete Made to Order and are beginning information attack on given this object. In fact they play role underwater sabotage brigades on someone else's territory, which are buoyed by from outside and excite public opinion as within countries, so and abroad. Is done, this, for example, by ballooning scandals about violations freedom words in specific country, expulsions rights journalists, human rights,, sexual minorities, animals and the like.

Building problems

Cannot be say, that propaganda allows convince most people in than anywhere. Often she not can dictate people the, as need to to think. However massive advocacy campaign in media well capable dictate us the, about than should to think, impose audience the right agenda to discuss. The creation problems this a calculated selection information and giving high relevance those or different events. After all event and his coverage in media quite not one thing and the same. Media can not discern what something event or contrary, give him the crucial importance, regardless of his actual relevance for society.

In 1980s political psychologists Donald Kinder figures maybe he can and Chateau Iyengar (Kinder, D, & lyengar, S.) conducted a brilliant experiment. They change content programs what news, that watched participants research. In the course their scientific enquiry curtailed Kinder figures maybe he can and Iyengar mounted evening news thus, to, as test subjects received permanent dose news on a certain problem, facing the the US. For example, was held experiment, in which alone, as test subjects learn aboutweaknesses American Defense; the second group watch program, in which special attention received problems pollution environmental; the third group regularly conducted my reporting messages about inflation and economic issues. After weeks viewing specifically edited programs most testees stopped working from experiment as convinced in is, that problem-foreheads, which had expansive coverage in viewed their programs, for countries very it is important resolve in primarily. More moreover, assessing activities incumbent US President, participants experimentation proceeded and from how he deal with problem-target. New perception of pipeline and on political addictions more positively accounted those candidates, which borrowed strong positions precisely for this issue.

Was made still one conclusion: The information activity relatively moreover or conjures facility allows take him neekvivalentnoe his real status position. Dozirovannaya spin control can either inflate, either underscore his status. In a result the in real life can become a the elephant in an information space, and contrary, elephant in reality can become a moskoy in an information space. In the latter case silence or minimal grade information will foster strengthen views about this installation, as about than something maloznachitelnom, not the challenges attention broad audience. Example can serve coverage in Russian media activities Communist. Being compared to other parties strong component of political field, she not receives adequate reflex in media. Other option neekvivalentnogo reflex is a conscious distortion events under Summit about him in media. For example, typically, communist rallies always of breadth on flashes with emphasis on very elderly with the, to that Stalin or Lenin. When on some rally led eico, then all attention operators was ustremleno on it. Such a display makes systemic some variables characteristics events, thanks to what he receives that are patently inadequate image.

Researchers problems mass communication constantly discover the link between osveschaemymi in media questions and those, that viewers view as the most important social problems. The most topical people consider precisely those problems that much detail just highlights in means mass communication. Creating the thematic dominance in an information space, us thereby impose a certain picture world, diverting our opinion on such problems, as actions authorities, crime, terrorism, social inequality, unemployment and camping on D. Sergei Kara-Murza writes: When at case, the danger become a victim of terrorism on three order (in a thousand times) less, than the likelihood become victim of catastrophe for wheel car. From 15 million drivers in Russia annually 2003 order 1 on a thousand. (About including deceased from AIDS or from tired championship from demureness it,. As and about how much women and children annually become victims of household violence in families REM. Ed. From terrorist attacks in Russia 2003 order 1 on a million. But we after all not fear touring on machine. Why same we do not fear touring on machine, but fear terrorists? Above all because, that strong world stingy not interested in, to we feared car. So television and not shows us with morning until night Chechnya corpses victims avtokatastrof. If would reveal with the same intensity, as and deal hands terrorists then we feared would car the!.

, 1970- 1980- ., , , : , , , , . ( : , 5-7 20% . Stronger on country good whack can, wasn that, nuclear war. And now figure out, how many time Russian media devote these challenges, and how many tell us about Saddam Hussein and international terrorist centers. )

Jeffrey Pfeiffer (disambiguation) believes, that today one of the most important sources power is ability to appoint agenda, defining, which problems will discuss, what information will widely spread, and what ignored therefore. For example, policy twist screws easily impose society, linking its with daily trafficked in prime-time television messages about massacres and the robberies. After regular and detailed lighting the terrorist attacks can be state that terrorist war declared all us, the entire Russia. Nourished German, nation must unite around savior of of fatherland.

