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Mandated Airbus in caricature

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all: Boo
One question: AS?

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the MINEX, 1 hail marys RIA News. Rescue teams, journalists in zone collapse plane A321,
Transmitted details Cosmic snapshot locations disasters, on which expressly are visible over the wreckage
That crashed for, told. O. Chief Center for governance in crisis situations Ministry of Emergency Situations
Trades abroad Alexey Smirnov in the course selektornogo hotbed.

Just 4 sink nor about fix, and, hundreds of information sites, simultaneously, write this:

Specialists emergency services, participating in search operations on place catastrophe Airbus A-321 in Egypt, received details snapshot vicinity from space, reports RIA News. According to representatives Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, on these personnel expressly are visible all over the wreckage for.

. With write all Arabs, all the French, all of the Maley and all their Twitter, and in late of course same additive, that plane flew fell and all died. With that interestingly, original source RIA News gave one exposure, but as would plagiatory, gave on two seemingly, immediately same, simultaneously with RIA News.
RIA News, gave picture 600kh340, if on it start pressing hard, then tickles 765kh543. I.e. this full nonsense level magazine "" Ziggy "" and they its even ostensibly "sell." Little whom immediately, are to come, at in head, that this "illustration" not is "outer that smile", and simply illustration as if would draw it 1980s or blue flazhochek (that they incidentally and have done, children taking small). Ministry of Emergency Situations not can have attitude to this smekhotvoriyu 600kh340. Who likes program Google Earth, the understands about fix I say. However, on seemingly, modicum not readable, but there is details installation, cars and of a bunch of props, means, Google is participating in a scene.

An exclusive "illustration" RIA News is trading. Who wants to buy? Buy here: Link
Note, that Arab "seemingly" significantly more on pixels, than pornography pervoillyustratora

The Chinese, too, have exposed two "seemingly"
Can be think, reader little one :D

Layfnyus made even 4000m2 as well as three seemingly, creating a illusion magic Space 8-)




The biggest detail props, lies in beginning, no hoppers there is no nor under it, nor near it.
Could be delivered under aid Mi-26 (gruzopodyomnost 20 tons)




26 … 402447.jpg … 402448.jpg

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Beauty A321

From / To fields gone away chairs?





Charly Ebdo published caricature on Russian operation in Syria

"French satirical Weekly Newsletter Charlie Hebdo published two cartoons with as citing Russian for A321 Kogalymavia Air Company , that crashed in Egypt 31 October. "


In it features over the wreckage plane and skull, spouting off about the dangers flights Russian loukosterami.

French satirical Weekly Newsletter Charlie Hebdo published two cartoons with as citing Russian for A321 Kogalymavia Air Company , that crashed in Egypt 31 October.

On the first are portrayed over the wreckage plane, falling on armed human in traditional for the Middle East advisers. Signature: Islamic State. Russian aircraft reinforced of bombing.

On the second of an skull among the wreckage of the, which says: We was fly similarly Cocaine. Signature holds: classified Russians loukosterov.

Phrase pro similarly Cocaine hinting on scandal with trafficking the cocaine private business dzhetami from Dominican Republic, in that implicated former President France Nicolas Sarkozy.

Journal Charlie Hebdo repeatedly evoked extreme reaction their the have Islamists, right radicals, Catholics and other groups, against which mostly directed his these pamphlets. 7 January 2015 on redaktsiyu publications in Paris was introduced attack. Died 12 man, in including 10 staff magazine. An occasion for attacks have become repeatedly published on pages Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the prophet Muhammad.

Since then the most attention to the magazine around the world attracted cartoons, on which was the Boeing worth roughly $Airlines Flight MH370 nestled for, ship from Kuala-Lumpur in Beijing, on which died 239 man, and then refugee from Syria 4-year-old Aylan Kurdi, guarantee our in Mediterranean Sea.

