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#p56402,Dmitry" wrote:

How many is worth incoherent say, that near yours homes in only fell plane?
Selling the homeland / USA vs. Russia

At all the crux of the is understandable and somewhere so it and can be, the only narekanie to should we expect researchers from Rakamakafo. They, too, already long... highly unsavoiry and to request mint material



At 1 + 1 do in using technologies manipulation public clear conscience during Maidan

Anonsy, programs, scenes during Maidan increasingly should was work on awakening popular anger , argues staffer 1 + 1.

Stories we missed must were convince the viewer withdraw on Maidan ostensibly sake of freedom and against tyranny.

Khrabroe heart of. An announcement movie on 1 + 1 during Maidan with use of technologies manipulation public clear conscience (Steenwijk in live Canal every 15 minutes with 18 February 2014.
Polymersmust were broadcast constantly. Increasingly else said on maximum from prime-to remove.



E. Maksimova,
PR the manager League communicators,
Speculative methods of argument usually call chick tricks, and they are typified by mostly for dishonest opponents.
Method Preuvelichenie lies in no general proposition any kind of, in extolling the, and also in drafting the premature conclusions.
Personal anecdote. One thing place by a or or remark, that on time, can destroy a sense of logic of carefully built of argument.
Exploiting gravitas. Consists in quoting known bosses, that far not always is proof perspective, for much-cited assertion can treated quite to other things.
vilification partner. When opponent not can rebut arguments, he Crosses on personality , puts questioning personality.
Izolyatsiya. Rests on vydergivanii individual phrases from speech, their isolation and prepodnesenii in urezannom the form of, to they had significance, utterly the opposite claims of.
Climate direction. Is that opponent stealthily Crosses to another issue, which essentially not has relations to subject debate. He tries to to circumvent hotter place and trigger interest to other problems.
The introduction misleading. Rests on Summit partners a puttana no more information. The interlocutor deliberately all peremeshivaet, seeking to all whip with bribery and thus withdraw from discuss undesirable for him themes.
Deferral. Are persecuted goal create obstacles for waging debate or her dragging. Opponent is asking already robust developer collaboration questions, requires clarifications on location--near train station, to buy time. This technique cannot be considered to be sure speculative.
Apellyatsiya. Represents a dangerous form of crowding process reasoning. Opponent here serves not as specialist, but as man, being to your Reubens. Influencing the feelings, he cleverly failing unresolved business questions in the name of any something indefinite morally-ethical norms.
Questions-bear traps. Rests on the aggregate prerequisites, pitched on compulsion. These questions SIRC on three groups.
Povtorenie. One and the same question or assertion repeats itself many times, that sooner or later weakens critical thinking. For example, of San statesman Caton testifies every its speech in the Senate was finishing words: However, I believe, that Carphagen should be destroyed!.
Alternative. Alternative questions shut out horizon , implying only such answers, which fit concept of your partner. Example: You want one learn or any place work a janitor?.
Kontrvoprosy. Instead of to address a test of and possible contradiction, your evidence, partner is asking you Kontrvoprosy. Better immediately same from them seal. For example, so: your question I gladly'll be looking into after your answer on my question, which all same, you should agree, was posed before.
Misrepresenting. Represents a unapologetic distortion or the rearrangement accents.
demagoguery very is close to this method this body of receptions that allow create appearance of right. Demagoguery something between logic and as lies, different from logic usually infidels judgments, and from lies kind listener to false conclusions, which demagogue not formulates the member states , providing this do the interlocutor. Demagoguery has several of different types.
Method Without violations logic finds its expression in next:
pass facts, to suspect about existence of which the interlocutor not can, but that change ruination obvious conclusion;
pass fact, which visible and is perceived management reforms as the obvious, that leads to escaping the conclusion;
pass facts, deeply modify conclusion, about which the interlocutor can imagine, only if not trust a jerk talking;
the creation of mistrust have interlocutor to any fact through wins of mistrust the stairs.
Since indiscernible violation of logic :
use logical mistakes, when a temporary the link is interpreted as causality could La;
from A should either In, either Since, but Since not mentioned;
implies, that if from A should In, then from In necessarily should A.
Without ties with logic :
use offering verbal blocs disposable actions ;
response to nezadannyy, but a close on topic question;
the reference on authority non-professional one;
mixing in one phrase the staunch and misconception assertions;
interpret assertion, Paper in bringing up issue;
recognition their small and quite mistakes.
So, who warned, the armed !
Knowing rogue gimmicks opponent, you can successfully to confront them.



