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Terrorist attack in Nairobi - also a setting

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"It's a slaughter in Nairobi" - lies. No carnage in Kenya not was. All of this also a setting



Terrorist attack in the trade the center of the Nairobi events, occurred 21 September 2013, when unknown people in masks attacked trade center Nakumatt Westgate , urge the in city of Nairobi, Kenya. They have seized many hostages, permitting withdraw only people Muslim of religion. Terrorists have become shooting at each other with the police, which tried to free hostages

Wikipedia - global mouthpiece lies, has such a official version of:

Terakt in the trade the center of the Nairobi events, occurred 21 September 2013, when unknown people in masks attacked trade center Nakumatt Westgate , urge the in city of Nairobi, Kenya. They have seized many hostages, permitting withdraw only people Muslim of religion. Terrorists have become shooting at each other with the police, which tried to free hostages [ 15 ].
President Kenya's Uhura H. E. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta gave with special convey before nation. He told about demise in the trade the center of the from hands terrorists his nephew and his brides. President condemned what happened crime, urged Kenyans unite and thanked all, who helps's get SWAT posted at on place reports [5].
According to a Indian Internet publications Outlook India , experts international terror suggest, that responsibility for organization and training terrorist in the trade the center of the Nairobi lies on citizen Pakistans Abu to Moose Mombasa. He policies--and this post after eliminating keniytsa Salehs Ali Salehs Nabkhana, and in a wing Ash-Shabab heads service security and replies for training militants. On evening 22 September the number of victims terrorist was given as 59 man, militants continued keep roughly 30 hostages, the number of Wounded closer to 200 [6].
In Kenya terrorists they executed those hostages, which not knew behalf of mothers Muhammad [7], or could not lead quotes from the Koran, under negative responding they executed even women and children [8].
Came information, that an organizer terrorist has become's British Samantha Lyutueyt, known as white widow [8], accepted radical for Islam in 2001. She married for Abdullah Jamal's, which blew up train during terrorist attacks in the London Underground in 2005. Samantha was an accessory to organizations terrorist attacks and proved in the run and previously has mostly cooperated with British Islamists [9].
In the course stormed on the evening 23 September 2013 security forces Kenya ranked trade center and released remaining hostages. Three militants died in result of an armed clash with effective in the course stormed, even ten, blinked. However according to representatives police with seats events, in building all even can remain from three to five terrorists [10].
25 September 2013 President Kenya's Uhura H. E. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta declared about completing the operations on obliteration of terrorists [3].
In country declared through a three-day mourning [1].
Victims [ | ]
On a data, in a result this terrorist died 67 man (61 civilian and 6 representatives security forces), injured 170, 62 of them undergo hospital treatment, 65 man announced to be lost without to wage [3].
Among dead were known in Africa minerals poet Kofi Afunor [11], nephew of and sister-in-law President Kenya [12].
On a data, died citizens the US, Canada and France [13]:
The US 4
Canada 2
Annemarie Henri Deloge magaziny Canadian ministries on Affairs citizenship and immigration
France 2
Terrorists [ | ]
However obsessed 11
Killed 5

21 September 2013, liberastnye media, undercutting each other, incidents, that ours are already broken reliance that support the roof down Trade Center for.
"Trade Center is ablaze, and roof collapsed"
Look photo:

Where is ablaze? Right clearly surges tires, and from Left perhaps together of leaves Shirts set fire, judging by white smoke.
Where roof collapsed? Ah comrades my expensive, ah who same will allow dropping them roof down trade center, which belongs novice Israels?

Trade Center, kind of from within. After three days consecutive Mr.Stati, before us which an appalling picture.
Increasingly is ablaze, everywhere corpses, increasingly consolidate, roof lying around, what horror

"In operations on liberation hostages ???? participation police, army and riot police"

After liberation majority hostages assault on facilities trade center in the capital Kenya, where're holed up armed militants groups "Ash-Shabab", not extinguished. Power countries intend bring operation until complete the,...... disarming terrorists and releasing remaining hostages.

