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Jeroen Akkermans and MH17

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21 … 5790319631

Any, who for example handling of a unafraid car or for example refrigerator, perfectly represents, that the tent very really firm to "body",, its impossible simply so take and chisel off. For "otdiraniya" need many a hard time restoring it with coils, samorezami, otvyortkami and other lawyers zaklyopkami. And that us have shown in only? What force blessings the hull from plane precisely thus? Can be the flow of air?

On this photos well in sight, that soloists worked gidronozhnitsami, bolgarkami and other lawyers adaptations. Is not difficult understand, that this slice of so same was fairing from car body ?. Is famously in sight, that all domestic the surface cladding anodirovany, but on external surfaces facial paint triggered on white aluminum, camping on E. Props prepared oblivious on technology. Facial paint from old we have torn off peskostruykoy, then cleaned "under Mrd", then smash in, that plunged and brought in only.

Let's note so same, that in all such productions, characters important, to on chunk was visible Bugtraq (in this case part of on-board numbers)


22 … 5416293108

Akkermanov share prices since 2000 caught a whopping trying fire giant plane. How many need water? - enough cans.
On this denuding is famously see, that get back a little hot dry weed proved ogneuporney, than aluminum? Brilliant to, the good work.

Not know what there universities need Miners, to you regarded an expert and all on you have invoked to, but I see get back a little another picture:
1) Negorelye things nakidany from above on playground, which previously already burned.
2) Everyone experts in media - dummy clowns.
3) Decision-makers who constantly refers on experts and says that them believes, admit, that have them its the brain is missing

And here is the other worded, but photograph such a same … 93108?rb=1
As always in fotopodborkakh one and the same a stamp "the US photos"



Smell of … 5416293108 … 5416293108
Photos on station Torez. Note, that on all such the photo, nose shut out only those, who posing in photographer does, and all who on non-CIS terms of - breathe as usually Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party



Hot dry the grasses not was destroyed by fire, and heap, svalennaya from back of a garbage truck - was destroyed by fire, from above nakidali even debris for contrast

Photograph # 20140721s organs is 134704 engulfed in different fotopodborki (sets) Akkermansa … 5416293108 … 5853477595

A stamp one and the same in all plays directed, is called "" Rerun "photos to more seemed"

Even example, photograph # 20140721s organs is 150733 … 5416293108
The US … 93108?rb=1

In other cases is photographed several photographs with massacres at regular intervals in second, again same nor about fix, but includes expands number of.


25 … 853477595/

Akkermansa sometimes reward as Kachieva. But in fix here professionalism. Was redaktsionnoe task, do photos, on which Dutch experts smoli would determine culprit, tragedy. Has coped with task was in the resistance? Yes him snout break little for such creativity



Photograph Zhorika in a large resolving, that lost Peter Khaysenko and Arcadius 1899. … 471359080/
According to Khaysenko and Mamontov help - she disappeared (need to to think that after intervention CIA)
Peter Khaysenko and slice of MH17 his behalf

By all indications around the to not imposed a picture of an nor Dutch experts nor experts from "Almaz-Antey", and if would imposed, they would have made the right conclusion about how, that slice of happy-bolts and nuts Since either OTHER (and with foreign and with domestic).


27 … 5471359080
After the fall of the with Heights 10 thousands of meters, your basket remained on their places.
Fact wondrous, this with, that whichfrom racks the chassis, and racks the chassis which from mechanism folding processes. Tail peaked on, part of behalf of Duzhinski and another part of, which escaped it is unclear where, and your basket remained on place.



To photographed shoes. Why he this did?
Prejudice this douche bag came in head idea, put an on over the wreckage so much shoes?
Why shoes not decoupled from the rest of the under falling?
If "corpses" fell in three tickers near shovel # 2, then why shoes traveled separately and has fallen not there?
Yes because this setting props tossed off recently of Photography, which perfectly knows, that people stupid and not will deal in these nuanced one.


29 … 908125941/
On fotosete Akkermansa ostensibly from 24 July, see two same assessment photos
Like would usual deal, however, I believe, that this characterizes Akkermansa not simply as untrained eye, but as full jackoff.
Replays of too many, professional not can this not discern, and asshole this not notice in have order.
But not only only reruns slipped up was in the resistance and not only those, that of the country replays for different match the. Here is this Clown, this nitwit with neustavnymi the clown - rear admiral, shines in fotosete from 22 July:

Number photos 20140722s organs is 131759
Worded photos … 5853477595

22 July … 853477595/
24 July … 908125941/

Numbers photos already there is no
Worded photos … 5908125941
Even times … 5908125941

Is obtained that was in the resistance for 2 days replaced the orientation, became photographed photos without numbers and in another format?
(not 16 :9, and 4 :3)
There is no. Already the next photograph this match is again format 16 :9 (size of) 4608 x 2592 and with number 20140724s organs is 134252 … 5908125941
This professional? There is no, in no way case. This asshole.

Or for example … 5908125941 … 5908125941

The differ photos? Why so photographed?
Those that one photographed to, and second was in the resistance.
Why? Because he professional asshole.

The photo shoot # 6 … 049192975/
Entirely unwieldiness from replays of. Why he was need? For two reasons:
1) To number of
2) Because was in the resistance not professional, and Clown.
In the Shop are gaining particularly... and another fantastic year at LG, only why something people this in focus not see



#p41233,Dmitry" wrote:

and here is the other worded, but photograph such a same 93108? RM =1

Such a same, yes not quite.
A series of "three consecutive", or "5 consecutive."

Drew attention on configuration of blasting. Thought, of this trick, but if not simply Grand Marnier liqueur, and another little splash water forward, stream presumably can to accept such a the arched form of.
Let remains on memory 8-)



#p41246, . wrote:

This kind same, yes not quite.
A series of "three consecutive", or "5 consecutive." … 525112818/
One posted the first, second thirty the second.
Professional so will make? - No.
Asshole so will make? - Yes

This a stamp Bukhtiyar, the usual shop floor a stamp. Here is even example, this Ankara … nenyh.html
The photo shoot a certain Eminy Cards and the photo shoot without logo
Find the signature here accurately so same "repeated pictures of the" or "roughly similar." Their so same full of the as and have Akkermansa.
Photos and here consigned in heaps in order and in other agencies idui through one or where five. Because this one and the same the Shop.




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