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Miraculous history save

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Hai cô g&#225 ;i Nga tho&#225 ;t ch&#7871 ;t nhờ đ&#7893 ;i vé m&#225 ;y bay v&#224 ;o ph&#250 ;t ch&#243 ;t
Neo Neuvs





Yuliya Kazantseva



Interesting history
Sergio in catastrophe before flight in Egypt made proposal its young girl

History life and love Industrial in the sky

"Are talking and display": "A mortal flight"

All these history need to create, take some thought, edit, islearn that to speak and that ask, to garner viewers for studio.
или + : суметь связаться с гигантским количеством родственников, друзей, пилотов, выживших, суметь найти их телефоны, провести переговоры, добиться согласия на съёмки, организовать их приезд в студию (деньги, транспорт), уговорить их забить на поступающие новости и на МЧС и прочее и сосредоточится на выступлении по телевизору на всё страну. +, изготовить рамки с фотографиями, подобрать музыку, а кроме всего вся эта огромная толпа, должна уже уметь держаться перед камерой, уметь не волноваться и не запинаться, знать какие будут вопросы, как на них отвечать, как себя вести, как не впасть в истерику в столь жуткий день и при запредельных испытаниях для нервной системы, а ещё безупречно выглядеть, великолепно загримироваться (свой + телевизионный грим). Of comb through the tens of accounts, choose best photo and not mistaking the, ask relatives prepare best history, and so on and so on. And. This is only NTV, and even so much same was on "of Economic channel" on next day (ostensibly on next day).
You would so have been able, organize and do just a few hours? Yes? Then you need (Zeni on NTV, because you have superpowers.



Currentzis in the latest moment changed her mind fly flight “Kogalymavia Air Company ”

Note on this video. It not the nighttime, it day (if not would be eventually transformed)
Associe the raze could not be made in the very moment, when ‘ this video, because the the overnight, and the very video vpareno on Layfnyus around 3 hours days (and instantaneously raspiareno together with the rest of the a). Through the search for on videos, right?, too, so same, a small the is worth the overnight, and the very video day (31 th October).
(Perhaps not times saw, that under plays directed stop sign-a touted from one video, and the very video - another.)
This of course not proves, that Gyunninen starred at night until 31 th October, simply another make, which indirectly suggests, that the Shop've done mistakes when hundreds of did billow’on mrazokanaly.
Don’t believe that hundreds of? Only have this Canal their 1,200 only on A321
Mrazokanal Airbus A321 an Airplane Egypt



Russia: Last minute flight change saves young woman from Sinai plane crash
Somewhere with a suitcase went, perhaps is preparing for is a daily fans of.

31 th October she was sticking out like in Sarm el Sheik (perhaps waited the next a minibus, dude on S. Petersburg), 1 th November already sat in studio NTV.
Mobile the damsel.

Zhitelnitsa interpretation. Catherine Gyunninen has avoided demise in a plane crash, in the last minute it decided not fly on board plane “KogalymAvia ” Airlines Flight 9268“ Sarm-el-Sheikh — St. Petersburg ”, that crashed 31 October.

On of last rail train in S. Petersburg has arrived and immediately on tour on TV?
Must be awarded with medal them. Busareva!



"Slava god, you Lives!"
12 thousands of spun out, seeks to austerity because and Lives has remained,
Now will know, that in Petrozavodsk live the poor. (Grapple grapple naskrebayut on 20 trips on Red Sea).


Created sign In, she and a day to and at night with this same a suitcase... is hanging out

In center Moscow with a suitcase has arrived :canthearyou: :canthearyou: :canthearyou:
A resident of Petrozavodsk Ekaterina Gyunninen gave an interview in Moscow
(This Peter?)
On foot slashed up on “she's a peregrine ”, need to to believe.