I the usual guard does in a supermarket cashier. Virtually each of you sees me or such same, as I about exit from an outlet. And there itself a host day about banks, you closely observe glass eyes in inexhaustible the flow of buyers, thinking about than something quite otreshennom. Its feet stiffening up, have his kneecaps-capping are sore in joints. But now not about this.

This story struck yesterday. Was the usual ordinary day. Us go every two hours, on half an hour of exercise vacation. Here is dostaivayu another couple of hours. Me remained only 15 minutes, as walkie-talkie: Hissed disturbing signal. For day we we're holding her steadily man ten, and this was simply another case.

- Eighth-first!
- First-coming with!
- of the transit now goes on a third cash office. You can watch the rest!
- Copy that.

Routinely'm clearing the area from the third till, and even ostensibly not'm on it, lest not to frighten off the thief. Have us after all, too, there is their norms, which we must fulfill. Goal safeguard is worth not in reducing number of theft achieved, and in times as can be more thieves. Then and Prize Kim will be discharged, and on back again be able to feel. Would stand, in general, await the. Grandfather wiping out for pack pasta the most cheap and starts go to exits. Here I of walking on crossing.

- Hello! If you'll come with me, - grandfather clearly got nervous. Hand, features she stick from dry line, an involuntary gesture was shaking.
- Dont, let me do that! Release, am asking, I not many! I do I all, that took about exit. Will take these to then in hall.

I've always had a any sign enter through, but grandfather was frankly a pity. With other hand, me about this grandparents told the from exposure with cameras, so to float I his not mean rights.
- Shall we, or I will forced to use force, - on fact, we not have rights force pull the thief. Even finger at by law not have rights to him touch, but as detain then people, if they refuse go on main?

Grandfather understood, that rest him not worth and has passed together with me in room for inspection.

- Spit it out!
Grandfather himself took out from domestic pocket all stolen, and I have fulsome the easy puzzling. Usually thieves women were expensive an elite intergenerational accounts, chocolate bars, red because the if theft of was achieved with goal sales. Ostentatious steal proprietary in perfumery and clothes. If "sake of food", usually dragged off sausages are made, cheeses. But here was quite different. From pocket grandfather benefited two eggs, bulb, pack inexpensive butter and two Transport of cheese snack. A bit opeshiv, I spent nasty procedure inspection, and having seen, that nothing more there is no, summoned on our radio those who fills the Protocols.

- full name?
- Semenov Ivan Nikiforovich, - defeated respond grandfather.
- Year bought birth?
- 04.02.36.
- Where is worked at determined whether?
- Retirees I.
- Why committed theft?
- about starving in here I. Worked before watchman "on parking lot, but have reduced. The old already, say. And pensions only three grand to my name plotyut. Acknowledge of them two for apartment. And to live the for that? Here is, pasta on recent 13 rubles took. Through week pension, and pasta these on two times refresh ?????.
- Earlier theft committed the?
- No, my God God. As same ashamed the, cries, - have the brink eyes was incurred a drop, which proceeds imperceptibly Slept on tile. Grandfather would still the, although him was oops as ashamed.

I thought, that seed monitor will have mercy on and releases the man. That with him take the? But seed monitor was insensitive.

You must pay a fine in dvadtsatikratnom size. So as eggs have us bythe piece not are sold, then believe dozen on 67 rubles. Onion, so perishing and be, calculate separately - 6 rubles. That here still? Oil for 59 rubles and two cheese snack on 13 rubles. 760.46 158 rubles. Times 0.18 on twenty-- 3160 rubles. Are prepared now pay on place have administrator or are bringing about police?

- will same such money, granddaughters! If would I have was would this the twentieth part of, then I would and so paid.
- Then why oh why are bringing about naryad. Let package administrativku.