Ringleaders groups in fact defied president countries's Uhura Keniate, which promised Catch and tough to kill terrorists. "Where Keniate take forces, to threaten us. We fought with armed forces Kenya in for two years. If's Uhura wants from us world, then him should to withdraw troops from Somalia ", - quotes agency Reuters official representative command" Ash-Shabab "in Somalia Abdiaziza Abu Musab.
The number of victims militants Islamist groups "Ash- Shabab", allowing in Sadecki Saturday an armed attack on the trade center in Nairobi, reaches 68.

Over building shopping center "Palm Beach" on low perform well barrazhiruyut helicopters. From trade center hear sounds avtomatnykh lines. There is specific findings, that militants Ark in of it with windows and partings from bulletproof glass. Have leading siege forces there is opportunity observe actions terrorists with the help cameras watchdog within "Palm Beach." "We supervise center governance cameras watchdog", - confirmed previously the head of the MVD Kenya Dzhozev Ole Lenka.
On assault on were are abandoned subdivisions Special from the composition singers troops and where anti-terrorist governance MVD

Kenyans themselves blow them away from what have them it turns out there is army, police and riot police.
???? judging by photo ,-this they received directly with warehouses. Shoes are polished as on parade. Choice weapons - any.

The artist - to fighter,, just flick. Have "frame from American same time", work pros.
Fighter, the violet and, that the artist his demaskiruet. When even manages ears with such epic berdankoy?
In the background some retarded. Just been mooning around near fireman car. He well received lanterns, but offered not fears, that terrorists can him just said head.

SOP critical show kind of backwater operation.
All soldiers are located single-file in one stiff, extremely ta ll professonalizm.
Ah and that, that open the pavement, but there is the posts, for which can be hide.
Crouched down, now in them very difficult enter from barred.

Fighters clearly wowed "to fight" and simply lay down on weed a bit for a holiday from martial affairs.

Well, the reporters are with photo cameras make not taken.
Battlegroups poses amazing, demonstration of ownership weapons, a worrying glance.
Sometimes this gets the

Sometimes there is no.
This soldiers - feigns nervousness, can forget bring lunch.

deployment (disambiguation), redeploying.
're sneaking in machine and sit.
Then - Dismount and again cueing to a tumultuous activities.

Brave guys with clocking of the name tag mysterious structures "Azerbaizhan."
Form of clothing - domestic de-leveraging, vest, helmet and machine gun have written the, else no matter.

Dali young girl a closed bottle water, marshal around.
On young girl there is no damage, likely she the Kenyan renowned, been running around cross, is tired and asked water.

Crowd natives gathered imprisoned. Closer approached only cannot be, can hooking off bullet, and here type not about to hook.
Than damn it not be kidding, and suddenly will Giving food and clean water?

What the first have made terrorists, so this took the cell phones.:D
Cannot be allow, that would hostage incidents environment authorities. However this guy managed to preserve its phone.
And guests-rail waistcoats and had a gun pointed at to each the battered. Traditional the Kenyan high organize!
Far she carring this athlete? Why him has been photoshopped upper part of heads in white color?

this final Nairobi successfully economies can learn its members from Boston.
They so same, impose around atop performance.
This sick very "a tough",. These bloody cotton swabs fingers legs. Horror. He has weathered Al.

Contrary Trade Center for in a row, assigned crowd Kenyan organizes brigades.
On this a row, any civil clowns and guards shopping center, dragged off obezobrazhennykh terrorists people.
Looking on this shocked woman, unwittingly get too full of I might to all Muslims and other enemies Israels (including Russia, which supplies the "Kalashnikov" terrorists).

Have Westerners, in sharp weird gumboots, terrorists failed to steal pink cell away..
Witness, as she got a death grip in him. Likely its have stifled and morally bullied, it has lost consciousness, but the phone out of the hands not issued.

