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Symbols, coincidentally, history, flowers on and, methods beliefs media

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Two twin rollers
"The first cadres with seats catastrophe"

Air crash investigators probe Russian air disaster
euronews (in English)

Video with seats collapse plane Kogalymavia Air Company
RT on Russian

They same assessment, but on ways are mounted

On 0 :1 6 Euronews shows rzhuschikh butaforov, and RT their slaughtered

Conclusion: RT the little bit smarter than will


Open two rollers in different windows browser, launch simultaneously.
Outcome: Letter audiodorozhka + so a montage pictures of the.

Why the viewer 4 days agoneed the-as most balobolstvo, which already was several times prokrucheno 6 days ago? After all not as relevant same :D A here is why: Lies, povtorennaya a thousand times, turns into truth (few)
Editors media not always immediately can determine that can be show, and that cannot be, but after numerous complaining - are reworking the content.

This that he shows)
0 :1 9 -



#p45327,fire wrote:

And that for date 1970-01-01?

Unix time
31 Oct 2015 04 :30: 20
Epoch timestamp: 1446265820
1+4+4+6+2+6+5+8+2+0 =3 8 =3 +8= 11



#p42721, wrote:

an Airplane Ministry of Emergency Situations with interesting aboard number had flown in Cairo yesterday on the evening.

Syndrome MH 17, legend # 17, Brazil - Germany 1 :7
17 verifications need muster spoken native dead over Sinai
On board were 224 human: 217passengers (in including 17 children) and sevenmembers crew
17 verificationsneed muster spoken native dead over Sinai
The airline Kogalymavia Air Company ( KolAvia , KOLAVIA) was is based 17 on May1993.
. Over the past 7 daysalienated 16 flights, and the aborted flight was 17 st
Hot line Ministry of Emergency Situations trades abroad on plane crash 8-800-775- 17- 17



3 :0 5 -

Known "expert" Viktor Barometz invited commenting on all "plane" without exceptions. Prikruchennyy to TVC, Ren TV, CP, of Military oborzeniy and An eye planets, regular a participant TV-show on plane crashes on "First" and "Russia."
In this time his some B.S. have reduced until 17-and seconds. He even times persuaded grandstanding, that is not smarter divannogo "expert." Captain the bleakness assures the, that plane EU on AfterBurner, because was Damage "goryuchkoy" (or so). Such a same mumbo jumbo could say any ordinary the sofa army. Something knackered that nor about fix - increasingly, means expert, and people must "the that he said. And that he said? S cozy game.
On 14 June 2014 he has advanced revolutionary version of, that Ilyushin Il-76 fell under knowledge from-for negligence Ukrainian Air Force. On MH17 he assures the, that personally talked with Ukrainian aviation dispatchers about moreover, why they changed course Boeing.
Spots is filled whom anywhere, only would they were to speak nor about fix without stop as jen Psaki.



Marodery usual, on place events. Airbus A-321, flight 9268.

With helicopter only.
02 - are visible traces the intricate kruzhlyaniya some technology around the wreckage of the, between whom a block away is vytoptannaya is gathering spaces that offer universal. In a whole shape traces vyrisovuyut eye, and is gathering spaces that offer universal - pupil. Strange as least. Think, herewould estimate this, as "one eye simbolizm" 8-)

03.10 - What does this such? That she bears? Any utterly unimaginable game% -)

. I here is incidentally has found my makeup back, bluntly here is, likewise desert. Truth cosmetic case wastes. I OK say, MlLLER: Because here many of looters.

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That it, coincidence))(Airbus 321)
VnukSyn, have which rotted away mother and grandmother (Simanova Margarita)

Page VnukaSyna:

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And here is this already was?
All believe in such coincidentally?


Minister transport Sokolov posing in for cranes photo.
In past a minor speculator from S. Petersburg



This real Hollywood

This Saver Pioneers under Uzbekshashlykfilme



Gorgonzola tart? … 4195_m.jpg



. I



On analogies with number Airlines Flight Q33NY vbitom in us / word and preobrazovannom in the fine print be Wingdings.

In principle this not means nothing, but what the thought made a quick pass.

Onboard Number Airlines Flight was Hey! "-ETJ
Impose in us / word and global the fine print on Webdings
Get the next the:

Almost the with place collapse. And even roads around raskatany
In short was Egypt - there is no Egypts and session of mournful

Still interesting the combination of gives Sinai combined with Webdings



In the early movie (scene with-plane-): "Integrated Mission an impossible: Tribe dog (2015)"
Number of "dead" IP 224

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One of the stewardesses notorious famous airlines Kogalymavia Air Company , whose civilian liner failed ruin in the the desert, equivocate in exclusive interview LifeNews, that many collaborators we prayed, rising on board incarcerated Airbus A321 Hey! "-ETJ and Airbus A321 Hey! "-ETK. Between themselves workers was called these court Julia and Tango kilo on the latest perceiving on-board numbers. Precisely Julia Klauss hope in Egypt, killing with a life 224 passengers and members crew.



Audiences on concert Yuri Shevchuk marshal on its knees

And then will come day, day,
Every will tell: What, that was - not remember.
And let's go we under shepherd's bag-pipe
Tight-knit the herd on slaughter.
(W. Tsoi)



They idiots, not understand as with these can be to disagree.

Should whether the artist to realize its responsibility before people, if he awarded honor, report "Event # 1 in World"?
That should photographed the artist, if him Nakamury such happiness, prove on place catastrophe, which occurred, officially "on unknown reason"?
He should photographed details plane, in detail, large, qualitatively. Why photographers this not make nor in the Alps, nor in Kazan, nor in Perm, nor in Taipei, nor under knowledge, only, San Francisco, Buffalo and camping on D.? Because on these the photo will in sight, that details, type gidrotrubok, lock, fingers, crushing, brackets and camping on D. - removed with plane long before, as his began to wreck butaforschiki. Because all see, that there is no nor armchairs, nor engines, nor kozhukhov, nor other things mnogotonnogo equipment, which soloists be bothered to bring on the video room playground.



#p46156,Neks wrote:

Palma coincides.
Holliday - celebration, vacation, holidays
Halloween - celebration all "saints" 31.10.2015



#p46156,Neks wrote:

in short was Egypt - there is no Egypts and session of mournful

Can you have more news or regret, but in the font "Webdings" (and not "be Wingdings", as referred you) almost all shuttles numbers have "" ", so as she fits defisu, and almost all countries have in the composition of the registration numbers for cushions aircraft this hyphens.

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#p46590,Val wrote:

:: :  Neks  :: - , "Webdings" ( "Wingdings", ) "", , .



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