Grandfather have closed in room one, seed monitor summoned naryad, and I went to again on till. On road ask have chief:
- Nu what not had let his? Pity after all grandfather!
- Pity have honeybees, my friend, and have us monthly plans!

Forth toured the cops. Long addressed before grandfather, were at risk of him prison on old age years. Then translated Protocol. Now retirement in late weeks him wait not worth.

A pity such people. They were born during hunger. Their emptied childhood. And now and in old age there is no them contemplated. Incidentally, already after his departure found on Protocol his date birth. In this day grandfather celebrated its anniversary. 80 years! Think only celebrate his 80th birthday, with of a stolen onion in cell for inspection! Half-day grandfather spent from its Day Alekseei there, and then'll blow now home eat cheap noodles without butter.

And this in 21 century! In country, where for theft five billion from these give contingent term. System old men - abortions! State willfully kills ordinary people itself in please. Such Ivanov Nikiforovichey dies thousand people - in the budget will emerge still 3 million of product, too funds, which they stamp on pockets power haves! I hate this state, and me hate, that I am ordinary a little in one of modern, as and all from you.

Am confident, that until this seats have read far not every. And will appear people, condemning the, that written higher, or same contrary, sympathetic grandparents. To discover maps - you only thatt read at. What feelings you experienced? Of course the negative. That can be positive in this history? Yes nothing! In this and goal all vbrosov - planted in the minds of people protest sentiments, reverse your thinking in the contestant side, in that conveniently to you thought for those who this at wrote.

With what I took, that this at? Because as himself his coined. For what? For moreover, to show, how easily manage thinking crowds. I am long kopiraytingom, write articles to request. In all, as me seems, media work people, already such history for governance clear conscience people.

All media belong politicians. So increasingly, that you syndicated, those or some way is leading your thinking in right for them direction. Also, they enough densely work with surf the Internet, where they called such history.

Coupled these history will create in the minds people image state or opposition as enemy. This depends on, whose copywriters will prove more professional.

To preserve personality, should to notice, when you are beginning manipulate, need determine vbrosy, and learn to to be resisted informatakam on your the brain.

Signs of drop box:
1. Emotions. Through emotions easier just to hand idea and plant its in your souls. If message in media tries to to hand emotions (negative or pozitiv), should already start preparing now, that you were moon blinking.
2. Little Nitty Gritty. Zadavayte in remarks, qualifying questions. In what city of this happened? In what specifically no clothing left? From no rayotdela police arrived naryad? What reestrovyy Number this affairs? Where can be find the most grandfather?
These questions puts the in impasse moreover, who made at. He or starts careening and be confused or will simply ignore such questions.
3. Epithets and nekharakternye slovooboroty. Professional copywriters on weight gold, so often to create such feykov broadcast quite inexperienced people. And in articles and with a emerge such forms as: "Mr. Sisson is unhappy with oppressive, of heavy and tall and quiet, which literally had on suctioning cell" Polymers phrase characterize artistic art, and, on laws genre, should not attend in journalism. Also, nekharakternye for people traits character and netipichnost behavior. In this history thus example is seed monitor. You should agree, that in real life the situation turned would thus in one of thousands of cases.

4. Definitions
Also, should paid attention definition. Example:
"Power cities would not block roads in this year. In office commemorated, that on carry out repairs roads them not injected funds "
"Criminal power cities would not block roads in this year. They cited on shortages cash. "
Definition of "criminal" already is the simplest thuggery, admits conclusion for you.

5. Phrase, 's you in is, that this truth. "Himself would not believed, if would not saw", "This is long all known", "Everyone know", "No for whom not secret." These phrase show the, that the author believes, that you him you can not to believe. And this is not surprising, after all he knows, that J.J. Cale.



#p57770,SSerega wrote:

Force their hand maps - you only thatt read at.

Yes okay.
? already, you and there is the very guard does, and this on fact increasingly so and was

/ and the little here shit on Forum, even let us cases izzhiznipodnavalite / :mad:



#p57770,SSerega wrote:

Force their hand maps - you only thatt read attack ad.