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Things passengers. Artistic photo.! … 35084.jpeg

Sense such same what was staged the on Estate # 2 (the road only-Rassypnoe) MH17.
There things brought from FC airport on "problem should be institutional", and here on "highest aiaeea"is unknown where ('s stolen, with Cairo)
(Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine III third party) … 46_767.jpg



31s October. Daily photosession(officially the first)
Egyptian Minister strides through deconstructing the car rut


Archive weather Eilat.
the reference(the city dweller)

During a sham works, past elcome, rare phenomenon for these seats. Soils has become wet, a tough a truck they crashed in rut, and now they through it pereshagivayut. In rush butafory not can given all these moments, so time after time, palyatsya, thanks to neradivym photographers.



Feel free to tape adopt graffical adhesive tape and check the likelihood breakup of an erection, posing its on gender.


On 48, old Pudge guys came fun Harbor Bridge

Nenuacho, how many can already be to grieve



of Visualize back words recently from L! FENEWS
Talk have done, only, as they this have made?
Oaaei specifically so enshrined for broadcasting companies or film crew brigade accompanied the Prague with the outset, here is in fix question.



Strange Double.
Woman smiles, but nevertheless this --something in spots



Psikhologi in airports.
Irina Kravchenko - 0 :5 0 - 2 :1 0 - 2 :2 0

In Russia medicine giving. If you need pass social physical recently for any needs, then you in polklnts'course there's its for free. However the seal will not be called into until the pores, until you not'll be by. Psychologist, this the only "doctor", which officially need to pay money. That such psychologist - outlet village. You become on twat of questions and choose your twat of pictures of the with opponent by circles, psychologist puts checkboxes and about miracle, it turns out that you well. And that immediately was not clear? The that psychologists, this outlet village and sheer waste time, it turns out, when you look daily 81mg a selection of accidents Accident civil England TODAY (rights would gain and gaining in including, the past psychologists have discovered).

When you say, that "psychologists work in airports", then beware, that you so same brutally level as a sucker. Look at this, she psychologist. Its job is, to to speak nonsense, that it've given in Internet (exactly and tests for a she harks back there same, on Genital forums).

Than can help the unfortunate, this management Krashena? Yes nothing, except as stir up desire to move it on not a Slavic shnobelyu.
She and on the evening represented a interview telekompaniyam, and can be not only them.

There is no whereas psychologists have no work, media are deceiving, this outlet village the most real. "With victims work psychologists" this stupidly the plot for news and news articles, there is no behind this concept nothing real.
The that they have no no worthwhile work, prove six thousands of photographs drug-Gibkikh.
Appreciate its moral ethos. Years 40 ago in it would one Italian neighbors and on gatherings, and now this blyatstvo is considered the norm. Ugh.
Psychologist. Professianalka.
Commemorated Khelluin exactly year ago


( … a13794bb1c )

Googl in aid armour part of crashed into the back of in rock

Options reprints of papers alone and those same words from) INSTRUKTsII MRAZOTsENTRA TO media:
Tail plane fully was incinerated by, armour part of crashed into the back of in rock.
Tail for ignited, and armour part of crashed into the back of in rock.
Board is split over whether Soviet: Tail ignited, and front part of crashed into the back of in rock.
Ltak rozkolovsya nadvo: On little as of tail ltaka, ui zagorlasya, ? on majority of, ui vrzalasya in skelyu ( / ukrainian)

. Can be googling and other.
VSE media THAT ONE the.





Open two rollers in different windows browser, launch simultaneously.
Outcome: Letter audiodorozhka + so installation of pictures of the.

From two rollers:



#p45014,m8r-yrswbe wrote:
On 48, old Pudge guys came fun Harbor Bridge
Nenuacho, how many can already be to grieve

And here is this pictures of the -
. 8-)
Incidentally, "yavreyskoy" exterior four-eyes in the cap on video and on fotokarinke are a bit like; can even this one and the same people.


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