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Personal familiar, friends and close passengers A321

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Read discussion two days, yes what-i.e. not docking, but there is familiar from Peter which have there flew their friends ???? not some only, so that people died alas but this fact!



Tell, and the that familiar in it have friends from Peter flew, this as, too, cheat on it? Can approach the and people which have real sorrow say guys this a catfish as well. But this alas fact, which impossible to dispute.
Realistically specifically I've joined here, to unchallenged something you have facts were real!

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#p42946,Yana wrote:

On purpose register to say pro accounts. Not speak on stilts. Tatiana Gromov with Darinoy with my very top Forum Lee. Van. Bit all in dekabryatakh, my daughters, too, 10 mo. All real people and the real tragedy. Razveli here investigation, trackers fucking. A setup, trucks and cranes. On stilts, uh, dog's

This with what you took, that on stilts, uh, dog's. Simply you so wanted or are persecuted a different goal?



#p43093,LeDoKoL wrote:

even times, I reiterate, follow from moreover how many guests and registered users was for yesterday and today, increasingly is true here gopnikov about another easily described of workshop.

And me seems all far easier, without registration cannot be write, account for be registered. I, for example, smiled forum, when was hit by Boeing’s on Ukraine, then and register, but iai?i not remember old data, had to on-a new pass registration.
And a clear deal, that not all can personally know killed. I have Ofitser amerikanskoy armii lives in St. Petersburg, specifically today called, to to know there is whether among known those killed, further write not d, would still not believed.



#p43279,Yana wrote:

you fool? Determine place landfills this means choose a graveyard of, where’ll be buried. Usually bury alongside relatives, or on the new place. ???? here latitude?

And that means "populyaren with place landfills"? Not on balconies and terraces same I buried in the ground. Officials convey body relatives together with the relevant files about death and wipe their affair.
And at all, for fleyma moderators accommodating created subject Airbus-321. Talk.



#p43306,Yana wrote:

the teacher's? Pardon not realized you about whom

On girl, exile on forum about which you provided higher
On forum not go without registration

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I here is pro this your exile

#p43276,Yana wrote:

“I don’t hate to read that people not real. Until pain a pity children. For particularly doubters Tanja



#p43302,Yana wrote:

Yes, squarely on forum. Not was able shut up. Devolved on exiled with Litlvana,, I reiterate. Tanya know, and the rest from known, known husband.

A lie of course same.
This could be, if would - passengers belonged to one glitterati club, for example. Then yes, you have, as have old hat one of them, it is likely could be partly close, partly far familiarity as with close members team, so and with their friends. The likelihood there is, but not fact.

Here same, have passengers there is no managers, which their obedenilo would until likelihood know now 15 man, which have native died in this catastrophe.



#p43311,Yana wrote:

A that you want to know? In my forces although would so prove that Tanja this Tanja, not fictional people. Need a registering the, can be and all its messages revere

But you same there registered, do skriny.



#p43330,Liza84 wrote:

That me interestingly, if whether would from your society, who the from relatives flew in this jet and died, you would, too, sat would on Forum and with astute guise of talked (there is no, my mother, Pope, as during and camping on Afghan) not died, their has taken back it, a ufo, and here is on these space in sight, that it, a ufo it brought jet and camping on Afghan
Have us the entire Peter grieving, and sobbing.
And previous forumchanka in sight further his phones not goes, times lives in St. Petersburg and she has no known and not listened pro tragedy.

Where OK you americanos sneak the? No one, gloating, all try to understand where and when disappeared people and were whether they real double, too,.



'll prove it to that one person real. My page Wu my wife in your friends there is Antonina, she knows Olga Kirillov, and she has photo, where she its embracing. I himself know Tonya in a relationship displacement, are acquainted in Turkey. In its album 127 photo second-smoke hookah, there is still derzhitsya on computer, okay with them. If think that I cheat on it, then'll prove it to that there is no. P. S. I perhaps now even more all confused it's. Phenomenon other (not all) accounts I would called "s“ friends ", camping on K. Within walking distance on him they look left, ostbenno those who groups sometimes place.