Currently information has turned into a tool power, and recent achievements in area technologies propaganda make its a key element of social domination. That is why information today comes to consumer in preparirovannom the form of. Artificially creating pressing problems , media impose certain rules reading social relations, lucrative let those in power. , inefficiency citizens allows exert through media implicit reglamentiruyuschee influence on intelligence, emotions, will people.



Building threats

Another reception strategic character, acting on emotions mass audience. His the main task any way force us fear. The demoralized and frightened people people make or although would approve of actions that these people at all not beneficial. Most often technology the next. All done with mirrors or realistically the existing the danger any phenomena (for example, terrorism) have repeatedly is intensifying and is being carried to absurd. Media be satisfied with the hysteria about another global threat , causing have people mass fear with goal create favorable environment for manipulation mass clear conscience above all, in political purposes. For example, for disciplining to power for a radical Colonel, promising to soak all scumbags in go shit.

This technology long and successfully is used western propaganda. If before in as a scarecrows for UNDP of Western to the disposition stood Soviet the threat a Maidenpool propaganda and masses-culture colorfully was portrayed harrowing bearded Russians with red stars on hats out there-ushankakh, drinking vodka directly from throat, the now this role outsourced to again bearded Islamic terrorists in chalmakh. Change times and people, buts propaganda technology create global threat remains unchanged. She important a means rallying "around power. To death a startled another enemy just civilized world , people is beginning to, like small I'm some mutt, zhatsya to boots their rulers have mercy us, sinful, and save your. So under the cover of another dire threats (whether something bearded Osama Ben-Laden, anti-or galloping in space asteroid, horrid wood face with the Earth) let those in power very conveniently goddamn fishing expedition. Their affairs and distract attention public from most pressing political problems. Virtual the world (for example, the war in Chechnya or Afghanistan), created by media, becomes there is a term much closer and more important, than unemployment or corruption ruling top in own country. In this this technology, does with propagandistskim there Otvlecheniya attention. Endangering one of the most strong funds manipulation clear conscience and distractions attention public from laundering top.

to move it into alignment aggression this is the most simple and surest way to secure its. She is content black outfits suggests the objects easier, than most other instincts, and finds in them full satisfaction (Konrad Lorenz, Aggressiva )

Still this effective a means accumulate negative energy public discontent and switch its on safe or lucrative goal. In social psychology metamorphosis tends of this kind often are as the search for a scapegoat.

Today scarecrow enemy still is very strong a means demagogues to create unity and ongoing sense of belonging , are reading all there same, have Conrad Lorenz.

allies assembly of terrorism (?????????? ? ??? ??????? against terrorism) most popular invites slogan in the US after terrorist attacks in New York September 11, 2001. Fear terrorism, psychological shock after terrorist attacks and followed explosion patriotic feelings Americans (psychological effect compensation), were actively used for introduction in mass consciousness way of enemy. Under this the objects practical applications patriotism have become not only immediate culprits terrorist attacks, but and all uncomfortable for the United States political regimes. Current anti-terror operations often are directed against regional movements, who oppose widespread transnational corporations or reject principle global hegemony the US. So that, if you, not let-God, rejectcountries equal opportunity on the world arena, you have today there is all chances be the American-appointed in terrorists.

Under this people constantly push in% perception of. Is offered ordinary labels and beskhitrostnye formula. For example, enough utter mantra struggle with terrorism and already nothing need not analyze, to explain people. All becomes understandable needless. Utterly mindless word international terrorism today became universal argument, peculiar indulgentsiey, with the help which blagoslovlyayutsya any political scrum. Who control of oil deposits sets, who Shushing insurgency-torn province, who under rally splits with their political adversaries. Of course, all under the slogan struggle with international terrorism.

Endangering very often practiced during electoral campaigns. This a cornerstone of the modern polittekhnologiy. The sociological evidence about research show, that the most Vilkoksnis part of electorate no one from candidates not believes appropriate on high public post. And because choose usually account for between bad and very bad, under need choose from two malopriemlemykh people tend to choose less evil. Hence conclusion: Opponent need choose invariably worse and frequency themselves. Here importantly prove voters, that in case coming to power your rival life necessarily deteriorates, in case same your victory as least will remain the former. So, as wrote one German politician choice enemy, this too a responsible procedure, to trust its will case. As always, best opportunities for this there are have public structures. By controlling state apparatus and media, candidate from power has big opportunities manipulating the constituency. They not only make his favorite, but and allow choose itself the most cozy rival.