Such vbrosov full of the on in computer, for example steadily-permanent "krasnaya with Front German officers." As perishing only not izgalyayutsya, (increasingly new and new letters. Some only "krasnaya German soldiers from Stalngradu" units nine hundred, increasingly write and write. On Russian language 8-)

Here couple of days ago vbrosili a pocket a knife Alexey Leonov. … st_13.html
In 80s Leonov himself this, mentioned in some child transfer on TP, even children understood that this Brad.
The crux of the confirming stories with: Alexei Leonov withdrew in open Cosmos unscrew any screws outside ship Voskhod-2. If would he not Gave these screws, then ship failed would catastrophe. During work, flight a screwdriver) raskroshilas. That to do? Leonov shown smart about it, took out from right pocket pirachinnyy a knife and Gave them tight propeller. :hobo: curtain.
1) means Soviet otvyortkam, which crumble in a vacuum. 2) means panel authorities have missed sharp-cutting on board ship. 3) In another times vindicated by okherennost Soviet the E.V.A. Packs and leonovskikh smekalok. And if seriously, then zhidoputalo even times froze, that not has to outer flying days are over slightest relations, all that coined for themselves with intrinsic him tupiznoy.



Precisely here should be.
History such is. On Pe some shtymp created subject Vote in NY Dehli Newstype who steep Obama or Putin Ugandans on Assembly UN. The public on P backed subject and all you wrestled him vote for P. Amery of course such a not expected and no measures not STAR. Obama leaked the was forced to retire. Itself golosovalka in late pages.
But, this not increasingly) RIA News on these outcomes zapilivaet article Putin dwarf Obama on HA UN, think 96% participants survey NY Daily. Most participants survey, so on site American newspapers New York Daily News, consider, that speech Russian President on the General Assembly UN issued speak louder than.and carring on all federal television networks.

760.46) normal razvlekalovskaya theme destiny type "from the hunting their!" Suddenly has shown around the world, as amery like Putins. :cool:
Z. Policies So transferring revere subject on Pe, the very development events, first five pages. Then can be'd have a scrive through through 15 / 20. Amusing thing Pulp.)



#p57826,Dmitry" wrote:

In 80s Leonov himself this mentioned

Ah there even can be his as something understand - pioneers from hero kosmolyotchika stories heroic require, and have moreover because, - increasingly that concerns supporting - military mysteryand requirement not subject to!

Have astronauts from nasy also we such history there is, on their level (for example as someone there in Gemini air botched strongly)

Need to same something, ever tell at all, here is in measure abilities and.



Replacing faces in real time





There is still one successful kind of manipulation. His very is widely adopt Roma. Is called "A sandwich" (of course there is other name). The crux of the very is simple. Begins any history. Then she snuffed. Then is pronounced the, that need invest in subconscious.
After this heats up history the budding and ends. Persist electoral manipulation without can be recognized "victim of." So adopt more robust way to.
Gopnikov "history 1." Snuffed. Is beginning to "The story 2." Snuffed. Is pronounced "the Epistles" the, what actions you want from "victims."
After this ends "The story 2." And then ends "The story 1." "If ask" sacrifice "about State, she his not it will remember." Message "got recorded on podkorku. Your thought "victim" perceives as their.
This kind of technique can be apply on employees companies, if need force staff better work.
Manipulation surround us on every street corner




" " 11 12 1900 .

" " 19-20

19-20 , .
- - , " "...

, " , , i c ѣ ..."



