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Pulkovo, spectacle or reality?

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#p49017,Нерпа wrote:

1. Brown -muzh of the dead by Oleksandra Pilip
2. Tyotka- the familiar of the dead and husband. Type each family)
3. Father the whether husband, then whether of the dead. Superficially on husband (brown) look like.
4. Grandson of brown and of the dead respectively.
5. Pro daughter. She not 133333334. Its nowhere there is no. She simply in hands mentioned. The whether she called. The whether it call.
Yes in skrinakh of e with mom on its page small she had been will be greeted "Pope and grandfather"

That for sur.
Is obtained, that she had been "will greeted husband, Pope, grandfather with the grandson."
You above than here write clearly define,
Who whose husband and who whose grandfather.
Brown whom as account for.
???? Ministry-the familiar brown clearly told, that faced ve heard daughter.

Friends daughters pozvonili- 0-51
Husband met, this daughter molodsha

Still for of chronology
Three are grandmother with other co-players on bus ride delivered in conference hall

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Something until gonna have to figure out. Itself'm confused.
Who same all ??? greeted leader was coming. Grandfather or Pope. Or this one thing face men with the grandson.

If this one and the same. The whom same met brown. Or all same Pope and grandfather different people.



Groups relatives not now intersect, in Pulkovo one team, on television another.
In at all, of course, in late transfer of slightly cardiac with all not occurred.
Nor one psychologist not helped would.
Need to would of course such transfer of to ban, as and dummy plane.

From this video-
Have of workshop apparently terminally a cuckoo moved out,
Television has arrived in advance,
When collapse still not was.

Cadres with 4-48 and to 5-00
Began to sack

Until all spokoyno- grandfather Nail sipping kakavu, exuberant four-eyes here same.
It seems on assembly carried out by video cameras with with a tripod on center

Dan signal about falling plane

Red arrow dragged off a television camera with with a tripod,
They conceal when toured in Pulkovo?

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Brown with his wife this it turns out parents musical kindergarten teachers from, like, kindergarten
That the daughter not resembles on parents.

Beige with child this husband Pilip Alexander synced and corrected / id235415622

Like different

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Ivan M, Why time been circumcised on video?

9 Images
If you gave stop sign frame, then specify worded video and second there.

This from rules
EU Forum# pf12

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Finally for me it became clear who whom met. Means brown with wife met the top Sologubovu, and a grey (beige) with child Aleksander Pilip. Thank you for clarity)



#p49394,Иван М wrote:

Sort of different

Edited Ivan M (Today 10 :18: 58)

There is no, not different, she same.
Its page



#p49414,Нерпа wrote:

No, not different, she same. Its stranitsahttps :/ / / sdereginatarasova

Apparently came team are to remove all surplus with small,
All was removed groups,
The availability of groups found only have Pilip Alexander synced and corrected / id235415622



Invisibility number of (2015)

Andrei stage and fateful number of.
9 :0 9 - Andrei nothing in these ciphers not understands, but gladly agreed to accept participation in an exciting movie pro 11 and 13.

Andrei hosted participation 31 October in pulkovskom a scene



#p45495,landas wrote:

Everyone familiar faces, look on first glance in principle even convincingly, if it comes not the guy on 28, old Pudge


For good reason they before glass marshal, in sight increasingly. Before glass is worth conjure up from 10-15 video cameras, before him, intermittently pass those the most wystawienniczym. On waiting lists someone of them does freeze and paranoiac the text. On 28 th, old Pudge comrade remained ears on backdrop of, he withdrew to not neurosurgeon (laughable it is difficult sometimes keep). Too kartinnoe photo in semicircular



Also remarks "Adidasa" about situation,
Arrived later all, but all knows - "people held on", "psychologists work", "nothing not report."
As there "psychologists held on", if "nor what not report"?

Thread hence Airport Pulkovo. Relatives dead in a plane crash

In really the early shell Information State oaaei with priletami or otletami
Reporters with 9-00 hours morning sticking out in departs thingy, isn't?

Enough kind of cloudy the situation have brown and have his wife
Brown telephoned familiar
His wife call friends daughters
Brown and wife not perezvanivayutsya, that whether?
Wife says husband faced daughter,
Brown says arrived on blooming flowers an over-familiar about fate plane, time flying not knew.

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#p46352,roma 31 rus wrote:  Может я чего не понимаю..бабушка создала вторую страницу???

#p46369,Snow wrote:

Может не она? Фото те же что и на странице мамы Дарины. У бабушки других фоток внучки нет что ли?

#p46370,roma 31 rus wrote:

Дорогая Даринка,ВНУЧЕНЬКА,ты навсегда останешься в наших сердцах! Мой маленький главный пассажир:(       кто если не бабушка?

#p46394,Rover wrote:

уже совсем глупости какие то идут,уже и цвет волос другой у матери,и лицо... и ребенок какой-то другой...
''Дорогая Даринка,внученька,ты навсегда останешься в наших сердцах! Мой маленький главный пассажир:(''
какой журналист это писал...

#p46529,Alina wrote:

Ну это уже просто жуть какая-то))...ну какая нормальная бабушка будет создавать вот подобные страницы?..здоровые бабушки ходят в церковь молиться за упокой умерших своих близких хотя бы...ещё не встречала ни одной бабуси, которая бы торчала в ВК)) да ещё бы там оплакивала умерших...нда уж..

Забавная метаморфоза профиля бабушки Дарины Громовой - .

Второй пофиль бабушки - .

Первый профиль - бесспорный бот. А вот второй - как будто бы нет. Только все посты удалены, кроме одного.

Сейчас, наверное, много интересных метаморфоз накопилось в профилях "пассажиров рейса Когалым-авиа" и их безутешных родственников...


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