So, on post-Soviet the vastness of adopted frighten people threat communist of revenge. Strictly before the elections motivation for the bad communists podkidyvaetsya propravitelstvennymi media in external relations materials, Taiwanese negative hand communist past. On the eve voting on television of breadth films about Stalins repressions and camping on D. In general, long cold the communist corpse rush, they serve it ever official (like obezglavlennoy the frog in school office innovation), to he began gets jerky and seemed so as living. In the same time are underway all efforts, to neutralize real rivals, and made-up scarecrow field in as the most real opponent. If elections have several stages, this being achieved by withdrawal of in the decisive tour candidate from power and invariably neprokhodnogo representative psevdooppozitsii.

In the same time state, that our candidate (usually this incumbent the head of state) the most apt alternative forever yesterdays story and he has positive presidential experience. Through news and publicistic programs his show as experienced hardware fella, thoughtful President, which is receiving attention many walks public life. In general, Alternative no!

In Western Europe for these goals effectively is used fear population before ultrapravymi. The most a fresh example presidential elections 2002 in France, when this fear deliberately vnushalsya with the help masses-media. Political establishment, close to president Chirac, was deployed ambitiously campaign to undermine influence socialists (real rivals on election) and conclusion in the second tour voting J. M. Unt-Pen representative of the extreme-right. Simultaneously have been mass intimidation the French threat the upcoming Nazism. In the same time the fact, that in the first round 11% votes (just slightly less, than, right-wing and the Socialists) received Trotskyites, camping on E. Left extremists, at all not was overwhelmingly in media. As and the, that after success Le-Pen left staged a grandiose pogroms on the streets, led to numerous victims. I.e. the problem realistically existing extremism at all not reported receiving proper analysis. This attests to tselenapravlennom character line operations. Outcome: In the second round Jacques Chirac won reassuring victory. On metkomu expression leader socialists, the French were forced to with clothespin on nose to vote for Chirac. In end the helm France became man, which four out of five the French not wanted to see their president.s propaganda technology create threat possesses colossal efficiency.

Reception create threats widely is used and commercial advertisement for. Todays advertisements very successfully manufacturalafirm our fears and psychological installations, which itself same and creates: Necessarily Koristuytes supereffektivnoy the plaque paste , not what your her teeth eat caries.

IPEC approval

A now advertising pause! This sakramentalnaya phrase all us is well known. Leading entertainment show usually predvaryayut Ideology another advertising bloc, preryvayuschiy timetable. Perhaps, you turned attention, that cancel above named mantra invariably is accompanied by reaction the room : Sustained applause and odobritelnymi send unwanted sitting in studio public. Why this is done? Simply doing it bosses are well known results socio-psychological research. The thunderous applause, and the greetings overtaken serve in as a social approval. This signal, implies us: Everyone agree with this tweet, and you necessitate so same!. This one way cut-off psychological protection have human, time of been message. Thus try to minimize our irritation from what interesting TV show is a broken dumb stupid (sometimes) and primitive (most often) immense rollers.

Social approval one of psychological avtopilotov, whom us in abundance has provided mom-nature. According to this principle we give an, that is a good and the right, observing, that consider a good and the right other people. Actions those who us surrounds, largely determine our opinion and behavior. When many people makes one thing and the same, we are prepared allow, that, perhaps, they know something such, what not know we. And means, should to dispose to join to most, to not to remain in joke's on. Major role in our thinking is beginning to play think it should be, mentality. Here something and lies psychological trap.

Such technique is used since the earliest times sellers years as traditional medicinal drugs and diverse healers, podsazhivavshimi in audience zazyval, pritvoryavshikhsya, if they're cured from malaise, and young praises in worded new. Policy spend public speech, attracting to participate in electoral address camping on BC groups support. Such groups always consigned about stand and welcome his patron loud applause and odobritelnymi send unwanted. Television producers gasket in their commercial show recorded on well laughable and applause (phonogram laughter forces viewership market laughing longer and more often, even if proposed dubbed the most movement of quality). Advertisers employ actors, to those played role ordinary people, raskhvalivayuschikh the or another product; portray put forth goods in as a don large demand (a television commercial declaring, where housewives in a supermarket cashier brutally his for wield of last packing exclusive washing powder and camping on D. Incidentally, during of filming particular broadcast outlets and New Year gay lights for me Visitors studio also scoff and applaud not truly, and make-believe, i.e. on cell. And then their large plans are installed as reaction on speech colleagues.