manipulative methods applying information(source of, unfortunately, already not remember):
- Universal remarks - incur no tested and not are amenable to direct tested ( all men-you cullions );
- multiply actions - single facts identified as Global Energy International Prize and casualty ( trek here prevents. );
- communicative sabotage - replica or question ignored, and in the answer facto another content ( How pass to Ivan all? - A that you want with him discuss? );
- Information fragmentation - constructing and form of applying information in the form of drobnoy or too detailed information;
- author's censorship - filtration information materials in dependence from interests author or-plus contracting information;
- categorization of - process fixing labels , imposing assessments;
- historical parallels and analogies - real events to interpret the as fully conterminous with known and unambiguously traktuemymi historical facts;
- Exploiting ready decisions - declaration ostensibly well known, familiar and not command doubt ways resolution the or another problems;
- concentration attention on clearest facts - for with obscurity real causes the limelight are used designer, disparate and is occasionally authentic facts;
- Uh facts - represents lucrative information for author, which being hailed with large the scale of the during greatest attention audience, and bad information - quickly and compressed, either at all ignoring the;
- of destabilizing information - the creation threats and the formation of alarmist sentiment with goal guide the mailing from decisions real and pressing problems;
- Smeschenie accents - flipping attention audience on questions, indirectly either quite not associated with obsuzhdaemymi;
- dilution information - setting meaningful events in a range of with maloznachimymi, which can simultaneously be accompanied by to inflate minor events and stoke meaningful;
- a yawn - lingering, boring, many of, halting with multiple exits information about real crucial;
- Simplicity illustration and / or videos with goal distortions perception situation;
- Projections of - read more negative relations on other facilities;
- Zameschenie - read more undesirable estimates on another foreheads - switchman ;
- Identification of - declaration ostensibly the existing or even big involvement some facility to positively otsenivaemym important events;
- the rationalization of - filtration or replacing those elements information, which concern true motives a busy behavior or personality qualities, on other;
- certification - undisciplined appeal to view people, realistically who are or prepodnosimykh, as powered specialists or faces with untarnished reputation;
- Son imitators - the pursuit behavior a certain referentnoy group or persons;
- Psikhologicheskoe contagion - show-demonstration of connecting, full approval with the help special effects (applause, Chantings, laughable and camping on P.);
- semantic manipulation - careful picking the to words of and definition synonyms, expedited negative significance.



News flat land.

It not first decade around the world (and Russia in this terms of not exception) there is sustainable fall interest people to their means media. Theorists and practice masses-media in as a explanations this trend call many reasons, one of which is that media, in fact, became from media in means mass misinformation. So whether this? Alas that claim highly close to truth.
Man harks back in journal or a newspaper and, reading article on very much alive Salyutna his subject, discovers instead answers on their questions information gum. When this happens constantly, have human natural way deaf removed any desire to bring themselves intellectual mazokhizmu.

Who something once told: Land declaring the. Today educated people known, that this is not so. But until now we get news with flat Earth.

In February 2008 in Britain withdrew in light book English journalist Nick Davis (Nick Davies) News with flat Earth ( Flat Earth News ), which, based on his more than 30-interned experience work in media, tried to analyze this phenomenon.

-designed electoral manipulation without habits intrude and views masses an important element of democratic society. Those who manipulates these an invisible lever influence on minds people (otherwise speaking, television, an advertisement and, as a consequence, public opinion Consp, form invisible government that and is a real ruling force.

the crux of the modern journalism processing, derivative untested materials, most of whom represent press releases, dictated by whose something political or by commercial interests.That why have us so many news with flat Earth. With, with the development funds mass communication these news have become wear global character.

: Ȼ ( , )