Anything! - Tej not understood.
1) She changed her mind fly on S. Petersburg and traveled on Moscow (on 12 thousands of cheaper,, on how many on how many?)
2) 16 :3 5 31 October 2015 sensationally on
(Moscow Canal 360 says about 10 hours expectations-year-old Katya. And that for flight on Moscow?)
3) She had landed in Moscow, because A321 on Peter - crashed.
4) Snyalas for RT on the evening with a suitcase, where in Moscow or St. Petersburg?
5) Snyalas on NTV 1 th, where in Moscow or St. Petersburg?
6) Snyalas for "360" 1 th a day to with a suitcase in the center of the Moscow.
Why it on Moscow hang out, if it in Petrozavodsk need?
So this that, is obtained a whole crowd relatives 1 number of in Moscow on program NTV in the Ostankino was flying?
Something not understood this moment. Was we accept no passengers Peter - Moscow with relatives that unt?
Gyunninen NTV 1 November

Aviakatastrofa A321 Tragedy 31 October history survivors and dead. TV Zvezda



Not know in subject whether, but here is another sensitive video. Father saved son-'s speech, letavshego on the crashed A321

Oleg work from Lytkarino Urban Okrug.

, too, operationally works.



#p50088,Dmitry" wrote:

4) Snyalas for RT on the evening with a suitcase, where in Moscow or St. Petersburg? 5) Snyalas on NTV 1 th, where in Moscow or St. Petersburg? 6) Snyalas for "360" 1 th a day to with a suitcase in the center of the Moscow. Why it on Moscow hang out, if it in Petrozavodsk need?

In late rollers,
What Petrozavodsk, if emki on TV

Here is small
The artist

Casting thingy, isn't they on these role pass?

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#p50088,Dmitry" wrote:

Why it on Moscow hang out, if it in Petrozavodsk need?

1) She from interpretation. And if suggest, that it would still far to go to fly away (Moscow or Peter, but until Peter the closer and cheaper from interpretation. Perhaps), then girlfriend the from Peter, fix it to go in Moscow, Peter-Moscow-Peter, too, money is worth.
Submit, that an analogous tour with flight and throwback from / in Moscow could be cheaper, but get in minutes Moscow Time and back, too, money is worth. From the center Moscow (from Leningrad station) until Domodedovo, too, platno. What austerity?
Flew from Moscow not from Briscoe, and from Aneksa likely, (Kotekavia - this their charter terminal, in minutes Moscow Time Briscoe not bought these have them blocks seats).
They did fly in in Moscow, because initially which from Moscow (such turpaket bought), not change your mind in the last minute fly in Peter.
2) 31.10.15 ZF-9702 SSH &#8594 ;D ME 09 :3 0 15 :0 0
Timetable on 31.10.15 Airlines Flight similarly Azur (Katek air) fly should be in 09-30 from Sharma and be in Moscow in 15-00 (on local time all piedavajums prilety) hence … 31.03.2016
T.’s adjusted for delays they did fly in in Moscow Daylight Time (Domomdedov) in 1 hour night 01.11.15 and got kicked out on Komsomalskuyu Square (center) for of filming RT. Perhaps they same RT Guys their would read in port, camping on K. On John F. Kennedy International Airport they would already not typically recognized, and a young ladies hybrid on taxi in center at night not went broke, would.
4.5) And day and night on Moscow churchgoers, with in one place Govsany Square (or Square three stations) Leningrad here same is.
Question - and where the second the, which from Peter?
And that for placard have these sordid chicks in port Sharma - Belair (airline) csak? There in sight that written?

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Yes was already
Sergei Lavrov about Kerri in Domodedovo
Leading the’Val - Sergei Lavrov proved witnessing terrorist, overthrew the in airport "Domodedovo" 24 January 2011.
Program "were of intelligent speech", spots 25 January 2011. The first Canal.

Grigory Busarev: “A flew I precisely on this jet. 4 hours ago. In Moscow … So that — with day birth me. Jet was is broken already under landing in Moscow, we slightly not crashed against under landing. ”

Ticket full of the, in this time their raspikhali even and on accounts are denied.
Tickets become important element of episodes in TV programs. You don’t believe that such flights were? Then you will reveal tickets. That characteristically, tickets show mostly representatives not workers degrees being awarded.
. And if you even don’t believe, you will reveal the station onboard calligraphy on of survivors of little pieces of plane and even passports, passengers or terrorists.