Such situations are called upon to create impression, that most people acts thus, somehow want force act you. In all these cases catches in eyes open character fraud. The organizers usually even not consider please hide his. Psychological responses social approval very strong, he so deeply sits in us, that works even then, when we well are awakening to himself fact a propaganda manipulation. Psychologist, Roger fuller (R. World) established, that the lip-syncing laughter forces most people laughing and then, when they know, that laughable artificial, modeled, on mouse.

Option social approval serves camping on BC Reytingovanie publication psevdosotsiologicheskikh ratings with goal convince us, that a certain policy or the electoral bloc likes most population countries and intends to for him vote.

A balancing social approve is invites reception social censure. He is used to create illusions condemnation action those or other actors with hand public opinion. Is undertaken, for example, selection negative of expression leaders opinion , representatives various strata population, ordinary people with the streets , appropriate data sociological surveys and camping on P.

Conjoined proposals

Method remodeled proposals intended for circumvent critique perception charm messages. He creates one semantic a series of from several, not associated between themselves, information. All these information in separately are true, but their compound in a result gives a distorted view of crucial. T. E. This still one example use psevdologicheskikh causality could investigative ties, complemented with faktograficheskoy propaganda.

Message CNN during the war in Yugoslavia (the beginning of 1990s): WWII day between the Serbs and Albanians goes the shoot-out. On some data, have Serbs on weapons there are heavy this term. One of issued by mines engulfed in the building child hospitals. Died two small children. The entire this information portrayed no gaps, as united message. Every a normal people in a result comes concluded that Serbs from mortar battalion raked child hospital and in a result died children. A festering the world community condemns atrocities Serbian they. Through a few days it turns out, that the shoot-out indeed was, but mortar battalion have Serbs there is no, mine launched so far with Muslim positions, and children died from Academy shots with Croat territory. But already late propagandistkaya duck successfully satellite.

On technology remodeled proposals built many advertising and campaign slogans. Often they include in themselves and an additional decision-making component. Now you are looking in our eyes, so can to vote for us , subvert the electoral telerolik. you can become in life winner. For your skin should be a credible departure (advertisements male cologne). Two raze not associated between themselves events combine to produce in one thing whole and are perceived recipient of information as causality could La sequence.

Preemptive blow

Most often represents a a preemptive emit negative information. His task trigger response adversary in advance and in more favorable for themselves context. This reception often use power structures, to neutralize criticism the upcoming unpopular decisions. In this case power themselves organize arbitrary the leak negative information, to stimulate manifestations of public resentment. This is done for moreover, to in advance issue steam have all disaffected. By the time offensive Day X 's popular anger already setting extinguished. To point decision-correlative decisions people Bajondillo Apartments protest and will take actions power indifferentno.

During election example of this kind of is pre-emptive publication dirt squad, relatively a safe for particular candidate. Thus udovletvoryaetsya need electorate in core. Objective, reduce the existing interest voters to information this kind of. Subsequent the publication much more pressing materials, which, perhaps, will instigated political adversaries, already not attract large attention voter do already'm full doing dirt a while ago and more not reacts on it.

xB6\ xB6 Poison sandwich

This invites reception actively uses opportunities psychological influence expense of structuring text. Always preferable to not to lie, and achieve, to man not observed an unnecessary truth

Communicator gives positive message between negative pretext and negativeconclusion. Hua certain abilities and experience the CSM, positive message as would disappears from attention audience.

Very a good reception, actively used those media, which claim on neutral enforcement coverage events and seek to create itself image in-style only facts, nothing except facts. Under such a structuring events objectivity formally as long, but effect unnecessary messages devalued.

Reverse-to counterbalancing former is camping on BC Sakharnyy sandwich. Negative message masked positive accession and positiveconclusion.



Encyclopedia methods propaganda
(As us process media, policy and advertisements)
Viktor Sorochenko, 2002 Mr.
the end of the articles.

