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Encyclopedia methods propaganda

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How incisions news pro Libya



Charlie Brooker. "As make news"



That as make news for simple people



Circus left, clowns farmhands have run away, or How make News. Kemerovo, 05.02.2015.

People voluntarily go help the utilities purify the streets from Snow. Soon Spring.



Realities war. As make "news"

The author video wrong called, Clown.
Realities "war". As make "news"

As make news stink (means mass agitation and misinformation)



Produbliruyu its message from the other themes: Dokumentalnyy films

Because has a direct attitude to topic about propaganda.


The film a bit matrix, but quite a bit. Yes, in offense increasingly are currently running around personality Putins. But this not importantly. Importantly in this movie - his a killing content. "Matrix" and keeping in it otsechyom without special problems. Pro presidents-garantov-vipov and their a Real Money mode functionality even times can be revere here: Nu, and even two words about who such vip-persona -, which are, premieres ,-residents and other.

Authors movie work enacted truly TITANIChESKA. Say it - this didn't DO ANYTHING NOT say I.

The film not only and not so much about Russian propaganda, not about Putin and his "kholuyakh", not about the State Department, not about individual mrazyakh. He literally millions in some amazing form the entire the flow of lies, same nasty propaganda, unending tvarnosti and mraziynykh affairs media and authorities.

For slightly less, than 3 hours this the film remaining with vast many problems and acrimonious issues, with even themselves the authors, think, not until the end of recognize this. Knocking down with legs, yanks it up the brain and shouts us about totalnom outrage are punished, which tvaritsya around. And this is only route consideration one month one year (2014).

This the film need to download, za itself on channels (on opportunities), spread everywhere and everywhere, show his zombirovannym of Linija Mass-Media citizens.

On YouTube full of the films with heckling names and without all this signaled. But all of this such a messed up, so much shit and any sign with matrix muddle-headed mutti, kontseptualschiny, and other upside-down ones like on YouTube. How many not tried to find something indeed overwhelming and otrezvlyayuschee - increasingly not the.

However this the film with remote Canal the circle of Putins of Liesand there is MOVIE SAMOE, that so necessary.

Not Piazza time for viewing and the proliferation of.

Poured on its Canal:

the circle of Putins of Lies. Object Russian propaganda. About mrazyakh in media and power.

Has found here:



This quotation from The need for advanced leadership training simulation(gugleperevod)

Leadership for IS042 social media in extreme situations, the official course launched summer past year in the Brookings Emergencies. This document contains learning log lessons, and also all boot provide materials, in including:

As the public perceives Community information system
Basic organizational problems
List the most often used social media sites, platforms and instruments, in extreme situations
Common steps to adopt Exploiting social media in extreme governance
Tactical Exploiting social media in extreme governance

Note: This course intended for compulsory training all crisis actors, undergoing actions in 2013.

Course training Crisis Pence ':

[myframe=width:800px height:800px]|IS-042 Social Media Group civil Emergency Management[/myframe](on English language)



These are the stakes. We either stand up to supporters of terrorism, or we and our allies risk losing the freedom we cherish. We must not let the jihadist government of Iran get a nuclear bomb. President Obama has an opportunity to stop it. But he is failing. Join with us. Let's secure America--now.

This rates. We either or - Up we go on supporters terrorism, or we and our allies risk losing freedom, which we value our. We should not allow Irans government obtain nuclear bomb for Jihad did. President Obama has the opportunity stop his, but he undergoes a.
Shit any wrote.))



Increasingly would nothing

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But you, too, have become victim of propaganda.
If you think that have commander German IC was under bag Arris FM-range and he long winter evenings listened to as something there, then will talk as happens short-range battlefield teaching at all and our ascent on session ties.

Where is IC and that she will do in any time soon - know several people.

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#p53263,strannik wrote:

TAC "increasingly would nothing, but you, too, have become victim of propaganda.
If you think that have commander German IC was under bag Arris FM-range and he long winter evenings listened to as something there, then will talk as happens short-range battlefield teaching at all and our ascent on session ties.
Where is IC and that she will do in any time soon - know several people.

our ascent produced for dozaryada JSB. When and where - about this bibisi uznAet of last.
Radio waves under water not raspostranyayutsya.
Gain antenna ties sleeps on certain frequency of. Be and taken information access is encrypted.
Session ties ranks minimal time.

You something such empty speak. FM (frequent modulation) was has been tested in nizhegorodskoy lab, have German and Kiel FM-radio receiver be could not. (FM, FM) frequent modulation perfectly suited for transfer of several channels on one frequency, for example for television or for stereo radio (when leftist and rightist a sound Canal go on one frequency, but alternately; change frequency of human ear - painting: Rhythmic. Transfer of such a "run by" signal, possible on relatively a slight distance in direct semblance antennas. For example What's left of itand on the two the television tower, spreads direct signal only for parts of the Moscow area (further need reinforcing priyomoperedatchiki). Guidance ranges zone confident reception VHF until 130 kilometers; for radio stations FM only until 50 kilometers (depends on Heights and capacity particular transmitter on this tower). For nautical courts such way to join Nato radio programs not available.