#p50094,Snow wrote:

but until Peter the closer and cheaper from interpretation. Perhaps

Utterly is true, live in Petrozavodsk. From interpretation. Until Peter every day churchgoers speed train "Swallow." … lastochka/

#p50092,Иван М wrote:

here is small
The artist

Casting thingy, isn't they on these role pass?

The artist, it seems, real, I have two drugka in VK in your friends have this photographer, perhaps, he their wedding was photographing. And where he on page Gyunninen visible?

On page E. A. Gyunninen on the photo not in sight interpretation.. In records from 4 December 2014 about open Office sinsay in the trade the center of the "Lotus Plaza" vіdmіtka on a map contributed mightily - marked by the other trade center - – Maxi.

On page mothers many joint photo, but they in Finland made.

That to do? Go me in Music and there watch - there is whether such a drink, in fact?



#p50162,Eugen wrote:

What to do? Go me in Music and there watch - there is whether such a drink, in fact?

Without special points there stop with the fucking to do I believe :glasses:



Here is interesting thing.
Record on page Catherine:

Record on page mothers:
This not repost. Photo -, too,, the text the other, an interval between records on time - 8 minutes. This as something strange for an elderly mothers in Finland. There are many repostov on page mothers (, too, strange, but okay), and this - its grains record.



Jan Veretyonova told the Star … 2-4n92.htm

Peterburzhenka proved 1 November in Moscow under pseudonym "Ioannina Aliyev" o.o.

And Bulgarians consider that this at all Kazantseva

Bulgaria Engine Monitor



#p50585,Dmitry" wrote:

Jan Veretyonova told the Star … 2-4n92.htm

documents "24 Mir", assures the, that channel broadcast "Zvezda", this fuflomyotnye zalivalschiki
(And as otherwise?)

Peterburzhenka miracle not rotted away 24 Mir

Or not. :flag:

Peterburzhenka miracle not rotted away Zviazda

In what side coif on splash screen to video? :D … 2-4n92.htm
(Not including video)



- Dear viewers, you now perhaps chase laughing,
But our channel, Jan, too, told a surprising history. … shenii-321

Where such can be? Only in a scene.

REN TVat all big lovers, narratives listen to the


18 … -v-egipte/

Will have to believe on word

Ah and what, after all Peterburzhskomu the diary "there is no sense lie to." Prailna?


Fix if forum reading.

Making it hugely tempting even scheme work on plays directed?
MrazoTsENTR, makes news, revealing their on ALL media, and those, not thinking, place their in spots. Numerous an onlay reveal about this constantly.

Incidentally here is one of them. Mrazotsentr in the Czech Republic.
A guarded perimeter, sack prohibited from, is on territory maneuver state and as would not left my possession local law. (The first Canal here on-my tried to something footage, said that it can't)
How many people can work on radio? From two until twenty. And here their thousands of.
The Ostankino is on the remains, and here not exception.
50 ° 4 '46.50 "Since - 14 ° 28' ordering" In - Prague (available TV streets and tree wire)
Olsany a graveyard of
Ol & # Hawaii ;a nsk h & # members ;b itovy - contains the largest a graveyard of in Prague with salient more 50 hectares, where are graves about 2 million people. Buried izvestneyshie people Czech Republic and even Russia and Ukraine. On territory are Orthodox Shrine and The synagogue's to.



Peterburzhenka on we can circumstances renounced by air on A321
Russia 24

Повторы на Мразоканалах

Comment Yuliya Kazantsevoy not poletevshey flight 9268
9268 Kolavia

JUlja NOT traveled software we can OBSTOЯTELSTV * OT this. ON A321
Shock Shock

Accidentally not out through on A321 there's a passenger abandons flights
Mrazokanal Airbus A321 an Airplane Egypt


In text box format, words Yuliya perepechatali all whom not decisional laziness, or. Received their on allocation of.


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