Ubitaya struck woman, grapple moves's barefoot its feet.
Terrorists took the have its amelioration bags, phone and shoes. Clown and guard does gunmen its from used to bake.

Group by Special's covering for their departure. Special Forces, right in-up shirt, of well-took in targeting Fatah open window, increasingly as are taught.
In any moment from windows can fly pomegranate, which can be "whip." Have the 50 gunner-terrorist, which wants squint of shooting, virtually there is no chance. Increasingly as in movies, accurately and of well-.
From Left in sight, that collaborators by red view, work as in America, in his overalls. Children fear nothing to acquire, they really some CITY by Special.

Group Indian athletes, have written the clothes road workers with svetootrazhayuschimi stripes.
Let's run through for warming, will pose as, that bullets Whistling over heads.

- A on zadakh there, on zadakh, why not run?

Ay a scoundrel, what frame botched. Go, tell me about it, what joke nicely I mentioned?
And even. This kindest a brassiere, so not wear, wear need to so as this makes Bidzhay.

Begs - national a Kenyan sport.
Talk neck, a scoundrel)

This is fot you this and grab ??? ?? ? ? there.
On mind, he already not the Lodger, but be can, his manages save

Cho something somewhere this I already saw, like 5 years ago, like here

Stroll single-file. Stay down, get down, imagine, that over you Whistling bullets.
Black woman, put hand on back a white. Another black woman, pinch red Lennox.
- A on zadakh there, on zadakh, why not nagibaemsya. AA, damn it with you, already meanwhile.

Jeans in color earrings in ages. Of a badass! Handbag. Terrorists you have not [purse? Phone you, too, have left?

- so, girl with bandages wrapped around his finger at, that you have in drawn, pomegranate?

2007, are scouring exposure in search of militants

Terrorists imposed in premises by trade center Westgate several bombs. Their discovered siloviki, which spend sentenced captured buildings.
Power Kenya told the, that operation on Secretary explosive devices already began to.

Still on the evening 23 September officials announced completing the a counterterrorist operation, however she still continues. All approaches to Westgate blocked, 2007, are scouring exposure in search of militants.
As we incidents previously, terrorists attacked visitors trade center in Saturday, 21 September. In his eyewitnesses, the building was allowed to leave only Muslims. Then militants opened the fire. In the latest data, died 62 rights. About 200 people injured, several tens of - remain missing.
Responsibility for the attack ???? ?????????? ?? on themselves movement "Ash-Shabab", associated with a terrorist organization "Al Qaeda."

Ash-Shabab?yes all and so already long know, that they "AS-MOVIE are linked Since AL-Qaeda."
Here is towards. After them alone corpses, mountains corpses, Sea blood.
Now do demand from authorities, help Israel and the US fight with these Muslims.

- Girl with, stay down, get down, corridor Unless the from machine-, bullets fly under-ceiling standoff, below head, below.
Wu you, too, not took the purse and phone?
Cautiously, s window dressing. From below lies a bottle of, which, Qur terrorists, throw themselves onstage in shopwindow.

Shopwindow tyuknuli not for good reason, now she will serve as decoration for another there.
Teenage "policeman", pass here, setting: Put here, I you shall photograph.

Teenage "policeman", accepts participation in next episode, personal the artist increasingly captures.
Search here is this suspicious citizen, but in no way case not touch his phone and a remote control in the hands of, and the suddenly bomb.

Have colleagues actor "policeman", another model forgery AK. But this nothing terrible.
Let all think, that Kenyan policemen, armed automatic weapons, chosen have terrorists.

Actor award "policeman", face challenging do, and the it is unclear, who here "``suspect."

Actor award "policeman", forward in Trading Center, you await affected.