With 2002, media and other media representatives pulsating, better methods propaganda and methods struggle with its adversaries. Above all because, that increased number of points impact, the Internet, blogs, forums have, mrazokanaly, management of, edits an electronic magazine newspapers, and camping on D.
I would in article even added such notions as "Faux Eksperti", "Roast of Truth", "at least three trolls", "Mrazoofisy", "light bloggers and Sharii", "Truth somewhere on mid-"," At fact "(" civil point of fact "," in reality ")and anything.

Viktor Sorochenko wrote classics, essentially, instruction - and for propagandists - and instruction for mortem their methods. Article to read binding.



Viktor Sorochenko described Ukrainian installation for 12 years until all this signaled.

Hippotherapy presence

Reception also was introduced in practice Nazi propaganda. Today he described in all textbooks on journalism. Includes in themselves a series of gimmicks, which must imitating reality. Their constantly use under coverage of the story with seats fighting and in criminal narrative, by retroactively shooting real search for bandits or car. Illusion Fighting environment create, for example, a sharp derganem cameras and sbivaniem with focus. In this time before camera be going any people, heard remain and cries. All looks so, if would operator in the chilling unrest, under fire absolves reality.

From journalistic of memories: Until starters American, of bombing Afghanistan the Taliban and Northern the Alliance extremely rarely blasted away each in friend, mostly in air. Tanks beaten on pristrelyannym points, to, not let-God, no one not offense, and the suddenly'll... you'll go in neighbor on kishlaku. Here is so America and Russia, prilagavshim whopping efforts, to push their between themselves, very difficult was convince their to fight truly. : Let, that journalist came to garde with inspection process was failing: To lift fighting, and their and in speak of there is no. And then he Grand Canal from imitation of. Pay money, and jihadis are load their machines and blasted away in side Taliban, and the Taliban responding them those same. All here on video camera. After this world news agencies report incidents, that group journalists was fired the Taliban. In wearing rush, turned real home video tonight..

Illusion credibility exerts chiefly emotional impact and creates a sense of big identification events. Appears a powerful-presence effect, we as if vbrosheny in primitive reality, not unwittingly, that this is only cheap stunts.

This reception widely is used commercial advertisement for specifically instseniruyutsya supreme an onlay , to create image were attributable ordinary people. Especially pleasing and , in which yet another aunt Asya well supplied voice professional actress tries to emulate speech people out of people ostensibly variables pause, delannye hemming, lungs defects pronunciation,) uncertainty. This primitive, but a virtuous reception seizing audience.

A classic example of - :D

especially pleasing and , in which yet another aunt Asya well supplied voice professional actress tries to emulate speech people out of people ostensibly variables pause, delannye hemming, lungs defects pronunciation,) uncertainty. This primitive, but a virtuous reception seizing audience.

Can be and not "well supplied voice", and any) June, role



Intelligence agencies of trolling in networks the Internet



#p39240,Dmitry" wrote:

By the way, during of filming particular broadcast outlets and New Year gay lights for me Visitors studio also scoff and applaud not truly, and make-believe, i.e. on cell.

Not am confident, that in this topic can be write, but such a note.
Once, on Affairs met with mate, which worked on factory, half from which school under pavilion for TV movie.
Deal was in November.
There commanded only type old songs about a major. As I understand, this substitute for gay man a light off of you. There emki has been going a host month.
Peeked, vospolzovashis case, but not share prices since 2000 caught the most a holiday, only workers, which something built and group in Remy-felony drunken administrators. Like there every artist in its day starred.
My acquaintance saw there the entire light domestic pop stars and his attitude changed in fundamentally, when he saw their in real and nepotrebnom the form of.
His conclusion: All, that on TV - setting.



Until me has peaked, what technology could would use (or on fact uses) the Shop for introduction virtualov in social networks.
1. Do page with utterly left, designed by full name.
2. Copy pictures with whose something real pages. And also place work, learn, increasingly, that can be use for raising plausibility.
Forth requires include regime power chair over bases data social networks , which, as we remember, have pulsating there is.
3. Yuzaem maaalenkiy such undetectable backdoor in social networks, showing outside world, that have virtuala in your friends are friends prototype of, and have them, respectively, in your friends virtual instead prototype of. NB: Themselves an and his friends is shown the real 4-1-1.

With such vvodnymi already get you will find web prototype of on virtualu, because on fotam vKontakt nathin 'not searching for.