1. Choose ordinary themes
Rule requires choose themes, which: And) easily to deposit on cover magazine or on first swathe of newspapers and it comes) safely to publish. It rejects the perverse investigations in favor of news, obtain which highly simply. Simple history automatically passes in headlines news.
2. Choose safe facts
Rule inflaming public attitudes journalists on selection actual claims, which well offer safe, especially those, that come from official sources. In particular, if power blame human in Criminal crime, the press not can subject this question. If same personality accuses power in committing crimes, press not worth quote his.
3. Avoid taser
Rule developing previous and applies to companies, organizations and (or) separate individuals require that exercises power: Not need to crippling them harm! Farmers often opoyasyvayut field ogolyonnym section of split electrical cable, breaker under tensions for moreover, to cows not crossed dangerous line. Otherwise speaking, to strong world stingy should not apply of this kind included electric shocks!
4. Choose safe ideas
This rule expands action rules # 2 on the world ideas and requires to adhere to conventional wisdom political and moral values. Note, that such politically correct values are rarely articulated in either explicitly the form of in no published profit-external relations materials: Usually the crux of the such a approach bit hidden in content of, in how the kind or a different theme pugayusche.
5. Gramma! - balance
Even one thing rule security. It means, that, if you publish material, which not quite harmless affectation with perspective rules # 2 and # 4, needs lead couple of sound bite with opposite point of view. Balance of views not there is an, because, essentially, you not said nothing. Rule well for stating of views or comments, formed for the or another topic have representatives those or other organizations or have private faces, but his harder to apply in respect facts. Nevertheless, the widespread use of this rules miksernoy journalism in respect facts can be discern without much labor. That means: With the help principle balancing journalists are freed from its the main functions to speak truth.
6. Let them what they want obtain
Rule this, strictly speaking, more known outside journalistic world. In applying to modern journalism it requires, to the publication widened the chitatelskuyu (zritelskuyu) audience. If we can sell something, we will about this tell. As said in his book Image American historian Daniel Bursten (Daniel Boorstin), freedom speech and press give opportunity create psevdosobytiya.
7. Priorities against truth
Rule expands commercial imperative rules # 6, increasing opportunities selection those for publications and sets preliminary conditions, which should conform to way to, style stating. So, interest to the most topic touted higher attempts to deal in essence issue, concrete better an abstract, itself concrete event better process (trends), modern better historic, the simplicity better complexity, Crosby better doubt regardless of, talks the whether this to truth or not.
8. Let them the, in that they want to believe
Rule sets limiting for rules # 6. Otherwise speaking, reader (consumer) always rights. Hence conclusion: Not sell reader (consumer) the, in that he not believes (or not wants to believe).
9. Kicksledging moral panic
Rule applies only in times of crisis and lies in an attempt sell audience its own morally-psychological state.
10. Syndrome turtle egg tortilla the Turtle
Name stems with problem parents, eager insulate their children from some popular in 1990s television serials, such as Children-mutants turtle egg tortilla the Turtle , of which teenagers learn, that Leonardo yes Vinci and Rafael not artists era Renaissance, and armed to the teeth reptiles. Full Brad with perspective parents, but, in late all, they themselves forced to were begin to doubt in genesis his opinion, when discovered social paradox: Their correctly well-mannered in respect turtles tortilla the Turtle children, coming in school, where their cohorts only and talked about sea turtles, started feel pariahs, so as were not in rate past all the body-mutants.
Thus, rule # 10 requires from media tell the, that already was widely being published everywhere, even if in these external relations materials there is no utterly no sense. This extremely a powerful rule, an explosive mix that plays decisive role in spreading news with flat Earth.

Almost all interview are being created at all not journalists, who wish answers on pressing questions, but public-advisers, labelling news, to sell policies or product. Public creates psevdosobytiya. Public building a psevdodokazatelstva. Public produces psevdoekspertov. Public creates psevdoinstituty, in which often work on two-three human, and their leaders regency with screens under psevdoakademicheskimi titles director of on research and camping on P. Public creates even psevdobolezni (like fear public speeches or syndrome from hunger), messages about which produce public-agencies, working on drug companies

Read more: … z44TU49w1g

That's the world news. Increasingly, that in offense emerges, outcome actions forces, szhimayuschikh reality until a small bloc messages, often untested, usually created public-services. Such image imaginary world daily are piled on top broad audience. This already happened. Standing consumer products media this, essentially, idiot from global villages .





#p62187, . wrote: z44TU49w1g

Went on the site and excellent from feelings that me here punking :huh:
But certificate Good



#p64694,gav wrote:

The story arise Maidan

Deluxe departure vnematrichnikov on another failure in advance prepared positions!

All correctly. The Internet, his social media to - landmark "engine history" for vnematritsy and of workshop performers. Pillow fight flash mobs and installation - landmark method "history."

On headscarves worn all it was charged on state department.

But the next step banned all Kurdish-heads, ru- and in Ukrainian-neta: joint actions"revolutionaries" and "svergaemoy power", Kremlin and Washington, "fighters with the regime" and "slip the dogs regime", "separatists" and "junta."

And here is in Russia this algorithm why something not worked. Perishing how many nor were hooking up with "Orange", "third largest manganese reserves pillar", "Russians marches", navalnogo, anal, marsh, poklonnye all federal media and subservient again surf the Internet, how many nor solution state resources "antigosudarstvennye shares opposition", people not went to participate nor against "opposition", nor for.



Perhaps, here.
Not saw until on Forum exile. … titut.html

Tavistokskiy institution



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, 9- . , . , , . : , , -... . , . , .


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