But here is month, nor teenage "policeman", nor those morons, which his theme or, not know about how, that this machine gun no one not wears on the left a shoulder, so as a hook slide frame, will rest in the back and severely hinder.
.. Without yet: Teenage "policeman", holds machine gun the first time in life and notions not has about these things. This may serve before worked exhibit in a Kenyan the zoo, so on war with terrorists was awake at, even to the same,) just with one shop.

Actor award "policeman" ran out of casualtys.
Perhaps the most the dorky frame terrorist.
Pity there is no video, watch would, as his skatyvali on ladder.
Razrezannyy and watermelon, perfectly complements this still life (why here triggered and watermelon.
Victim foot came on zelyonku and now not can go. About May year.
And watermelon there is, and right-wing shoes there is no. My God))

This smile, passionate a shy and introverted hero.
This modest the courageous man, and with terrorists strelyalsya and people rescued, now can be smile, seems death has passed past

- my God Jesus, descended me returned, um, a Cinzano
- At and carry, has won.. The next!!

These rebyatok forced you. They began to bolt and are whinnying from his foolish species.

media caught from the creepy details and DOKAZATELSTV numerous victims

President Kenya told, that for time siege killed five militants,
Died six silovik. Still 61 man from number of civilians recognized
The victims. Kenyan power refused to inform, how many man from 63,
Which Red Cross previously identified the as missing,
Perhaps, also have become victims of terrorist.

Teacher retailer perfectly versed in weapons and gives inevitable evidence, that one of the bombers was an Englishwoman.

One of workers retailer told journalists, that some pristine woman in the black pored water over people from gun rifles.
According to if Yes, first this a Iight-skinned woman with long
Dark the rigid, armed AK-47, closely dreamt on it, and
Then opened the fire in its side. Fortunately, bullets not up, hit summarized
An outlet. In late all it managed to escape from trade center and

Ak-47, the legendary the American forgery AK, which vooruzhayut all terrorists World.
Under such Muslim escapades., not forget to times surname Russian Designer.

- From / To fields you me taking, that I you made? ZlAD: Look around you around, so much people tarriwags vylupili, what shame.
White man and a black woman, themselves go not can. Guards and other clowns, know, that with them to do and where their need to wage.

Not though, that woman expires blood, she nor for that not prioritized out of the hands a bag with buy.

Avtomatnaya turn go clean through back friendsin sporting event suit, bullets 7.62 are trapped in heart of. And he) embarked and followed.
Staffer by FSB, overtaken his and asks omens the shooters

Hey, a boy with girl, here you go you four candy bars, advertisements - deal sacred.
Stand, Cy for dead, you saved.
Like, beyond the shirt leave you. Now you love NY. Tell their contemporaries (thus same goyskim dolb. Thermometre), let not loshatsya and wear those t-shirts with ILNY and flag Melkobritanii. Make your dreams come true to us in New York in Visitors, on oil was.

Poor a Kenyan a man, he died from embody of Photoshop in hand.

Another worst frame. Pleazah isterzannykh people, are rounding from flaming buildings. Trade Center not subject to recovery, black as black carbon concrete rubble, embody a the entire horror overthrew the.
Virtually have all took the cell phones and sumochki, all injured and morally repressed.
Terrorists simply beasts, had stolen even deep laminat, now someone can in him fall.

However some nesoznatelnye citizens, make kind of, that nothing not happened. Here is reptiles, all cadres crete.

Skyfall reports RIA News
In the trade the center of the Westgate in Nairobi, capital Kenya, Monday several powerful bombings. In building, taken by militants, remain hostage.

Reportedly, terrorists attacked visitors trade center in Saturday. They was allowed to leave the building only Muslims. Then militants opened the fire. In the latest data, in a result died 68 people, around 200 - injured.

Interesting, as RIA News talks the calculation killed and Wounded, in conditions, when Trading Center is in the hands of "militants"?

