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The attacks in Paris "Friday 13"

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gav, ah here is incidentally, as something increasingly strange, increasingly as something smidge looks, with the other same hand, the entire state from solving, its members and pravokhraniteley with siloviki not can same be Indian actors. Likely respected puppeteers make so, initially make event with victims and camping on D., and then make media and the telenovela people sack so and to do extra,.. extra, to increasingly look bangin absurdly, such a stratagem, to divert attention some leap circle ordinary people, ah either even something. Like remain real, victims, too,, media and press that's out there not broadcast on territory conducting context of security operations, yes and teenage wear-size of in 50 + kilos wear simply not can, will fall finally.

Incidentally couple of days ago in vatsap was any mass the whether rozsilka, then whether messages wrote and lots about the terrorist attacks in Russia, to people were cautious about visions and more thoroughly, himself crap all the this not polzovayus, heard a simply pro this.

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Girlfriend hour ago failing out from Moscow, told, that flights on Paris not go without any sign panic.
After plane, perhaps, people glad, that "although would not jet." She same was two years ago in Paris, after news about Kerri says - not surprisingly, there so much Arabs! And now, when still and refugees to them more displaced by, what be surprised.

Interesting derzhitsya
On the first some-butt-naked. Arabic, this photo in all media.
The second conceal resembles on twiggly-wiggly stuff. One we can take pleasure live with my aunt waistcoat, the second holds on gunpoint someone. Brad some


No one so and not wrote, what Exactly concert by something was? Who Ugandans?

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Bataclan Craxi viewers.



#p47319,Светлана wrote:

already pisses me off this' notation is. " Bear flowers and have lit candles have embassy. "

We are seeing the birth of a new cult of. People, it seems, not can without this.



[url= ][img=][/url ]

Deal the return of the.

MIX, prima necessarily as put a pictures of the, desirable entire subject Video, gif and other pictures of the, there a bit.

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Already typically recognized compare with WWII World in the number of victim for France (Mir, CNN),
September 11, (Euronews - with words "terrorists") and Boston, Indian marathon (lifenews).

Washington loaded the illumination:



About match, football players do very likes to do kind of that they absorbing football and more nothing not hear, on fact this on stilts, increasingly there perfectly heard. Any explosion heard.
Oskorbleniya in its worded they very well hear, here have them ears well work.

When was the first explosion, and the second on stadium? Think at first not have reacted specifically, waited and the second, and the third.

And again same, not see purely lunatic of screaming people, on stadium comfort, in comfort slither bomb, there such should was a rumble rise and panic for their lives. If people react loosely, then have them even instinct of self-preservation no.

Have shown what the tunnel, a they there each for friend moving its feet go :D even harmonization potentsialnom assassinate on their life, this a herd rams serves rules, go so, as them points police :D here is you and said and camping on D. No aggression, all spineless.

And want discern on stadium male populationin principle. Here is and look at how many fellin men testosterone.

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Embarked late, nothing not understood
From moreover that understood

Islamic State took responsibility for explosion
Obama took responsibility for Islamic State
Putin took responsibility for Obama
Injured took responsibility "for give money, and the will as in Parizhike"
Merkel took responsibility for successful sensationally groups clowns from Jie-20
Hollande all ?? with the inauguration a new theatre season in Paris
Previous I mentioned, where will MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7 %-2016



And still I learned good gruppeshnik Eagles of Death Metal



#p47348,Kzin wrote:

A still I learned good gruppeshnik Eagles of Death Metal

All participants American rock groups Eagles of Death Metal that competed in Parisian concert spied a “Bataklan ” in moment, when his have seized terrorists, alive, told the NBC relatives musicians." Their "in sight banned now touch 8-)





Here is only not need to here write words patriotic pablikov. Washington.



Facebook launched a special function in ties with attacks in Paris

All closer we to total control, now the French forced quality on precept, soon will press aydi in police log and sheets surrender, when where was and what wrote



Rossiya1 all, like, by vacating all programs. News on the whole day.




Rio De Janeiro

ne’s organs is shablon, increasingly in one bag for not worth hinder, setting not setting, and victims always real, mourning families the real, lose children / wives / husbands / brothers / parents / relatives.

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#p47356,l2 wrote:

Everyone closer we to total control, now the French forced quality on precept, soon will press aydi in police log and sheets surrender, when where was and what wrote




Again prodaktpleysment! If I not location is, accurately such a same bag was on the photos from drafts Charly Ebdo
Image of the copied from this contributions Dynamite wave of In Paris occurred the bombings and grabs hostages



Terakt in France, or another scenario mnogokhodovka global elites for launch new scenarios

Scenario with a terrorist attack in France perishing painful for look like on another mnogokhodovku global elites for launch new scenarios. For example as spending increases on defense, the mic, even more development missile defense and camping on P.

Warning. Violation of rules. Point rules 15 Afghan EU ForumDon’t write red font, this color font booked by moderators.

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#p47356,l2 wrote:

Everyone closer we to total control

Yes-yes, these the attacks still and bringing to chip guy

#p47355,ne_shablon wrote:

“I don’t already sometime, that people themselves deserved all these installation, times not want nothing to see (

You a man and child to his eyes uncovered? If there is no. The far you have done -- Chipping away on a host city?

Homes should be adequate a man, he and should to do family its more zdravoy, but not't forget ne’s organs is shablontoday have men obstacle, obstacle in the form of feminizirovannoy women, sometimes she simply not gives evolve family.

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#p47246,Iri$ka wrote:

Bloomberg map terrorist attacks in Paris managed do the:

Свернутый текст

Still one mapin-style GTA:



Whom he there's out looking for. Around civil with some, the fence please there is no? Himself without Slam. I not specialist on arms, have him in the hands of pump-action tactical, ethos? What have him sighting expanding called the shots? He searching for terrorists in the crowd price? More driving on though!
Brought hence Policeman's out looking for extremists, attacked the restaurant “Le Petit Cambodge ” Photo: Etienne Laurent / EPA


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