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Signs in films and the cartoons, right

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Looked trailer "robot named Chappie." Many what interesting things. The film will 5 March. Advise watch trailer.
Here is, that himself found.
Robot named Chappie:

Newsletter cases about in the form of flag trades abroad.

11.5 in the form of bottles and 5 on "withered pear tree under Draginja" or that this.

The dollar and Vallejo yang.

South Africa in fire.

Obey on the wall written "fuck da world" there is such a the, here is read more. … sive.htmls
Are reading read more in late ESPECIALLY more thoroughly.

Book "the grand tour"

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From the same trailer.
Chemtrail conspiracy theory. Robot lampooned missiles, German cameras here same shows their, as they fly in impeccable the sky, thereby showing picture khimiotrass.
Imnul de Stat al Ukraine.
Numbers or date. Operator on this platforms delays attention.
Again flag Ukraine.
Set of numbers and calligraphy on the chamber. That this means?



Here a block away is from Left flag Russia still.



Agents A. BC K. L. (2015) | Trailer submitted:

Very many 25 there.

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The Ghost of (2015) | Trailer submitted # 2:
Theme pro planes continues))

On this the picture in sight two planes, Bondarchuk, too, plays role plane, passing through rights.

Team bus and in the same hero. Number "24." Nothing unusual.

But had a with which flies up jet, so same 24-comes the.

Can and coincidence, but all the case, better'll post an here. All the more theme pro planes now, as never, popular. Perhaps there is in mind jet "AN-24."

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Skyfall (Adele song) / 007: A “Skyfall ” (2012)
It was a disaster in the Moscow metro (2014)
15 July, 24 dead
04 + 04 = 08, 13 + 23 = 36, 08 :3 6 - provisional time catastrophe.
You Train in better Russia are getting away with rail and breaks.
Location collapse.

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A curious movies "pro security officers -"
# GazgolderFilm
Date release: 24 April 2014 Is the director: Ivan Kursky (full the film)
Gas-holder from persistent gazovye the window curtains
The Last scene movie


Blockbuster Pimpaccepts death from yellow-blue oil trucks

25.02.15, two days until "execution" Nemtsov

Ещё картинки



Razliv oil in the Gulf in 2010
of the Sign (2009)



Darkeffect777 wrote:

Razliv oil in the Gulf in 2010
Of the Sign (2009)

And why not this the accident? At the oil platform in the Gulf s Afghanistan explosion, Pemex platform fire kills oven Argyll, injures 16
Or not the prior on Ixtoc I oil spill?

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The film "Planet monkeys", 2001. With Mark Wahlberg.
1 :13: 13 - the writing CALIMA
CAution LIve aniMAl
The reference on the film -
Or in any friend place. Lot of square footage TFS to this site.

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Today in my city of:

Boeing’s - our increasingly!:crazy:
"Wolf! Wolf! "



16 years ago "the Simpsons" predicted the collapse ruble
Writers animation receives more superficial treatment predicted spike in the anti-Western sentiment and nostalgia for Soviet Union still in 1998. Later year, in one of series 1999, the authors also employment fall appreciation ruble to the dollar and reaction officials Russian Federation.
Representative Russia are scared by rapid inflation ruble, and then escapes with official arrangements.



Not think, that in all these films realistically applications to vnematrichnye affairs. In most this simply, as fashions.
There are people which look movies only sake of these encrypted meanings. This have us these are fond only past years 10 – 20,
And there this a long theme. This, too, viewers, here is lurks and strive to. The same “as acquainting ” Stanley Kubrick. If to leave only the plot King,
The withdrew would a weak geroi, not the most powerful novel King. But because Dir talented, then why not give
Konspirolgicheskoy public the what she and fulfilling. Movies from sense – fans in delighted.

Perhaps there is films where this realistically why something done, and after this simply became rage. Need to look origins.
And theme very saying.

Metropolis/ Metropolis(Fritz he/ Fritz Lang) 1927, Germany
A powerful the film. After viewing don where poshili all these global utopia and category: Dystopian fiction, type of the Matrix and etc.
The main the crux of the movie around an ancient and a new of Babylon 81 year.

Свернутый текст

Many symbolic scenes:

Свернутый текст

Those-same eyes, that now everywhere:

Свернутый текст

Several times in movie crops up this number. And another symbolism:

Свернутый текст

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lublupivo wrote:

Built-the film. After viewing don where poshili all these global utopia and category: Dystopian fiction, type of the Matrix and writing and things

Yes. I his first time looked even in pre-age -vidat he and moved my roof down. And the film the cesspits for 5 years until arrival Hitler to power.



Here is about observation yellowy-orange-blue range of in films.



A remarkable the film 1992 g "Super brothers Mario"

A parallel the world reptiloidov:

Collapse (breakup) towers WTC:


The film 2007go year "Day election."
2 :0 4. On secret ties is listening in on that "and so we are starting of bombing on Libya orentirovochno 22-23 number of." - When was the beginning of incidentally?
2 :3 1. And we forgotten warn Libya. Its bomb will. Let beach is population.
Before these goes conversation that someone of mixed up, Bolivia and Libya. Nothing not understood, this that goes, Libya bombed simply, to justify a comic "a badge of" in movie. Uffda, directors is worth even in joke not broadcast nothing such a terrible.День_выборов_ (the film)
There is two version of movie: Kinoversiya (expectancy 122 minutes) and's the TV version (4 series of), which longer than the heroes on 36 minutes. Namely 2 hours 36 minutes. Write time "full" version of.
10 :3 4 "Chego glance not works. Bridge to build. Here not can glance and they bridge. Can ah his anyways third term. "
11 :0 8 "bridge to build. ??? ?? ? ? not'll understand - works glance or not works. "
Think this may be glimpse on also clear bridge, and on third term.

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19 :0 0 "Chego me screwed out. Bridge not built ").
35m tossed photo Putin’s "ah as same, he same on third term goes" - think, yakorenie.

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#p41422,Wxd wrote:

so we are starting of bombing on Libya orentirovochno 22-23 number of. "

Chelobitevskoe a graveyard of in Moscow, as contains the largest military a graveyard of in Europe in a whole began to design in 2006. For what? It empty now. Planned under Ukraine, now under Libya.

Office of military memorial a graveyard of (Office of public institution “Office of military memorial a graveyard of ”, FSI“ Federal Military Memorial Cemetery ”) — Russian memorial a graveyard of, located in Mytishchinsky district the Moscow area on 4 st kilometer areas highways. A graveyard of is in the competence Ministry of Defense Russian Federation.
The first burial of included 21 June 2013, were buried leftovers from the unknown soldier, dead in the years Great Patriotic war in Smolensk area. The planned, that country’s pantheon will be the main the Graveyard Russia on the coming 200 years.Just on territory cemeteries will containingsome 40 thousands of those of.
Under every burial military faces envisaged the military honors, regulated markets Charter Potsdam Garrison and which with services Angolan Armed forces trades abroad. Under 354 civilians acts regulations conducting those of on public protocol, where also is envisaged pochesniy screaming murder, with marching band, the solemn march.
Pantheon is rezhimnym object, attending which perhaps on passport those of either in the composition of the organized excursion groups. The free access all willing not is envisaged.

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tort5, all cemeteries are designed starting from empty. And are built, too,.


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