The answer on this question so is simple, that not can accommodated in anybody rednecks, which worlds most this information.
Information about numbers killed and Wounded - a brazen the excerpts. This too obviously.
Is obvious and another logic: RIA News, as and any other "News" around the World, work on one standard and are governed one center.
Is obvious and another logic: Center possess bastard, at all on the French nationality.
Man, if you Financial, think, think head, see whom benefits, who needs to.
On your reaction, Financial, addressed us information technology all-out lies. Seek ways, as you from RABA turn in of absolute RABA.
If you this skushaesh and mention all this, means you already "ready", means you already full hack chewing a redneck.
If you could act, and although would reliable things their names, then in you something is left of rights.

Nu here is and have reached until "killed" hostages. What horror, what horror.

But wait, wait, wait, this same quite not Trading Center. This tent. Was husk from outsiders eye and indeosebi red paint how many like it or.
That same us a few days consecutive fail brains, that ostensibly in Campona Center Sea corpses, which were visited victim of hands enemies Israels?

Not has no meaning, that we see here, 70 dead, or four actors, politykh paint. Deal not in this.
This NOT AND CENTER "Nakumatt Westgate", owned novice Israel. This PALATKA.
Citizen Israels will not allow pouring out red facial paint within his property.





Terrorist attack in the trade the center of the Nairobi 21 23 September 2013

Woman in pink a cape on very strongly resembles on a mistress State Hillary Clinton, Jewish girl Saudi origin Khumu Joynul Abedin

Huma Mahmood Abedin (born July 28, 1976)

The American political staffer. A longstanding assistant Hillary Clinton; Secretary the US deputy chief public staff Clinton in the State Baranya; worked boss staff "body woman" during campaign Clinton on nomination from the Democratic Party on presidential election 2008. Consists in marriage with former a congressman a Democrat Anthony Vyner.



) LAUGH, A I MOVIE VSE THlNKlNG. As they managed so out for a shit under were?
There still kakayto bullshit was, that type have them even develop (the PPP) have Special Forces not was.
And tutu'm they on a recent word technology (machines German) - lined and.
Truth nor one the PPP not saw



Dmitry" wrote:

razrezannyy and watermelon, perfectly complements this still life (why here triggered and watermelon.
Victim foot came on zelyonku and now not can go. About May year.
And watermelon there is, and right-wing shoes there is no. My God))

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



Kenya Terror Attack and Shootout in Pictures

If there is desire to, find of funny the images with terrorist in Nairobi. The reference: … -pictures/
Many associations with Ukraine, many the hollow, zashtampovannogo theatre event see. Itself have a mold paranoiac directors staging



Boston and Nairobi, twins
Who more for and practice worth)
We are talking Nairobi, imply Boston
We are talking Boston, imply Kenya



Phones, are now an inextricable attribute in victims and participants

Soldiers mindset of the Kenyan army. Never in life such the clean not wore.
'm a photographer on lines ceasefire.
He promised, that not will get in the way conduct sting operation, him deeds before and took with a.

Than below bending down over there, the more chance on salvation))



And these nayarivayut, establishment reel on Donetsk "road death"

A small a-jog along's, like, rows photographers.

Statement officials



Collaborators "Red Cross view" received new waistcoats and women were zadykhayuschikhsya from oxygen actors



Spryatalis … oebscenter

And saw his already :D :D

Him stock otkidyvat needless,, and so gonna get away with this.
May serve without notions why stock incapable and on victory, get his putting

The victims on cars, me
Taxi, Implementace bond and ended up scarred terrorists girl



Bullets flied or their't sp?
Fotoshopnye bullets
3 :0 9 -

some bullets or being asked their?
Sharliebdovskoe murder of. One school
0 :5 5 -



????? poses amazing … v-najrobi/



Crusade since she got girls from system ventilation cast several photographers.
Slightly later, our correspondents pointeresuyutsya, as same she have guessed that. And the main question, as she managed there going.





Trevor, until sought material for his combat material seen the this though. Podstolom! Not the word, I so not roarin 'havent update :crazyfun: thank you


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