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Look full list dead which have VK pages there is. How many dead and relatives
We pass on the first same exiled
T in "friends" and open 100 first pages, on list. "At first, the impression, that page - a catfish as well in mind moreover, that many" friends "are linked with sport. Themes, which in the early list of go and very many set foot VK yesterday / today, but recent posts have majority either month-ago, either raze not associated with catastrophe. An interesting moment, given the, that words condolences observe even those who not was familiar with anonymous body bags, and here in your friends have of the dead one - and nor words about the disaster. Moreover, as rightly noticed, educational institutions surveyed have many "friends", too, not in sight. (But sake of justice it is worth noting, that this 4-1-1 hiding in settings privacy very simply, and many its hide). But some of who increasingly-??? leaves condolences on its page, IS information about educational institutions, contacts in the form of the phone, a Skype, seats work, down an and and camping on P.
In general from 100 pages roughly on 25 pages refer words condolences. Have one even Number on page not hidden was, who wants - call, don pro Vick, real whether she man - or a catfish as well created by in qualify to) So same some friends imposed come with recognizable (some pictures even on page have the most Vicky there is no). In general solve themselves a catfish as well it or not. But again same, this just 1 page, every so monitor, especially entirely - a long time will take, and need whether this? I have doubt there is no, that family real people, not any Photoshopped model.
In general, all who write, that "all loop feyki", nadite real owners pictures. Which are worth on pages "feykov", then write. And so a rant, one thing)
Here is a bit skrinov, with pages friends Vicky.

Скрины друзей

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24 October knockout - 31 back flew

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Exactly not all like shine all about itself, uchityva revelations Snowden)) I edited profile, ah can offer sfotkatsya with by the newspaper for today's the number of huh



#p43276,Yana wrote:

“I don’t hate to read that people not real. Until pain a pity children. For particularly doubters Tanja

This your Tanja, especially strange kind of.
On feminine! Forumfloated more year and nor one messages.

Hmm. So not case.

Name of:
SPb, Madam
Just messages
Just messages 0
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The additional information
The latter activity 10.10.2015 23 :5 6
Registering the 25.08.2014



Find welcome this weekend’all! The first my message on this Forum.

Many have read here pro feykovost and nefeykovost pages VK dead. On my view - opinion very slanted. People for 3 of seconds determine a catfish as well page or not.

I took for examples page mothers "first passenger" - 10-month-Dariny Thunder. Worded pages: Don’t d analyze already the landmark famous photo 10-month-girls. I’d say only one thing - place emki - your "sand trap" a new line Pulkovo. Direction emki - northeastern east. In right the edge of visible grove, which helps navigate. Head girls partly overshadowing the panorama a BC "Pulkovo by Sky" and hotel "Crowne Plaza."

Rightly move forth, there is photo ticket. ( … e2sk0g.jpg) Year bought departure: 15 October. Flight 7K 9267.

Goes on site airport Pulkovo and see, that 15 October 2015 in Sarm-El Sheikh ricocheted out flight 7K 9267 airlines "Kogalymavia Air Company." (Шарм-эль-Шейх&dt_day=15&dt_month=10&dt_year=2015) Our time for standing pat departure: 13.55.

Date and time location photo with Darinoy: 15 October 13.55. From just vysheoznachennogo I do conclusion: 15 October all three human zwabial from airport Pulkovo in Sarm-El Sheikh. Not see here no fairy. All dissimilar. Back them, too, need was as something to return. Not think, that they until now sit in Egypt and are encrypted.

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#p43583,nukus wrote:

"Dead souls." I about same post higher. Exactly, as and with Donetsk Boeing. Work on one scheme.

Why so much dead souls something? Here is on example of Tatiana Thunder.

There is tickets on flight there ( … e2sk0g.jpg): See My post higher. There is daughter 10 months. There is familiar, relatives. For example, Victoria Mikhankova (sister, likely, favorite). Year bought birth: 11 August 1995

11 August 2015 message of Tatiana with photographs: With 29 to, sis! ( ) photo clearly visible cake with number 20.

The answer Victoria from 12 August: Thank you! ( )

Today emerges record on the wall Victoria: (
Thanks all large for support. She now us is necessary. Sorry, that not all is obtained to answer. For those who wants to drop with our Darishkoy, Tanyushey and Orthodox, I write message on the wall, as only will emerge an exact information.
I not see nothing feykovogo here. This real people. There is page husband and Pope Alexey ( There is photo and video their wedding on accounts. Many what there is. But to declare at - that this all so much dead souls - this simply Brad.



Today the familiar has shared, knew personally girl, former husband and his family live in Kaliningrad … -docheryu.

Girl the real, even very, page going to hear live, the only moment-comments there is no, only "groups" and "reposty."



Strange, that no one from supporters version of "dead souls", as a pitertsami (profile), not found shared known with anonymous body bags. I, for example, still 1 number of, when appeared lists, himself found some dead in VK and shared friends, even before mass avatarok with candles and camping on P. Called friends and they confirmed. In general, about moreover, that jet not fell - perhaps, there is such a the likelihood, about all people - feyki - Brad and paranoia. Yes and someone under rally, could in this flight retroactively and plant, as zammera, for example.



For starters this you must provide next of kin there far you will say, not contrary


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