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Mandated Airbus in caricature

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These same photos with the other "plane" simultaneously publish a giant number of sites … 16271.html … in-aigipto … no-unisten
United governance all media just World, photos from single source
(Or what they imply under concept "photograph"


Oblet seats collapse plane



:whistle:  :whistle:




7 look in as a HD, there is no nor single bodies, the more pristyognutogo.
Bodies at all cannot be now touch before arriving investigative organs, which many many hours must increasingly taking minutes, photographed and to wage tentative a consequence.







"Rossiya24" in one image gives immediately 7 elements, which is called kaleydoskopicheskiy set of
1 - The sight rescue operations (details not in sight)
2 - The sight yes what
3 - Header news
4 - The sight the room nor about fix
5 - the changing line news
6 - Banner Stas has Natanzona
7 - Audio Stas has Natanzona, which bears s cozy game
Stas Natanzon have us worked on luganskoy easily described Ilyushin Il-76, proposal for decided, that he there served well, and means can continue to.

The viewer not can focuses on what something a special susceptible, will stop, think. His has been bombarded with pile just, to he nothing not understood, but in break in information aside from his will.
Increasingly as are taught

To propaganda, as and any other species manipulation, important task is suppression of psychological resistance human, suggestible. So, by most accounts specialists, any propaganda must be combination of entertainment, informational and ubezhdayuschego components. Under entertainment is understood any a means, which but interest to account and in the same time masks his the true sense, stymies appear as perception.

In the 1960s years was detected, that reports quoting, aimed against any opinion or installations, find themselves more effective, if in moment them transmitting divert attention recipient from content messages (for example, PRS popular musical a melody). In this case makes it difficult for to conceptualize a information recipient of and asserted them kontrdovodov basis resistance, suggestible. Research 60s have raised effectiveness manipulation in press and on television. Newspapers have become apply kaleydoskopicheskoe location material, diluting important messages gossip, contradictory rumours, Dashi, colorful photos and an advertisement. Television became on a new combine aeaai?ya, accurately Kirchners macroeconomic attention images. Today virtually all news TV programs represent kaleydoskopicheskiy set of attractive visual images and information messages about raze not associated between themselves events. In this has its grains logic. So, I. Kalinauskas believes, that when diverse information too many, man it turns out not in able its intelligent process. So account for Gorski Hotel reception its itself in consciousness as a single entity, camping on E. Perceive its uncritically.

Encyclopedia methods propaganda. As us process media
Viktor Sorochenko, 2002





cuisine- Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russiahad gone from Cairo on place collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company. Egyptian specialists declared, that would make all possible, to help Russian colleagues establish reasons tragedy.

flowed to community collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company
Oblet seats collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company

Since enviable consistently, plane occur near roads or directly on it.

Postanovschik raze not can indispensable without good transportation availability of.

For comparisons, size uzko`fyuzelyazhnogo plane after the fall of the: ATR-72 under Tyumenyu(the magnificence on frozen the stage)

Most possibly false pugayusche very simply.
"Flying in" should produced before, than there attend in them machines and ministers.
"First flying in"should be accompanied by videosyomkoy, on which was would in sight, that no roads to the wrecks there is no.
Here we see traces from trucks are waved, broad current rut type from Gas-66 on which butafory brought over the wreckage and increasingly here torched.


For clock black boxes are typically recognized first decipher, and then seal up?




Oblet seats collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company -



Oblet seats collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company
Look only in HD and only in full authorization.

That such a beauty. Current rut from ? (cranes) passes AML props.
- thus soloists. - Nu tupyye)








1 November, day mourning in Russia. As his cloaks Israeli "9 th Canal"?
The plot: With resort and Russia, video quality, it contrasts with bad quality shootings with "seats catastrophe" on 16 :3 0 soloists are trapped in frame.
Or can be someone will tell that this is not soloists, and) rescuers?


19 31 October



Creative crisis


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Mandated Airbus » Mandated Airbus in caricature