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Ankara 10.10

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#p41473,DLV wrote:

"The concept tiered zaputyvaniya" - seems, so on Forum theme is called. Its then a car in side, and zafludili, but the first four comment box absolutely in point. And yes, still not having gone on forum, but already skin "transformed to the" sensing (ah of course, Andrei-1, this "not hear" it is difficult)) I as-times thought: What that all of this, indeed, all more and more it seems on "windows a penny of Overton." Only I their not running an. I their see, what I say is right, or feel.

I have all more incapable impression, that such, overall for all konspirologov in world, (as it turned out), glumlivo-a mocking tone - this, too, part of tvarnogo plan - blunt in humans even products of responsiveness under the form of death, blood, pain, and Class something suffering. Accommodate their respond not simply indifferently, and even in reality to see only though. ???? accommodate to this people "prosnuvshikhsya", and popup that and down with him slightly more other.

And A city type so not wrote. In his articles always had sympathy to victims. And not glumlanie over copyright -palachami. Which imperceptibly and on victims Crosses in end.

Here is this character! Steel and cliff turns out!!

This that for old songs about a major, tovaristchi?!
"Not... who sponged so katanem" this reception is called.
Poke, please, finger atarrow in these victims.
They glumyatsya over corpses - this an abomination.
They idiots, these mrazyuki - this nothing, except disgusted and being ridiculed, trigger not can.

In 2012 absolutely the same Peach pro "mockery blogger Asian parts of Russia "-loaded of Polish government and of attending, Polish TV and media, Russian media, and in durnet needless. Iineeenu they with this on team three days, until not it turned out, that have "blogger Asian parts of" exactly all contrary, after what received team "immediately curfew" and hid this subject so deeply, that for three years no one and nowhere not tried to its get.

(More I’d say, himself same and small square pose on "nationalist rhetoric" "denuding Kaczynski", to not to permit this-totter of taunts from any low-I. Q, about than was in written and listening brought all, who asked with their and false holding)

Where and who's cackling at us over real victims, with real names, realistically ego i?
Not was and there is no nor words.
Himself same and was wiping off looking with glumleniem (in kharkovskoy topic, for example, under an attempt mock realistically zakhoranivaemykh people, let and killed not in "Kerri").

Or specifically: Who and where? Or abandon these shop are gadgets.

Theme "concept of tiered zaputyvaniya" - this clueless egg attempt to thus same way, camping on E. Not... who sponged so katanem, zapendyurit in forum "novorosskuyu war" on "field theories", too costly CHAMPION Zapendyurit its on "field facts" it turned out impossible on reason absence of fall.



Overdid it I. Simply I, too, not see 12 100,000 square meters who corpses and are waiting blood!



#p41451,DLV wrote:

What there is - blinkered a drill bit in metals balls to make - this have them hobby such. So, for themselves, in free from mrazo-affairs time. This Vasha version of answer on question - why?

Not need to be confused, who that writes. But not armed eye in sight, the balloon there dead and not with speed bullets had flown!

#p41479,DLV wrote:

Illy here is - sits the guy in blood, over him stebayutsya.

So that with his pants down the happened? At what reason they severed the, and its feet entire?
For comparisons you.



18 + Blech of a terrorist attack in Turkey

Note on the length rollers with 0.18 (kamermen goes and zapisyvae entire chronicle events, not misses from mind nothing, simply brilliant some, but apparently not quite brilliant, because as in lens national output them newsreels enclosed some monster (comes the) on side of squat!, - (comes the) to him the face of a participant firm's them arrangements with lying on earth woman and have which (oops) in the near the foreseeable future not original in plans become upward he. And that same this a participant decides take in the name of avoiding and guided prepyatsvovaniya reader possible scenario, which in further be turned shift piles of intrusive paparazzi camera in curiously inconvenient places? Are looking themselves.
Saw? He (and) employs knowledge exerting magic threshold the runes - a believer gesture hand, escorted by whatever something strident words and unequivocally indicating direction further haul forthcoming to him nezvannomu kameramenu. Consequence of vibration from such a magic impact primenennoy the runes leads to immediate reaction kameromena, inspires team bezprekoslovnogo enforcement - "Hey, garazhdanina! You there not Hadi, you here Hadi. And the snow my noddle end up, savsem a dead regulation. "8-)
Yumoreska to described episode of:

In frame power--a period kameromenu enclosed deliberately-reaching in his side wary type of in a white a cape on and with red cloth. Look at, that his based, he nerobko is beginning to cover face hand, start from of filming. Perhaps, from-moreover, that amused themselves in this episode "nefotogenetichnym"; although with so quality records him this should not was would than any wag his, modicum with bare lands ass in go - would still virtually not a goddamn thing not in sight in video. T. E., for insurance has sheltered behind from ushlykh eye, on anyone case; reflex on in-cell worked.
And kameramen zagruzhenyy something poor, poor chap (on the picture circle is circled shadow from his pack). Account for him on a side of one hand carrying backpack, and the other hand sack all of this Footbal. And such there think many, with satchels on their backs, ah schoolchildren LIFE DENIAL, not otherwise. And in bringing a backpack all most necessary account for wear: To literate become - booklets,, to devilkins - fresh buns, to overall thirst for satisfy some - bottle some water, to you spare a cigarette light it - matches; ah and prevents other useful nishtyachki 8-).



Wikipedia as always on perform well.
. Especially Turkish:D

Not let us to pay attention on difference in minute in time, what the difference.
And here is poltyschi Wounded Turks from clapper board, this of course something.

Vikipedi, & # 246 ;z g & # 252 ;r ansiklopedi- vs - Of Wikipedia free encyclopedias







1 :4 9 -
Esquire Drink Database with blossom all over this blouse posing in in two poses for photographer (in sight with just said)
Remember, was with him photograph, not can find)

With 1 :4 9 on 1 :5 2 has time freeze in two poses, Clown

вот нашёл одну недофотографию




File loaded!
The reference for download file:



#p41460,горожанин wrote:

Ideal place for director - this.
That this at all for the construction? And anyone saw the qualitative cadres with this bashenkoy?

Historical increasingly seats:
1) Cultural center Ataturk (usechyonnaya the pyramid),
2) basketball Palace "Ankara-arena" (almost a new),
3) Football stadium "19 on May", capacity of total 21,500.; (otkr.1935); sovereign / to "Buyuksehir Belediyesi Ankara Spor Kulubu", sovereign / to "Ankaragyudzhu"
Stadium is named in honor 19 on May 1919, when Mustafa Kemalevich Ataturk reached Samsun,
To start Turkish the war for independence is war for independence.
4) Ambulyas - Ambulyas (an ambulance aid - an ambulance aid) Location installation
5) Zh / Afghan station
6) digital derrick
7) the Memorial complex with plates (names dead) (Korean hieroglyphs) and styled Korean bashenkoy,
Dealt with victims Korean War 1950 (seemed would, what the link?)


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