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Signs and symbols MH17

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Telling pro Boeings, Ukrainian and the Polish sites they jab you with the here is this a picture of an, from first option "ptichkopada." On photo lzhekatastrofa Ahn-26. The difference in coloring the the wreckage of the, offered not confounds naborschikov media.,1356,title, … aid=113c90



nikolay wrote: toreportaj
"New photo" the wreckage of the boinga (sorry that with "heap," took)

Not, all-??? Yaroslavl, Soviet Union paint - full hell is that, on the eyes of oblazyat.
And if, as in advertising tell, grids they painting - she OK month not will endure for, oblezet! Not speaking pro-home carpentry. Powerful upswings as temperatures from rising - of khan for paint. And for, even winter of not began.



Dmitry" wrote:

Rasskazyvaya pro Boeings, Ukrainian and the Polish sites they jab you with the here is this a picture of an, from first option "ptichkopada." On photo lzhekatastrofa Ahn-26.

Yes? Accurately Ahn-26? ;)
And I dug up, that this in Igarka Urban Settlement Ahn-24 crashed))



Musicien wrote:

a selection of news on Boeing from RIA News Ukraine (sounds as Sovinformburo Germany)

Itself has gone on exiled, and there. Around the is to blame a water buffalo!



's attacks stumbled on a movie, downloaded from boredom (I repent, poster Stole attention ;)). Looked the first 15 minutes and quietly prikhrenel :confused: There the other type of plane, but not the crux of the:
Left / Mlmlte / "Eden /-org's. Currently under development. Left Behind "/ Union address.
Not remember what Geita were on photo type passenger, but there many cadres with a number attached.
Emki certainly least for year before premieres did. Who Needs interestingly, witness than there deal will end.



fire wrote:

's attacks stumbled on a movie, downloaded from boredom (I repent, poster Stole attention). Looked the first 15 minutes and quietly prikhrenel

Holy shit! Thank you for "example", very interestingly - need dig pro this the film. At all, across situation razygryvayuschegosya standoff trades abroad and "West" very many such transparent to take a hint, on attempt to unleashing a major conflict - take although would famous the commercial since pro a radioactive ashes and walking legend pro machine, uh, trumpet days.

And date premieres - ah clearly recognized on plan nakaleniya passions through lzhekrusheniya plane.



Yes, and truth sequence such a, and in fix zakovyku you see (me seems, that so and so promotion one themes?)

Promotion one themes, yes. I all'm and have been arguing take human being from this mraziynoy cuisine smells. It there there is, otherwise us not about than and to speak was would. And on echo I have observed trend such a - comes opportunity ALL, but in position on Ukraine echo constantly makes so, that the last word not for "leontevami." Something in this there is interesting.



Still one detail with video.
To flowers.

Tsvetami scum still under a sham work of mine decorated "frakhmenty."

In order antitrollinga. To flowers even before incineration weeds in final scenario "collapse."

-burned the weeds have right-wing parts of "frakhmenta"

18 July Siviglia in Moscow paid tribute memory dead passengers have embassy the Netherlands. … ia-5294525

And this 17 July in Kyiv Barack paid tribute memory have embassy the Netherlands … reisa-mn17

Have Muscovites, in sight, bookshelf the same, that have grabovskikh inhabitants, furniture magazines letters write.

And this 5 on May in the Netherlands near Ukrainian embassy paid tribute memory dead in House Trade Unions in Odessa.
(Here the organizers called the - Cristina Hooft and Sergei brands,) … desse.html

From one kit, from one designer-prekrasnuyu, even toys from one Party. I.e. from the same the most scum, which this did.


And this 15 July - Barack have embassy trades abroad paid tribute memory dead in subway on "was boulevard."

Even and entire another suspended matter study not need to, already on one this this old boy-tsekhovichku clear, that read more the switch and death people in "symbolic place" Moscow subway (and "ruin boinga", and House Trade Unions) did the same scum.

And this in Germany have embassy Ukraine

Still times only, for full clarity

A city type.Nenuzhno in one thing messages invest a hundred giant photographs on mucus thousands of pixels in wide, in situation, when this not requires. I not complaining on the speed his Internet, but look on your raznorazmernye derzhitsya, this is the real torture for computer, for the nerve, for index finger, turning the dial and for people, which have weak 'Internet or of operational memory.. Look this is even okay, and the real torture they come due then, when like it or quickly something promise to find.
In rules wrote, robt talk, honor all rest. If yet to give greater a picture of an, then okay, but if this a series of huge photographs, the robt previews.I had it redacted on your post, reversing the photos on structure gauge worth roughly $, in a result post has purchased human kind of.

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Another flash-Mobile.
Tsekhovichka- "flower girl"
Pitie blood Russian babies, sedanie brain Zhirinovsky, biscuits "tanks on Moscow" in school Propulsion And Mykolayiv.
Leading the Victoria Onufrieva.

