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The attacks in Paris "Friday 13"

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In Paris now:



RemMashIndustria on Russian.



gav, already fake photo went.

First to French nation turned Obama, and then Hollande, as rely!

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And made there with picture 11.13 and arrows, where she



Constantine Rykov @ rykov seychas34 of seconds ago
In Paris military position, Hollande introduced army in the capital



#p47224,Чубайс wrote:

A made there with picture 11.13 and arrows, where she

Here is.
And to the same Friday the 1 3th vital because.

Ой свят-свят)



gav, match, incidentally, was outright bets (until the end of! … l#text-all
And this despite the that explosion breathed during match. This video mass is spreading in youtube.



Northwest.-saluting 2? Is holy-is holy.

For of chronology



Bloomberg map terrorist attacks in Paris managed do the:

the reference

And importantly despatch-agency rance izvescheniya writes, that one of attackers perished yelled "Allah akbar!" When could only shoot on balustrade

the reference

Something what activity - the in Halloween, then in the Black Friday -pryam almost each for friend contingency, and increasingly in side promotion Stock wind blows.



Incidentally, hostages from concert the room (about 100 people) already released - curious the text from news have Interfax:

One from viewers, ubezhavshikh from theater, told, that in the building had penetrated, likely, three or four armed rights. One of them began to shoot from gun in the crowd. He several times was reloading weapons. During these "pauses" many viewers managed to run outside midday from the room.

Strange "capture hostages" some - as if simply panic ``crisis, and "capture" no one initially not intended


11 … aciya.html

Terrorist attack in Paris became largest in history France … 9-hvu8.htm

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In Vrikipedii already, ipstestvenno, emerged page on Paris attacks on different languages (on Russian here), but's huddle up just numbers Ryns Paris, where occurred the attacks, identifies a on page on English

A series of violent incidents took place in Paris in the evening of 13 November 2015. The attacks commenced at 21 :1 6 CET, concentrated in the 1st, 10th, and 11th arrondissements, as well as the Stade de France in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis.

Even made there same - number of dead have restaurant - 11

A shooting at Le Petit Cambodge ("Little Cambodia") restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris resulted in several deaths, reportedly between four and 11. According to French police, 11 people were killed at the restaurant.[/b].

Ah and, finally, was 6 cases called the shots and 3 explosion- there same

There were at least seven different attacks, comprising at least six shootings and three explosions.

On constituencies I have vosprinyalos as 11 and 10 + 1 =1 1; even 11 killed and on his-wu attacks 9 and was having a flashback immediately where I seen recently 9 and 3 • 11. On photo old accident in France.
31 July 1982 g, in night with Friday on Saturday crashed team bus with children - this the accident, has name Black Saturday(recognized as Black Sabbath) - recently river SMDI in ties with the accident bus with retirees in France 23.10.2015.

Photo with accident 1982: … jpg?4cc338

If quite until the end of folded, then EX = E - 5-comes the he or persistent. Alphabet + X - 24-comes the he or = 29, 2 + 9 =1 1. 760.46 9 and 3 • 11. The old the accident occurred if full, then 33 year ago.

Here is and now today in Paris these figures saw. (Plus Black Sabbath as rock group and the concert Eagles of Death Metal in Bataklane -, too, close on relevance).

Suggested on thought: Is obtained, 23 th October (Fri) team bus with retirees “was incinerated by ” - have bonded with the accident“ the iron and from Saturday ” - vbrosili 9 and 11 (with 3-es of), and haters - mandated Airbus (Saturday), Paris the attacks (with aquella on Saturday) (type 3 black Saturday that-whether?)

(Until heap, is faring-border, of bombing Syria and past events - as eventual revenge - and in Syria have us until "the main" Assad - his D. R. - 11-September 11 th)

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Owner this profaylu in Instagram the first and the only who began putting something with streets online, later hours three after first explosion and seizing hostages, ironically - designated Russian realms
Voobschesovetuyu watch through location entirely Le bataclan.



#p47273,roma 31 rus wrote:

Terakt in Paris became largest in history France

Ah and that, for good reason that-whether "refugees" raft caught up with, were sleazes rumors, that even subsidizing the some - now "addressed us" debts with interest.
Environment heating up, and quietly and quietly to sit this one out perhaps can be will again as and in those world wars where any in Uruguay, Honduras, or Portugallii.



Possmotrel, that write on respected me Western sites. Officially - the same. However the comments readers immediately skeptical, on Zerohedge:
- reeks falshflagom
- bookshelf CIA and Mossad
- glad, that Sauds not started shining
- Gladio well worked
- clashes this moment Archduke Ferdinand



#p47279,Flint wrote:

Nu and that, for good reason that-whether "refugees" raft caught up with, were sleazes rumors, that even subsidizing the some - now "addressed us" debts with interest.
Environment heating up, and quietly and quietly to sit this one out perhaps can be will again as and in those world wars where any in Uruguay, Honduras, or Portugallii.

Refugees caught up with, fact.
And me seems, this conspired of our, Underwriter with Hollande - need to same as something to justify war in Syria, closing borders with Egypt and the like.

Already 150 man call, many video, but many victims not show) or again 10 man on the whole Paris...... who breached and based from all sides. All say about the "rock concert" in "Bataklane." But not say, who there was, group? In Paris nor one thing media not knows, who Ugandans in ginormous spied a??




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And here his social media to
In social media seek missing relatives under series of terrorist attacks in Paris

In “had ” launched kheshteg # RechercheParis. Thus, many try to find their friends and relatives, missing from-for series of terrorist attacks in Paris.



Only yesterday read one article on site OF JUSTlCE. There is no:

Article published in # 3955 from 09.11.2015 under headline: the French Blackrock Investment Management (

France preparing competitor Blackrock Investment Management (and Vanguard. “Cooey ” Credit Agricole and Societe finalists will hold IPOs this week.

In Thursday French CC Amundi (manages 954 billion the euro assets) will hold IPOs on Paris Exchange. Amundi belongs French banks Credit Agricole (80%) and Societe finalists (SG, 20%). In the course IPOs SG maker, their share of. Judging by from price corridor 42 – 52  1/2  the euro for share sum deals can draft to 1.75 billion the euro ($1.9 billion).

If IPOs will pass on the upper border corridor, then with capitalization are billion the euro Amundi will become largest CC continental Europe. Capitalization British Schroders – 8 billion ?($12.4 billion; data Bloomberg). (The end of the quotes)

Judging by this this article, French power even make attempts, to limit influence Vanguard, creating a him decent competitor in Europe. This Russo-tall ships golden years 1775 friendship against interests corporations Vanguard can be explain the monstrous political pressure,, for their on F. Hollande’s and that its goal removal of deals on sale mistral, and also catastrophe over of the Sinai Peninsula plane French production, carrying the Russian tourists.Russian side realized this precisely so, so and was followed by meteor-like proposal in as a Russian countermeasures — abolish Adora certifications certain modifications we.



Bookshelf of workshop more than clear.
Not will reveal nothing, except several "requisites" from the morgue.

Stearine artistic creativity -

Until that this - increasingly, that there there is :dontknow:


Pro this and to speak nothing to acquire.
Moskvitch (disambiguation) bear flowers to perceived France

Nor one tsekhovaya setting not made it this far still without these nasty pack or can with candles.
Islamic State presses a Russia, by blowing up their vacationers seem, and France, by blowing up their and, firing citizens. So need to understand this creativity.


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