Few radios 40-'s ???? radio broadcasts from 3 MHz until 30 MHz. This range of is called "Short wave of", route pattern.The reflex from same and again from the surface Earth, can spread on big distances.
I illustrate, that in 40s, very few radio stations could afford to powerful radio transmitters, so spots was relatively empty. In such conditions, a radio station BBC to accept was relatively easily. Have German ofitserya of course same were few radios, they could afford them.

Diesel internal combustion engine resembled boat not recovered for recharging JSCB, and soak for an aerial torpedo attacks. As and in case with warm you mistaken for you camomile with the elephant.
99% time, Diesel internal combustion engine resembled boat is on the surface sea. She or is worth in its secret of international or somewhere is faring. Immersion is undertaken only in cases: Teachings, nychkovaniya, an aerial torpedo attacks. For example sormovskaya resembled boat type "Szczuka", could pass in underwater position, only several tens of kilometers; We are german submarines, or acquiesced Nizhny, or had such same characteristics.
Than officers in 11 engage? In maps play or radio listen to, more nothing with which.
KV-radio set not works on transmission of, therefore, his impossible have them ping, means, German officers only and did, that listened to radio, for example BBC, INFORMBUREAU or Gebbelsnews. They always was just messin 'around, for example Stirlitz increasingly time was even hanging out without affairs, then in the restaurant, the to on my, then on Tennis, the radio listened to, then on merine to > rumpy-@-@ made.
So that you increasingly're lying on all three counts.



Not see sense continue to dispute. T. K. You increasingly would still nor on one dreaded his opinion not change.
And Im gonna stay under his, podkreplyonnom knowledge. Knowledge real, not vycherpannymi from agitok and books pro Stirlitz '.



strannik, 1). Not confuse opinion with trolling (angling).
2). Not give away the excerpts for arguments.
You me called victim of and in as a arguments led lies, this trolls direct the road on the exit.

Diesel internal combustion engine resembled boat-style design 1936g immersed rarely, this stems with an imperfection JSCB, systems ventilation and life support boats of the time.
Sitting in nadvodnom position boat not always charges the power JSCB,
FM-receivers in on submarine be could not.
Tapping radio stations BBC on KV, is not incarnated with "Enigmami", transmitters were also removed and sessions ties.
Have officers was opportunity listen to radio broadcasts radio stations BBC on German language.
In article the author says about propaganda BBC, which was able of course on the whole underwater and marine Fleet adversary, and not only on husband Frau Blume.



Antifeyk TVreleased decent video, however this race will







The good article-analysis about using bots in social media on example Twitter.

If bubbles photographed, they necessarily someday burst(PDF)

Today all social networks are interconnected. There are many highly advanced online its services that allow manage simultaneously large number of accounts and one thing and the same message to publish simultaneously and in tweets, and in Facebook, and in Google +, and Gibkikh, and in Odnoklassnikakh, and camping on D. These single log-allow, in particular, on key words of track messages in tape news and, somewhat their those or some way, to publish in their personal tape. Even if you have the small number of followers so far, adding suitable hashtags, you broadcast the these messages on th razdo more a wide circle users.

Imagine, that programs, administrators damaged application files, will determined on such key words rally, some deciphered, demonstration of, fabrication, a juggling, deception, arrest, police, frigging robbing prick, kremlyadi and others. Knowing dimension editorial policy of Medusa, Echo Moscow, to the Rain, BBC and others., can be suggest, that in their acctresses will to emerge messages, containing these words. Bot start their automatically relay, adding tags type # elections, # denounced, # Kremlin, # protest and others. Tvitt Buller simply will blow up such messages, which will simultaneously published and in other social networks. The very Echo Moscow or Rain not will have to this no relations. Them will just cast role creators information reason. Can be be one-sided are on 100% confident, and this we saw on example Ukrainian events, on next day all Western media with references on social networks reser, that in Russia is happening traits knows that. In turn, about this reser already our media, and again same seized the and rastirazhiruyut social networks. Social schizophrenia will only grow.

Not guided further develop this scenario, so as he just one possible. There is and other scenarios, more complex, but better position not less effective.



In Luhansk issued child workers journal polite agree

Log will become nurse the rising generation republics in patriotic spirit, declared his chief editor of Sergei brands,. Publication is focused on children younger and middle age, in it also will be placed materials for family reading. According to editor, journal will navigate on tradition Soviet Fun the images.

Our children must become people without of fear, without without reproach, away, honest, noble qualities advocates his the motherland , explained he.
Me seems or Pope whom the reminds.
Although there is no - not seems
Here characters familiar.
This OK what grandmother such Pulp granddaughters on night to read wants. "Happy pictures of the" - fuck does that.





Russia "quietly" overtook the US on many kinds of weapons

Russia not only coming close to NATO and the US on combat equipment, but and has managed overtake on a number of systems arms. ???? done this was in short timeline, writes German magazine Focus.

An occasion for the publication became a new report Global Firepower (fluorescent green pig) - one of the most established in world research, the authors which annually evaluate "index might" armies 126 states. In rankings 2016, according to specialists organizations, Russia is on the second place, but these leadership the United States.

And in dokazatelsvo Chukcha not hunter - Chukcha aircraft



How many is worth incoherent say, that near yours homes in only fell plane?
Selling the homeland / USA vs. Russia

10 $this is worth


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