Schools Fair, on which scum on the sly slipped and lifted three papers-price tag, in Russian matrix proshtampovalas thousands of resources and have become megavbrosom "in Ukrainian schools instruct to drink blood"
And Frozen Cocktails the brain Zhirinovsky.

Did feysbuchnoy groups Rodinna splnota , wife defenders of the Motherland Elena Kosenchuk and Victoria Onufrieva -

Victoria Onufrieva, profile in Facebook



Gangan wrote:

In those times one of basic sources information was Tweeter.

Nostalgia on. "" Those times " :D





Frame pro creativity "marazmiyskogo the", proceeds prestige idiotic played a sketch the "war in the wing visible"; type, podglyanem-pay - this whose wits are sticking out through window? 8-)

Vinnikh have nia?o ? 298 on a malayzyskogo Bonga suditimut have moving in tribunal under UN -

Text or. Poor this selection cuddly, how many his times butsali and cast all of this on cell. Kind of cliche already, khvatiiiiiit.

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After viewing photographs:

Soldiers look like on actor Viktor Sukhorukova who had played "Island": … 853477595/

Date "catastrophe" on abroad "plane": … 790319631/ … 568834828/

Date "catastrophe" on issue car: … 263677675/

Otkusannye wires bokorezami have relyushek: … 358752251/

On that us the artist hinting (traces dump, photos are located one for the other that remarkable: … 908125941/ … 908125941/



Date "catastrophe" on abroad "plane":

1707 this one Andrei users, known katastrofista, kometnogo the stranger and history more. See Chispa1707, on this kalendarnoe the number of have him account for the global disaster to gain 1666. However, how many not taught Andrei the fractal history, semblance of mirrors: N.A.Kozyrev, and the symbols -vo the entire blames Jesuits and secret community, on type robust and dagger's and Student construction brigade. 8-)

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#p34710,k-63203 wrote:

Soldier creature look like on actor Viktor Sukhorukova who had played "Island":

It is tempting was would, as continuation of role "you me, reptiles, still for Sevastopol answer". Not he. All traits and proportion other.

#p34710,k-63203 wrote:

Year bought "catastrophe" on abroad "plane"

Differing tsifir on details, maps, books, drawings,, toys, page with boinga so aggressively practic (ignoring basic details), that here like it or, not like it or, and'll understand, that "scenarist" wants download in brains off and symbolic side "collapse", engage in empty ``debriefing, of indescribable from chief - 100-interest Mock-up.

#p34710,k-63203 wrote:

Otkusannye wires bokorezami have relyushek:

Many run finding. Interestingly, supporters beeches-was that "and this will be able" angles reverberates "explain?

#p34710,k-63203 wrote:

At that us the artist hinting (traces dump?)

Without curiously hint, current rut and there is. In the first parts of somewhere Sunday?.

Here she even better visible.

On black-and Obamas White denuding from space in sight, that a truck with this "frakhmentom" moved out with roads in a bedcover place, have driven on Stern, threw away "frakhment" and ago turned. Still any triviality manually from ? away have.

#p34703,Dmitry" wrote:

The debris has plane raised with trawling ocean, restored part of fuselage, have identified place explosion, accurately so same as under catastrophe in Lokkerbi 1988.

Need to same! And nor one building an sliver of!!
Nor in is, nor in another a Boeing.
But for only as if specifically polled butaforov-idiots, which increasingly, that can be was do through opu- have made through BRM, in including packs square and rectangular "frakhmentov" nastrogali.

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#p34710,k-63203 wrote:

Year bought "catastrophe" on abroad "plane":

From revelations from John, 17 juli
And told me Angel: That you wonder? I Id say you mystery of wife this and of an animal, Ramirez its, with largely seven goals and ten horns:crazyfun:
Not zealot Bible, simply believe that this their encryption book.



.. Room-, camping on With. Language:



Are used in TV programs for the most small and susceptible

Global media: Boeing worth roughly $will change behavior of ATF
RIA News Ukraine:

JournalistsIndependent expert has proven musketry Boeing in the air Ukraines-headed storm trooper doesn
Child workers garden in Zukovsky. This valenku gave in hands newer model Malaysian we and he a fountain pen showed as deal was.
And whom only in head could come, call media-a prostitute Knysheva "independent an expert"?
Expert NTVAnatoly Knyshov told on television show as deal was and as pilots Kazan, Russia made a mistake
Expert CPAnatoly Knyshev told far not there watched pilots
In late TV programs, zhurnashlyukh said, that local people in only certainly know who ordered it on destruction we. In role local population gave artist in mask and with automation manager, stood on place collapse, under this he constantly've been cagey from Ukrainian missile.

Reuss MH-17. The aborted flight
1899,, who just lost with Khaysenko in Internet a picture of an cabin, explains, that Su-25 in able rise on levels 10.000 under practical ceiling in 7,000



On stands in hangar derzhitsya absolutely all are taken from betting with your social network. Have them no one volunteered photographer, even program to process loading the wreckage of the?




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