Forth, if need a ATL promotion virtuala, need include another regime power chair over all, that being published in Internet , opportunity edit any the text, correct any date. Such a regime supposedly have pulsating, too, there is.
Need to just find in Internet all mentioning prototype of and replace his full name on virtuala.

On rights version of. Can be to criticize.

I have there is example page, which supposedly made 100% on that title Joseph Heller described technology. If manages find the intel pro real people, which there on photos are portrayed, - immediately update my. Until that not want to publish suspicions, to not attract attention pulsating, which, as we remember, keeps managing clean up your shoals "on the summer of." If whom interestingly - write in lichku, I to its liking answer or not answer.

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#p49240,Musicien wrote:

Until me has peaked




#p46442,ivanovich wrote:

His conclusion: All, that on TV - setting.

Jobs in the body-show
Hustle back on filming of TV content in Moscow - rapid an extra job and opportunity interestingly conduct time! We invite viewers in job as an extra on various paid emki. Emki every day. Paying from 300 until 800 rubles in dependence from the length programs immediately after emki. Call, to to know timetable of filming on the coming days.

Phones for records in job as an extra: 8-itself-611-94-12, 8-495-508-75-83, 8-903-271-79-16. If there is pressing proposals, you immediately reciprocate and will write down.

Also write on telepropusk @ and sign up on emki TV content

If YOU WANT TO LOWER sign up ON SMS have developed over announcements Oh (filming of, send YOUR, my number PHONE BUZZES ON TELEPROPUSK @

In TEME PISMA write rozsilka, UNDERLINES specify YOUR AGE

If you need a hustle back for movies and telesemok, fleshmobov, advertising shares and any other mass ?????? the details here.

We invite viewers on emki show 50 various shades. Belova. Much detail on exiled.

We invite viewers on emki programs TsENTRALNOE throw me a. Much detail on exiled.

We invite viewers on emki programs most. Much detail on exiled.

23, 24 November in 8.30 a.m. we invite viewers on prime ministerial show FROM MOSCOW evening. Much detail on exiled. Changes!

We invite viewers on emki programs duel. Much detail on exiled.

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23, 24 November we invite viewers on emki programs TERMS OF MOVEMENT. Much detail on exiled.

26 November we invite viewers on emki programs Company PEREDAChA. Much detail on exiled.

23, 24, 25, 28, 29 November we invite viewers on emki programs was a good Doctor. Much detail on exiled. Changes

23 November we invite viewers on emki programs RIGHT IN THE VOlCES. Much detail on exiled.

23, 24 November we invite viewers on emki programs MY was somebody. Much detail on exiled.

We invite apples on emki programs SUCH the kino. Much detail on exiled.

We invite heroes on emki column question, I ? I. Much detail on exiled.

We invite viewers on emki programs Oh unique with a major. Much detail on exiled.

Never saw, that viewers in studio be turning up head off upward?
They look on the bulb. If springs catches fire, then need applaud. If prozevaesh, then money not would give.
Especially love how not having a, when a leading requests viewers take in hands remote and to vote.
In studio invite known politicians, artists, experts and other prostitutes, together with bastards in the yard sitting in spied a they form "public opinion" for herd, which's poking me in TV agape pie hole. Here is so and live.



#p49258,Dmitry" wrote:

Finally something.

And that, this is so obviously? I understood, as can be reconcile that virtualov with real users. Suppose, we have "are primo vistavi", quantity.The-another accounts, their friends - bot and The Sims 100%, but here is "the second-the third circle" already need to as something sostykovyvat with real users, otherwise entire group virtualov can be was would easily calculate and prove. And when on what something stage emerge ties with real people - borders deteriorates, and figs what'll get to prove.

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A that, this is so obviously?

Pay attention on shape of in the preceding Summit
If there is pressing proposals, you immediately reciprocate and will write down.
Call them, they you will say that you coined scheme, which a hundred years in lunch. Have pulsating full of the these, Werewolves,, which except draw the line on television show, as times and wipe those. That create virtual page in social networks. Of course them have come up with schemes, on which they stykuyut virtualov with real people, but photos get - not the problem at all, their tens of million and yes - they not want ad on search systems



#p49260,Dmitry" wrote:

Never not saw, that viewers in studio be turning up head off upward?
They look on the bulb. If springs catches fire, then need applaud. If prozevaesh, then money not would give.

Academic Pavlov not presupposed, that his malchika on canine routing on TV)


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